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Full AotR Release 1 Changelog

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Posted 23 July 2017 - 11:07 PM

- Gondor Fighter, Spearmen, and Archer renamed to Anórien.
- Models and Animations for Gondor Spearmen with shields implemented
- Gondor Fighter and Spearmen alternate formation added
- Gondorian Block Formation now adds 33% pierce resistance
- Anórien troops now given elite states, prices increased, and now take more command points (75 from 60).
- Linhir Pikemen have been added and the AI sucessfully use them.
- Anórien Soldiers now have scabbards on their belts
- Anórien Archers now have swords and scabbards
- Anórien Archers now attack nearby enemies with their sword - Uses Anórien Fighter base damage.
12/15/2016 (Vengeful coding)
- Removed Hero unit stats from Dol Amroth Knights
- Edited the string for the rank 2 and 3 stables to suit
- Removed the Citadel Guard's command button from the Barracks for now.
12/24/2016 (Vengeful coding)
- Added Clansmen of Lamedon, commandsets and names included
- Added Blackroot Vale Archers, commandsets and names included
- Good and Evil Faction arrows now stick in the ground for 12 seconds once they land. 
  Gondor Arrows affected, but Mordor arrows not as these are NOT a reskin.
  Fire Arrows not working as these explode on impact. Will try to correct.
- Finalised Fiefdoms, just need combo hordes.
- Added Gundabad Bodyguards
- Finalised Trebuchet rocks sticking into the ground.
- Added in new Titlescreen
- Added in the current versions of Imloth Melui, Cair Andros, and Osgiliath to be maps of the main mod.
- Lamedon variations now fixed.
- Vale archer models in
- Clansmen and Vale 2D Art is in
- Reverted arrows and trebuchet rocks as they were as it was affecting experience gain for troops. (I backed up the problem .ini so we can solve it later)
- KOD removed from stables.
- Anorien Knights moved to rank 2, knights have new armor set as well.
- Converted and added in BFME 1 Amon Hen as a playable map
- Converted and added in the Old Ford of Anduin map (By M@TT)
- Added in Pinnath Gelin Riders
- Added in new skins for Dol Amroth Knights
- Renamed Dol Amroth Knights to Swan Knights.
- Swan Knights now use a banner and only have 1 special ability (Self) Glorious Charge - Rank 5.
- Added in New Battle tower with Guards (currently has a bug where if you select it to build from far the guards die and are not respawned.
- Added in Cair Andros and Osgiliath by Glorfindel
- Added in Bashkuga's Imloth Melui
- Added in NJM's Dol Amroth Map
- Tweaked Dol Amroth stats and hordes further. Now 850, comes with 10 units, and cost 90 Commandpoints. Attack Damage and crush damage slightly reduced.
- Added in the new Archery Range model with animations.
- Added in MatttheLegoMan's River Sernui and Dorwinion Vineyards.
- Added in Glorfindel's BaradDur map.
- Added in Kyle's SAF Ranger and Ranger Captain model and animations over.
- Added in Kyle's new Aragorn and Mordor Icons and Portraits.
- Major balance changes to Gondor.
- Added in new animations specific to the Anorien Pikemen Formation. 
- Added in Imrahil
- Added in BFME 1 Mission Dialogue (Sounds only).
- Added in various new button and portrait art added for Gondor
- Boromir now uses light armor until he attains leadership.
- Gondor soldier charge now only accessible when out of shield wall and have new running animations.
- Added in Blackroot Vale head variations
- Added in Lamedon Heavy Armor state
- Added in Linhir light armor state
- Aragorn's costume progression code is done, pending art.
- Ithilien Ranger abilities are in, rangers no longer benefit from fire arrows
- More portrait and icon art for Gondor is in
- Stables retexture and nrm map in
- Added NJM's Amon Hen 4 player map.
- Mollok's new portrait and icon is in
- Double hordes added for Anorien soldiers and pikemen
- Added Fortress to the Builder's commandset
- Added in SAF Mordor Orcs and Orc Banners
- Removed all SAF Mordor Orc variations
- Added in the new Easterling Reskins
- Added in SAF Fountain Guard with new banner.
- Added in placeholder frodo with abilities as ring hero.
- Battle tower garrsion ability in
- Battle towers now have a weapon that can target.
- Lothlorien enabled 
- Rumil and Orophin completed
- Haldir completed minus Last Stand power
- Celeborn Complete
- Nimdrodel rider skins added
- Lothlorien's portrait and button art is ingame.
