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Adepta Soroitas / WitchHunters / Ordo Hereticus *FINAL* Voice Lists

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Posted 04 November 2017 - 01:24 AM

Unscripted / Completed (see next messages) / Actor or Actress Assigned / Voiced
Proposed List

Zephyrim Squad

Zephyrim Squad Superior / Penitent Banner Bearer
Dominion Squad
Dominion Squad Superior
Dominion Squad Imagifer

Dominion Squad Imagifer (Extra)
Shield Maiden
Repentia Mistress

Paragon Warsuit
Banner Bearer
Legatine Superior
Curia Superior
Nunciate Superior

Pious Vorne
Death-Cult Assassin


Ephrael Stern
Inquisitor (Radical)
Inquisitor (Radical) [Extra] [FEMALE]
Inquisitor (Purist)

Inquisitor (Purist) [FEMALE]
Inquisitor Lord
Abbess Sanctorum
Saint Katherine
Living Saints (Generic)

Exalted Dreadnought
Sanctorum Pattern Exorcist
Prioris Pattern Exorcist

Castigator Battle Tank
Aquila Nephilim Fighter
Land Raider Redeemer

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Posted 04 November 2017 - 01:27 AM

The Almoness is the highest-ranking member of a Florence-Nightingale-like Holy order of nun-nurses. Specialized in medical care, she occasionally uses her knowledge of anatomy for torture too…
Unit_Complete1: I, Almoness Advance of the Orders Hospitaller, have arrived. [pronounced "All-mon-ess" and "Hos-pi-tall-er"]
Unit_Complete2: Ours is to honour the martyr, tend the fallen, defend the innocent, and walk always in the light.
Unit_Complete3: Orders Hospitaller, seconded to the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Hereticus. Reporting for duty. [pronounced "Or-do Hair-et-e-cuss"]
Unit_Complete4: I bring the Eternal Candle to the fallen. Into darkness, I bring His light.
Unit_Complete5: I, of the Order Serenity, bring solace to those in need of care.
Unit_Complete6: My incense is lit, my unguents applied. I am ready. [pronounced: "un-gew-ents"]
Unit_Complete7: An angel of mercy sent by the God-Emperor himself, I have arrived.
Selection1: Who is in need of healing?
Selection2: Who requires my tender touch?
Selection3: Who is in need of the Cleaning Water?
Selection4: I and my entire holy Order are at your service, at the service of the Imperium.
Selection5: My blessings be upon you, My Lord. What do you require?
Selection6: My tools are at your command.
Selection7: At the service of the Ordo Hereticus. What is thy command?
Selection8: Who is in need of care?
Selection9: Who calls for the Emperor’s Mercy?
Move1: I move forth, to comfort the fallen. And purge their souls through pain.
Move2: Over there? Will you be providing myself and my Sisters sufficient covering fire?
Move3: Moving out.
Move4: I bring aid to the needy, the wretched, the teeming masses of humanity yearning to breathe the Emperor’s Mercy. This path I walk.
Move5: To the front. I understand.
Move6: Pure of both body and soul, I march forth.
Move7: This reminds one of my days as a Curia. I walked many a league.
Move8: We are beset by many terrible foes in these dark times, but we walk in the light of the Emperor.
Move9: Let the Eternal Candle light our way.
Attack1: Let countless souls be returned to the Emperor through the purifying fire of our weapons and strength of our unyielding faith!
Attack2: These heretics refute the Emperor's holy right to rule. Let them argue with the barrel of a gun!
Attack3: I shall turn them into Arco-flagellants! Or kill them trying! [pronounced: "Arko-fla-jellants"]
Attack4: If I must!
Attack5: My oath is to the sanctity of life. But if protecting that means exterminating their entire species, then so be it!
Attack6: I shall bring thee Quiet Sorrow!
Attack7: Let the Order of the Torch cleanse these heretics!
Attack8: Some say there is a conflict between our vows and the actions of a torturer. Myself, I see none!
Attack9: Heretics crave the cleansing fire of absolution. They need not fear, for we shall deliver it unto them!
Build1: Can you not find a servitor for this task? I’ll have you know that I am Almoness Advance.
Build2: Ah, a torture chamber shall it be? I shall construct it with haste. And reluctant rapture.
Build3: Well, it shan’t be up to the standards of an apothecarion, but I shall do my best. [pronounced "ah-poth-ah-care-e-on"]
Build4: A med-bay it shall be. Coming right up.
Build5: Have you requisitioned sufficient medicae tools for this task? Good. Then I shall begin.
Build6: Very well. I shall require more sacred oils. Dispatch them to my coordinates at once. Be quick about it.
Build7: Send a field chirurgeon. This Almoness is busy. Oh, very well. I’ll do it. [pronounced: "kai-rur-jun"]
Build8: Are you certain you wish it there, My Lord?
Build9: Our Convent spreads.
Capture1: It shall be ours.
Capture2: I shall heal them of their affliction! The affliction of heresy!
Capture3: I took a vow. A vow to not taketh life, but to save it. Now I go to break that vow—in holy service of the Emperor.
Capped1: Taken. We shall construct a med-bay to aid those fallen in its capture.
