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Battalion Merging

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Posted 24 October 2017 - 05:11 PM

You guys made an awesome game, its unfortunate that there so few players are. I have big expectations from you. I'd love to donate but since I'm a poor student I can't  donate sorry :(
Well anyways.


I'd love to suggest some ideas of mine. Battalion merginings are awesome.  Micro things make me miss lots of things and its such an necessary thing to have even in rotwk. It would be so nice if we be able to merge catapults and spearmans or sworsmans etc. You know capatuls would never be alone in battles. I don't want to keep focusing with moving the spearmans for stances. Merging them and making a battalion out of them would be better. Spearmans will be constantly around catapults to defend them.So I will be able to focun on other things. This should be adjustable for each unit I think even for heroes. The battalion will be passive unit of the hero and do attack in its range. 


and one other thing that I hate the most is when units move without order or stay passive all the way. I need my catapults to stay on their ground and keep attacking everything in their range. Especially I need this for sieges. I put them defend mode they don't attack at all. I am giving them target they just follow them to the death. I put them agressive mode they run for their death. I need them to stay on their ground and keep shooting at everything in their range but just don't move ffs. 


So the idea is this. I will merge catapuls and spearmans. I will send them to a point. Catapults will stay on its ground and fire at everything in range and the god damn spearmans will cover them constantly.

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