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Greenwood Faction Plan

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 11:37 PM


Age of the Ring

Rough write-up



Greenwood is a wild and dangerous faction based around stealth and ambushes. Basic Mirkwood units, while more numerous than Rivendell and Lorien units, have very low armor and will struggle early game. The player will need to make use of Greenwood's extensive roster of buff/debuff spells to tip the scales of each confrontation. Greenwood has access to elite units that are expensive and take up high amounts of CP.




Thranduil the Elvenking – 3500

Thranduil is a highly durable, defensive hero capable of taking out great numbers of enemy units while keeping his people safe.

Starts at rank 5

Rank 1: Elvenking

Passive: Provides +50% armor to nearby Mirkwood units. Activate: Mount Great Elk

Rank 3: None May Enter

A smaller, Elven Wood-like power that slows and deals damage to enemies that cross over it. Useful for blocking chokepoints and base defense.

Rank 5: Renowned Warrior

Thranduil briefly gains +15% movement speed and +50% attack speed.

Rank 7: Love of Silver and Jewels

Passive: Thranduil receives his silver armor, permanently gaining an armor bonus. Activate: Upgrades units in the radius with Sindarin Armor.

Sindarin Armor is a heavy armor upgrade that only Thranduil can grant, giving an additional +33% armor to those that receive it. 

Rank 10: Memory of Mordor

Thranduil is surrounded by memories of the Black Land. Enemy units are terrified, lose all leadership, and deal -50% damage. Thranduil cannot move while the power is active.


Design cue: euarwen_skl


Legolas Greenleaf – 2500

Rank 1: White Knives/Bow Toggle

When using his White Knives, Legolas gains +33% armor.

Rank 1: Twin Arrows
A powerful shot that deals splash damage. Extra effective versus monsters.
Rank 3: Prince of the Woodland Realm

A tiered power. At rank 3, trains archers within the radius. At rank 6, also grants fear immunity and passively increases vision range of all units.

Rank 8: Piercing Shots

Legolas temporarily ignores enemy armor and slows down his targets.

Rank 10: Dwarf-friend

Summons Gimli son of Gloin to the battlefield


Design cue: Legolas in his unarmored Mirkwood costume


Tauriel, Captain of the Guard – 1200

Rank 1: Daggers/Bow Toggle

Rank 1: Captain of the Rangers

Provides increased range and armor to Silvan Rangers

Rank 3: Eyes and Ears

Summons a group of stationary Silvan Rangers that are stealthed when not attacking

Rank 5: Decisive Strike

A powerful melee attack that stuns enemy heroes.

Rank 8: Fleet-footed

Increases movement speed of nearby units for a limited duration.


Design cue: 


Feren of the Gilded Guard - 1400

Rank 1: Shield Bash
Knocks back enemy units. At rank 5, radius and damage is increased.

Rank 1: Commander of Eryn Lasgalen

Summons a battalion of Silvan Rangers. At rank 3, summons an additional battalion of Greenwood Slayers. At rank 6, summons two of both.

At rank 10, summons an additional battalion of Palace Guards.

Rank 3: Sound the Alarm!
Feren blows his horn. Can be cast on a structure to temporarily decrease recruitment time,

on friendly units to temporarily increase movement speed, or on enemy units to temporarily decrease movement speed.

Rank 7: Banishment

Target enemy hero is pinned and takes +33% damage from all Greenwood damage sources.


Design cue: guboromir_skl


Galion, Master of Wines - 1200

Rank 1: Miruvor
Moderately heals friendly units nearby Galion

Rank 3: Dorwinion Red

Friendly units within the radius temporarily gain +75% armor and lose -25% attack damage

Rank 7: Bad Batch

Enemy units within the radius begin fighting each other


Design cue: eulorwar_skl


Radagast the Brown - 2000

Rank 1: Master of Hues and Shapes

Radagast becomes invisible while standing still. When activated, cloaks nearby friendly units and allows Radagast to move unseen.

Rank 1: Aiwendil

Targeted units are beset by a flock of birds, causing them to lose vision and movement speed and take damage over time.

Rank 3: Faithful Guardian

Radagast slams his staff into the soil, stunning enemies before him for a brief moment. At rank 8, stun duration is increased.

Rank 6: Siphon Witchcraft

Radagast continuously heals and strengthens nearby friendly heroes and units. 

Rank 10: A Very Great Wizard

Enemy units within a wide radius are turned into a colorful collection of wild animals that subsequently disperse.


