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#1 Felipe Roll-st

Felipe Roll-st
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Posted 24 September 2017 - 05:24 PM

Hi there, I KNOW THIS DOESN'T GO HERE, but the forum for this is apparently dead as this game is old af but I always liked it, and there're users in this channel, anyway I am trying to mod a few stuff for bfme 1 so if ayone out there wanna give me a hand and (still remember how) I appreciate it.


well, where to start, I'ma just gonna list a "few" things that I'd like to mod

sorry for all these massive request but there's nobody or nothing that can help me, specially because tutorials no longer exist and also because I play on Macbook and tutorials are for windows, they differ a bit, so for every thing I have to figure it out for mac, if you could help me with at least one I'd be very grateful really  :grin:


1). how to make eagles head white like I saw in a mod, but I want to have the original one intact, so only for the spawned ones

2). making mordor ringwraith to move properly, same for gothmog model on foot/warg (either).

3). enable toggle weapon for last alliance elves, (they only use the bow), also change their banner for an elven one, they use rohan banner

4). give last alliance gondor units the upgrade effects (fire arrows, forged blades, etc) I think I can add the upgrades but wanna make them visible, it's probably related to the model :(

5). give toggle formations to LA units


6). is it possible to change hero clothes colour? I wanna create Damrod using faramir's model but with different colours, like in ROTWK with Carthaen, I have messed a bit with coding stuff but I'm really unexpert if it had to do with modelling

7). how to make haradrim archer into a functionable horde or how to give haradrim lancers toggle weapon so they can use the bow as when mounting the mumakil?

8). how to give goblin hordes a goblin banner

9). when sauron levels up, he's got the level thing as the hordes, how can I remove this?

10). after patch 1.03 when boromir swings his sword, he knocks most of units down, even trolls, what's the code to fix this like before?


11). how can I add the level buildings upgrade like in BFME2?

12). is it possible to add the orc tent as a extra building for mordor, this is where I wanna add the goblins

13). when using isildur narsil special power, he gets the sword glow like aragorn but it doesn't go away when the ability finishes and the more you use the ability the more glow he gets until it seems he rather have a jedi sword   :thumbsdownsmiley:

14). does it have to exist a mounted hero model in order to give such hero the mount/dismount ability? if it's only coding how can I achive it?

15). how to add a functional orc pikemen horde like the ones in the intro, they only exist as individual units I think and the pike is all pink


16). creating spider hordes

17). I wanna modify rohan royal guards horde which is basically a rohirrim horde with no upgrades into a rohirrim banner horde, just to have something different, it's not the ideal but I don't have the skills for adding new models, etc.

18). I add ringwraith as a hero for mordor, in his ini code when he dies he's to be respawned as a nazgul, I changed this to keep him as he is but then the nazguls and witchking get an extra HeroImage on the bottom of the screen, what am I doing wrong and how can I fix it?

19). how to give a hero stealth upgrade like the hobbits elvencloak, this one is a bit tricky, I wanna give it to elrond or legolas, or at least the behaviour of being hidden in the trees.

20). how to make camp walls repairable and rebuildable, also for the castle the walls next to the gate and trebuchet wall


21). how to improve gondor captain, he runs funny, and his animation for attacking is too fast compared with the time units are killed  :closedeyes:

22). how to add a hero in the campaign so he can continue with the army, I wanna add heroes for mordor

23). I removed lifetime update for the elves, rohirrim, ents and eagles, everything is fine except the lifetime bar stays in the palantir with exception of the eagles, how can I fix that?

24). how to make lairs auto repair after a while?



//---THESE TWO---\\


25). how to have Haldir, ok so I know this has been asked/posted infinite times, but haven't found anything helpful cos apparently is (impossible), I saw there's a haldir texture so, can this be like copied into another unit e.g a legolas childobject so he can look like haldir? can he be imported from bfme 2 or won't work or from another mod? I want him so badly  :xcahik_:   :xcahik_:

26). I realized too late that when you delete Balrog's lifetime update to make him permanent, you can't play the campaign or at least moria, the first map, so I had an idea and created an identical childobject for the balrog in order to summon this one and leave the original one intact because I think the moria level is hardcoded or something and thus not having problems when the balrog shows up, however my balrog still died even without the lifetime behaviour, and also when the balrog (original) shows up in moria nothing happens, nor gandalf or him moves, and aragorn and the others don't cross the bridge...  :mellow:

#2 Phil


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Posted 24 September 2017 - 08:21 PM

To keep order and give your topic more exposure, I've moved it to the appropriate section, but left a link in the forum you posted this in.

