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Erebor Faction Plan

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 03:13 AM

Erebor Faction Plan



Thorin Oakenshield - 3000

Rank 1: King Under the Mountain

Leadership to all Erebor units.

Rank 3: Goblin-cleaver

Thorin attains Orcrist. Activate to draw the sword and temporarily gain +75% magic damage.

Rank 5: Resentment

Enemy units around Thorin are slowed and lose -30% armor.

Rank 7: Driven By Prophecy

Refreshes nearby hero ability timers and heals nearby units.

Rank 10: Du Bekar!

Buff to nearby infantry. 


Fili - 1400

Rank 1: Brotherhood

Fili gains +20% attack damage when near Kili.

Rank 3: Hidden Blade

Fili deals heavy damage to a single target, temporarily crippling it.

Rank 5: Dwarven Dexterity

Fili temporarily gains +25% attack and movement speed.

Rank 8: Heir to the Throne

+33% attack and armor to nearby troops. 


Kili - 1200

Rank 1: Brotherhood

Kili gains +20% attack damage when near Fili.
Rank 1: Toggle Bow/Sword

Rank 1: Luck of Battle

Kili permanently gains a boost in evasion to ranged attacks

Rank 3: Quick Shot

Temporarily increases Kili's rate of fire by 50%.

Rank 8: High Spirits

Grants experience to nearby troops. Only affects Dwarven troops.


Balin – 1600

Rank 1: Pathfinder

Balin grants +15% movement speed to nearby units and heroes.

Rank 3: Company’s Look-out

Dramatically increases Balin’s vision range.

Rank 5: Dwarven Wisdom

Targeted structure temporarily gains +250% resources.

Rank 8: Counselor of Kings

Balin temporarily empowers a friendly hero, granting them an increase to armor and experience gain. Balin also attains his regal armor, increasing his armor by 50%.


Dwalin – 2000

Rank 1: Brother-in-Arms

Dwalin gains +15% to attack, armor, and attack speed when near Thorin.

Rank 3: Furious Blow

Dwalin slams the ground, knocking back enemy units and dealing heavy damage to structures.

Rank 5: Baruk Khazad!

Dwalin lets out a yell, frightening away any enemy units near him.

Rank 8: Dwarven Juggernaut

Dwalin gains +300% armor and his attacks deal knockback for a short time.


Bard the Bowman - 1800
Rank 1: Debilitating Shot
A precise arrow shot that significantly slows down an enemy hero.
Rank 3: Rabble-rouser
Targeted units gain experience. Only affects Men of Dale, Laketowners, and Dorwinion units.
Rank 5: Honest Bargeman
Bard delivers several barrels of fish, passively healing nearby friendly units.

Rank 8: Descendant of Girion

Leadership to Bardings

Rank 10: Dragonslayer

Summons a thrush. Bard gains immense damage versus monsters, most significantly Smaug.


Master of Lake-town - 1400

Rank 1: Master of the Lake

Passive: Grants +10% damage to Lake-town Watchmen and Lake-town Captains and increases per rank

10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 50%, 75%

Grants -33% damage and armor to Bard the Bowman

Active: Place a Master's Spy on the map. The Master's Spy is stealthed and cannot move, and reveals a large amount of shroud.

Rank 1: Underhanded Strike

Whacks an enemy hero on the head, briefly stunning them and lowering their armor

Rank 3: Call the Guard!

Summons a battalion of Lake-town Captains that stay on the field until killed

At rank 6, summons two battalions.

Rank 9: 'Ancient' Statute


Dain Ironfoot – Unlocked from Arkenstone Upgrade

Rank 1: Lord of the Iron Hills

Leadership to Iron Hills units.

Rank 1: Mount Boar

Rank 3: Baruk Khazad!

Dain swings his weapon, knocking back enemy units.

Rank 5: Reckless Assault

Dwarves within the radius gain attack power, speed, but lose armor.