Capped2: The battle being won, we begin anew. To save those fallen.
Capped3: Saints be praised, the day is ours!
Join1: Into battle as one, brave warriors of the Order!
Join2: Join with me to face the rigors of war together!
Join3: We unite.. let none dare stand forth against the Light.
Join4: Ordained by the Emperor, we are made that much more stronger.
Detach1: My departure saddens me, but, I most continue forth.
Detach2: As the battle rages, carry on in my absence.
Detach3: You have learned what you could.. farewell..
Detach4: There are greater tasks ahead of me now.
Lay_Mines1: They shall not approach.
Lay_Mines2: Even as we treat wounds, we prepare to inflict them.
Lay_Mines3: They shall not pass.
Load_Transport1: Take me to those in need of my healing hands.
Load_Transport2: My tools! My tools! Don’t forget my medicae tools, you serf! [pronounced: "medi-kay"]
Unload_Transport1: Let me off here. I have no fear of battle. I shall continue on foot.
Unload_Transport2: I tire of this. Let me out, let me walk in the footsteps of the Saints and minister to those in need of solace.
Morale_Break1: Saint Mina, we are lost!
Morale_Break2: Run! Run!
Morale_Break3: The Emperor has forsaken us!
Morale_Restored1: Look to your battle gear and it will protect you.
Morale_Restored2: Emperor of Man, overseer of all things right, show us the path to victory, that we might produce it in your undying name.
Morale_Restored3: Fear is naught, for my faith is strong.
Charge1: For the Ecclesiarchy! [pronounced "E-clease-e-archy"]
Charge2: For the Order!
Charge3: Bring the Torch! Bring the torch to their souls!
Charge4: Expunge their sins! With fire!
Charge5: Innocence proves nothing! Kill the mutant! Burn the heretic! Purge the xenos! [pronounced: "zee-nos"]
Jump_Teleport1: Let His light see me there.
Jump_Teleport2: I go where the Holy Inquisition asks, without question.
Deepstrike1: Bringing virginal light to darkness, I embark.
Deepstrike2: I bring His love, I bring terror unto the enemies of Man.
Ability1: Sisters, let us raise our song to the Golden Throne!
Ability2: By the light of Saint Mina, I liberate thy very soul!
Ability3: May the tears of the Weeping Angel fall upon you!
Ability4: To me! Let the gentle embrace of my armoured bosom comfort thee in thy time of need!
Ability5: By habit unsoiled, I shall protect thee.
Repair1: Hold still! Thou call-est yourself a man?
Repair2: Now, this is going to hurt just a tiny bit. Grit your teeth and think of the Emperor. There’s a good boy.
Repair3: Tell me, where does it hurt? For pain is strength, and I needst knoweth where your strength resides.
Repair4: [repeating a mantra, under stress] I pray to slow the blood and close the wound. I pray to slow the blood and close the wound. I pray to…
Repair5: Quiet! Or I shall skip straight to the Emperor’s Mercy, you worthless wretch.
Repair6: My blessings be upon you. Now, bite down on this.
Combat1: You dare wound those entrusted to my care!?
Combat2: Mine is mercy… and hate!
Combat3: Eat narthecium! [pronounced: "narth-e-key-um"]
Combat4: Do not resist. I merely seek to heal your soul of its earthly existence.
Combat5: This shall hurt me more than it does you.
Combat6: [reciting mantra] The absence of faith is the mark of the weak. The absence of faith is the mark of the heretic. The absence of faith is the mark of damnation.
Combat7: Taste the tender mercy of my bolter!
Combat8: I shall cure you, cure you of existence.
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: Sisters under fire! Send backup!
Under_Fire2: Hospitaller taking fire. Request backup.
Under_Fire3: You think you scare me? I may not be armed, but the Order Hospitaller has seen more war than is imagined in your heretical philosophy.
Damage1: [shocked, as in “Oh God!”] Saint Mina’s light! My carapace is breached!
Damage2: Worry not, a Sister Hospitaller is well able to treat herself.
Damage3: A mere flesh wound. I live for their treatment and care.
Death1: Only in death does duty end.
Death2: Let Our Martyred Lady stand eternal vigil over the site of my martyrdom.
Death3: [caught up in ecstasy] Yes! Yes! Sweet martyrdom at last!
Death4: I fear no evil, I fear no death, for the Emperor comes for me.
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds* 

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Posted 11 June 2020 - 01:16 AM

Zealots and their very loose “organization” known as The Frateris Militia are the masses of the Imperial Cult's most zealous faithful who have gathered to fight Wars of Faith against the enemies of the God-Emperor and Mankind. These mobs consist of faithful Imperial citizens drawn from all walks of life and they come in by the droves.  Some may have served in the PDFs, Imperial Guard, or are veterans of Wars of Faith giving to the militia much needed experience. Their fanaticism has proven to be a useful tool time and time again being a formidable force on the battlefield. Sound angry, boisterous, fanatical, zealous, and determined. Like a man on a witch hunt, being a member of a crazed mob.