Design cue: David Jason as Radagast, _skl TBD


Grimbeorn - Summoned

Rank 1: Bane of Evil

Grimbeorn instills fear into the hearts of all Orc and Warg units

Rank 1: Strongman 

Grimbeorn powerfully swings his massive axe, dealing heavy damage to an enemy structure

Rank 1: Ursine Soul
Grimbeorn briefly becomes immune to damage, while his attacks deal +50% damage and splash.


Design cue: rugimli_skl


Frumgar the Younger, son of Frumgar the Elder, Champion of the Anduin Vale

Summoned – uses spear
Rank 1: Wrath of the Dragonslayer

Leadership to friendly units, become resistant to fire and fire damage
Rank 1: Orc-War Veteran

Frumgar tells of the day he slew Muzgash. Units within the radius gain experience
Rank 1: Feat of Legends

Frumgar's destiny is filled with great deeds. Deals strong damage to a single target and knocks them back far.


Design cue: Mounted hero, uses some mounted Rohan _skl


Bilbo - Ring Hero

Rank 1: Toggle Rocks/Sting

Rank 1: Luck-Wearer

Bilbo puts on his magic ring. Becomes invisible. After some time, the Eye of Sauron will reveal him.

Rank 1: Riddle-Maker

Causes enemy units in the radius to fight amongst themselves.

Rank 1: Bilbo's Courage

Units in a large range around Bilbo gain significant buffs.

Rank 1: Old Friends

Summons Gandalf the Grey




Hunting Lodge – 300

Resource structure

Rank 1: Silvan Hunter - 100 (Larmo - Scout)

Silvan Hunters are single units that can move while stealthed. Very low armor, high speed scout unit that earns resources when killing foes.

Design cue: euthranduil_skl


Design cue: A small and symmetrical wooden structure, stacked similarly to a pagoda, built near a large autumnal tree.


Training Grounds - 300

Rank 1: Silvan Rangers - 350 (Faradrim - Hunters)

At rank 3, Silvan Rangers gain Evasion. Briefly increases armor and knockback resistance.

At rank 5, Silvan Rangers gain Longshot power.

Design cue: guranger_skl

Rank 1: Silvan Wardens - 300 (Sigilmaethyr – Dagger-warriors)

At rank 3, Silvan Wardens gain Evasion. Briefly increases armor and knockback resistance.

Design cue: Legolas _skl with the new knife idle

Rank 2: Silvan Outriders – 500 (Gwairochyn – Wild-riders)

At rank 3, Silvan Outriders gain Evasion. Briefly increases armor and knockback resistance.

Design cue: rurohrm_skl


Design cue: something similar to this and this, with added rock foundations and autumnal vine creep. A simple, overgrown fence as rank 2, and an added tower part for rank 3.


Royal Barracks - 600

Rank 1: Greenwood Warriors - 700 (Maethyr - Warriors)

At rank 1, may toggle between bow and sword.

May enter Skirmish formation, increasing damage at the cost of movement speed.

Design cue: ruelfwar_skl

Rank 1: Greenwood Glaives - 600 (Thelamaethyr – Spear-warriors)

May enter Shield Wall, increasing armor at the cost of movement speed.

Design cue: eulorwar_skl

Rank 1: Greenwood Slayers - 500 (Theladagnyr - Spear-slayer)

Unit carrying double-bladed spear. Strong versus spam infantry, deals minor splash damage.

May enter Loose Formation, greatly increasing attack speed at the cost of armor.

Design cue: eumthlnd_skl

Rank 2: Guards of the Palace -  800 (Tamastirnyr - Hall-watchers)

At rank 1, have Elven Endurance power, which drastically increases armor at the cost of movement speed.

At rank 3, gain Solemn Duty power, which grants armor to nearby structures.

Design cue: gutowergrd_skl

Rank 2: Elvenking's Guard - 900 (Faenrochyn - Radiant-riders)

May enter Line formation, increasing damage and movement speed at the cost of armor.

At rank 1, has Kingsguard power, which grants +33% armor to Thranduil when he's near.

At rank 3, gain Song of Battle, which terrifies nearby enemy units.

Design cue: guknight_skl


Design cue: this, basically. Added rock foundations.


Thranduil's Treasury - 1200

Rank 1: Greenwood Banners - 300

Allows the upgrading of units to rank 2. Unlocks Dorwinion Red for Elvish units: Battalion passively heals when out of combat.

Rank 1: Silvan Steel - 800

Allows the upgrading of melee units to increase attack damage and attack speed.

Rank 2: Silvan Fletching - 800

Allows the upgrading of ranged units to increase attack damage and range.


Design cue: a domed structure (...)


Beorning Cabin

Rank 1: Animal Husbandry – passive

Resource structure bonus

Rank 1: Woodsmen Axes

A power that can be cast on enemy structures. Summons a horde of Woodsmen that deal high damage to targeted structure.

