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Full AOTR Release 2 Changelog

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Posted 02 November 2017 - 03:53 AM

- Faramir new powers
- Celeborn Passive change
- Celeborn Causes Fear
- Haldir Passive change
- Rumil Passive Change
- New Buttons for Haldir added in
- Haldir Marchwarden power
- FX for Last Stand
- FX for Marchwarden
- Boromir's "For Gondor!" FX tweaked and improved
- Boromir now has an animation for "For Gondor!"
- New Gondor Building Leadership for Stoneworker, Beregond, and Fountain Guard
- new FX for Flame of the West

-------- Arun ----------------------
- Added Greenwood warriors as Inn unit (no 2d art yet)
- Greenwood Warriors now have the silver captain as their banner carrier.
- Kickstarted the Lorien Spellbook for Kyle now I shall either die or leave for my break.
- Radagast ingame (Still needs some edits)
- Spell Buttons
- Made repeated powers from vanilla unique to Lorien
--------- aaron -----------------------
- Added Placeholder for Amroth knights
- Overwrite the Direwolf spiked collars to be Amroth shield upgrade

- The vanilla spellbook powers have lorien stings now
- Fixed Radagast wizardblast string
- Fixed Radagast button to a bfme 2 style one

- New Radagast Wizard Blast FX
- New Leitho i Phillin button
- New Mirkwood Allies button
- Placeholder Lorien barracks added
- Lorien Horn SFX placeholder
- Lorien Trap SFX
- Placeholder Galadriel model Added (Missing BBox)
- Galadriel first 4 powers added in (Issues with snowblind currently)
- Lore string for Celeborn added
- Lore String for Galadriel added
- Fixed snowbind power for Galadriel
- Fixed bug with screech not unlocking
- Added kyle's changes

- Added Lorien Barracks model

- Galadriel powers mostly done
- Galadriel FX
- Lorien Fortress model added
- Lorien Fortress Upgrades added
- Lorien Fortress buttons added
- Barracks Archers

- Placeholder amroth statue
- Lorien Stables art added
- Lorien Archer fortress upgrade works

- Put in Flet model with snow states, garrison is still "enclosed" for now.
- Lorien Barracks has snow states
- Lorien Fortress snow states are in
- Statues of Elbereth now have fire and smoke fx

- Added fixes for v7 crash

- Added art things for Vengeful.

----- Vengeful
- Added placeholder Idrial.
- Waters of Nimrodel added to Mallorn tree
- You can go no further no longer knocks down trees
- Nerfed damage of Lorien Arrow Barrage to 400 from 800
- Added some of Amroth's statue model states
----- ROR
- Added Cleanse Shadow to Idrial and Idrial's model variations
- Mallorn Trees now show a decal to show healing radius
- Healing radius for Waters of Nimrodel reduced
- Completed Amroth statue states
- Added Gift of Galadriel and Fluid strike to Idrial.

- Fixed missing voice files for some units
- Added in pre stream fixes

- Added Mirkwood Rangers
- Added Mirkwood Ranger Optimized 2d Art
- Added Greenwood Warrior Optimized 2d Art
- Added Ents Optimized 2d Art
- Added Treebeard Optimized 2d Art
- Added new elven shooting Animations
- Added fixed gondor archer animations by Radspakr
- Lowered Galadriel's health and armor
- Renamed Sindar to Marchwardens
- Reduced Marchwarden and Greenwood Warrior bow damage from 110 to 80
- Decreased Marchwarden and Greenwood Warrior armor to calvary and crush.
- Fixed Waters of Nimrodel Geometry
- Added new models for Marchwardens, Lorien Wardens, and Lorien Archers.
- Finished subobject coding for Marchwardens