Written By: Unsociallobster
Unit_Complete1: The Frateris Militia gathers once again... [pronounced "Frat-er-is"]
Unit_Complete2: Wake up, Brothers all! Look as corruption festers before our eyes. Take up arms! We must vanquish the wicked.
Unit_Complete3: We’ve come to fight in this holy war! May we have the God-Emperor’s grace.
Unit_Complete4: We cannot stand idly by while others fall into deep deadly pits of depravity!
Unit_Complete5: All are sinners in the God-Emperor’s eye, unless they have proven themselves otherwise!
Unit_Complete6: There is but one God-Emperor, one deliverer, one savior of Man. So, says the Creed!
Unit_Complete7: Servants of the faith, we answer the call!
Selection1: What we lack in weapons of war, we replace in fervor and faith.
Selection2: The Frateris Militia fights in this great time of need!
Selection3: We are Templars of his divine will.
Selection4: They are wrong to view us as a mere bunch of angry rabble.
Selection5: We’ll take matters into our own hands!
Selection6: Conviction is a powerful weapon.
Selection7: We fight to protect His realm from the encroaching darkness.
Selection8: Watch thy neighbor.
Selection9: Zealotry, it’s a good thing...
Move1: We go to defend the teachings of the Creed.
Move2: Witch hunt!
Move3: We mob the streets!
Move4: Brothers! It’s time to purge the unclean.
Move5: Towards our salvation...
Move6: Trudge past the fires! Let faith shield your path.
Move7: The God-Emperor has shown us the way!
Move8: Let each step be guided by His divine will.
Move9: Seeking to purify our taint.
Attack1: The God-Emperor shall witness the devotion of His faithful!
Attack2: Their very existence is an affront to the God-Emperor!
Attack3: No force can prevent us from fighting in His name!
Attack4: Brothers, our salvation is at hand!
Attack5: Militiamen, brave the fires!
Attack6: Through bloodshed... you shall know absolution!
Attack7: Punish the heathens! Let there be none of their kind left.
Attack8: Go fourth and spread the holy fires.
Attack9: Now the citizens will go to war!
Capture1: This land shall be claimed by the hands of holy men!
Capture2: The God-Emperor has ordained this realm!
Capture3: The faithful shall conquer these barbaric lands.
Capped1: May the Ministorum’s teachings bring order to these lands.
Capped2: None can deny our Manifest Destiny!
Capped3: The skies are under the God-Emperor’s gaze.
Load_Transport1: We have been honored, as armor has been granted to us!
Load_Transport2: Thank the God-Emperor for His protection.
Unload_Transport1: Eagerly running into the fray.
Unload_Transport2: Let us fight in His name!
Morale_Break1: We are being cut down here!
Morale_Break2: Forgive us God-Emperor for we are forsaken.
Morale_Break3: How are we supposed to defeat these daemons!
Morale_Restored1: Care not of the fallen! They leave us greater chances for redemption.
Morale_Restored2: No! Clear your heads. Glory is at hand!
Morale_Restored3: Keep faith brothers, this storm shall fade.
Charge1: May the God-Emperor judge me worthy of absolution this day!
Charge2: Kill the heretic, kill the mutant, kill the alien! So, says the Creed.
Charge3: Defend our word, our Creed!
Charge4: We shall prove our devotion!
Charge5: Cleanse the world of their wretched kind!
Jump_Teleport1: Hold on and don't lose sight.
Jump_Teleport2: A leap of faith!
Jump_Teleport3: Bring faith to the faithless!
Jump_Teleport4: Pray that we make it...
Deepstrike1: Our pilgrimage has ended! We join this war of faith!
Deepstrike2: We’ve arrived brothers, our crusade continues!
Ability1: Asinine fools! Do you really think your treachery would go unnoticed by the masses!
Ability2: No forged army can stand before the might of the God-Emperor's judgement!
Ability3: They are nothing, but fodder for the ever-thirsting evils of the warp!
Ability4: Remember yours hymns; sing of His holy deeds and let them fill your hearts!
Ability5: Make your amends and then vanquish the forsaken!
Ability6: Be not afraid brother for you are not alone.
Ability7: Use the explosives and eradicate their taint! [Frag Grenade]
Ability8: The let the fires cleanse! [Frag Grenade]
Ability9: Good thing I took this from those Guardsmen! [Frag Grenade]
Ability10: We must protect our families, our homes, our creed! Do not falter. brothers. less they be destroyed. [Rally]
Ability11: Don’t let fear overcome your resolve. Remember we fight for the safety and purity of all of humanity! [Rally]
Ability12: You are not protected in blessed Flak Armor nor do you wield the Emperor's wrath through a Lasgun, but what you do possess is your undying faith! [Rally]
Combat1: Come and fight me! I’ll shed your blood faithless beast!
Combat2: If we burn, you burn with us!
Combat3: Who’s going to save you!?
Combat4: You will burn for your sins!
Combat5: Fear our devotion.
Combat6: Our cause is righteous!
Combat7: I’ll burn you at the stake!
Combat8: Your tricks won’t work witch!
Combat9: [Laughing]
Combat10: [more Laughing]
Combat11: [even more Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry] RAAAAAAAAGH!
Combat13: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry] Heeee ARGH
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells and battle cries] Heeeee, Hrgh, EGH!
Under_Fire1: They’re firing upon military and civilian targets alike!
Under_Fire2: They attack the faithful. We must retaliate!
Under_Fire3: They only enrage the mob.
Damage1: Huaaahhh! My leg!
Damage2: Thank the God-Emperor... That wasn’t fatal!
Damage3: Aurghhh!! Foolishness! Only the God-Emperor may decide when I go!
Death1: May they burn for this...
Death2: God-Emperor may you watch over my soul.
Death3: My death does not matter...
Death4: He has chosen me for absolution!
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]


