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Isengard Faction Plan

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#61 LelouchAK

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Posted 09 August 2020 - 01:35 PM

Hi!, I will post here what I wrote some time ago on discord so it won't get lost

I like isengard fortress' upgrades which are currently  (more like idea behind them, as now upgrades are bugged a little bit).  Sadly in most of the games people are against creating more than one stronghold. I was wondering what do you think about ideas of fort's enhancements which would of course emphasise heavy industralization of Isengard without relation with high number of forts at once.
I've made up some, I am aware that they can be a little bit silly though.
1. Excavations - 1200
Increases amount of resources generated by furnaces, armouries and lumbermills (or maybe one of them) in a medium range from the stronghold. 
2.Burning Forges/Training Ground - 700
Increases speed of productions of uruks and siege machines in buildings in close proximity of a fortress by 20%.
Well, I was thinking about one additional upgrade for Isengard, they, as the faction, can achieve enormous amount of money (lurtz pillage, tainted land, upgrade of lumbermills, devastation and so on), so maybe give them an option to create even bigger army to reward player for building up a strong economy?
Tens of Thousands - 5000-7000? It would be hard to choose price for such upgrade
1.Wisdom of Curunir
2.Saruman must be alive 
You buy upgrade in the fortress. Increases command points limit by 400-500 points/ decreases amount of command points that are used per battalion of uruks by 30% 

#62 AquilineIdol700

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Posted 12 August 2020 - 01:11 AM

Would you consider adding Isengard Orcs as the Isengard Inn Unit instead of Moria Screechers??

#63 Three Elven Rings

Three Elven Rings
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Posted 18 September 2020 - 09:08 PM

I rethought some abilities in the Spellbook.
I hope you will find them useful. :)

5 - Crebain from Dunland

5 - Warchant

5 - Might of Isengard

Rebuild power


10 - Scum from Lugbúrz

10 - Ironfist of the Orc

Upgrades Uruk units in a small radius with heavy armor

10 - Tainted Land

10 - Fires of Industry


15 – Palantír of Orthans

Summon the Palantír of Saruman

15 - Freezing Rain

15 - Build Me An Army


25 - Fell Storm 

25 - Wrath of Caradhras



Palantír of Orthans


Vision of the white wizard 

(Active) Reveals a portion of the shroud. Friendly units within its vision gain +30% and enemy units lose -30% movement speed.

(Passive) Nearby enemies suffer -25% damage and armor. Causes enemy units to flee in terror. 


The old world will burn

Trees within the radius are instantly turned into resources.


The new oder rise

Uruk build times reduced.


Taken by the dark powers

Stuns enemy units within the radius and their ability timers restored to starting point.


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#64 Leod

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Posted 17 November 2020 - 11:41 PM

I like isengard 3.0, but I have a suggestion. The suggestion is a new hero. The hero would be Lugdush. He would be summoned by Uglúks rank 7 power: reinforcements from Saruman. I think that he would be a good addition and add a new hero to isengard. heres an article, https://lotr.fandom.com/wiki/Lugdush . As always thanks for the Mod and I am very proud of 6.0

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