- Restored proper Mallorn Tree texture.
- Wildmen and Wildmen Axethrower reskins added.
- Wildmen Spearmen added pending 2D Art.
- New Early game Isengard Scouts are in. Hero hordes to be changed later.
- New Spellbook art added.
- Balance changes to Misty Mountains.
- Uruk Warriors, Crossbows, and Pikemen, made elites available at a rank 2 Uruk Pit.
- Added in Variags -light armor and banner carrier
- Added in new art for frodo
- Added in Gondor Farm
- Tons of balance changes
- Added in Mordor Battle tower from Ruudy
- Cleaned up Skeletal Rivendell faction for Dunedain to code.
3/8/17 (Dunedain's work on Rivendell)
- Lorien Barracks art added in
- Rivendell Archers and Swordsmen added in and balanced
- Dunedain Rangers and Grey Company added
- Orchard
- Dormitory placeholder
- Library using marketplace placeholder
- Gathering (with placeholder snow textures)
- All strings added in for Rivendell
- Upgrade names and prices
- New Elrond robed
- Aragorn Bow toggle (Leadership is no longer a button for now)
- Halbarad placeholder
- bree-landers added
- Frodo added as rivendell ring hero
- all strings named to rivendell instead of imladris and arnor
- halbarad portrait
- Art for Dorm, Library, Orchard, Forge, and retexture for Tower
- Aragorn Powers minus Isildur's heir
- All Rivendell Elf Units minus Horsemen added
- Bree-Land Peasants
- Anduril Upgrade for Aragorn
- Elven builders for Rivendell and Lorien
- Aragorn Voices
- Passive Breelander Powers
- Dunedain Ranger Power
- Fall of Gil Galad for Library
- Balance Rivendell and Gundabad units
- Restored and finished Isengard Man-Slayer unit
- Finished Isengard's spellbook
- Implemented Ugluk minus summon power
- Reworked Gondor spellbook, added Denethor spell with abilities, Dol Amroth Citadel, Lossarnach Axemen and a placeholder for Forlong
- Fixed Muzgash's BBOX
- Denethor now comes with 2 guard instead of 3.
- Gwahir's skin is now for him only.
- Buttons for Gondor's Spellbook are in
- Great Goblin and Gundabad Attack Trolls assets have been added.
- Fixed respawn bug with Forlong.
- Added various new structure retextures for Gondor
- Linhir Pikemen now have variations.
- Fixed Wildmen Heavy Armor bug
- Earth-Eater (wyrm) new 25 point spell for Misty Mountains, scaled by +50% and all values are improved by +50%
- Fell Wind and Frozen land moved to the Misty Mountain spellbook
- Gundabad Attack Trolls recoded based on Mordor attack trolls
- Great Goblin with all abilities coded
- Wraith, and Haradrim Raiders added to Mordor spellbook
- Dol Guldur added to Mordor spellbook, but not finished, uses Dol Amroth model as a placeholder
- Khamul moved from Mordor fortress to Dol Guldur Prison
- Fixed some string errors and hi alpha for great goblin.
- Added new button for Wraiths on Wings.
- Added some new normal maps for Gondor structures.
- Added buttons and portraits for Lossarnach.
- Uvatha and Akhorahil with Powers
- Khamuls Powers
- Terror of Cirith Ungol
- Molloks Powers finished
- Gogoroth Armory implemented
- Poison Arrows and Barbed Arrows implemented
- Grond added to the Siege Works
- Fountain Guard Powers
; ROR Stuff
- Edited Poison Arrows and Barbed arrow stats - Barbed arrows not deals additional slash damage and knocks back enemies on death simlarly to Silverthorns but not as extreme. Poison Arrows uses the same base pierce damage with the additional Poison over time nugget.
- Edited Shelob so she "walks around the fortress instead of runs, she will charge at nearby enemies quickly though.
- Edited Grond's string to suit BFME 2.
- Edited The Dol Guldur structure with the art that was finished.
- Relentless Pursuit power added for Uvatha and Akhorahil
- Further edited the Dol Guldur structure
- Added in Spiderlings as they should be for the Dol Guldur structure.
- Khamul's new portrait and button is in.
- New good/evil upgrade buttons are in.
- Summon decals for Haradrim summon, Dol Amroth Citadel, and Dol Guldur Prison added in.
- Icon for Haradrim Summon added in.
- Added Gondor Fortress retexture.