Design cue: 

Rank 2: Beorning Berserker

A very powerful single unit warrior. The Beorning Berserker is a huge man carrying a great axe. Deals splash damage and knockback damage. High damage against structures and infantry alike.

At rank 2, Beorning Berserkers will rapidly recover health outside of combat. 

Design cue: 


Design cue: a defensible, extrapolated log cabin with a thatched roof largely covered in moss and grasses. Beehives.


Woodland Lookout

Guard tower


Design cue: this, but with a rocky base.


Well of Wine

Healing well

Design cue: a tall fountain, roughly shaped like a medieval wine bottle, with many layers filled with red wine supplied by bottle-shaped ornaments hewn into the stone. 


Statue of Oropher

Leadership statue

Design cue: Oropher, the first King of the Woodland Realm, sat on a thorny throne, staff in hand. Giant antlers.


Greenwood Fortress - Upgrades

Silvan Heraldry - 300
Reduces cost of heroes by 15%.

Feast of Starlight - 600

The Elves begin the Feast of Starlight. Nearby friendly units receive healing. Unlocks the Gilded Guard of Lasgalen.

Spiteful Thorns - 800

Thorny vines cause damage to enemy units near the fortress.

Silvan Garrison - 900

Increases fortress armor and stations additional archers on the parapets. Also enables the purchasing of siege equipment. Prequisite to Tribe to Oromë.

Tribute to Oromë - 1500

Allows the summoning of the White Stag.


Greenwood Fortress - Expansions

Silvan Flet - 150

Arrow tower

Design cue: a tall, autumnal tree equipped with a flet and an archer.

Cave Entrance - 400

Dormitory expansion

Design cue: a tall door flanked by two carved stone pillars holding up a concave tunnel covered in creep and vines.


Greenwood Fortress - Units


Gilded Guard of Lasgalen – 1200 (Eraintirio – King’s Guard)

Hero unit. Recruitable from Fortress. Requires Feast of Starlight to be purchased.

Rank 1: 

Design cue: eulorwar_skl

Silver-armored Mirkwood infantry, helmetless, with a lot of chain- and scale mail, wearing tiara's and wielding longswords.


White Stag - Summoned through Tribute to Oromë

Rank 1: Ethereal

The White Stag is immune to all enemy attacks, but may trample enemy units.

Rank 1: A Sign of Good Fortune
Provides +15% range, +100% armor, and fear resistance to nearby Mirkwood units.

Rank 1: Gift of Oromë

Friendly units within the radius gain excellent experience.


Battering Ram - 400 (Drambor - Clenched Fist)

Ballista - 800 (Haehadron - Distant Thrower)




5 - Horn of the Gate - Warchant

5 - Hidden Sentries - Reveals a part of the map.

5 – The Elves Awoke Them – Summons a tree that knocks back enemy units and stealths nearby units (ie. Mist)


10 - Elvenking's Road - Units in the radius temporarily gain +25% movement speed and resistance to ranged attacks.

10 - Elvenking's Feast - Summons one of Thranduil's famous woodland feasts. Units near it gain +50% armor and heal.

10 - Elvenking's Patience - Enemy units within the radius lose all leadership and are stunned.

10 - Elvenking’s Decree – Units collect resources upon kills.


15 - Spears of Framsburg - Summons an army of Eotheod commanded by Frumgar, son of Frumgar

15 - Lights Go Out - Darkness

15 - Men of the Carrock - Unlocks the Beornings - Beorning patrols now protect Orchards


25 – Hail of Arrows – Enormous, instantaneous salvo of Silvan arrows.

25 - We've Lost the Path! - Enemy units caught in the radius are severely debuffed and start infighting.

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#2 Giveaway412

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Posted 21 March 2017 - 04:59 PM

I like the description at the start explaining the play style and general theme of the faction. It'd be nice to have something like that on all the faction plans.


Great write-up though! I'm continually astounded by the sheer quality of your work. I can't wait to see what else you have in store!

#3 kingsjewel

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Posted 21 March 2017 - 06:58 PM

Who is Feren?

I am curious about the statue of Oropher :)

#4 Kaieman

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Posted 26 April 2017 - 10:31 AM

[quote name="kingsjewel" post="1054937" timestamp="1490122724"]Who is Feren?
Feren was one of Thranduils guards http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Feren

#5 Kaieman

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Posted 26 April 2017 - 10:45 AM

It seems a very exciting and dangerous faction. With the beorning berserkers, the woodsmen, but the White stag is the real eye catcher i am very curious about it. I also like the fact that Radagast is included as a hero, his powers got me very excited.

