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Custom Player won't use SpellBook via Script

spellbook script

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Posted 30 March 2017 - 05:09 PM

I want to add shifting weather to my map, and since this neither works nor lets me shift the weather by script (afaik), I decided to make some changes to the CloudBreak, Darkness and FreezingRain spell book powers.


So what I want to do is to fire a spell at a given time, without having to add a new starting pos for an Easy/M/H/Brutal player. (Using the script below)

Player 'Player Here' fires Special power 'SpellBook Here' at Waypoint 'Waypoint Here'.

The problem that I ran in to is that only the Player_X players and PlyrCreeps/PlyrCivilian will use the powers. I am aware that a faction cannot use another faction's spells unless you change that in the ini, (so for example, if I set creeps to an evil faction they cannot use good spells and vice versa) but I don't need a player to be able to press them, I just want to automatically activate them so I thought that'd be too much work.


Anyway, if I set Creeps to an Evil faction and Civilian to a good... let's say Elves for example, 

Player 'PlyrCreeps/PlyrCivilian' fires Special power 'SpellBook Here' at Waypoint 'Waypoint Here'.

Will work.


However, I do not want to do this as it gives all Civilians and Creeps on the map the bonus that comes with the abilities. (Not to mention that I created my creeps by the civilian faction template and the game won't register the change if I switch it to wild, mordor or something. The reason I know it works with creeps is cause I tested it on another map.) I want to have a new player dedicated to firing spells, ...'PlyrCMcNuggets' for example, but if I use this instead of creeps it won't work, even when I set their faction to good and give them a fortress. I cannot use something like Player_8 either, as Player_X is automatically removed from the world if no human/ai player is added.

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