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Age of the Ring - FAQ

age of the ring faq

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 10:08 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the planned factions for the mod?
    - Gondor
    - Isengard
    - Mordor
    - Misty Mountains
    - Lothlorien
    - Erebor
    - Rivendell
    - Mirkwood
    - Haradwaith
    - Rohan
  2. Will Angmar/Arnor be a standalone faction?
  3. Would you consider adding more/different factions than the ones you have planned?
  4. When will the mod be released?
    We’ll announce release dates for upcoming versions a little while in advance.
  5. Can this mod be installed alongside Edain?
  6. Why did you base this off of 2.02?
    Because 2.02 is the best available patch for RotWK. It fixes bugs, improved stability, and contains dozens of amazing new maps.
  7. How do I apply to be a tester?
    When we need more testers, we’ll make a post, after which you can apply.
  8. What will this mod do to Create-A-Hero?
    Currently we’re planning to give them better art. Further plans are TBD.
  9. I’m getting the following error: 'ANGMAR_PERSONAL_HEAVY_COLLAR_BUILDCOST'.
    Please update your game to 2.02.
  10. Will there be a campaign?
    Yes. It will take a while, but we have plans.
  11. I have a suggestion for your mod, where can I post it?
    Generally we only respond to suggestions made in our community forums:
  12. Will you eventually add in BFME 1 style gameplay?
    No, we’ll be keeping the free-build style.
  13. I want to play the mod but I don’t have BFME2 or RotWK installed.
    We provide clean versions of each game (them being abandonware) plus installation instructions here:
  14. I’m a modder and I’d like to join your team
    Message us on ModDB or The3rdAge.

As a bonus, here are two screenshots featuring some new art:

Credits to Ruudy for the tower model, donated to us from BFME Tactics.


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