- Added Mordor Barracks
- Added Mordor Attack Troll reskins
- Added TDH Siege Tower
- Added Mordor Armory art
- Added Mark of the Eye Button and restring
- Added Poison Arrow and Barbed arrow buttons
- Fixed Poison arrow and Barbed arrow upgrades (now seperate from Fire arrow upgrade)
- Fixed respawn bugs with Khamul, Uvatha, and Akhorahil
- Fixed Shelob not dying with the Fortress
- Fixed Dol Guldur Archers not dying with the prison
- Fixed portrait art for Dol Guldur prison
- Added Easterling Encampment art
- Removed Haradrim Lancers and Spearmen from Encampment
- Added Button and portrait art for various Mordor Buildings
- Added the voices for the Great Goblin
- Added the voices for Denethor
- Fixed the Great Goblin's attacking bug
- Added Necromancy to the Dol Guldur fortress
- Added code for Mordor Pikeman
- Added code for Golfimbul
- Added Azogs Mount and the Bolg Summon
- Made a ChildObject Smaug the Ring Hero of the Misty Mountains
- Removed Gorkil, Bolg and Smaug from the buildable Hero list
- Added Gondor faction lore strings to heroes and units
- Fixed minor string issues
- Fixed Azog
- Added Drums in the Deep
- Added Wyrm Armor
- Added Misty Mountains and Isengard lore strings
- Added optimized Gondor Portrait and Icon Art
- Fixed some bugs with Eagle summon
- Gwaihir now has a wing blast ability
- Forlong no longer as Aragorn's commandset
- Added more lorestrings to the mod
- Removed Damage dealt from summoning Summoned Citadel structures (now just deals meta to only knock stuff back)
- Fixed Denethor's debuff (now shows fx)
- Added Spellbook AI For Misty Mountains, Gondor, and Mordor (Isengard's was finished previously)
- Attack trolls (mordor and mm) auto heal at rank 2, also gaining the dominate troll ability
- Added various power ai for heroes
- Added the new lone tower for Gondor
- Added Double hordes for Gondor archer hordes.
- Golfimbul now has his new model art
- Dol Amroth Citadel now has Banner and Moat upgrades
- Azog now has his mount model.
- Added Snow states for Mordor Barracks
- Added Forlong's new model art
- Added in Goblin Towner model art
- Added in Easterling Encampment snow textures
- Fixed Goblin Banner Carrier model bug
- Goblin Towners now attatched to the GG and the singular totem.
- Added Power sounds for Gondor and Mordor Spellbook powers
- Added Mordor Pikemen model art and fixed their strings
- Mordor Pikemen are now buildable by the AI
- Fixed Summoned Fellbeast not being able to use screech
- Fixed Porters still having the repair ability despite not working
- Fixed Master of Siege string hint at being passive
- Some more changes on orc pikemen stats
- More Spellbook usage from the AI
- Easterling guards at the encampment
- Finished Mordor Pikemen stats
- Great Goblin Antiquairan sting fixed to say unlocked at rank 7
- Drums of the Deep reduce to 5 goblins, reduced cooldown time.
- Buffed Wyrm health, the summon now stays a bit longer and has an expanded damage range
- Decreased Blight power range and attack range a bit and increased it's reload time
- Increased cooldown time for Citadel structure powers
- Increased Nazgul sword damage slightly and removed reduction scalar to lairs (so they can creep better)
- Nazgul now deal better crush, and are primarily used for antiinf and their debuff power (i.e. like patch 1.09)
- Patrols now benefit from researched upgrades they can recieve
- Mordor Flaming Munitions is removed as the Archers gain Fire arrows after the upgrade is researched.
- Fixed Dol Amroth BIB Bug
- Barbed Arrows moved to rank 3 of the easterling encampment
- Pin Gelin riders recieve proper HA on level 5
- Replaced Haradrim Raider death sounds
- Added optimized Mordor Orc Banner
- Added visuals for the Haradrim and Easterling Arrow upgrades
- Drums in the Deep now respects commandpoint limit
- Totem and Drums in the Deep strings now say they respect the command point limit
- Added optimized Isengard hero 2d art
- Fixed Pink Aragorn portrait bug for Rivendell
- MM optimized unit/hero Portraits and unit/hero buttons
- Added WIP Morgul Vanguard
- Added WIP Morgul Orcs
- Applied Drake Limit to an Untamed Drake Lair
- Reworked Goblin King totem powers
- Slightly increased cooldown times for Army of the Dead and the Balrog 
- Added Combo Hordes for Mordor Orc Pikemen and Orc Archers and Mordor Orc Pikemen and Orc Warriors
- Increased Mordor Orc Pikemen count to 20 per horde
- Increased Smaug's armor significantly
- Fixed Great Goblins song power (it actually didn't work hence the buffs, debuffs not showing)
- Fixed Fountain Guard's Undying Hope not working
- Restored and added vanilla Gandalf the White (5000, rank 5 ) to Gondor
- Saruman is now recruited at rank 5 and now cost 4000
- Added new Timer from 2.02, can be removed as it's an addon big file (can be hidden with F9 as well in game)
- Horde bonus now has an activation FX.
