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Age of the Ring 1.1 Hotfix Released

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#1 Mathijs


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Posted 14 August 2017 - 07:51 PM


Release 1.1: The First Hotfix



Bug fixes  

- Upgrades now mention that they effect patrols.
- Gundabad Berserker CaH now uses Uruk CaH voiceset
- Various map improvements and fixes
- Fixed Inn Dúnedain Ranger Banner carrier model

- Stoneworker and Battle Tower now have a different shortcut (O) (T)
- Fixed bug with Gandalf causing a bug that made Command Points disappear for Gondor
- Removed Aragorn lines from Berethor's recruit and respawn
- Anorien Knights should no longer show old model in lower quality settings
- Pippin's Trollbane does not play Aragorn's shout anymore
- Gondor Battle tower now has better geometry
- Gondor Farm now has better geometry
- Gondor Battle Tower archer gets Fire Arrow when tech is purchased
- Gondor's Rallying Call power now uses appropriate decal art

- Added Mordor Pikemen to the Call the Horde power
- Various string fixes
- Fixed bug that allowed old Attack troll skin to show

Misty Mountains
- Great Goblin’s song cannot be heard mapwide anymore
- Azog retains his armor after respawning

- Manslayers no longer cause units to avoid crushing them
- Fixed Wildmen Spearmen banner placement


- Added Optimized Anorien Soldier
- Added Optimized Anorien Pikemen/Spearmen
- Added optimized Anorien Archers
- Added Optimized Anorien Trebuchet
- Added Optimized Anorien Knights
- Added Optimized Gondor Banner Carrier
- Added Optimized Archery Range (with optimized archer models)
- Added idle variation for Gondor Farm
- Anorien Archers now attack with their swords in close combat
- Prince Imrahil has a new voice set
- Clansmen of Lamedon have a new voice set
- Lamedon Clansmen and Anorien Soldier use more attacking animations
- Aragorn now uses his Elven Dagger during Blademaster
- Gandalf has his lore string!

- Fury of Khand has a new FX

Misty Mountains
- Golfimbul has a new voice set
- Great Goblin's song is now split into 2 variations (from one long sound effect)



- The Balrog deals less damaged upon summon
- Sauron is slightly more vulnerable to magic damage
- Reduced Ring hero death shockwave damage
- Warg Riders (Isengard and Misty Mountains) now have more armor against cavalry damage

- Pippin's Trollbane now has adds resistance to knockback
- Gondor Battle tower will now shoot arrows even without buying the garrison upgrade
- Armaments of the White City is now a rank 3 power for fiefdom units (from rank 5)
- Gondor Battle Tower archers do more damage
- Forlong has less health than before

- Reduced radius of Necromancy effect from Dol Guldur Dungeon
- Decreased D0l Guldur Dungeon armor to regular unit attacks
- Drummer Trolls require Rank 2 Troll Cage now
- Mollok's Reaping Slash and Will of Sauron powers swapped in level placement
- Reduced the quality of Attack Troll per level bonuses (rank 5 trolls are less powerful now)
- Horde bonus requires 150 units to be activated (from 100)
- Sauron's Conflagaration can now only target heroes
- Misty Mountain's Frozen Wasteland no longer slows enemy units
- Improved Khamul’s armor values

Misty Mountains

- Azog now costs 4000 from 3000

- Nothing!

The AotR Team

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#2 Obby2ownzu

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Posted 18 August 2017 - 06:37 PM



I am playing the age of the ring mod for a while now. Today I found something strange. If you play as gondor you can not build a fotres? To be honest i did not know if you could build a fortres in version 1.0. 

Am I the only one with this problem or is it mayby a bug?



#3 Mathijs


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Posted 18 August 2017 - 07:16 PM

You can - the button is just in the builder's commandset (Palantir) rather than on the right-hand side of the screen. It's because we ran out of button space on the right.

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