- Added Galadriel's new model
- Added Troll Sling unit to Misty Mountains
- Reduced Lorien's Arrow Volley damage
- Added Troll Sling to MM AI
- Reduced Ent Rock Damage slightly
- Cerin Amroths now have elite unit buildtimes
- Increased Anorien Archer weapon range to 350
- Decreased Sindar and Greenwood bow weapon ranges to 400 (from 450)
- Increased Easterling Encampment health to 1800 ;from 1500
- Gondor Knight's wedge formation text now correctly says what the formation bonus is
- Increased the chance of Pikemen resisting knockack while in pike wall formation
- Balanced Lorien Pikemen armor and health stats to suit their duel role.
- Lorien Pikemen damage is now split into two types, half does slash damage and half specialist damage.
- Amroth Knights have their new models
- Waters of Nimrodel now has a longer buildtime (to equate the buildtime of a well)

- Added new waters of nimrodel model
- Downsized any soon to replace elven textures
- Asseted the Nandor model
- Scaled up Troll Catapult
- Added optimized 2d art for lorien's units and heroes where applicable
- Added in Cerin Amroth art
- Marchwarden upgrade for the fortress is complete
- Nimrodels have proper strings

- Added new Nimrodel Art
- Nandor Implemented
- Fixed Galadhrim voiceset having no foly sound

- Added placeholder Goblin Fortress
- Added String update

- Added Nandor Powers
- Added Nandor Buttons
- Made base weaposets for Nandor
- Lorien Building strings
- NOTE**** Forgot to fix spelling error on garrison before uploading will send str in the morning

- Added Urshak placeholder with powers and ai
- Added goblin watchtower
- Fixed crash with nandor

- Added new banners for lorien basic units, cerin amroths, and marchwardens
- Added haldir's new ha texture

- Added Urshak's art and basic balancing

- Optimized a lot of art files and removed unused art.
- Added test mm sling to fortress

- Lorien now has custom arrow models
- Upgraded Lorien arrow no longer has a magic exploding knockback and magic effect
- Ithilien Rangers have new model

- Added new Haldir model
- Added placeholder storehouse content
- Completed Storehouse art
- Fixed remaining Haldir bugs
- Added in 2d art for Lorien structures, including placeholders
- Completed Mirror of Galadriel
- Fixed some string issues
- Added Mirkwood horn to summon
- Added fix to Mirkwood ranger hoods
- Mirkwood units fire their own arrows
- Added Orophin lines into the mod(did not code them in)
- Added Idrial's re exported lines
- Added the Nimrodel toggle at rank 2
- Removed radial decal from galadriel's mirror.

------Kyle stuff
- Finished Orophin's Lines
- Finished Rumil's lines
- Recoded Mellryn Glade power
- Added in art for Mellryn Glade
- New FX for Glade summon
- Added Tree to Mirkwood summon (Missing BIB, Unsure why)
- Added new Dstate FX for all Lothlorien Structures
- Added Firefly FX to all Lorien Tree structures
- Removed house color banners from remaining buildings
- Removed Idrial command points

- Added Gothmog's Warg Mount power
- Added Gothmog's new Master of Siege update
- Gothmog's new powers have AI
- Azog has mount AI now

- Added custom background for the Gondor CAC menu
- Nandor For Lorinand is unlocked at rank 4
- Gift of Galadriel is unlocked at the proper rank
- Added code for Lorien spellbook AI (scripts not updated yet)
- Added Celeborn's lines in game
- Lorien Wardens and Archers have elven cloak abilities
- Added Longhouse power to isengard
- New Art for Rumil and Orophin
- Adjusted Volume for Rumil and Orophin
- Adjusted Volume for Celeborn

- Haste of the Elves for Idrial
- Placeholder Wulfgar is in with powers
- Added Galadriel's voices
- Fixed Broken Galadriel Lines

- Added test flet
- Added test flet to fortress
- Added new test flet
- Added Lorien's Spellbook AI
- Finished Flets