Zephyrim Squad
Like soaring, Valkyrie like angels in the sky, the Zephryim are the holy elites of an order of Sisters, and in this case under the service of the Ordo Hereticus - an organization that is known for the persecution of and hunting of dangerous witches, psykers, cultists and heretics that seethe and operate within Imperial society. They speak in cryptic, prophetic phrases that often seem to be quotes from scripture and religious texts, and they speak with great vindication and authority. Zephyrim are consumed by fanatical, unwavering devotion to the God Emperor of mankind and believe themselves to be his battle angels.

Written By: Ki McKenzie
Unit_Complete1: From the heavens we descend!
Unit_Complete2: With wreathes of glory shall he reign!
Unit_Complete3: Rejoice for redemption hath come!
Unit_Complete4: Zephyrim.. muster! [pronounced "Zeph-rim"]
Unit_Complete5: The light of the Emperor shall bathe all!
Unit_Complete6: We arrive for battle!
Unit_Complete7: The day of reckoning commences!
Selection1: We hear your plea.
Selection2: What aid does thou require?
Selection3: By fire and sword shall all be cleansed.
Selection4: Baptism through battle, sanctity through sacrifice!
Selection5: Confess and speak your prayer!
Selection6: The Zephyrim salute thee.
Selection7: We serve the golden throne!
Selection8: Hark the words of scripture!
Selection9: Fear not the Emperor's word.
Move1: Carry forth the banner!
Move2: Like a holy storm we shall make our presence known!
Move3: We shall seek the heretics out!
Move4: None will hide from our righteous gaze!
Move5: We will wipe out any blasphemy upon our trail.
Move6: Take heed and march sisters!
Move7: Forth, we spread the Emperor's will!
Move8: Zephyrim move with prophecy!
Move9: The intent of the Emperor demands us there!
Attack1: With swift retribution do we deliver our sentence!
Attack2: Annihilate the blasphemers!
Attack3: Destroy the unclean!
Attack4: Let not the mutant to live!
Attack5: Wipe away this stain of heresy!
Attack6: Cull them!
Attack7: His daughters smite the unworthy!
Attack8: Let the wicked be judged by the Golden Throne!
Attack9: Morituri, te salutant! [pronounced "Moor-ee-tur-ee,  tay sal-oo-taunt"]
Capture1: And his loving gaze be cast upon the lands of the faithful, so shall it be!
Capture2: Rejoice, as the father of humanity uplifts thy souls!
Capture3: From soil to stars, all belongs to he!
Capped1: The land is absolved of its sin.
Capped2: Converted and returned to our blessed father!
Capped3: The realm of the Emperor is returned to the fold once more.
Load_Transport1: Staunch upon our steeds shall we deliver the stars!
Load_Transport2: By foot or by ferry, the crusade never ends!
Unload_Transport1: Emperor's blessings upon thee.
Unload_Transport2: To the sky we return!
Morale_Break1: Our faith is tested, do not waver sisters!
Morale_Break2: Beseech the love of the Emperor!
Morale_Break3: The darkness envelopes us, protect the light!
Morale_Restored1: Return to the graces of the Emperor!
Morale_Restored2: The Emperor Protects. [Say this with a solemn confidence]
Morale_Restored3: Fear is providence of the unfaithful, admonish it!
Jump_Teleport1: Fly with holy admission sisters!
Jump_Teleport2: To sanctity, and beyond!
Jump_Teleport3: We are his battle angels!
Jump_Teleport4: Surge forth upon wings of gold!
Jump_Teleport5: Blaze forth! We are the comets of the Emperor!
Jump_Teleport6: We ascend valiant sisters!
Deepstrike1: We are holy reckoning!
Deepstrike2: As it is writ, shall the revenge of the Emperor come to the unfaithful!
Ability1: Cast ye in the name of the Emperor, burned by his righteous flame!
Ability2: Damnation upon your heathen soul, unrepentant ones!
Ability3: The crime is your existence, the sentence is death!
Ability4: Lustration! Cleanse their heathen souls!
Ability5: Do not waver before our most holy father sisters!
Ability6: See the colours fly and be inspired sisters!
Ability7: Bring their false worship to ruin! [Frag Grenade]
Ability8: None of their dark gods can save them now! [Frag Grenade]
Ability9: Nullify their witchery! [Frag Grenade]
Ability10: Temper their sin with death! [Frag Grenade]
Ability11: Render them asunder sisters! [Frag Grenade]
Ability12: Shred apart their sin! [Frag Grenade]
Ability13: Blast apart the treacherous scum! [Frag Grenade]
Ability14: Let all vermin be exterminated before the Emperor! [Frag Grenade]
Ability15: Smite them with explosives sisters! [Krak Grenade]
Ability16: The armour of heresy cannot protect you! [Krak Grenade]
Ability17: The walls of lies shall come tumbling down! [Krak Grenade]
Ability18: Your false gods will not save you now! [Krak Grenade]
Combat12: [laughing]
Combat13: [more laughing]
Combat14: [even more laughing]
Combat15: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat16: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat17: [various other aggressive yells and battle cries]
Under_Fire1: They strike us from afar!
Under_Fire2: Punishment reaches us!
Under_Fire3: The Zephyrim sustain unholy fire!
Damage1: Our blood shall purify the ground we tread!
Damage2: We will die as Martyrs!
Damage3: Pain is but sin and weakness leaving the mortal form!
Death1: I die... a daughter... of the Emperor...
Death2: The Emperor... Protects...
Death3: ...*coughing* Blessed *cough* be...
Death4: Father... embrace... me...
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]