Rank 8: To The King!

Summons two hordes of Iron Hills Warriors.


Bilbo - Ring Hero

Rank 1: Toggle Rocks/Sting

Rank 1: Luck-Wearer

Bilbo puts on his magic ring. Becomes invisible. After some time, the Eye of Sauron will reveal him.

Rank 1: Riddle-Maker

Causes enemy units in the radius to fight amongst themselves.

Rank 1: Bilbo's Courage

Units in a large range around Bilbo gain significant buffs.

Rank 1: Old Friends

Summons Gandalf the Grey


Roäc, Son of Carc - 600

Rank 1: Lord of Ravens

Allows Roäc to grow in strength. Becomes more expensive the higher Roäc ranks up.
At rank 1, he gives +5% movement speed, at rank 3 he additionally gives +10% experience gain, at rank 5 he gives +10% movement speed.

(1 to 3: 500, 3 to 5: 800)

Rank 1: Subtle Ways

Roäc becomes invisible while remaining still.

Rank 3: Unkindness of Ravens

Enemy units are slowed by 25%.

Rank 3: Wisdom of Yore

Friendly units within the radius gain experience.

Rank 5: Messenger of the King

Summons one battalion of Iron Hills Warriors


Gandalf the Grey - Summoned by Bilbo

Rank 1: Love of Halfling Leaf

Summons several barrels of Old Toby that produce resources.

Rank 1: Let's Risk A Little More Light

Nearby archers gain +20% range and +15% accuracy

Rank 1: Disturber of the Peace

Wizard Blast with fire effects.

Rank 1: The Foe-Hammer

Lightning Sword.

Rank 1: You Shall Not Pass!

Nearby foes are knocked back and take damage.



In a later release, Erebor will be able to switch between two different eras: Hobbit Erebor and WotR Erebor.


King Dain Ironfoot - 3000

Purpose: Slow, steadfast support hero with an enormous health and armor rating

Rank 1: King Under the Mountain

+100% armor to nearby allies
Rank 3: Old Warrior
Targeted allied units gain a large amount of experience.

Rank 5: The Red Axe
Nearby units temporarily gain +33% attack and fear resistance. At rank 7, also summons a battalion of Iron Hills Guards.

Rank 10: Final Stand

When activated, Dain gains +300% armor and +100% damage for a short time, as well splash and knockback damage. His speed is decreased by 50% for the duration.


Thorin III Stonehelm - 3500

Purpose: Fearless warrior-prince, buffing allies in combat while debuffing the enemy.

Rank 1: Prince of Erebor
Whenever Thorin attacks, nearby troops gain a small, stackable attack boost.

Rank 1: Dwarven Cleave

Thorin knocks back enemy units.

Rank 3: Dour Warrior

Thorin passively returns a percentage of damage dealt to him.

Rank 6: Durin's Chosen


Rank 8: Stonehelm

Thorin exchanges his steel helmet for the Stonehelm - permanently causing fear and lowering nearby enemy armor.


Gimli son of Glóin - 2500
Purpose: A brawler hero, capable of taking on a great number of enemies.

Rank 1: Axe Throw

Same as vanilla, but now also briefly pins enemy heroes

Rank 1: Axemaster

Weapon toggle between Balin's Axe and Gloin's Axe.

Balin's Axe grants additional armor and splash damage

Gloin's Axe grants movement speed and attack speed
Rank 3: Nobody Tosses a Dwarf!
Gimli leaps into the enemy, knocking them back.

Rank 6: Stubborn Pride
Gimli temporarily gains +200% armor but loses 33% speed

Rank 9: Elf-friend
Summons Legolas Greenleaf


Glóin the Dwarf - 1200

Purpose: Early game sneaky hero, provider of heals and secrets.

Rank 1: Herb Lore
Heals nearby units. At rank 3, also grants them a small amount of armor.

Rank 1: Proud Father
Gloin gains +33% armor and damage while near Gimli.