- Horde bonus radius increased to 200 (from 160).
- Unit Banner Carriers personal upgrade cost decrease to 100 (from 150).
- Fear / Terror resistive bonuses now have an FX.
- Speed debuffs now have an FX.
- House of Healing and Siege Kegs upgrade positions switched with Boiling Oil and Oil Casks respectively.
- Faction eva event system will now alert a player when an enemy has summoned Barrow Wights.
- Faction eva event system will now alert a player when an enemy has summoned Spiders. 
- Black Ice visual duration now matches speed debuff effect.
- Forces of Darkness builders' stop command now has a new button icon.
- Added a new dismount button icon to all heroes who are able to mount.
- Sauron now has an animation for his Terrible Fury ability.
- Added new, additional FX to the Taint Land spell.
- Rallying Call and War Chant cursor radius increased to 100 (from 75) to match buff radius.
- Goblin Warrior Poison Blades auto ability enabled.
- Gandalf's Word of Power shockwave magnitude increased to 175 (from 75).
- Gloin:
--- Slam shockwave magnitude increased to 60 (from 50).
--- Shatter Hammer shockwave magnitude increased to 100 (from 70).
- Galadriel attack shockwave magnitude increased to 90 (from 60).
- Sauron attack shockwave magnitude increased to 120 (from 90).
- Stances tooltips will now display precise bonus values.
- Added an additional tooltip to Blight stating that the spell halves resource structure production.
- Added missing hotkey (K) for Corsair Knife mode toggle.
- All archers now display accurate tooltips (used to be Strong at Range).
- Added further tooltip detail to leadership, buff, and spell powers
- Siege Machine factories (mordor siege works, isengard siege works, gondor workshop) Now heal nearby damaged machines at rank 2 and rank 3.
- Units inside Mine Shafts and Tunnels should no longer remain stuck when ordered to evacuate (with enemies nearby).
- Orc Labourers now take up 4 command points (was 1).
- Resolved Gothmog and Azog's buggy movement - they now make use of HeroHumanLocomotor (was IsengardLurtzLocomotor).
- Barrow Wight bounty value decreased to 38 (from 50).
- Builders will now passively heal when not under attack. 
- FortressExpansionArmor crush damage armour increased to 1% (from 25%).
- DefaultWallArmor now has 1% armour against crush damage.
- BlueMountainGateArmor now has 1% armour against crush damage.
- Legolas' and Brand's Train Archers abilities now also affect Evil archers.
- Sharku and Theoden may now attack from a 315 degrees angle (was 270) for the sake of consistency with other mounted heroes.
- Watcher attack range increased slightly to match arm length.
- Balrog and Shade of the Wolf now use the Hero stance template (was Fighter (Swordsman)).
- Dire Wolves and Spiderlings now use the Fighter (Swordsman) stance template (was Cavalry).
- Cloud Break:
--- healing rate slightly increased;
--- will now replace three dead men per battalion.
- Untamed Allegiance:
--- now also doubles the production speed of units from the Troll Cage, Mumakil Pen, Warg Cage, and Gundabad Pit.
--- effect radius reverted to 60 (from 100).
- Crebain and Cave Bats health increased to 3000 (from 1500).
- Frodo:
--- Pre-attack delay reduced to 800 (from 841);
--- Delay between shots reduced to 800 (from 826);
--- Firing Duration reduced to 800 (from 826).
- Siege will now benefit from stances:
--- Aggressive Stance now provides +15% Range, but removes -20% armour.
--- Hold Ground Stances now provides +10% Armour, but removes -15% Range.
- Hero Aggressive Stance template now provides +10% Speed bonus.
- Hero Defence Stance now has -10% Speed
- Signal Fire:
--- is now indestructible.
--- players now benefit from capturing a fourth Signal Fire (1 = -25%, 2 = -45%, 3 = -55%, 4 = -60%)
- Lairs (creeps) now yield higher resource rewards:
--- crate minimum yield increased to 100 (from 50);
--- crate maximum yield increased to 140 (from 100).