Zephyrim Squad Penitent Banner Bearer / Superior
The Zephyrim Squad Penitent Banner Bearer/Superior is a war hardened Sister of Battle who has been issued a holy banner. Attached to the squad of sisters, she acts much like her comrades in that she is a zealot, but further than that she is a motivator to her fellow sisters and is quite sanguine in behaviour.

Written By: Ki McKenzie
Unit_Complete1: Unfurl the banner and let all see!
Unit_Complete2: Zephyrim, witness his sigil and pray! [pronounced "Zeph-rim" and "sig-il"]
Unit_Complete3: Hold the banner high!
Unit_Complete4: We bear his holy standard!
Unit_Complete5: Repent your sins before his colours!
Unit_Complete6: I have come to lead!
Unit_Complete7: Our glorious crusade ascends!
Selection1: The holy cloth shall bring providence!
Selection2: Hath no fear, as we are holy fury incarnate!
Selection3: We carry the standard.
Selection4: Gaze upon naught but the script of the throne!
Selection5: Seek absolution through faith!
Selection6: Do not test the temptations of sin!
Selection7: Adhere to the creed!
Selection8: Our crusade shall scour the stars!
Selection9:  Rally sisters, for we are needed!
Move1: Pander not to idleness!
Move2: As it is writ, like a storm we shall go!
Move3: Nothing stops the crusade train!
Move4: Omniscient is his will, omnipresent will his executioners be!
Move5: Our pilgrimage shall take us there!
Move6: Step with holy sacrament sisters!
Move7: By his will!
Move8: The omens of the future arrive with us!
Move9: Lo and behold, our most consecrated caravan!
Attack1: Bring to naught these heretical wretches!
Attack2: Annihilate the impious!  
Attack3: We will not tolerate irreverence!
Attack4: Kill these profane agents!
Attack5: Banish the debased!
Attack6: Forsooth, we have found the enemy sisters! However shall we kill them? callous laughter
Attack7: Let them bear holy judgement!
Attack8: The wicked deserve no quarter, no mercy, NO RESPITE!
Attack9: Invicta Imperator, haereticus! [pronounced "In-vic-ta, Imp-air-ah-tor, hari-ti-kos"]
Attack10: Slaughter the sullied!
Attack11: Do not tolerate the mutant to live!
Attack12: Heresy! Destroy it where it stands sisters!
Capture1: And his loving gaze be cast upon the lands of the faithful, so shall it be!
Capture2: Rejoice, as the father of humanity uplifts thy souls!
Capture3: From soil to stars, all belongs to he!
Capped1: The land is absolved of its sin.
Capped2: Converted and returned to our blessed father!
Capped3: The realm of the Emperor is returned to the fold once more.
Load_Transport1: Staunch upon our steeds shall we deliver the stars!
Load_Transport2: By foot or by ferry, the crusade never ends!
Unload_Transport1: Emperor's blessings upon thee.
Unload_Transport2: To the sky we return!
Morale_Break1: Our faith is tested, do not waver sisters!
Morale_Break2: Beseech the love of the Emperor!
Morale_Break3: The darkness envelopes us, protect the light!
Morale_Restored1: Return to the graces of the Emperor!
Morale_Restored2: The Emperor Protects. [Say this with a solemn confidence]
Morale_Restored3: Fear is providence of the unfaithful, admonish it!
Jump_Teleport1: Fly with holy admission sisters!
Jump_Teleport2: To sanctity, and beyond!
Jump_Teleport3: We are his battle angels!
Jump_Teleport4: Surge forth upon wings of gold!
Jump_Teleport5: Blaze forth! We are the comets of the Emperor!
Jump_Teleport6: We ascend valiant sisters!
Ability1: Cast ye in the name of the Emperor, burned by his righteous flame!
Ability2: Damnation upon your heathen soul, unrepentant ones!
Ability3: The crime is your existence, the sentence is death!
Ability4: Lustration! Cleanse their heathen souls!
Ability5: Do not waver before our most holy father sisters!
Ability6: See the colours fly and be inspired sisters!
Ability7: BEGONE, FOUL HERETICAL ONES! [Acts of Faith - Timed attack buff that allows the squad to fight with renewed fervor]
Ability8: REPENT, REPENT!!! [Acts of Faith]
Ability9: Let them suffer the lash of redemption! [Acts of Faith]
Ability11: HOLD YOUR WEAPONS HIGH, FOR THE EMPEROR'S BLESSING IS WITH US! [Shields of Faith - Timed protection ability against incoming attacks]
Ability12: Muster your courage, steel your soul! The Emperor protects! [Shields of Faith]
Ability13: Throw aside your fear, for the Emperor's angels are here! [Shields of Faith]
Ability14: Be still your shattered hearts, for the love of the Throne delivers all! [Shields of Faith]
Combat12: [laughing]
Combat13: [more laughing]
Combat14: [even more laughing]
Combat15: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat16: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat17: [various other aggressive yells and battle cries]
Under_Fire1: They strike us from afar!
Under_Fire2: Punishment reaches us!
Under_Fire3: The Zephyrim sustain unholy fire!
