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Create your Elite Battalions, New changes and new features, new ideas to main fortress, "Spy Unit" Suggestions

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Posted 16 June 2017 - 06:52 PM

This idea came to me today after seeing lot's of cool CaH models by our creative developers for Gondor Faction and my suggestion applies to every factions in the game.


From main fortress, there will be a new option as named " Elite Troopers " that can be research by players in the game. I said in the main fortress; because elite units trained place should be in a stronghold ( not in barracks ). 


I suggest a new system to main fortress for applying the suggestions and make usage of main fortress more interesting which there should be a levelling system in the main fortress too, like how barracks and other buildings can go for level 2 or level 3. When you purchase an upgrade in your main fortress, the level of your fortress will be increased one level. To prevent accessing the custom elite unit creation by players in the game, you need to maximise the fortress level as initially; then  " Elite Troopers " upgrade will be opened to purchase by players at the end. This suggestion is mainly made for the end game, game-play.


I make a suggestion to give a bigger reworked main fortress at every factions too; because the buildings or buildings' upgraded versions are bigger than the main fortress. So, in my opinion, it is not fitting visually. Thus, main fortress builds need more love and care in the hands of our creative developers in their mod I think ( to make everything perfect^^ ).


We can discuss more about what kind of new addition and features can be added to the main fortress as adding my "Elite Battalion" concept within suggestion in this thread.


The main fortress will have a large circle ( when you click on your fortress you will see the size of this circle ) and when your builds or units or heroes are in this circle, they will access the benefits of your fortress around captured area in that large circle. 



Shortly, How you make your elite battalion, like in CaH but in the game:


1) Get all of the fortress upgrades to make your fortress in maximum level,

2) Make your battalion to level 2,

3) Send your level 2 battalion into/inside of the main fortress ( each battalion can be recruit-able at every 45 seconds ),

4) Once they are inside, " Elite Troopers " upgrade for your battalion will appear and costs for 300 resources,



" Elite Troopers " makes your current battalion a little more stronger normal units; but weaker than current faction's elite units until you choose a captain for your battalion. Once your battalion gets a specific captain according to your game-play, your battalion turns into an elite battalion that is created by you and your units in this custom elite battalion is stronger than your faction's current elite units.

Only x4 types of Elite Battalions can be recruit-able from the main fortress with different amounts for each type of "Elite Battalions".


5) After recruited your new battalion from the fortress ( your new battalion will be come our as level 2 ), you will be asked to choose a captain for your new elite battalion to make it stronger with new passive, active skills and change of your units' appearance/model according to which captain you chose. Every captain option costs differently; because they have different roles on the battlefield or while protecting the designated area and these captains and their units have cons and pros of course.



**Elite Battalion's size ( how many units it can hold ) and features ( passive and active skills ) will differ according to which captain you chose for your elite battalion.

**These Elite Battalions are not strong alone them self; but they are designed to support the main army as boosting your defences, attacks as maintaining the needs of the main army.

**Use your custom elite battalions wisely


Standard  Elite Battalion:

can hold 15 units and stronger than normal units


What kind of captains you can choose for your elite battalion ?

1) Attack Captain,

2) Defence Captain,

3) Bodyguard Captain,

4) Standard Captain.



**Only captains can use the active skills,

**Isengard's combine skill feature will be used as same way or differently,

**Passive skills of the elite battalions are boosted for another +%5 more when they are in the circle of main fortress.

**The weapons can be chosen too in your elite battalion with extra cost.

**What kind of weapons you can choose ? You can use your imagination what kind of features these weapon can have from your mmorpg life too^^:







*2 hand sword/spear/mace etcetera,

**Every weapon has their own characteristic ( weaknesses and advantages ) and they cost differently.

**Every 10 seconds the fallen unit of the elite battalion will be spawned again,

**What weapon they wear will make their weaknesses and advantages too.



**How many elite battalions you can recruit from each different types of elite battalion versions from your main fortress?

