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Release 8 balance changes

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Posted 12 February 2017 - 05:06 AM

Scrin balance changes


Warp Chasm

  • Now spawns 3 repair drones (was 5). Was unnecessary.


  • Death explosion damage 3500 (was 5000). This was supposed to kill all the Corrupters that would often be healing a Hexapod, but ended up more often more for the Scrin player, because the Hexapod would kill additional enemy units on its death due to the death explosion. The explosion is still enough to kill the Corrupters, but should now have less impact on the enemy player.
  • Teleport recharge time 30s (was 60s). Shorter reload time due to the next item.
  • Teleport now requires 3 Prodigy garrisons. Was always supposed to require 3 Prodigy's, but I had code issues, so I went with the longer cool down on the teleport ability.

Nod balance changes



  • Radar jammer now last 30s (was 10s). I feel that this is enough time for the player to manoeuvrer.
  • Radar jammer reload 120s (was 60s). Due to the adjusted jamming time.


  • Turret turn rate 45 degrees a sec (was 60), Turret pitch 20 (was 30).

Rocket squad

  • Rage rocket recharge is now 180s (was 60). Was too regular, once a squad got heroic.


  • Removed SSM death explosion being tied to the current warhead (now has a generic death explosion that does a small amount of damage). A more sensible approach.
  • Turret turn rate 30 degrees a sec (was 60).

Missile Silo

  • Reduced cluster missile spread to 75 (was 125). This means that the results of a missile strike should be slightly more predictable.
  • Damage vs 'VEHICLES' 200% (was 150%).

GDI balance changes



  • EMP mines no longer require that a vehicle is moving in order to detonate. Makes the mine more useful.
  • Battle base missile speed 250 (was 200). Better at chasing fast aircraft.
  • Battle base missile max travel distance 600 (was 500). Matches Missile squads.
  • Battle base missile damage 250 (was 200). Hopefully this will be the end of the Battle base tweaking.


  • Turret turn rate 45 degrees a sec (was 120!), Turret pitch 20 (was 40).


  • Turret turn rate 45 degrees a sec (was 60).

Hover MLRS

  • Damage scalar to 'AIRCRAFT' back to 100% (was 125%). Because of the damage increase below.
  • Damage increased to 750 (was 600). Felt that the damage was too low.


  • Transport cost is now $500 (was $200). Reduces the effectiveness of 'that' GDI rush.

Mammoth Tank

  • Mammoth rocket damage vs 'STRUCTURE' reduced to 50% (was 75%). Was still too effective vs buildings, despite the reduction in the previous release.

ORCA bomber

  • Now has a specific damage nugget to deal with infantry. This nugget does 325 'SNIPER' damage. The high tier infantry could take far too many bomb hits (due to their resistance to 'CANNON' damage), and consequently too many particle FX ended up getting played, yes the main reason that this has been added is to reduced the number of FX played!


  • Crystal crush upgrade now cost $2000, and takes 60s to research (was $3000, and 90s). More reasonable for an upgrade that only effected a single unit.

Component Tower

  • RPG warhead damage increased to 500 (was 400). The previous increase was not enough.
  • RPG reload is now 1.25s (was 1s). Higher damage, but longer reload time.

Crystal Crush

  • Bomber health reduced to 3000 (was 3500). Might still be a bit high, but at least it is slightly easier to stop the bomber now.

Medium tank

  • Reduced health to 3400 (was 3500). Matches Predator tank.
  • Reduced damage to 400 (was 450). Matches Predator tank.

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