Damage1: Our blood shall purify the ground we tread!
Damage2: We will die as Martyrs!
Damage3: Sisters... fight on...  
Death1: To the Emperor... I go...
Death2: The Emperor... Protects...
Death3: ...*coughing* Die... for.. *cough* him...
Death4: Save... the banner...
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]
Dominion Squad
They’re the meanest and baddest sisters who play the role of Stormtroopers in WW1. Their job is to break through enemy lines and crack open vehicles at close range while being escorted by rhinos. Officially, their objective is not to hold ground but to clear it. Would recommend either really tough gung-ho attitude with the lines and/or sassy, but I think gung-ho would be better. Your call.
Unit_Complete1: Dominion squad, ready to melt the Emperor’s foes.
Unit_Complete2: Ready to annihilate the enemies.
Unit_Complete3: Send us to their strongest defenses.
Unit_Complete4: We are the dominions, the bravest of the sisters.
Unit_Complete5: Our wargear is ready for the heaviest fighting.
Unit_Complete6: Vanguard of the adeptas sororitas.
Unit_Complete7: The most valorous of the order are at your command.
Selection1: Dominion squad, reporting.
Selection2: Give me 1 tank of promethium and point me at their leader.
Selection3: Faith alone can overturn the universe.
Selection4: Between mankind and a thousand horrors, dominions lead the way!
Selection5: War eternal cleanses the human spirit.
Selection6: Go ahead, we’re ready.
Selection7: We yearn to be at the front.
Selection8: Love the Emperor, He is the salvation of mankind.
Selection9: We do not ask for their blood, for we will take it.
Move1: We obey, for He will lead us into the light of the future.
Move2: Warriors of light, march forth for the Emperor!
Move3: Keep the meltaguns primed and ready.
Move4: We make smoother the stony path.
Move5: This is the way to the enemy.
Move6: Get your power armor in gear, we’re moving out!
Move7: We will lead our sisters!
Move8: We will light this way with the pyres of heretics!
Move9: Moving forth now.
Attack1: Sons of the night, mock their vain designs!
Attack2: Light them up, blind them with the Emperor’s glory!
Attack3: Emperor, guide us through their lines!
Attack4: The dam will yield, and the faithful shall flood through!
Attack5: Emperor we beseech thee, destroy them!
Attack6: Leave none for the crows, only ashes!
Attack7: Focus fire on the tough targets, leave the rest for the others!
Attack8: Kill them all!  Leave none standing in our fury.
Attack9: Thank the Emperor for a bountiful gift of targets.
Capture1: This isn’t our purpose, but we will do it.
Capture2: Take it for the emperor.
Capture3: The sisters hold this point now.
Capped1: Point taken, we must move on.
Capped2: Requesting reinforcement before we move to the next objective.
Capped3: Retributors would be better in holding this area.
Load_Transport1: All aboard, get ready to charge at a moment’s notice.
Load_Transport2: Let the transport break their lines.
Unload_Transport1: Use the transport as cover!  Charge!
Unload_Transport2: Exploit the breach, GO!
Morale_Break1: Our Emperor, deliver us!
Morale_Break2: This isn’t martyrdom, this is slaughter!
Morale_Break3: We have to regroup, this is not a favorable situation!
Morale_Restored1: Let the sins of cowardice be transfigured to virtues.
Morale_Restored2: Only death will absolve us of this disgrace.
Morale_Restored3: Fire in our soul, fire in our hands.  We go back to battle!
Charge1: Where there is enemy, rage!
Charge2: Roast them!
Charge3: Burn!  Burn!  Burn!
Charge4: Fortune will not deliver our enemies today!
Charge5: Cleanse, purge, kill!
Jump_Teleport1: Strike quickly where they are weakest!
Jump_Teleport2: If we can’t break through, we’ll go over!
Deepstrike1: Cover all angles when we deploy!
Deepstrike2: They will be surprised.
Ability1: Cook them nice and crispy, the way the Emperor would like it!
Ability2: Initiate brimstone maneuver!
Ability3: Turn up the heat!  Glass them all!
Ability4: Draw their fire away from the others!
Ability5: Get that bastard’s attention!
Combat1: ROAST THEM!
Combat2: Tremble before His majesty!
Combat3: Enemies everywhere!
Combat4: Thank the Emperor for enemies to kill!
Combat5: This ammunition was getting heavy.
Combat6: Unload all that we have!
Combat7: Wash them away with fire and faith!
Combat8: Faith will triumph!
Under_Fire1: Sisters, get ready to charge at the enemy!
Under_Fire2: We’ll answer this insult a thousandfold!
Under_Fire3: This will not stop us!
Damage1: Pain cleanses the soul!
Damage2: The easy battle is worthless!
Damage3: Our superior gave us more pain during training!
Death1: More of us will come…aahh
Death2: I hope I took out many…
Death3: Didn’t think I’d go out like this.
Death4: You cannot extinguish the flame of faith…
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*