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#3 Felipe Roll-st

Felipe Roll-st
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Posted 25 September 2017 - 12:20 PM

thanks bro, I couldn't ask for more  :thumbsuphappy:   :xcahik_:

#4 Echo



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Posted 26 September 2017 - 12:09 AM

Since these are a lot of questions, I can give you basic answers to all of them. Next time maybe don't ask so many questions, but maybe pick out a few things that you would like to change first. It is very difficult to learn everything at once, as is giving a detailed response to every single one of your points. Many things are actually covered in tutorials you can find at www.the3rdage.net

1. You would have to make a new texture for the Eagle, and retexture the GondorGwaihir_summoned object. The rextexturing itself is pretty easy and there are different options available. But you need a texture first.
2. You need a 3d-modelling program like RenX or 3dsmax with a working W3D importer and bind these models to a fitting skeleton. Right now they use no skeleton.
3. I would copy the whole animation code of the RohanElvenWarrior object to the last alliance elven warrior (except for the LA elven warrior model), that might be all you have to do. The banner carrier you would have to change in both the LA elven warrior horde object as well as in the RohanBanner object. Under MorphConditions, give the LAElvenWarrior object the proper type.

4. If these models don't have fire arrows/forged blades, then you will have to add them using RenX/3dsmax. 

5. For things like that, I highly recommend you to look at existing code - units that already have formations. The regular Rohan elven warrior is the perfect blueprint for what you want to do. He can toggle weapons, he can get upgrades and he can toggle formation. Use the Rohan elven warrior as blueprint and compare him to the LAElvenWarrior. That's what gives you a clue to solve many coding riddles. I can give you a full detail explanation but I strongly advise you and encourage you to try these things yourself, and ask here if you can not solve a problem.


6. That again would require a simple reskinning of the model. If you have a texture, you can easily do that. For example, see this tutorial: https://www.the3rdag...tem-127?addview

7. Difficult because that would require a new model as well as a new pair of animations. The Haradrim archer and lancer use different skeletons and simple weapon toggling is not really possible unless you provide the necessary animations.

8. RenX/3dsmax required, you have to make a new model for it and bind it to an existing animation

9. Remove the MONSTER type from his "KindOf =" list

10. It's a behavior of Boromir's weapon (weapon.ini). Anything that knocks units back is the result of a so-called MetaImpactNugget. Comment it out or remove it and he should no longer knock back anything. :)


11. Look at how BFME 2 does it. You give a structure a commandbutton that gives a structure an upgrade, which then triggers a level up upgrade on a building. Sounds complicated, but it's really not. For example, check the mordor orc pit command set, find the command button responsible for the upgrade, then check the orc pit object and see what exactly the upgrade triggers. Also check upgrade.ini to find the required upgrade. Then implement this in BFME 1.

12. Of course it's possible, and again I suggest you start looking at how buildings are added to building plots. Your starting point should be commandset.ini. There, find any building plot command set (Maybe MordorFoundationCommandSet). Now, find the connected commandbutton for any structure.. for example Command_ConstructMordorOrcPit in commandbutton.ini. Look at what happens there. It ultimately leads you to the MordorOrcPit object in evilfactionbuildings.ini. Now, letting Mordor construct a MordorTent shouldn't be too hard from this point. Adding Goblins to the MordorTent is not really difficult either. Try it. :)



Now I suggest you try implementing some of these things, and report back if you have problems. I could answer the remaining questions, but I feel like you need to understand the general structure of the ini files and how they work as a whole first. Coding in itself is not really difficult once you get an idea about how it's structured. That way I think you can find the answer to most of the remaining questions yourself. :)


As for 18: Make sure your Ringwraith has the HERO kindof. Also, RespawnAsTemplate is redundant if you want the Ringwraith to respawn as a Ringwraith, so you can comment this out. This should fix your problem.

21. Slow down the animation, look at other units' animation code, there's something called "AnimationSpeedFactorRange = 0.4 0.6", fiddle with these a bit. :)

25. You can make a subobject of Legolas or create a separate object, that's up to you. For heroes I would mostly suggest you create a new ini (or use the existing ElvenHaldir ini). Copy Legolas' entire code there, and rename it to RohanHaldir (or if you use the ElvenHaldir file, name him ElvenHaldir) and retexture him using the before-mentioned reskin guide. Also, you might want to change his display name / tooltips so it doesn't say "Legolas" in game. 


26. Never fiddle with things that might screw up campaign stuff. I suggest you leave the original MordorBalrog as he is and make an entirely new Balrog object in a separate ini (copy his code, rename him to something else) where you replace the lifetime update with a Respawn Body or an Active Body. 