Rank 5: Dwarvish Wile

Creates a trap at target location. Enemy units that enter it are stunned and take increased damage for a short time.

Rank 8: Secret Ways

Gloin knows of routes younger dwarves do not. Teleports targeted units to targeted location.


Hadhod the Dwarf - 1500

Purpose: Siege hero, demolitionist, anti-structure

Rank 1: Keen Eye

Nearby structures receive +25% armor. Nearby Mangonels gain +10% range.

At rank 3, can be cast on enemy structures to temporarily reduce their armor by 33%.

Rank 3: Sabotage

Target enemy structure takes strong damage. Can be cast from a large distance.
Rank 6: 
Rank 10: Bonds of Friendship

Summons Elegost the Dúnadan


King Brand of Dale


Rank 1: King of the Bardings

Leadership specifically to Mannish units

Rank 1: Toggle Sword/Bow

Rank 3: Black Arrow of Dale
Powerful ranged attack that does a variety of stuff
Rank 5: King's Favor
Grants experience to units within radius
Rank 8: Royal Retinue
King Brand is temporarily surrounded by a retinue of elite Barding Kingsguard




Mineshaft - 300

Earns resources, connected to tunnel system.

Grants +50% armor to nearby Vault Wardens.


Hall of Warriors - 400

Rank 1: Erebor Guardians

Basic infantry carrying swords/axes and shields. Slow-moving, high armor.

At rank 2, gain Dwarven Tenacity, causing them to deal minor splash damage.

Rank 1: Erebor Pikemen - 350

Basic anti-cavalry carrying Erebor spears. Slow-moving, high armor.

May enter Spear Wall formation.

Rank 1: Erebor Archers - 400

Basic archers carrying short bows. Slow-moving, high armor, limited range.

Rank 1: Grim Hammers - 450 (post-release)

Fast, anti-harrassment unit. Strong versus structures. May receive Khûzdul Runes and Banner Carrier upgrades.

At rank 2, gain Intimidation, passively slows enemies by -10%.

Rank 2: Vault Wardens - 650

Dwarven Halberdiers, with their front line carrying massive tower shields.

Rank 1: Hold Your Ground!

As the unit levels the power improves.

Rank 1: Nearby allied units gain 10% armor 
Rank 2: Nearby enemy units lose 10% speed

Rank 4: Nearby allied units gain 15% armor

Rank 1: Stone-Wall Formation

Drastically increases armor but disables movement. Also immune to knockback damage while in this formation.

Rank 2: Ered Luin Traders - 800, requires Arkenstone 

Rank 1: Merchants
Nearby friendly units collect resources upon kills.
Rank 3: Tinkers
Leadership to siege units.
Rank 5: Toymakers
Pelts the enemy with fireworks.

Rank 3: Erebor Wyrm-slayers – 1000 – Hero unit

Rank 1: Unburnt

Wyrm Slayers are completely immune to flame damage.

Rank 3: Flash Flame

Wyrm Slayers throw bottles of Dwarven flash flame.

Rank 5: Song of Azaghâl

Wyrm Slayers briefly become immune to all damage.

Rank 7: Runes of Fire Summons a barrier of flames, damaging enemy units and blocking their path.


Dale Garrison – 350

Rank 1: Laketown Watchmen - 250

Basic, fast moving infantry unit carrying spears.

Rank 2: Dalish Longbowmen

Dalish Archers. May use Black Arrow Ability at rank 2. Elite.

Rank 3: Dalish Swordsmen

Dalish infantry. Elite.


Iron Hills Redoubt - 550 (requires Arkenstone upgrade)

Rank 1: Iron Hills Ram Riders 

Rank 2: Iron Hills Warriors – 600 

Mix of various infantry types in one horde: Spearmen in front, swords and axes behind. May use Shield Wall formation. Elite.

Rank 2: Iron Hills Crossbowmen – 650 

Crossbowmen. High damage, long reload times. Elite.

