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MO 3.3 // Feedback & Suggestions (Balance, New Features, Modifications etc.)

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#5121 Moonreaper666

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Posted 06 December 2023 - 07:55 AM

I do hope that Foehn Heroes (including Tanya, Yunru, Malver and Chitzkoi) as well as Rahn are much stronger in Act 3 compared to Skirmish

I get the feeling Act 3 is going to be much shorter. The main campaign follows only Foehn and there are fewer Coop/Special Ops missions

Not everyone who isn't immune to mind-control on Earth should be controlled by Mental Omega:

-Allied and Soviet Remnants on Earth could have captured Psychic Beacons/Amplifiers to negate the mind-control waves

-Scorpion Cell remnants could have acquired or make their own Neurotoxin and hide until Foehn rescues them

Mental Omega should confirm/retcon the Lore to become a Red Alert Multiverse!

There should be Foehn Time-Ops Mission

After the death of Libra and the Proselyte, the destruction of Mental Omega and the total demise of Epsilon the surviving Foehn discover the broken Time Machine and receive a strange visitor...

The Spirit of Primus, from Transformers, appears. He had helped Einstein go back in time to erase Hitler BUT it caused his Timeline to BREAK and split into Countless New Timelines!!!

Most of them are actually better than Real Life and RA/MO. Primus helps rebuild MO Earth in exchange for a new task

Turns out that Time-travel either creates new branches or transports people/things from one Time-branch to another. Primus CAN'T revive the death BUT he can fix and improve the Time Machine to SEND Foehn to OTHER Timelines and help them!

-Eureka goes to another Archetype to prevent the theft of Volkov, arrest the two Soviet heroes, prepare the Allies and eliminate Romanov

-One Antartica Foehn Base goes back to the time of Peacekeeper and eliminate a WIP Mental Omega! Then they warn the Allies and stop Bleed Red

-Uragan ends up back in Backbitten to prevent Epsilon from destroying the backup battery as well as aid the Allies in destroying Mental Omega! The Allies get Terror Drones, Foehn Tech and Neurotoxins

-Wings of Coronia Moon Base goes back in time to Golden Gate and moon drops its unique units to take Moscow!

#5122 Moonreaper666

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Posted 08 December 2023 - 10:09 PM

Chrono Operations. A series of missions that take place after Act 3 in which Foehn discovers other Timelines/The Multiverse and decides to intervene so they don't suffer like Foehn did

-Eureka and Wings of Coronia participate in Withetshins. Mental Dynamos destroyed much earlier and with much fewer Allied casualties. Mental Omega is destroyed before Libra arrives!

-The Avenger. Uragan and Last Bastion teleport into Moscow during the Conqueror to kill Yuri!!!

#5123 Moonreaper666

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Posted 10 December 2023 - 03:03 PM

Foehn Special Ops - Once in Hollywood: The three action actors leading a rebel force must destroy a Grinder operation and hold out until the former prisoners are evacuated

Foehn Co-op - A Man and A Dog: Malver and Chitzkoi each destroy a Psychic Beacon and use Neurotoxin to free an area from Yuri's Mind-Control

Foehn Mission 2 - Hope's Wings: The Soviet Moon forces become Wings of Coronia and begin their liberation of Soviet territory

Foehn Mission 3 - Deep Strike: Remnants of Scorpion using Neurotoxin and those immune to Mind-control become Hailhead and strike deep into Latin America

Foehn Special Ops - New Gunslingers of the New West: Fin, Alize, Eureka, Uragan, Krukov, Reznov and Tanya must destroy several Psychic Devices and Grinders in senquence AND with a Timer! They then must retreat while a small group of Drones protect them!!!

Foehn Time-Ops - Stalin's Demise: 1924, a Foehn hit-squad is tasked with assassinating Stalin, persuading Scientists to come with them and go west towards Britain to bring Technological Progress and True Democracy to this Earth!

Foehn Time-Ops - Second Great War Redux: 1938, A Last Bastion MCV and a Drone Army is sent to Manchuria to stop Red Alert WW2 by giving the Chinese Army the equipment needed to beat Stalin! Obselete Heavy Tanks vs Bison Tanks

#5124 Moonreaper666

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Posted 12 December 2023 - 10:06 PM

Reznov and Krukov should be immune to mind control resulting in them leading an evacuation out of Russia. One of the two dies in the process but they saved many lives

Some of the people they save join Foehn

#5125 Zhang Jian

Zhang Jian
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Posted 14 December 2023 - 12:26 AM

"Mental Omega: Accident" zj 2.0.2

English: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/393626169

Chinese: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/656685622

#5126 flack

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Posted 16 December 2023 - 06:20 AM


1. Please add pacifier to foehn tech.


2. We also don’t have any air to air fighters which is bizarre for a war this large in scale. I suggest adding
   Apollo fighter, F-35, Mecha Tengu (allies, each for a differ faction)

   Mig, J-20, some form of Tesla air-to-air aircraft (soviets, each for a different faction)

   Attacker (Independence Day like alien small craft) (epsilon, for all three factions)
   Giga fortress (foehn)

   - This could be done in revamping act I and II missions. Possibly extending each act to 15 missions, or adding more covert op missions.


3. Since we already have lots of air units, there should be pure air unit fighting missions. In real life, air missions are very important during war.

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#5127 flack

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Posted 31 December 2023 - 02:35 AM

Is it possible to add achievements to the campaign to make it more challenging? (eg, beat certain level without building certain type unit on mental difficulty, defeat this without doing that in normal difficulty, etc, giving them tiers as well).

The achievements can be put in an extra tab under statistics.


This will greatly improve re-playability.

