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Release 8 - General changes

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 11:13 PM


Changes that effect the games system e.g. tiberium changes, or changes that effect more than one side. Can include balance changes.

  • Slowed the "TurretTurnRate" (the speed that the the turret turns), and the "TurretPitchRate" (speed that the turret pitches up and down) of all GDI and Nod artillery (except the GDI Juggernaut). The feeling was that they were too responsive in general combat terms, which made them dominate in situations were they shouldn't have.
  • Several texture optimisations, including house colour improvements.
  • A few particle FX adjustments.
  • Minor harvesting FX changes. Basically blue and green harvest fx.



  • The tiberium field spawned from the tiberium crates is no longer infinite. Was annoying!
  • New negative chemical explosion crate. This is basically an instant chemical missile effect, not nice, but pretty rare.
  • New 'Heal-all crate. Heals everything on your team!
  • New offensive units: TD Flame tank, TS Stealth tank, TD Assault bike.
  • New support unit: GDI defensive Crawler.
  • New single use support powers: Chemical and Cluster missiles. As usual you can only hold one of each of these single use support powers, you have to wait for them to finish charging, and they are deleted from your your support powers once used. Like the support powers they are based on, there is no visible timer for your opponent if you get one of these crates!


Mostly fixes and other general changes that do not qualify as balance changes, which will be done in a separate list.

  • The AI will once again use the Lightening spike support power. Finally!
  • New support power: Overlord's Wrath. From Kane's wrath!



  • The Scrin ship will now attack with a triple pulse cannon beam (the Tripod type beam weapon), instead of just a single beam. While each beam is weaker, it is possible for them to attack different targets!
  • The Prodigy's Area-of-effect mind control no longer controls units after the Prodigy has been killed.
  • AOE mind control no longer controls enemy mines. (!)



Mostly fixes and other general changes that do not qualify as balance changes, which will be done in a separate list.

  • Apache no longer receives unique weapons when heroic.
  • Apache no longer receives stealth upon reaching heroic rank. Basically the Apache does not receive anything special upon reaching heroic rank any more because...
  • Each individual Apache can be upgraded with unguided rockets once you have reached tier 3 (ie built your tech lab). This is a counterpart to the Orca upgrade path, and means that both aircraft start with weapons similar to their TD classic style, but can be upgraded later in the game to be more well rounded attack craft.



  • TD Flame tank replaced with the Renegade flame tank. The TD flame tank is available as a crate item if you play with crates enabled.
  • TS Stealth tank replaced with the Renegade stealth tank. The TS stealth tank is available as a crate item if you play with crates enabled.
  • Tiberium wars Blackhand squad replaced with Renegade flame troopers.
  • Tiberium wars Temple of Nod replaced with TS Pyramid. The Pyramid still provides the counter measures support power.
  • Temple nuke now has visible fallout that will damage ground units for a few seconds after the initial blast. Does not damage structures or aircraft.
  • The 'Protector squad' support power is back! This means that the Linebackers have returned. Hopefully they will cause less issues for the player now!



  • Each side has one vehicle that only takes 75% from most aerial attacks (this was to assist them against the powerful TH air fleet), in release 7 these were the Scrin Gun walker, the GDI Hover MRLS, and the Nod APC. The only reason Nod's was the APC was because of the removal of the Linebackers. Now that they are back, they are once again Nod's designated vehicle that takes 75% damage from aerial units.
  • Tiberium wars Operation center replaced by TD Communications center.
  • Seed tiberium Armageddon bomber replaced with Renegade C-130.

Changes for Nod since promotional news began

  • Removed 'Scavenger' support power. The Assault bike is available as a crate item if you play with crates enabled.



Mostly fixes and other general changes that do not qualify as balance changes, which will be done in a separate list.

  • Heroic MLRS weapon now only does 25% damage to aerial units. This is considered a fix and not a balance change!
  • Repair bay no longer uses repair drones but has a visible repair radius, along with new repair FX. This is mostly an improvement as there is no longer a limit to the number of vehicles that it will repair. Also it can now repair aerial units.
  • Did a fresh rig on the TD Mammoth tank to make it more efficient in terms of game engine stress (less draw calls), also added a bit more house colour.
  • Orca bomber no longer has a special heroic weapon. Because...
  • The Orca bomber now benefits from the 'Hard points' upgrade! It only gets a couple of extra bombs, but that is more than enough, and these bombs drop slightly faster than the non-upgraded version.
  • Orca bomber now has very basic flying animations. They are not great, but they are a start.
  • More house colour for the Orca bomber. Finally!
  • Removed the heroic Disrupter's gun. It caused endless issues and was not even that good!
  • The 'Crystal crush' bomber will now give experience points when destroyed. Oops...
  • Tiberium wars Missile squad replaced by Renegade rocket troopers.
  • New vehicle: Sidam.
  • Tiberium wars Orca replaced with TD Orca.
  • New support power: Mammoth drop pods. Drops off 2 mammoth Mk. IV anywhere on the battlefield! Available at the Space command uplink. This was the original plan for the Mk. IV before I had the idea of adding the Defensive Crawler. The Mk. IVs are fully upgraded rail Mammoths.

Changes for GDI since promotional news began

  • GDI no longer have the Crawler drop pod support power. You can get a greatly scaled back version of the defensive Crawler as a rare crate item if you play with crates enabled.



Blue = My comments
Orange = Affects AI only

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