*You can recruit all the four types of battalions at the same time from the main fortress with different amounts,

*x5 Standart Elite Battalions

*x4 Defence Elite Battalions

*x3 Attack Elite Battalions

*x2 Bodyguard Elite Battalions


What are the features of your elite battalions according to which captain your chose for your elite battalion ?

1) Attack Elite Battalion (Good for mass battles in early and mid game):

*** x1 Captain and x6 melee units with high damage,

*** Advantage: Good while fighting against not armour upgraded and no armour units,

*** Advantage: Active Skill " Boosting morals of other units' attack speed and damage as additional %40 for 10 seconds with 1:45 minutes cool down ",

*** Advantage: Passive Skill " Give units %10 attack speed and damage permanently,

*** Disadvantage: Weak against archers and Calvary, heroes,

*** They use 2 hand weapons or dual weapons ( 1 hand weapons at both hands ),

*** They cannot be combined with any other units,

*** They wear leather armour.


2) Defence Elite Battalion (Good while you are in defensive position when you lose your main army or prevent the sneaky attacks until main army comes):

*** x1 Captain and x10 melee units with high defence but a little more lowered damage,

*** Advantage: Boost your defence on your buildings and protect them with much efficiency,

*** Advantage: Active Skill " Building new defensive positions like making ditches for cross bow units and stable ballista & catapult ( https://mrburgess8.f...ege-weapons.jpg ),

*** Advantage: Active Skill " Combining your defence battalion to your buildings to boost up your defence of the building and the units which protects the building automatically ( the units which are not controllable by players ) like rangers' attack range will be increased and not controllable unit's defence values will be increased and building will be more durable,

*** Advantage: Passive Skill " Increase the defence of the units around this elite battalion itself or around the stationed building by %10,

*** Disadvantage: Weak against Calvary if thy don't have spear weapons on them; and weak against siege attacks and heroes,

*** Disadvantage: They are slow comparing to other elite battalions,

*** They use 2 hand spear or shield + 1 hand weapons,

*** They cannot be combined with any other units,

*** Outside of the main fortress' effective area, defence elite battalions can be combined with standard elite battalions' established stable small and medium sized outposts too,

*** They are very heavy armoured units so they are slow too.


3) Bodyguard Elite Battalion ( Good for protecting heroes and siege units only while you are in siege with your main army ):

*** x1 Captain and x4 melee units with high defence and good damage ( less damage than "Attack Elite Battalion" units ),

*** Advantage: These units are very durable. They can be combined with only siege units and heroes only; but once you combined them you can cannot control them anymore,

*** Advantage: Passive-Active Skills: Once your siege unit or assigned hero's hp goes down below %50, it automatically gives a shield skill that blocks %30 of the incoming damage on the hero with a 1:30 minutes cool down,

**If the designated assigned unit is a hero and its hp goes down below %30 that hero receives a healing for the hero's and bodyguards' every attacks against the enemy units for 5 seconds with a 1:00 minute cool down; and bodyguards enter to enraged form that their damage is increasing by %20 for every hit but lowers their defence amount at the same time within this 5 seconds to sacrifice&defend their designated heroes as bodyguards. Bodyguards will not enter enraged mode if their hp is lower than %20.

**If the designated assigned unit is a siege unit, it will reflect the %40 of the incoming damage of melee attacks once its hp goes down by %30. And when the siege unit is out of combat for 15 seconds for the damaged siege unit which hp is lower than %20 will enter to repair mode with some animations for 20 seconds but the siege weapon will be stable in this time period but its defence is increased by %60 too. 