- Added Longbowmen to Longhouse
- Fixed Mellyrn Glade
- Added FX and Art to Ring of Adamant power
- Got the Leadership and Heal working for Ring of Adamant
- Fixed Nandor Power Levels
- Removed Denethor sound from Nandor Treasure power
- Added Heavy Armor to Treasure power
- Fixed Garrison string name
- Ithilien Ranger Captain
- Added Nimrodel and Amroth Knight banners
- Updated Orophin's power

------Oh boy FX day
- Orophin - Warden of the Celebrant
- Idrial - Fluid Strike
- Idrial - Cleanse Shadow
- Celeborn - Words of Healing
- Celeborn - Cunning Warrior
- Haldir Rumil Orophin - Gwedhanar
- Galadriel - The Lady of Lothlorien
- Galadriel - Bearer of Nenya
- Nandor - For Lorinand!
- Nandor - Treasures of Ossiriand

- Added Hero Horde specific code to Nandor
- Khamul's new power
- Rumil - Mallorn Shaft
- Witch King - Hour of the Witch King
- Khamul - Storm of the East

- Added New dunland unit 2d art
- Added Outriders (balance pending)
- Mouth of Sauron - Ambassador
- Added Wulfgar's new banner to the summon

- Added Outrider banner
- Sauron - The Lord of the Rings
- Mouth of Sauron - Finalized Ambassador
- Added Crebain Effect to Longhouse
- Added Giant Bats to MM (Balance pending)
- Added Wyrm Lair to MM AI Bases
- Fixes on Giant Bat
- New MM Fortress and slinger expansion are functional
- Added Isengard Sapper
- Added Terrains to mod for Pasidon

- Optimized some unit and building art
FIXED - Remove knockback from Orophin's Silvan Rage
FIXED - Increase healing radius of Mallorn Tree's Blessed Waters upgrade
FIXED - Idrial's sword shing sound plays when she attacks
FIXED - Lorien Wardens deal too much crush revenge damage - They are on the global basic pikemen crush revenge now
FIXED - Gothmog doesn't deal crush damage
FIXED - Galadriel cannot capture buildings
FIXED - Archers from lorien fortress tower expasion, spawn during building animation instead of after.
FIXED - "The Black Pit" power of Urshak uses the voice file of the Angmar Sorcerers after activating
FIXED - The Torch ability of the Isengard Sappers does nothing. - REMOVED
FIXED - Flet and Golden Wood Garrison have the same shortcut "L"
FIXED - Blessed Waters upgrade needs a Shortcut also might want to mention that mallorns trees can be upgrade to wells in the building description
FIXED - Amroth Knight's 'Purchase Shields' needs a shortcut.
FIXED - Build speed of Amroth Knights is very fast.
FIXED - Marchwardens and Lorien Wardens have the same shortcut of W
FIXED - Nandor string doesn't say they are limited to 2 hordes
- Updated MM fortress and Scaffolding upgrade
FIXED - Uruk Sappers need to be added to have their own level 1 experience level
FIXED - MM Giant bats need experience levels
FIXED - Mirkwood Rangers need FADED death state
FIXED- Edit Galadriel's animation code to add in proper attacks
FIXED- Add animation to beginning of Storm Queen
FIXED - Galadriel's building fx is applied to capture flags(edited)
FIXED - Earendil's Guidance is missing tooltip
FIXED - Nandor weapon changes need their use descriptions
- Ugluk - Orcish Medicine Edit
- Ugluk - Hunt for the Ring
- Ugluk - Head Hunter