Rank 2: Knotted Strings

Iron Hills Crossbowmen temporarily knock back enemy units.

Rank 2: Iron Hills Battlewagon 
A buffed version of the Chariot, can be further upgraded with wheel-blades, banners, and crossbowmen.


Grand Forge - 800

Rank 1: Thrór’s Banners
Rank 1: Siege Hammers
Rank 2: Mithril-tipped Arrows
Rank 3: Khûzdul Runes
Rank 3: Dwarven Plate


Erebor Workshop – 1200

Rank 1: Battering Ram – 400

Infantry manned siege ram.

Rank 2: Iron HIlls Demolisher - 600 (requires Arkenstone upgrade)

Highly armored siege ram, can be upgraded with heavy armor.

Rank 2: Dwarven Mangonel - 800

Long-ranged siege weapon


Heroic Statue - 300

Gives leadership bonus and fear resistance.


Well - 300

Heals units.


Erebor Walls - 200

Buildable walls, not walkable.

Wall Hub - 120
Gate - 300

Raven Banners - 350
Guard Tower - 400

Postern Gate - 500

Dalish Windlance - 800


Erebor Battle Tower - 450

Defensive tower. Garrisonable.

May purchase one of the following banners:

Dúrin's Banner - 150
Increases experience gain of nearby units
Khazad-dûm Banner - 150
Nearby units become immune to fear
Iron Hills Banner - 300
Increases attack damage of nearby units
Ered Mithrim Banner - 150
Increases vision of tower and range of nearby and garrisoned units
Ered Luin Banner - 500
Garrisoned units obtain resources for kills


Erebor Fortress - 5000

Raven Banners – 400

Decreases hero cost, provides armor leadership to nearby units, slightly increases fortress vision range

Solemn Guardians – 700

Statues. Fear and terror resistance near the fortress

Moat – 1500

Increases fortress armor

Erebor Braziers – 1000

Increases fortress ranged damage

Horns of the Gate - 1000

When activated, stuns nearby enemies.

Fortifications - 1200

Prerequisite to the Arkenstone. Increases armor of walls and wall upgrades, decreases cost.

The Arkenstone – 1000

Unlocks Ered Luin and Iron Hills units


Fortress Expansions

Erebor Walls - 120
Buildable Walls
Guard Tower - 400

Fires at enemy units.

Windlance Platform - 800

Bombards enemy units.

Hall Expansion - 400

Provides access to Tunnel network, also provides CP and a small resource tick.




5 - Dwarven Skill - repairs selected structure

5 - Ravens of Erebor - Spy unit - Nearby units resist fear and move slightly faster

5 - Horn of Erebor - friendly units gain +50% damage, enemy units lose -20% armor and -10% speed


10 – Deep Delving - Passively boost economy structure's output

10 - Muster the Dwarves - Dwarven build times reduced

10 - Fully Armed and Filthy - Upgrades Dwarven units in a small radius with heavy armor

10 – Send In The Goats! - Summons a stampede of goats.


15 - Durin's Day - Stuns enemy units

15 - Undermine

15 - Moria Reclaimed - Summons a Dwarrowdelf Pillar surrounded by three battalions of Khazad-dum Veterans


25 – Thrór’s Hoard – Summons a Dwarven hoard. Watch out for what your greed could summon.

25 – Cave-in – Earthquake

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#2 kingsjewel

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 05:04 AM

Finally the dwarves get a recruitable 'cavalry' and more various siege weapons. 

A question: if the mineshafts can't guarantee command point bonus, what will do it?

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Rider of Rohan

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 05:40 AM

Ah that's a remnant from the outdated plan, it will still give the bonus.


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#4 Elessar_the_King

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 06:29 AM

It sounds very promising!


I especially like the different roles units will fill, for instance "Men of Dale" and "Iron Hills warriors".That gives more flavor and diversity to this heavily armoured based faction.