Dominion Squad Superior
The Superior tempers the rage and impetuosity of the Dominion squad members and directs them to where the commander thinks is best.  Usually these are areas in the lines thinned out by exorcist bombardments or vulnerable targets.  Trained in independent action, she is capable of making split second decisions to adapt to an ever changing battlefield
Unit_Complete1: Dominion squad superior ready to lead.
Unit_Complete2: I have been picked to lead this squad.
Unit_Complete3: Dominion squad, heed my commands.
Unit_Complete4: I am a believer in tough hate.
Unit_Complete5: I have been briefed and will commence the mission.
Unit_Complete6: Dominion squad, form up on me!
Unit_Complete7: Dominion squad, prepare to receive orders!
Selection1: Any orders?
Selection2: A wave of fire is ready to crash down on the enemy at your command.
Selection3: Emperor; our champion and general.
Selection4: I have finished my prayers.  What are your orders?
Selection5: Prepare your prayers for the assault.  We move soon.
Selection6: We need not fear demons nor xenos.
Selection7: Faith, steel, and fire are our tools.
Selection8: We are the Emperor’s weapons honed in fury.
Selection9: We’re ready to burn the enemy.
Move1: Moving on to the next objective.
Move2: Quickly, get into position!
Move3: Don’t get careless, remember to leap from cover to cover.
Move4: Be on the lookout for the enemy.
Move5: No heretic will be spared, for they only injure the faithful.
Move6: You yearn to destroy?  I will lead you to your targets.
Move7: The Emperor’s wrath will guide us.
Move8: You take point.  Let’s move; the Emperor protects.
Move9: Be ready for anything.
Attack1: Form up!  We will set an example for the Sisters!
Attack2: Pick your targets, then fire on my command!
Attack3: They’re already dead, they just don’t know it yet.
Attack4: Sweep them fast, don’t let them respond.
Attack5: Wipe the blasphemers off this earth!
Attack6: Emperor guide our shots and fire!
Attack7: Remember your faith!  Remember your discipline!
Attack8: The Emperor will render justice due to him.
Attack9: Make the Emperor proud, sisters.
Capture1: This isn’t our purpose, but we will do it.
Capture2: Take it for the emperor.
Capture3: The sisters hold this point now.
Capped1: Point taken, we must move on.
Capped2: Requesting reinforcement before we move to the next objective.
Capped3: Retributors would be better in holding this area.
Load_Transport1: All aboard, get ready to charge at a moment’s notice.
Load_Transport2: Let the transport break their lines.
Unload_Transport1: Use the transport as cover!  Charge!
Unload_Transport2: Exploit the breach, GO!
Morale_Break1: Our Emperor, deliver us!
Morale_Break2: This isn’t martyrdom, this is slaughter!
Morale_Break3: We have to regroup, this is not a favorable situation!
Morale_Restored1: Let the sins of cowardice be transfigured to virtues.
Morale_Restored2: Only death will absolve us of this disgrace.
Morale_Restored3: Fire in our soul, fire in our hands.  We go back to battle!
Charge1: Where there is enemy, rage!
Charge2: Roast them!
Charge3: Burn!  Burn!  Burn!
Charge4: Fortune will not deliver our enemies today!
Charge5: Cleanse, purge, kill!
Jump_Teleport1: Strike quickly where they are weakest!
Jump_Teleport2: If we can’t break through, we’ll go over!
Deepstrike1: Cover all angles when we deploy!
Deepstrike2: They will be surprised.
Ability1: Cook them nice and crispy, the way the Emperor would like it!
Ability2: Initiate brimstone maneuver!
Ability3: Turn up the heat!  Glass them all!
Ability4: Draw their fire away from the others!
Ability5: Get that bastard’s attention!
Combat1: ROAST THEM!
Combat2: Tremble before His majesty!
Combat3: Enemies everywhere!
Combat4: Thank the Emperor for enemies to kill!
Combat5: This ammunition was getting heavy.
Combat6: Unload all that we have!
Combat7: Wash them away with fire and faith!
Combat8: Faith will triumph!
Under_Fire1: Sisters, get ready to charge at the enemy!
Under_Fire2: We’ll answer this insult a thousandfold!
Under_Fire3: This will not stop us!
Damage1: Pain cleanses the soul!
Damage2: The easy battle is worthless!
Damage3: Our superior gave us more pain during training!
Death1: I served a greater cause, my death is not in vain.
Death2: The embers of faith won’t die with me…
Death3: Emperor, take me in your hand…
Death4: Even if I die, the others will keep fighting to the end…
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*

