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Various bugs and stuff.

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#1 Banksia

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 08:21 AM

Hello. Been playing for a while and have found some bugs/glitches and other oddities.

Sound related: Mollok uses Rogash voice lines.
Mount/dismount (Imrahil and Nazgul Relentless Pursuit) has Theodens voice/sound cue.
Some voice lines sound really low quality. Namely Aragon, Frodo and Great Goblin.
Morgul orcs use Black Uruk voices.
Several sound cues seems misplaced (Easterling Encampment is called Haradrim Palace).

Mordor Great Siege Work states its Level 3 enables Heavy Armor.
Mordor Fortess Morgul Sorcery states it's a prerequisite for Gorgoroth Spire.
Sauron has pitch black textures.
Anorien Knights with Forged Blades use vanilla FX.
No Easterling Kataphracts?
Gondor Rallying Call uses a Dwarven rune symbol...
A lot of Gondor units could use unique voice lines.
Haradrim Archers Arrow upgrade has a very bright green color.
Pink textures on Aragorn. Also has irregular outfit progression when he levels up.
The Ai doesn't do anything on some maps. Gondor on Nanduhirion for example.
Forlong and Sauron ended up in a 1v1 and Forlong took down the Dark Lord to red health area while still staying in the 3/4 portion of his own health.

May have forgotten something. Update if/when something more shows up.

Great mod! Looking forward to the elves and dwarfes!

#2 Banksia

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Posted 10 August 2017 - 10:50 AM

Edit: Dunedain Rangers from the Inn. The banner carrier has a texture bug.
Beregonds Wounding Arrow (his is called something else though) has Faramirs sound cue.
On map Minas Thirith two of the Wall build plots had an Isengard symbol instead of a white tree.

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