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[Red Alert 3] Mods through C&C Online?

Best Answer ViperMkVII, 12 November 2016 - 04:46 PM

But that just applies to Kanes Wrath, doesn't it?

You can hook Red Alert 3 with C&C:Online, so when you are going to start the game through the command center, a C&C:Online window will automatically appear.

Alternatively, you can start your mod first, then open your C&C:Online launcher (preferably with admin privileges), and click "Red Alert 3" button.

You can also create a shortcut to cnconline.exe (it's located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Revora\CNCOnline), append " -ui" to the "Target" field of shortcut properties, then you start C&C:Online using this shortcut, the " -ui" argument will be automatically passed to RA3 when you start the game, so you will be able to open Command Center with C&C:Online.

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#21 Lavos2014

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Posted 01 February 2017 - 07:56 PM

as far as i know back  before RA3 was on Steam or Origin back when most people played with the original discs, you just ran them through the Mod Selector in the Control Center, just like for C&C3

they worked fine with retail/disc RA3, not sure why they act so strange with Origin and C&C Online even with Bibber's fixed launchers

as far as if these work  wit the "-modConfig" command line, im not sure, i never had to do it that way so i wouldnt know, but they worked fine back in retail with the RA3 Control Center app, which as far as im aware was developed by EA for the purpose of playing Mods

i havent gotten an error log file yet because the one that had the actual errors was prior to my attempts to clean reinstall everything, so i need to launch the mods and make the errors happen before they generate on the log file again, but ill see if i cant get time to do that later today

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#22 Lavos2014

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Posted 15 June 2017 - 03:11 PM

sorry if this is considered a necro, and also sorry for being gone so long, my harddrive died on me and i dont have a job so it wasnt easy getting a new 1, im installing Origin and the C&C games now, ill install C&C Online after those are done, ive noticed some old games of mine seem to be working better or working PERIOD on my new harddrive where they didnt on the old one for some reason so im going to check to see if stuff works first before i try to get you guys that error log file i said i would back in Feb, but still need to download all the mods i was trying to get working and such to try and replicate the problems i had

ill get back to this thread once ive got it all installed and set up and hopefully either news that its working now OR that i have an error log file to share

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