- Added new Garrison model with working leaves
- Added new Storehouse with working leaves
- Added new Fortress with working leaves
- Female Mirkwood archers have proper death sounds
- New Lorien Flet portrait
FIXED - Build description of Elven Transport ships don't mention they generate resources (UMBAR FIXED TOO)
FIXED - Lorien Flet Dstate's flet texture is pink
FIXED - Unable to dismantle Golden Wood Garrison
FIXED - If possible I'd suggest shortening the wander range of Lorien's melee heroes (often times the run to the edge of the world of when set to normal stance)
FIXED - Rumil uses Haldir's voiceline for Mallorn Shaft (just use Rumil's attack lines)
FIXED - Malice of Rhun tooltip needs the word 'damage' in there behind 150%
FIXED - Galadhrim Warriors shout to use their swords when attacking with bow
FIXED - Mirkwood Ranger voiceset switches between Lorien Archers and Mirkwoods when attacking(edited)
FIXED - Look into removing "We bring swords from Lorien" from the Sentinels and Wardens
FIXED - Double Swords for Itilien Rangers
- Urshak - Cave In
- Urshak - Black Pit
- Urshak - Intimidation
- Urshak - Fell Winter
- Golfimbul - White Wolves
- Golfimbul - Hatred
- Added Arun's new Ranger animation for the Ithilien Rangers
- Fixed Great Golbin's recruit sound not playing
- Urshak now uses Goblin King recruit line

FIXED- Golfimbul uses the White Warg as his mount instead the White Wolf of Forochel
- Added new goblin towner porter and labourer for MM
- Goblin labourer made 4 commandpoints from 1
- Added new Wulfgar Rig in
- Added new Ranger Faramir Model
- Added MM Fortress Orcish Lookout Tower
- Frodo's Leadership is no longer deactivated during Freezing Rain and stacks with other present leaderships, buffs, and spells.
- Frodo's Armor has more resistance against CRUSH, POISON, HERO types, and STRUCTURAL
- Sauron can now use capture flags
- Mordor Pikemen now get a 50% Armor bonus from Porcupine (from 0%)
- Linhir Pikemen now get a 50% Armor bonus from Porcupine (from 0%)
- Spear Wall Formation users now get 100% resistance to knockback (from 75%) and an additional bonus v.s. Cavalry
FIXED - Urshak's Fell Winter and Black Pit strings don't mention level requirement
FIXED - Increase Storm Queen's Damage to buildings
FIXED - Increase cooldown of Storm Queen
FIXED - Decrease Sauron's attack knockback
FIXED - Lothlorien Golden Wood Garrison Geometry
FIXED - Archers firing off the Golden Wood Garrison attack with such lighting speed that they are able to snap their shoulder joints in and out within a milesecond.
FIXED - Lorien Warden porcupine might be renamed to Square Formation, use vanilla pikemen porcupine tooltip strings
FIXED - Cerin Amroths porcupine should be renamed to Shield Wall, Gondor Pikemen tooltip strings

- Optimized Moria Goblin units
- Fixed Itihlien Ranger Shooting
- Added new Madril art
- Edited Ranger running animation
- Added shooting fix to Dunland Archers
- New MM lumbermill
- Increased rate of fire and attempted shooting animation fix for Haldir and Rumil (it's a bit buggy still)

- Moria Goblins units now have updated strings
- MM Warg Pack banner carrier button now displays a whitewolf
- Gundabad Spires now lets another horde of Gundabad Bodyguard be recruited (from the fortress)
- Goblins from Drums in the Deep now spawn with Heavy Armor
FIXED - Remove the repeating Fellbeast dying sound when Giant Bats fall to the ground
FIXED - New isen ballista has old one's death art
FIXED - Gundabad Olog Hai doesnt have any ambient sounds (like footsteps, club smashing on the ground, etc)
FIXED - Dunland summon still has Khamul's beautiful face.
FIXED - Scaffolding says that it adds Goblin Town archers to the scaffolds, change to Moria Archers
FIXED - Misty Mountains Troll Catapult death animation makes the model revert back to the vanilla Angmar model
- Certain Lothlorien structures now grant commandpoints (like other factions have).
- Certain Lothlorien structures have patrolling units.
- Goblin towners now patrol MM lumbermills.
- Added MM fortress snow textures.
- Added MM fortress wolf den expansion.
- Added MM fortress tunnel expansion reskin.
FIXED - Gundabad Warg Rider Banner Carriers have command points.
- Uruk Sappers now require Level 2 Uruk Pit and Level 3 Siege Works.
- Giant Bat Vampirism power added.
- Great Gob's totem just buys Goblins instead of the summoning power.
- Goblin town banner carrier
- Added Isengard Sapper UI
FIXED - Level 3 Upgrade description of the Uruk Pit says that Uruk Scouts are unlockable
FIXED - Beregond's knockback arrow has faramir's line "Flee beast" when used.
FIXED - Great Goblin says a gorkil line when putting down the Totem
FIXED - Dol Guldur Jail's build up is buggy still
- Muzgash's barricade power implemented (not correct model yet).