--- Spiderling Lairs now grant 3 treasure crates (was 2).
--- Fire Drake Lairs now grant 5 treasure crates (was 4).
- Lair Spiderlings:
--- health increased to 350 (from 250);
--- attack damage increased to 50 (from 40).
- Treasure Crates can now be picked up 1s after being dropped (was 3s).
- Faramir:
--- Wounding Arrow:
----- recharge time decreased to 45s (from 60s);
----- auto ability will now target heroes.
--- Captain of Gondor experience yield increased to 110 (from 95);
- Boromir's Captain of Gondor experience yield increased to 115 (from 100).
- Theoden's King's Favor experience yield increased to 80 (from 65).
- Gandalf:
--- Shield Bubble:
----- now available from level 1;
----- can now be cast manually using the "U" hotkey;
----- effect duration increased to 5s (from 4s);
--- mounted attack speed now matches on-foot attack speed.
- Theoden's mounted attack speed now matches on-foot attack speed.
- Wall now has 1% armour against crush damage.
- Level 3 Workshop upgrade cost reduced to 300 (from 500).
- Walls:
--- Wall Hub build cost reduced to 120 (from 130);
--- segment build cost reduced to 20 (from 30).
--- Trebuchet build cost decreased to 600 (from 900).
--- Gate build time increased to 30s (from 25s).
- Fortress:
--- Wall Hub Expansions can now be built on the side expansion pads.
--- Trebuchet Expansion build cost reduced to 600 (from 800).
- Market place health increased to 5000 (from 2500).
- Trebuchet bounty value increased to 150 (from 125).
- Warg Rider:
--- crush damage increased to 85 (from 70);
--- un-upgraded slash armour increased to 75% (from 85%);
--- un-upgraded pierce armour increased to 40% (from 45%);
--- upgraded slash armour increased to 35% (from 40%);
--- upgraded pierce armour increased to 20% (from 25%).
- Walls:
--- Wall Hub build cost reduced to 120 (from 150);
--- segment build cost reduced to 20 (from 40).
--- Gate build time increased to 30s (from 20s).
- Uruk Pikemen now have a new attack animation.
- Battle Tower now shares the FortressExpansionArmor with all other towers.
- Wall now has 1% armour against crush damage.
- Saruman's Speech Craft experience yield increased to 100 (from 85).
- Vision of the Palantir:
--- vision radius decreased to 350 (from 700);
--- duration decreased to 60s (from 240s);
--- recharge time decreased to 90s (from 240s);
- Wormtongue's Escape stealth duration increased to 30s (from 15s).
- Avalanche:
--- now deals +50% more damage vs. structures (excluding fortresses and the Dwarven Citadel). This makes it possible to destroy more structures at the spell's epicentre.
--- cursor radius increased to 200 (from 175) to match actual damage radius.
- Avalanche snowfield now slows down enemy units.
- Uruk Pikemen crush revenge weapon now deals +20% more damage to Mumakils.
- Berserker:
---- Light Torch ability now grants the Berserker a 20% speed bonus, but reduces his pierce, hero ranged and structural damage armor by 15% (was -50% armour).
------ Slash armour increased to 65% (from 75%).
- Mine Launcher Expansion bounty value increased to 188 (from 150).
- Warg Sentry bounty value increased to 100 (from 75).
- Ballista:
--- Ballista (including Fortress expansion Ballista) now deals +20% more damage to Mumakils.
--- shockwave radius and magnitude increased to match those of other siege weapons;
--- structure specific weapon nugget damage radius increased to 100 (from 50).
- Ballista Expansion:
--- shockwave radius and magnitude increased to match those of other siege weapons;
--- upgraded weapon flame nugget now deals damage in a radius of 30 (was 0).
- Mordor Catapult:
--- build cost increased to 600 (from 500).
--- Launch Skulls:
----- now has a set range limit;
----- auto ability now functionable;
----- skull FX size doubled.
- Mouth of Sauron's Dissent special ability effect now has an FX.
- Mumak now uses the stance template of heroes rather than swordsmen.
- Corsairs of Umbar:
--- Removed Fire Bomb minimum attack range;
--- Increased Fire Bomb projectile velocity.
- Witch-King now reflects a small percentage of sustained damage back to enemies.
- Fortress Catapult Expansion build cost reduced to 600 (from 800).
- Mountain Troll:
--- Rock Throw damage increased to 300 (from 250);
--- damage radius increased to 15 (from 12).