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#5128 flack

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Posted 17 January 2024 - 05:42 AM

Mental Omega Act I-II mission rework suggestions for mental difficulty (mostly).
Act II
Allied Mission 13 (Mental): Too many paths to take for this mission. The variety should be there for normal and easy difficulty. 
a) For mental, I suggest making 1 long single path and shorten the timer in the latter part so that it is a barely sprintable mission like Soviety mission 10 - The Lunatic. Since this is a very dangerous mission at the heart of enemy territory this makes sense.
Allied Mission 18 (Mental): This mission is too easy
a) For the first part, it should be timed, otherwise I can stall forever and build up defenses.
b) For the second part after the mcv arrives, there should a lot more attacks on the main base than currently.
Allied Mission 20 (Mental): The final part after destroying both reactors should not have a backdoor path in this difficulty. Suggestion:
a) Make it impossible for player to go left and up to engage the psychic amplifier. The player has to go through the epsilon base to the upper right corner. Then left to destroy the amplifier.
Allied Mission 21 (Mental): 
a) Please make the allied AI much weaker and eventually get overpowered by epsilon forces if player sits back too long. Right now the allied AI is way too strong. I can sit back and basically they will finish off all epsilon forces.
b) Signifcantly increase enemy sea based attacks to force the players to go sea as well.
Allied Mission 23 (Mental):
There should honestly be a timer for this missions completion. The timer Should be 1 hour real time (idk how much that should be ingame time). Basically as hard as soviet mission 23.
Soviet Mission 13 (Mental): This mission is too short.
a) I think the timer can be extended a little.
b) Add an extra objective where one allied base has to be destroyed before the timer for reinforcements to safely rendezvous there.
Soviet Mission 14 (Mental): This mission needs to be significantly harder on mental. 
a) There should be key targets at the heart of all major enemy bases that NEEDS to be destroyed to force players to explorer more of the map.
b) There should be a timer for this mission (either instantly lose, or a massive attack wave that attacks your base that cannot be defended, preferably the latter to force the player to launch the kirov early). This also forces the players to actually use the launch pads to guide the kirov and make it change direction in the face of danger. The stealth should not last forever like it currently does.
Soviet Mission 17 (Mental) - Suggestions:
a) Forward bases should be established within the city by the epsilon to try and attack you. 
b) Mind controlled units should be send to attack you as well for variety. 
c) Ramp up the attacks in later waves especially enemy anti-air. This mission should not be easy just because you built a critical mass of wolfhounds.
Soviet Mission 19 (Mental)
a) Move the chinese military HQ to top left corner to be much farther from where the player establishes his/her base on mental difficulty. It can be closer for easier difficulties.
Soviet Mission 21 (Mental):
a) There should not only be para drops/infantry attacking. The enemy should be building their forces and constantly trying to attack your base. I suggest make them constantly build units and try to attack your production facilities.
b) Enemy should have a couple of cloning vats that constantly spawns several brutes to constantly attack your tanks and bases.
Soviet Mission 23 (Mental): 
A large portion of the bottom right part of the map is unoccupied. I suggest making the path a little longer to make the player go through another epsilon base. That base should only be reachable from the top right players base and should contain another spatha defense.
Act I
Allied Mission 8 (Mental):
a) Make the navy seals non-veterans again, or provide only 1 elite navy seal. Too easy for this difficulty otherwise.
b) Decrease later reinforcements.
Soviet Mission 12 (Mental):
Make the Chinese enemy send massive waves of infantry attacks. Like 500 conscripts + 250 flack troopers or something to attack periodically. Fits the style of Chinese attacks.
Epsilon Mission 12 (Mental):
a) The timer for soviet attacks should be MUCH sooner, and players actually have to deal with the attack. Hopefully make the attack waves constantly happen at fixed time intervals after the first one (maybe every 20 minutes).
Covert Ops:
Soviet (Dawnbreaker, Mental) - The final epsilon base after battle lab defence is way too lightly defended and too easily broken. This kind of defeats the purpose of being able to build apocalypse tanks. The players wants to make use of them! The proposal for this mission is easy:
Drastically increase:
i) The size of the epsilon base.
ii) The amount of defences and units within the base.
iii) The enemy attack waves.
Foehn Origins:
Vanishing Point (overall) - This mission needs to be significantly reworked. Right now it is too short, way too easy, and too uneventful. For a mission that is so pivotal in the mental omega story, I find this unacceptable. I propose these changes:
a) The player should not be able to push ahead without the soviet AI pushing the enemy. 
b) Make this mission about how to best strategically support the AI base builder + attacks while the player is given only a handful of units. This can be done by:
i) Player assists AI in setting up bases from multiple fronts (instead of player deciding at the start which side to attack from).
ii) Once the bases are setup, player must use a handful of units to defend AI base, while an other handful of units to go along a path to disable epsilon power/some p roduction facilities to weaken the enemy attacks on allied AI base. With this done, can the allied AI attack and make progress.
iii) The enemy attacks initially should be so great the player cannot push forward with the number of units he has.
iv) The partial americans that are freed should play a significant role in wiping out the epsilon in the region. I propose an objective of destroying the beacon so the americans can be freed and they also have a base built to constantly attack the epsilon. This has to be done again for the player to make progress. Maybe design the map so that without the american base, player + AI can only attack through a narrow choke which is impossible, and with the americans freed, a new path will open.
General Suggestions:
- For different difficultied (destroy objective type) missions, maybe move the objective closer to the player base on easier difficulties and farther away on harder difficulties.
- For different difficultied (several objective) missions, maybe increase the number of objectives on harder difficulties.
- Seriously some allied or soviet missions vs epsilon should have mass brute attacks. And I mean massive attacks like waves of up to 500 brutes constantly. Fits the style of epsilon.

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