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Desperados modding research

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#41 Glitch Master

Glitch Master
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Posted 14 November 2022 - 06:04 PM

I'd have to wait until one day my tech and financial problems are sorted out before I can access Discord again. But yeah the progress sounds like it's getting really interesting as time goes by. And yeah that's cool I'd actually rather not use the items because if you don't use them it makes the playable NPC feel more "in character" by being more accurate to the actual NPC. To me the important thing is the weapons such as the twin colts that were referenced here in this forum and really just the other guns in general. One day I wanna make an attempt to change John Cooper into Desperado1 with twin colts. Btw do you know what the ID is of the rare horse used by Desperado1 in the demo level and by Carlos in level 11? I also wanna spawn a horse like that into the other levels. But for now I'm basically like how you guys started off, I'm learning about how hex editing works and studying the codes and stuff like all the stuff that you mapped out earlier on in time. Also btw Herbert, I sent you a private message that I want you to read as well. But yeah, you've done a great service to one of my childhood dreams.

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#42 Glitch Master

Glitch Master
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Posted 10 March 2023 - 07:12 AM

Hey guys, I have an important update. I figured that new advanced A.I. voice cloning technology can be used to generate voices of any game character you want in any game you want. So, I thought to myself that you can try to upload audio files of the voices of any character from Desperados at Eleven Labs: https://beta.elevenlabs.io/ and then type out whatever you want the A.I. generated voice to say and then download files of these to mod into the game.

#43 AndrewT

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Posted 10 March 2023 - 04:30 PM

@Glitch Master: thank you for bringing this up, I myself have been seeking for options like this. As far as my experiences go, you need literally hours of clean, good quality and well prepared audio files with transcription of what is said inside them to hope for even just an average resemblance of the voice you would like to synthetize. Free trials and demos of these services do not offer that, you can upload files up 30-60 seconds which is hopeless, and you have to go deep into your peckets to unleash the power of these AI deep learning engines. Moreover the provider of these services usually build in a special agreement coming from the "source of the voice himself/herself", which means you can easily clone your own voice, but you're gonna have a hard time getting permission to use someone else's voice, especially voice actors', and honestly, in the age of fake news, deep fakes and whatnot, I believe it's for the better. But obviously it would has its advantages if you could integrate new voice lines into games.

#44 Glitch Master

Glitch Master
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Posted 18 March 2023 - 05:17 PM

Yeah I see. Though as you can notice, technology tools for performing tasks such as this among many other things has been increasingly getting more easily accessible over time. Like, before we couldn't even make A.I. art but then it became accessible to a certain extent and now the doors for being able to do that are wide open. And there are many other examples of things that got increasingly accessible over time. And I am well aware from news reports that people in power want to ban advanced A.I. voice cloning tools such as Eleven Labs for posing a lot of potential risks in the world and that there has been discussion into regulating this technology due to that problem. However, it is my hope that just like things such as cryptocurrency it will become decentralized via something such as having these well functioning A.I. voice cloning tools set up into blockchain to help safeguard it from being cracked down upon. As I've stated earlier on in this thread, I still have to wait till I get my laptop repaired or replaced before I can test out all the wild theories of modding Desperados that I've learned and imagined so far. One day in the future I'm gonna make videos about showcasing all this stuff in tribute of this game I've been a big fan of since 2008. I can at least say that things are slowly getting better and better when it comes to wisdom about how to tweak this game into something of your own fantasies. The main thing I wanna do myself is mod the playable characters into bandits such as make John Cooper into a Desperado1 or into Dillon, make Samuel Williams into a Cowboy1 or El Diablo or whatever, make Doc McCoy into a Cowboy3, and make Pablo Sanchez into a Lino. For that I'd have to switch the sprites of the playable characters and disable the special weapons selection buttons (since based on my understanding, bandits only have sprites for using their gun and punching). And then I would have to switch the playable characters voices which I still haven't heard about how to do exactly yet. And then there's the character portrait issue which I theorize can be either left blotted out or replaced with the sprite image of the character instead of a realistic facial image or you could somehow make an A.I. art portrait of a character's face. But in the speech scenes, some of the non-playable characters like Desperado1, Big Bill, Cowboy3, Pedro, Marshal Jackson, El Diablo, Carlos, etc. have their portraits briefly shown before a level in the game starts which I think should be extractable to use as replacements for the default playable character portraits. But it may take a lot of time before I figure out how to do all these things and properly. But just imagine how fun and awesome it would be to get all that done neatly and flawlessly.

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