#6 kingsjewel

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Posted 26 April 2017 - 04:17 PM

[quote name="kingsjewel" post="1054937" timestamp="1490122724"]Who is Feren?
Feren was one of Thranduils guards http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Feren

Thank you!

#7 Kaieman

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Posted 26 April 2017 - 05:21 PM

Talking about Feren again, i have a few suggestions for his abilities:


Rank 1: Toggle sword/bow


Rank 3: Horn of the Guard: gives a temporarily small boost to the guards armor and attack (25 % each)


Rank 8: The King's guard/Guard of the king: Feren equips his armor (50% armor)


So far my suggestions for him, I hope people will read this and give their opinion about it. 

#8 Joragon

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Posted 12 May 2017 - 05:58 PM

Because there is not so much known about Feren I would suggest to design him as Leader of the kings guard and also one of the highest commanders in Thranduils army.

So I would like to see him manly in his armor: https://s-media-cach...205225b0c11.jpg


In point of his abilities, I would also give him the ability to blow the horn nearby an allied building. So it's an active ability which has to be used on a building. If this building was a recruiting building the recruiting times are reduced an all nearby troops get a speed boost for some time (they don't need to be nearby the building any more.


So this ability has a lot of ways to be used. You can use it to defend (faster recruiting and faster troops) or you can use it to get fast from your side of the map to the enemy and can surprise him (so exactly like in the movie). Also the ability fits exactly to mirkwoods aggressive and mobile character and to Ferens function as the one who orders the troops to be at the right moment at the right place.


I know it's just one ability but I think it was worth it to be posted ^^.

Edited by Joragon, 12 May 2017 - 06:00 PM.

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Posted 12 May 2017 - 07:21 PM

I'm a big fan of multi-purpose abilities. Good idea.

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#10 Kaieman

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Posted 20 August 2017 - 09:39 PM

Woodsmen axes and beorning berserkers seems interesting, how good will they be compared to other elite infantry (stats)?

#11 Mathijs


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Posted 21 August 2017 - 01:43 PM

Beorning berserkers will be similar to Isengard berserkers but a lot tougher. Woodsmen axes are not something I've thought about much yet.

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#12 Kaieman

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Posted 21 August 2017 - 02:39 PM

Beorning berserkers will be similar to Isengard berserkers but a lot tougher. Woodsmen axes are not something I've thought about much yet.

Sounds good.

#13 Kaieman

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Posted 21 August 2017 - 08:13 PM

I see you wrote on the faction plan, nice to see.

#14 OdoProudfoot

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Posted 22 September 2017 - 05:51 PM

I have an idea for a spellbook power.

Origin in lore:
When Thorin and company are traveling through the Old Forest Road, they are drawn to what they perceive as a feast in the distance. As they come closer, the feast vanishes and reappears further away. It goes on like this till eventually they get lost and captured. It is not completely clear whether the forest  was playing tricks on them or the elves just wanted to be left alone, but the consequence was them being drawn deeper and deeper into the woods, further and further from the road.

How the power would work:
"A Feast in the Forest"
Set a large area of effect anywhere on the map and enemy units in it (limited to an X number of battalions) will be compelled to move to its center, where the fake feast would appear for a few seconds.

#15 MattTheLegoman


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Posted 23 September 2017 - 05:54 AM

I like this idea of a power that draws units towards an area, not unlike the fell winds power of The Misty Mountains but without the blast or damage. It should certainly be large, and should last a while I believe.

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Posted 23 September 2017 - 03:01 PM

Not possible I'm afraid.


#17 lubieslimaki

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Posted 04 November 2017 - 04:48 PM

maybe feren on lvl 3 gets "Recall of the company" - units within the radius are getting speed boost, getting some heals and maybe armor buff, and at lvl 8 "Kings guard" - summons 1/2 groups of palace guards for a X amount of time 

#18 Hoarmurath

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Posted 04 November 2017 - 09:21 PM

These are nice, if the second isn't a bit generic. I'm sure we'll take them into consideration when the time for mirkwood comes, especially "recall the company" since it would use a horn (horns ftw). I gotta say though, I love your username. Snails are dope af.

#19 Kaieman

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Posted 12 February 2018 - 03:52 PM

I like the design cue of the buildings, very fitting for our woodelves.

#20 TRF931

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Posted 13 February 2018 - 11:21 PM

Hi, don't know if it asking for too much, but could you consider dropping the toggle weapons for the greenwood warrios? Maybe make just a guardsmen type of unit and an archer type on their own?. In the movie it was shown there were greenwood elves on different roles (spike, bow, sword) so it would be kinda better i guess. 

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