- Azog
--- Now grants experiece to all troops in the radius instead of just goblins and gundabads
--- Azog's Crack the Whip experience yield increased to 100 (from 85).
- Giant Expansion build cost reduced to 600 (from 800).
- Cave Troll:
--- Rock Throw damage increased to 300 (from 250);
--- damage radius increased to 15 (from 12).
- Mountain Giant pierce armour decreased to 30% (from 20%).
- Goblin Cave bounty value decreased to 88 (from 100).
- Goblin Archer:
--- un-upgraded and upgraded weapon now deals +10% more damage against Dwarven Axe Throwers;
--- Poisoned Arrows weapon now deals +10% more damage against Dwarven Axe Throwers;
- Fixed Denethor, Citadel Guard, Lossarnach Axemen, and Forlong proper fade deaths
- Gave Forlong Placeholder (Arnor hero) voices
- Added in some of the new MM building button art
- Fixed Smaug's button sets including hero icon and res icon
- Gave Smaug a further buff to archers and siege an increased health as well.
- Increased Grond's health
- Increased the attackleash of Shelob (so she hopefully attacks things better now)
- Added in new Garrison
- Fixed Isengard Uruk Combo Hordes not having Stance behaviours
- Forlong has his portrait and button art
- Gandalf has his new portrait and buttons placed on sheet for now
- Optimized MM portrait and button art for Buildings
- Added HD Edition gondor statue reskin for now
- Gondor Barracks remodel added (no animation yet)
- Added NJM's Cisterns of Moria Map
- XP.ini fix for Worldbuilder
- Added optimized Isengard icons and building portraits
- removed Glorfindel's Barad Dur map from the available maps
- Mordor Armory now in Base Files
- removed Lothlorien and Imladris from the available factions
- Added Muzgash's new model
- Faramir's Wounding Arrow now does 25% more damage to heroes
- Faramir's Wounding Arrow now temporarily decreases target's speed and damage by 25%
- Fixed Gondor Barracks D states being offset.
- Updated Easterling Banner with new skin
- Azog starts at Rank 5
- Witch King starts at Rank 5
- Reduced Dol Amroth Men at Arm Archers to 10 per horde (come with heavy armor stats)
- Added Dol Amroth Men at Arms 10 per horde purchased with Heavy Armor stats
- Added optimized 2D art for Mordor buildings, units, and upgrades
- Added NJM's Tolfalas Map
- Optimized Lamedon clansmen and added two handed variation
- Sped up the animations for Gwaihir's wing blast attack
- Added optimized Blackroot Vale Archers and Linhir Spearmen
- Added New Gundabad Body Guard skin and their Hero debuff power
- Added Armored Drake Model in game
- Added various map props for gondor
- Ugluk's summon scouts power
- GTW's release powers are in game.
- Isengard scouts now have an axeman as their banner carrier
- Harad Raider icon is back
- Gundabad CAC Orc Class is in game
- Dol Citadel Moat nerf
- Dol Citadel should no longer recive units to kill or attain the ring
- Renamed Olog Hai Class to MM Class, renamed Great troll to olog hai.
- Added +50% experience gain to Ugluk's Hunt for the Ring
- Added Aragorn's Grey Host power, placeholder button.
- Added new skins for warg riders
- Fixed Bodyguard summon bug
- Fixed Drums in the Deep bug
- Pippin's new powers are in
- Placeholder Beregond is in with toggle and leadership
- Call of the Horde now affects Morgul Orcs
- Fixed Hold Ground stance string
- Sharku's tame the beast should work on MM wargs now
- Gondor Archery Range should not have LOD options
- Added Wyrm Armor button
- Gundabad Warg Lair Object added
- Optimized Smaug added
- Added Dol Guldur Banner texture
- Added White Wolf model and portrait
- Gondor Captain CAH is implemented
- Khamul's New model
- Mordor Hero sheet implemented
- Khamul's price modified
- Nazgul Exp fixed
- Banner bug for Mordor Orc Combo Hordes should be fixed please test
- Easterling pikemen and archers can now combine
- Gorgoroth Spire removed, Morgul Sorcery made requirement for Shelob's spawn.
- Once activated, Necromancy has the Eye FX from Gorgoroth Spire.
- Fixed Morgul Orc, Dol Amroth, and CAH lore strings. Put placeholder string for Beregond.
- Pippin's powers are sword only now.
- Khamul's radius weapon now pulses instead of giving constant damage.