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#5 sTRiker34

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 11:49 AM

Guys! Dwarves will be awesome! Please give the sound effect to "Du Bekar" ability of Thorin in the movie :) What Khuzdul Runes do exactly? Eren Luin units will be the ones you made for SaF? Ered Luin Mangonel will be the SaF one or the TDH one? (TDH mod has the Mangonel too)

#6 Mathijs


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Posted 14 April 2017 - 01:53 PM

Khuzdul Runes are our term for Forged Blades. Ered Luin dwarves will be made new, and we'll use the SaF Mangonel.

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#7 Ectheldir

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 02:47 PM

This looks beautiful.


I especially like Bilbo's Ringhero mechanics. Of course the main concept is very similar to Frodo, but I like for instance his riddlemaker ability. And especially that he is able to summon Gandalf like this.

I also like the differentiation of the Husbandry, Forge and Siege Works. (And it makes way for more Battlewagons! Yay!)


What i dislike a bit is Thorin's heavy focus on passive abilities. There's nothing wrong with passive abilities. It just feels a bit strange to make most abilities passive. That way you do not really have to trigger any abilities, what makes his microing a lot less important, as he's just fine, when he is somewhere with your army.

Also, I dislike a bit the Twirly-Whirlies (but that's a great name btw). They were in the movie yes. But, that doesn't mean that I like them or see any logic in there existence.


But those two complaints are just minor points. All in all this looks like a great plan.

#8 saruman_the_wise



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Posted 14 April 2017 - 03:10 PM

For the Erebor wyrm slayers, i'd suggest a passive which makes them resistant to fire. So that they can be the perfect counter for MM's Wyrms and not be completely wiped out in a raging fire unlike most infantry.

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#9 Vidstige

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 03:51 PM

Baruk Khazâd! 

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#10 kingsjewel

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 05:02 PM

Will the battering ram be similar to the Dwarf Holds' battering ram? 

#11 Eredin

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 05:30 PM

I really like the ideas for this faction, and the presence of The Hobbit movies contents, but the fact that there is this Erebor faction that replaces the dwarves original faction, means that some contents like Gimli, a very important character of Lord of the Rings books and movies, will no longer be in the game?

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 06:15 PM

I like that this is starting some discussions!

As to Gimli, he'll be part of one of Rohan's powers. Dunedain76 might do a War of the Ring-era Erebor submod to include him further. ;)

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#13 sTRiker34

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 08:07 PM

Hey Mathijs, Are you gonna make Gimli summon for Rohan like you did in SaF? Three Hunters :D

#14 Rider of Rohan

Rider of Rohan

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Posted 14 April 2017 - 10:24 PM

Yes that's the idea.


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Posted 15 April 2017 - 05:37 AM

Saruman has got an idea with the fire-retardant Wyrm Slayers, they should certainly be that from the get go.

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#16 FilipGeorg995

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 10:51 AM

Looking forward for showcase of Erebor chariot and the Iron Hills battlewagon and ram riders 😁

#17 Mathijs


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Posted 18 May 2017 - 11:40 PM

Updated the faction plan with new fortress upgrades, expansions, and wall expansions.

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#18 kingsjewel

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Posted 08 July 2017 - 11:23 AM

You added Roac, it is cool :)

This soundtrack when has the Arkenstone upgrade finished? https://files.fm/u/3rgm76c9

It is from the 'Mithril' soundtrack.

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#19 kingsjewel

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Posted 23 July 2017 - 08:33 AM

Roac screencap from the BOTFA : https://image.ibb.co/b0WYFQ/Roac.png

#20 sgtryan88

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Posted 02 August 2017 - 06:34 PM

I suggest for:


Gandalf the Grey - Summoned by Bilbo


Rank 1: A Buttlerfly message
Gandalf mounts an Eagle. (like in The Hobbit Films or When he escapes from isengard in LOTR)

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