Edited by Echo, 26 September 2017 - 12:10 AM.


#5 Lusta

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Posted 30 September 2017 - 03:10 PM

Hello there


Thats a lot of question.  :grin:

Some of it already answered.


1. Just reskin as said before


2. you can use my models, can be downloaded at: https://forums.revor...5-lustas-stuff/


3. all that said before or you have to make a sword horde. You have to make sure that they have weapon set for the unit and the horde too


4. answered or add it as an fx, armor is a reskin.


5. command button has to added and making a new horde for it and bonus if you want it different


6. as said


7. alternative route is make two modeldraw behavior. Either see my mod or HeroGrimm mod: https://forums.revor...c-herogrim-mod/

You have to have 2 modeldraw, one default for lance model with empty weapontoogle, and one default with empty and the archer weapontoogle model.


8. there are https://www.the3rdag...tem-306?addview and https://www.the3rdag...item-32?addview


9. and 10. as said


11. can be done, but bfme2 use a new method. In my mod I did it like the benner carrier update, look at it.


12. as said


13. as I remember you need set the time of the fx as long as the ability


14. can be, but it will be ugly look at HeroGrimm. There are some models you download.


15. You will need either a texture or model(s). I made some. Copy on of the horde and replace it with the orc pikemen.


16. and 17. Copy a horde and replace the units.


18. answered


19. Look at the hobbits for cloack or elves for the trees


20. haven't tried, look at the citadels and gates


21. i made a model for it uses boromir's anim, rest is as said


22. add ARMYSUMMARY to Kindof, hordes and heros have it


23. if I'm right, set it to 0 for forever.


24. chek the buildings that does it, copy the behaivor it.


25. copy Elrond code and use 6. answer for the skin.


26. make it 0 for staying.


I hope I answered all the questions for you and being helpfull.

It takes time to understand some stuff.


Good luck

(Lusta = Lazy)

My mod's Beta https://drive.google...ZUZRTHJONGltVVk

#6 Felipe Roll-st

Felipe Roll-st
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Posted 03 October 2017 - 05:43 AM

thank you for replying and helping me.


I'm just gonna list a few doubts I have left ok, so:


2). as they don't use skeleton, by putting a similar skeleton in their ini would work?, I mean for example, for gothmog using lurtz skeleton and ringwraith using witchking's? I'm talking about just coding or do they need the skeleton included in the model, I think that's what you mean :/ if so, sorry, it's my english :p


7). so I've never tried to create a new horde, by adding all the haradrim lancers coding into the haradrim archers would work?, leaving aside the animations cos they already have, I guess this is an easy one, I just have never done it.


9). thanks Echo, this is what I mean, sometimes I don't see things that are way obvious due to that I'm not a native english speaker :/


11). I can not longer look at BFME 2 nor ROTWK cos I had to uninstall them and because I play BFME in Mac it's been hard to find and download them again, I don't mean you tell me exactly everything I have to do for this one (unless you want, that would be great haha) but maybe if I just have a hint, like which files or codes to work on that would be maybe enough and I could figure it out.


12). I was thinking maybe for this one won't be as cool as I thought because that orc tent perhaps doesn't have building animations so that wouldn't be like very cool, if there's an idea for this anyone please let me know :DD


18). yeh I had put Hero in his KindOf, but maybe what you say about the RespawnAsTemplate is the problem, thanks Echo


25). for this one I think I would know how to do everything that you say except the retexture, anyway I will look at the tutorial, I just have a doubt about this, there's a haldir texture in the textures file, do you happen to know if that one is usable?


26). campaign is working again, I had just to change the evilcampaign spellbook commandset to the original balrog again, however I left the mordor and isengard spellbook with my modified balrog but he still dies so I'mma do what you say :D

Edited by Felipe Roll-st, 03 October 2017 - 05:55 AM.

#7 Felipe Roll-st

Felipe Roll-st
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Posted 03 October 2017 - 05:50 AM

thanks lusta, I will follow what you said

#8 Felipe Roll-st

Felipe Roll-st
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Posted 06 October 2017 - 12:01 PM

I was trying to add some new models for my mod, as it's my first time approaching to art work I'm a bit lost as I have only worked on coding, I have been reading at tutorials here and on the3rdage.net but can't really help because... I play and mod BFME on Mac and this tutorials are made for Windows so you can have an idea on how much I struggle to get things work, I can't use the (-mod command) method cos is different on mac so I wanted to know if it's possible to add new models and skins to BFME 1 without this method?

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