- Khamul has screech at rank 1 now
- Removed Heavy Armor from Black Uruks, increased their health to 400.- Changed various unit strings.
- Dol Amroth Archers removed from the Citadel.
- Ensured all buildings that should give command points say so in their descriptions
- Fixed Wraiths on Wings summon Decal
- Mollok's shadow is volume instead of decal in medium
- Haradrim Raiders die properly on fade out
- Easterling Barracks and Orc Barracks spawned archers no longer play recruit sounds
- Added guards of orthanc to Saruman
- All melee wildmen units have pillage
- Wildmen Hordes can combo horde now
- Azog Mounted power synch fixed
- Morgul Orcs have Heavy Armor button reenabled
- Hunt for the Ring now mentions XP Bonus
- Orcish Medicine heals just Infantry and Heroes
- AI Ugluk uses summon power
- Ugluk's summon now has FX
- Azog's summon now has FX
- Golfimbul's summon now has FX
- Summoned White wolves have stances
- Wildmen Hordes and Combo Hordes can now steath in trees
- Balrog's Whip now does 75% more damage to heroes
- Akhorahil and Uvatha no longer cost CP
- Restored EVA Nazgul recruitment lines for Akhorahil, Uvatha, and Khamul.
- Dol Amroth Citadel has a portrait now
- Fixed default summon eagles having Gwaihir skin.
- Added Matt's updated Art Project files
- Added new Isengard hero icons
- Generic Gondor Leadership button changed
- White Wolf sumon has sound effect
- New Gundabad Gathering selection sound
- New MM Warg Pit selection sound
- Azog Summon Bodyguards has a new sound
- Ugluk summon has new sound
- Added new portraits for Isengard Pikemen, scouts, and berserker
- Restored new gondor Battle Tower button
7/10/2017 - Kyle
- FX and Sounds for all of Ugluk powers
- Sound for Aragorn's Grey Host power
- New Screech for Khamul
- New FX for all Nazgul screech
- Sound for Nazgul powers
- Added Sound and FX for Summoning Dol Guldur Building and select
- Added Sound and FX for Summoning Dol Amroth Building
- New sound for Sauron recruit
- Added code for Conflagration and Lord of Gifts to Sauron plus FX
- Gorgoroth Armory select sound
- Sauron Done
- Sam Implemented (Still needs pot and some sounds)
- Halbarad armored skin added (Missing bounding box)
- New buttons for Aragorn
- New Buttons for Gandalf
- Nerfed Word of Power
- Added new sounds for Gandalf power
- Sam's stew pot power is now ingame
- Summoned Grey Company have increased health
- Only Mordor, Gondor, Isengard, and MM are playable again
- Beregond has  Defender of the White City and Guard of the Citadel powers
- Summoned Rohan Royal Guards have decals now
- Uruk Sout Banner added to experience level ini
- Beregond Guard of the Citadel Power finished
- Berethor's Shattering Strike damage is doubled at level 5 (from 600 -1200) debuff and cripple time will remain the same.
- Imrahil's Glorious charge will no longer trigger rohan music
- Golfimbul's Glorious charge will cast a red fx and does not trigger music
- Denethor's favor of the stuart is unpacked faster, has an animation, and has fx and sound
- Forlong's I stand as your king line is removed.
- MM Bodyguards have been buffed some more.
- Fury of Khand added to Variags
- Buffed Grond's health and armor (still weak to flame, magic and siege)
- Grond should 1 hit walls and wall hubs
- Grey Company and Halbarad have new toggle buttons
- Terror of Cirith Ungol will now temporarily summon Shelob as a summoned hero with powers.
- Added new map "Nindalf"
- Added new map "Northern Ithilien"
- Added new map "Nurn"
- Added new map "Old Forest Road" rename for Vanilla BFME 2 Mirkwood
- Added new map "Snowbourn"
- Added new map "Southern Ithilien"
- Added new map "Tolfalas"
- Added new map "Tuckborough"
- Added new map "West Emnet"
- Added new map "Westfold"
- Added new map "Mountains of Mirkwood"
- Added new map "Firien"
- Added new map "Fords of Bruinen"
- Added new map "Greyflood" rename for Vanilla Enedwaith
- Added new map "Harondor"
- Added new map "Khand"
- Added new map "Lebennin"
- Added new map "Mouths of the Entwash"
- Added new map "Near Harad"
- Added new map "Enedwaith"
- Added new map "Walls of Moria"
- Added new map "Wilds of Forochel"
- Added new Gondor Fire Arrow button
- Added new toggle buttons for Grey Company
- Drums in the deep fixed
- Gondor will now build Ring hero Frodo
- Misty Mountains will now build Ring Hero Smaug
- Fixed bug with Enedwaith
- Mouth of Sauron's new powers and buttons have been added.
