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GDI Campaign stuck

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#1 Rudeboy1905

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 12:57 PM

Hi, love this mod for sure its perfect, but thanx to upgraded nod laser turrets make Campaign mission in Albania rather unplayable, any tips? Or at least a chet to bypass just the first section of mission?




Thx guys!!!

#2 Madin


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Posted 23 July 2017 - 09:55 AM

I have never played the campaign missions before, but here is some information from someone who has:


"Yes you can actually, although there will be bugs here and there, notably you need to have a save on the Theater select map (level select screen) AFTER the tutorial/prologue level has been completed (So the first mission that works properly(ish) is the one where you are defending the Pentagon from NOD) Or you WILL CTD when trying to load/complete the tutorial stage for GDI (North Carolina I believe it was called)

remember to save often as crashes do tend to happen when using mods in the campaign. (although this mod is actually fairly stable and rather well balanced for campaign purposes)

So remember:

1) load up the game normally (no mods)
2) beat the GDI prologue mission (and possibly the one after)
3) get to the level select screen and SAVE there
4) shut the game down and restart with your mod activated
5) load up the save where you are on the level select screen
6) if you encounter a problem level (keeps crashing)switch to and beat it in normal mode (no mods) then save on the level select screen afterwards and resume from there.

I have beaten the whole game (GDI) with Tiberian History active and only encountered one or two issues.

Enjoy :)"


If that does not help then try asking the same question (it is good that you were very specific), on the Tiberian History Moddb page.


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