- Smaug's new powers
- some new button art for Misty Mountains
- Smaug new flying animation
- Reduced Wolf Den wolves to 4, wolves now stand idle
- Added code for Lorien Tree Spawning at base, still WIP
FIXED - Wyrm Lair's build description should mention it trains Giant Bats
FIXED - Drums in the Deep summon should mention that the Moria Gobs have Heavy armor
FIXED - Great Goblin's Goblin slaves that follow him walk on a slow pace instead of running
FIXED - Description of GG's "song" implies that it can be cast over an area ("targeted" should be changed to "nearby" or "surrounding")
- Smaug's AI now uses new powers
- Great Goblin's Goblin King power updated
- Goblin town units will be built by the AI is the GG plants his totem
- Fixed Great Goblin's death
FIXED - Instead of being greyed out Muzgash's "Barricade" spell is visible from the start, but with a full cooldown which upon ending; the barricade spell may be used at even level 1 .
- Bolg now only has Toggle Weapon and Carnage
- Reduced Radius cursor area required for summoning goblins with Drums in the Deep
- Drums in the Deep now debuffs units in the casted area
- Fixed MM fortress tower buildups
- Fixed Fortress Sunray object being attackable
- Fortress Sunray object now dies after the fortress falls
FIXED After Urshak uses the Fell Winter power on himself and his allies, the white glow never disappears
FIXED - Urshak's Fell Winter and Black Pit strings don't mention level requirement
- Buffed Nandor Hir Hathol Armor, and slightly increased health.
- Increased the base value damage Nandor deal to 150 ; from 120
- Nandor now deal 50% more damage to infantry and heroes, and 50% less damage to Cavalry in sword mode (default toggle)
- Nandor Axe no longer does siege damage, reverted to hero damage, and now has a 50% bonus against Cavalry and a 100% bonus against Machines, buildings, and monsters
- Witch King's new powers
- FX for Chill of Angmar activatable power
- Buffed Nandor a bit more
- Fixed Bodyguard Armor to take less damage from things
- Changed Bodyguard's weapon so it deals Hero Damage
- Fixed MM snow states when upgraded
- Added fix to Witch King power when on Fellbeast
FIXED - Misty Mountains: Goblin Towners do not merge with Moria Archers, IF that is purposeful, the symbol shows to merge.

- Added Optimized Berethor
- Fixed bug that applied Berethor's fear resistance leadership to self
- Berethor's fear resistance leadership changed to spell to let it stack with his royal grace leadership
- Berethor's Citadel Might now increases his attack speed by 25%
- Added fix for Gondor Ranger from Dunedain
- Ranger toggle power rework

FIXED - also in his"king of the hills" ability description he's called Ragnar
FIXED - MM scafolding archers are invisible in my second fortress, you can only see the bow's and their added heavy armor
- Voice line for Sapper recruit (this ones bound to go off)
- Replaced final fortress upgrade for Isengard
- upgrade sounds for wyrm armor
- Some UI art done for MM Fortress content
- New UI for Isengard powers
- Fell Storm power for Isengard
- New Sounds for Isengard powers
- New Sounds for Longhouse