- Wilds of Forochel has a new white wolf lair (via map.ini)
- Added new map "Cair Andros Ruins"
- Added new map "Bindbole Wood"
- Added new map "River Anduin"
- Berethor and Beregond cost 1500
- Renamed Gondor Heal to "House of Healing"
- New button for Gondor Rebuild
- Added Valheru's FX for Smaug.
- No longer says the Archers are here when the Gundabad pit reaches rank 2.
- Replaced Radials for Spawn of Defiler, Wolves of Forochel, and Antiquarian.
- GG Song heard by all players.
- Untamed Allegiance prduction enhancement also effects wyrm lairs, and (isen and MM) warg pits.
- Added new icons for Gondor Farm, Barracks, and Archery Range.
- Fixed Frodo and Sam's invisible fx bugs
- Aragorn's Salute and Respawns have new sounds
- Uruks and Dunlendings have new banners
- All Ring heroes should have working salutes for all players
- Frodo has a Sam summon sound
- New Gundabad Banners for units
- Gundabad Bodyguards have their skull throwing power
(VERY BUGGY against buildings)
- Added intro video (Revora intro)
- Updated Music scripts added
- Bodyguards have a Dark Resolve (Blademaster)
- New pikes for Mordor pikemen added
- Morthond lines from TDH voices
- Loss Axemen TDH voices
- Kingsguard TDH voices
- Men at Arm voices (TDH KODA Voices)
- Mumakil no longer have black upgrade texture
- Fixed Dol Guldur spider portrait
- Fix priority for gundabad archers
- Rangers more sword damage (40-60)
- Fire Wyrms buffed a bit
- Fountain Guards cost increase
- BodyGuards cost decrease
- Morgul Orcs limited to 1 text
- Up volume of Loss and Bowmen a bit
- Added new portraits for Gondor Farm, Barracks, and Archery Range
- Added new map "Carnen"
- Added new map "Central Ithilien"
- Added new map "Crossroads"
- Added new map "Dead mans Dike"
- Added new map "Dimrill Dale"
- Added new map "Druadan Forest"
- Added new map "Dunharrow"
- Added new map "Emyn Muil"
- Added new map "Greenway"
- Added new map "Swanfleet"
- Added new map "Tharbad"
- Added new map "Enedwaith" - Updated fix
- Added new map "Osgiliath" - Overwrite to Vanilla
- Fixed Saruman's strings
- Added farm templates to Enedwaith
- Fixed various map skyboxes and strs
- Added new map "South Rhun"
- Added new map "Lossarnach"
- Added button art for Morgul Vanguard
- Fixed their strings
- added Variag voices
- Fixed Various maps.
- Added Matt's latest art files
- Fixed Gandalf's recruit icon
- Fixed Gundabad Pit text
- Adjusted cost for Mouth of Sauron and Nazgul
- Fixed spawn/respawn sounds for MM Heroes
- Added passes to Combo Hordes for tunnels
- Added passes to Combo Hordes for decommisioning at the fortress
- Added NJM's map fixes
- Added new map "Ered Lithui"
- Beregond voiceset (TWG deep)
- Orc Archers cost to 150 (from 300)
- CAH Mounted state
- Removed Carnen
- Added various map fixes
- Reorganized Beregond's powers to exclude Sacrifice
- Shelob Summon Decal
- Reduced cost for Gondor Stables level 3 upgrade (600 from 1000)
- Allows training for Citadel Guard removed from Barracks level 3 string
- Variags now cost 550
- Removed Damage debuff from Testudo
- Black Uruks now cost 400
- Black Uruk have buffed damage to buildings
- Black Uruk damage FB increased
- Increased Pierce damage and added slash damage mentioned in Barbed Arrow tooltip (Mordor)
- Changed tooltip to Strong v.s. Archer for Easterling Archer
- Decrease Easterling Archer overall armor
- Haradrim take more pierce damage
- Ithilien Rangers take less pierce damage
- Bodyguard buttons
- Reduced Uruk Scout Price
- Mordor updated wiht new fire arrow button
- Smoothed Rogash animations
- Smoothed Hwaldar animations
- Increase Rhun Archer cost
- Mumakil archers now recieves poison arrows

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