***Bodyguards are becoming more fearless, stronger and durable when their hp goes down by %20, they enter to berserker mode ( %60 more attack, %10 more attack speed and %50 more defence for 6 seconds with a 1:45 minutes cool down ),

*** Weak against upgraded archery units & elite archery units,

*** Active Skill: " Spawn extra 10 units around the siege unit and attacks everything near it for 8 seconds with a 20 seconds cool down,

*** Active Skill: " Spawn extra 4 units around the hero and attacks everything near it for 8 seconds with a 40 seconds cool down,

*** They wear chain armor.


4) Standard Elite Battalion ( Good for supporting your army as abilities to make small and medium size outposts to supply your army while going forward or falling back slowing once your army failed in attacking ):

*** They wear heavy armor ( but not like the defence elite battalion units; so they are faster than defence elite battalions too ),

*** One " Standard Elite Battalion " can build x2 Small Sized Outposts, each costs 600 resources, 

**Small sized Outpost has two options:

*Elite archery camp with medium sized three tents ( can recruit scout archery units with long range view, detect stealth and quite fast x3 can be recruited ) and archer units around it to protect the tents

*Scout archery unit consists of one elite archer and two dogs,

**Build a defence tower that is protected with two guards and  shot enemies from tower itself automatically with four elite archers inside of the tower.

***One " Standard Elite Battalion " can build only x1 Medium Sized Outpost, each costs 1200 resources,

**Think "Medium Sized Outpost" as the last defence before enemies are coming to your castle or it is a place where your armies re-organise, replenish their stocks, strength, recover health of units and boost their attack when you are close this outpost, and delay the enemy armies as much as you can ( when your army is defeated or a huge enemy army is marching to your gates or when you do your war campaign against enemy faction ). This outpost can be upgrade-able and recruit units too with limited amount.

*** x4 Standard Elite Battalions can combine each other too with different formation options for how much combination you make ( 2-3-4 ) for an effective defence before enemies come to your castle



One of the main problem of vanilla BFME is " it is very hard to protect yourself or re-organise your armies once you are defeated or your momentum in progress is slow comparing to your enemy faction, there is no way to protect yourself. This is another idea for more different approaches to siege system in the game. We can discuss or talk more about it if you want too with a different thread or in this thread too.



And my last suggestion on this thread is this : " SPY Units ".

If you ever played red alert 1 and 2 , you will understand what I mean. In BFME, we have disguise abilities as you know; so we can use these feature in much deeper concept too. 

What " SPY UNITS " can do ?

**They can sabotage the buildings as damaging building over time,

**They can disable the buildings for a short time,

**They can make slower the recruit time of your units in the barracks,

**They can steal resources from your farms,

**They can disable radar/the viewing map for a short time,

**There will be a spy hero too,

**If you infiltrate into armoury, you can access to some technologies that your faction doesn't have or improve/add new features to existing units in your faction for a short time. Every building has a different effect when you use your spy unit on them.

**You can recruit three x3 spy units only and each spy unit costs for 1000 resources. 



*When they do these features I mentioned above, they start to channel when they try to do these actions against you.

*If the building level is higher than level 1 then it is much harder to infiltrate into the buildings and channelling time is increasing slightly too.

*Of course that there will be anti-spy units, upgrades etc to counter spies in the game.



For example, when I play against AI or real players whom are at the winning side, there is no way to stop them when they march on you. With these suggestions I made here, I wanted to give a different approach to game with this awesome mod and I wanted to give more interactions and options for players in the game according to their needs. I believe that the suggestion I made is possible even it takes some time to implant in the game; but players will have an option to create their own unique elite battalions like how they do their own custom heroes.


I spent a quite time to do these suggestions. I hope that you friends make some comments and tell me your opinions too. I would like to hear the opinions of the developers too. Thank you very much for reading my suggestions and sorry for me English too.

To active the " Elite Troopers " upgrade, 

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Posted 17 June 2017 - 12:34 PM

This would take a ridiculous amount of work for very little pay off.


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Posted 17 June 2017 - 03:42 PM

Yes. I appreciate the effort put into the idea (though the sheer amount of text is daunting - I prefer shorter, to-the-point suggestions that can be expanded upon :p) - but as Dúnedain says, it's a ginormous amount of work, if it could be done at all, which I very much doubt.

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