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Permanent Summon

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#1 winblue

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 05:24 AM

I have made Arwen an ability so she can summon Aragorn permanently on the field. This Aragorn can change into King Elessar at lv10 like edain. The problem is i just want 1 Aragorn on the field so if the spell is activated again while Aragorn is on the field, it won't summon him again. I tried MaxSimultaneousOfType and it only work if Aragorn stays as strider. If Aragorn become Heir of Gondor or King Elessar, it will summon another Aragorn. The 2nd problem is if Aragorn dies, i don't want him to be revivable but the game just put him into the hero recruit menu. Can anyone help me ?

#2 mrk1995

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 08:05 PM

Make a new Aragorn.INI and rename it to AragornSummoned or anything, delete these codes from the file :

Behavior = RespawnUpdate ModuleTag_RespawnUpdate
DeathAnim = DYING ;Model condition to play when killed-to-respawn
DeathFX = FX_AragornDieToRespawn     ;FXList to play when killed-to-respawn
DeathAnimationTime = 3933 ;How long DeathAnim will take.
InitialSpawnFX = FX_AragornInitialSpawn ;FXList to play when respawning.
RespawnAnim = LEVELED ;Animation to play when respawning.
RespawnFX = FX_ResurrectionAragorn ;FXList to play when respawning.
RespawnAnimationTime = 2000 ;Time it takes for respawn to play.
AutoRespawnAtObjectFilter = NONE +CASTLE_KEEP ;Respawn at this location -- and at it's exit production point if possible.
ButtonImage = HIAragorn_res
;RespawnEntries determine the ruleset for how a character can be revived. Some units may automatically respawn, others
;may require a specific revive action performed on him. You can specify different values for each level... or use Level:Any
RespawnRules = AutoSpawn:No Cost:1000 Time:60000 Health:100% ;DEFAULT VALUES

And now this cannot be recruitable it the Fortress after death.

But the Spell i think its easier to script it in the map IF True Aragorn/AragornElessar unit not in the map THEN Arwen can use the Summoning abbility.

But if you want it to ini coding idk how to do it. :/

#3 winblue

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Posted 22 April 2017 - 12:42 AM

Thank you. I have found a way to prevent the spell from summoning multiple Aragorn. Just add the EquivalentTo to Heir to Gondor and King Elessar, they will be recognized as Aragorn and won't exceed the max simultaneous type = 1.

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