- Added Fellstorm to Isengard's AI
FIXED - Wulgar still has Ugluk's Salute, respawn, and death lines
- Gothmog, Mouth of Sauron, and Black Riders deal extra damage to machine/siege units
- Lothlorien statues only decrease the cost of basic lothlorien infantry (lorien archers and wardens)
- Removed Uruk production bonus from Voice of Curunir, was causing a commandpoint glitch.
- New MM fortress button and portrait art
- MM fortress buildup art done
- Fixed Morgul Vanguard Voices
- Fixed Conflagration
- Wulfgar - Crow Banner
- Durin's Bane - turned it into Shadow and Flame
- Gothmog - Orc Malice

- Azog's The Defiler power (Still needs FX and sound)
- Azog's Headhunter power (Still needs FX and sound)
- Misty Mountains lumber mill resources fixed
- Scaled up Wulfgar a bit
- Removed Muzgash's Barricade power (for this release)
- Added Combo Hordes for Lorien Archer and Lorien Warden Hordes
- Added Combo Hordes for Sindar Warriors
- Added a WIP summon for Sharku's Warg Matriarch Power
- Gandalf - Rejuvanation
- Fountain Guard - Undying Hope
- Pippin - Halfling Courage

- Added MTL's CAH art into the mod
- Added double horde for Cerin Amroth units
- Removed unhelmeted variations from Inn Greenwood Warriors
- Clan Steading description updated
- Bloodthirsty renamed to Bloodlust

- Removed Elven Cloak Ability from Mirkwood summons (caused them to stay alive after their timer runs out)
- Added Kataphracts to Mordor's Easterling Encampment (Rank 3)
- Added specific heavy armor button for Easterling units
- Lorien Pikemen have more slash damage, less specialist damage, and a reduced crush revenge.
- Sindar's health increased, cost reduced to 675
- Nandor have less resistance to arrows, heroes, and magic
- Nandor cost 2200
- Nandor have a split damage between hero and splash (from just hero)
- Rebalanced Nimrodel arrow damage
- Decreased Amroth Knight cost
- Amroth Knights and Nimrodels can now stealth in trees
- Fixed bug where Amroth Shields says Spiked Collars
- Add Kaataphracts to easterling specific leaderships/buffs
FIXED - Sauron's music scripting
FIXED - Faded death for Grey Company & Halbarad
- You Can Go No Further FX
- Witch King Morgul Blade fixed
- FX for Amroth for Gondor!
- Celeborn voice file fixed
- FX for Warg matriarch

- Added fix for Mirkwood Archers
- Added in a lot of Lothlorien Announcer lines
- Added in more Lothlorien announcer lines

- Added in more Lothlorien announcer lines
- Fixed bug where some new announcer lines appeared in other factions
- Fixed azog's new powers
- Muzgash's leadership now has a scavenger effect onto it
FIXED - Galadriel isn't transported by Haldir's spell
- New voice lines for Azog powers

FIXED - Lorien Warden and Archer Combo Horde do not stealth in trees
FIXED - statue of amroth buildup has pink textures
FIXED - the AotR logo isn't in the loading screen
FIXED - lorien announcer is indeed a bit loud
FIXED - can barely see the buttons on the menu
FIXED - CaH captain of gondor is too close to the screen to see his legs
FIXED - Gondor Siege Workshop: Trebuchet has no description text.
- Added in Lothlorien Menu stuff
- Added in Sharku's summoned warg ui
FIXED - Leadership FX
FIXED - Faramir STR for XP gain
FIXED - Lower lorien announcer some more
FIXED - Angmar related lines removed from Wulfgar
FIXED - Bell sounds to Adamant power
- Disabled Wisdom of Curunir until we find a way to stop the command point bug
- New music for faction loading screens

- Galadriel rebalanced
- Vines String fixed
- Lorien death Evas fixed
- Removed Outdated art
- Prepared mod for release


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