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Just a toe back into Lord of the Rings (and The Last of Us)

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#1 Irenë Hawnetyne

Irenë Hawnetyne


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Posted 25 January 2017 - 09:35 AM

So I did some more work for university, and the brief I had was roughly to build an environment from a choice of themes, one of which was Lord of the Rings, so I gave it a go, since I haven't done anything Tolkien-esque in 3D for a couple of years. Ended up being the Ered Luin, using BFME2's campaign and (less than subtly) the mines of Moria as a reference. I'm pretty happy with it, especially since I managed to do it in a very small time frame.




Oh and I did a Last of Us 'Infected' as well.





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#2 Pasidon


    Splitting Hares

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Posted 30 January 2017 - 11:47 AM

Oh.  This topic must have been drowned out by the Trump loathing.  Great model work, as usual, but the texture jobs could always use work.  Not sure if you're using a bad filter, but the colors look a bit muddy.  Then again, I imagine your professor was more interested in the model work, so the textures are just a bonus anyway.


#3 Irenë Hawnetyne

Irenë Hawnetyne


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Posted 30 January 2017 - 11:09 PM

Honestly, the most work put into the cave environment was in a solid three-day stretch, so to be fair, the texturing was adequate for the amount of time (and will to live) I had left after constructing, sculpting, UV-ing, normal projecting and rendering it all - which really I'm quite surprised I managed to do, what with how little time I had to do it in. That said, the marking for this particular module isn't so much divided between the model quality and texture quality as it is marked on the overall result, which includes lighting and rendering. In other words, if some bits are crappily done but aren't detrimental to the overall effect, they are negligible problems.

"Everyone's a hero when there's nowhere left to run."


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