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Release 8 - Trial #2

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Posted 01 January 2017 - 12:00 PM

Release 8 Trial #2 Intro

So as an introduction into what will be a very controversial potential addition, I am going to explain my mindset when I first thought of adding this unit.

I was just doing general CnC image browsing and I came across the Tiberium twilight GDI defensive Crawler (not deployed), and I thought "you know what that does not look bad!"
I remembered that a Kane's Wrath mod had added a GDI Offensive Crawler, and while I do not like the look of the Offensive Crawler, I immediately went back to Tiberian Sun firestorm and thought about GDI's mobile Warfactory. At that point my thinking was that I would look into adding the defensive Crawler as a high healthed mobile Factory, in the spirit of the Firestorm mobile War factory.
At this point I had never played any CnC4 at all, so the idea of adding CnC4 gameplay to TiberianHistory never came up (as stated the idea of a mobile unit factory was thought of well before CnC4).

Eventually I realised that If I wanted sound files etc, I would have to purchase CnC4, which I did.

So those who are looking for CnC4 gameplay will be somewhat disappointed.
So now the question is, did anything get carried over in terms of the abilities of the CnC4 defensive Crawler?



  1. The Crawler can self repair in both deployed and un-deployed modes.
  2. The Crawler is able to repair vehicles (and when upgraded structures) in a small radius around it.
  3. The Crawler can be upgraded twice (the upgrades lead into each other).
  4. The Crawler will be able to deploy infantry and vehicles (the list has not been decided yet).
  5. The Crawler will get its defensive gun when upgraded!

Presume that anything not listed is not in the mod.


The Crawler is a high level reinforcement power (Tier IV at the Space Command Uplink) that drops off the infamous defensive Crawler. You can drop it anywhere (were there is space!) on the battlefield.
You will only be allowed one Crawler per team (the support power is greyed out after deployment).





The Crawlers primary purpose is as a mobile unit factory (infantry and vehicles, although it will be a small selection that is yet to be decided). The secondary function is to act as a repair post (deployed only).



It is designed to be used in the front line, and as such it has a lot of health (at least the same as a Con yard when deployed, at least 3/4 of an epic unit when mobile).



Further functionality can be added via a couple of upgrades.


The first available upgrade, will upgrade your Crawler to tech level II. The main feature of this upgrade is the defensive turret that gets added. While this turret is not even close to an upgraded AGT or the monstrous Jackhammer, because of the sheer health of the structure that it is placed on, it will do a lot of damage!



The second important feature is a significant increase in the repair power and radius of the Crawler. If you plan on using your Crawler on the front line, this is a vital upgrade (it will also effect the Crawlers self-repair).




Once the first upgrade has been purchased, the second upgrade 'Tech level III' will become unlocked.



This upgrade is certainly not as big a jump as the first upgrade, however:

  1. It doubles the barrels on your defensive tower, effectively doubling the damage!
  2. It adds a large stealth detection radius, handy if you are facing Nod.
  3. Increases the shroud clearing radius.
  4. It halves the amount of time that it takes to produce units at the Crawler!



The defensive turret will only appear on the deployed Crawler. The stealth detection and increased vision will be on both deployed and mobile states.
Please be warned that the Crawler upgrades only apply to your current Crawler. If it is destroyed then you will have to repurchase the upgrades, so please consider this.

Trial info

As before this is being trialled, so it might not make it into release 8. However I will say that the only thing that will stop me from using this is extensive bugs that effect the mods gameplay. It is a lot more likely that this will make the main roster then the Nod trike for example. If it does not make it, and if there are not too many bugs, I will include it as a rare crate item for you to try it out.


I would like to thank all those who are leaving the mod, for your support over the years. I understand and respect your decision, I will not try to change your mind. Please understand that adding this does not mean that I like CnC4 (having played it it is worse then I ever could have imagined!), but from a gameplay perspective, this interest me too much not to add it.

Thanks to Gunship_Mark_II for the Drop pod code and FX!

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