Dominion Squad Imagifier
The Imagifier are selected from the bravest and hardiest of the Dominions. They may not be the best at shooting but they don't need to be.  As they are unarmed the criteria would be the Dominion sisters who are overly zealous bold to the point of recklessness. They don't think, they just do. In any other setting I would've suggested overly cheerful recruits but since this is 40k and the SOBs are elites I would suggest the actress to do a character who is fanatical and gung-ho.
Unit_Complete1: I will carry the Simulacrum high!
Unit_Complete2: It is an honor to be appointed banner bearer.
Unit_Complete3: Venerate the simulacrum, and follow me to glory!
Unit_Complete4: Where we go, the light of the emperor will always be here.
Unit_Complete5:  We are the paragons of zealotry and devotion.
Unit_Complete6: This simulacrum has been in the order for centuries.  It will not fall today.
Unit_Complete7: There is no battlefield too frightening for us.  I will lead the sisters there.
Selection1: I will guide the sisters to where they are needed.
Selection2: Give us orders; we will be the first into battle!
Selection3: Faith and fire are the only worthy components of the Sororitas.
Selection4: There is no foe we cannot vanquish.
Selection5: Point us at our targets.
Selection6: Dominions are first into the flame; we cleanse all in our path.
Selection7: We’re ready to obey all your orders without question.
Selection8: Glory unyielding!
Selection9: All who shun the light of the Emperor deserve death.
Move1: I will take point!
Move2: All sisters, follow me to victory!
Move3: The Simulacrum Imperialis marks your path.  Come!
Move4: We are the vanguard!  Move out!
Move5: Time to raise the banner high!
Move6: Heretics, witches, mutants…all fear the Emperor’s justice.
Move7: The enemy will see us coming.  And they will fear us.
Move8: Move out!  Sisters, follow the banner!
Move9: We will be a shining example for the Order to follow.
Attack1: Raaaah! Charge!
Attack2: Show them a fury unseen since the Reign of Blood!
Attack3: When we are done they will be naught but ash and dust.
Attack4: Combat is prayer!  The Emperor protects!
Attack5: They cannot hide from our righteousness!
Attack6: For Saint Celestine!  For the Emperor!
Attack7: Martyrdom is an honor to the Emperor!
Attack8: Cast forth all your doubt!  Into battle!
Attack9: Daughters of the Emperor, kill them all!
Capture1: This isn’t our purpose, but we will do it.
Capture2: Take it for the emperor.
Capture3: The sisters hold this point now.
Capped1: Point taken, we must move on.
Capped2: Requesting reinforcement before we move to the next objective.
Capped3: Retributors would be better in holding this area.
Load_Transport1: All aboard, get ready to charge at a moment’s notice.
Load_Transport2: Let the transport break their lines.
Unload_Transport1: Use the transport as cover!  Charge!
Unload_Transport2: Exploit the breach, GO!
Morale_Break1: Our Emperor, deliver us!
Morale_Break2: This isn’t martyrdom, this is slaughter!
Morale_Break3: We have to regroup, this is not a favorable situation!
Morale_Restored1: Let the sins of cowardice be transfigured to virtues.
Morale_Restored2: Only death will absolve us of this disgrace.
Morale_Restored3: Fire in our soul, fire in our hands.  We go back to battle!
Charge1: Where there is enemy, rage!
Charge2: Roast them!
Charge3: Burn!  Burn!  Burn!
Charge4: Fortune will not deliver our enemies today!
Charge5: Cleanse, purge, kill!
Jump_Teleport1: Strike quickly where they are weakest!
Jump_Teleport2: If we can’t break through, we’ll go over!
Deepstrike1: Cover all angles when we deploy!
Deepstrike2: They will be surprised.
Ability1: Show all our sisters what passes for the Emperor's fury!  (Damage buff)
Ability2: Belief conquers bullets!  He is our shield and protector! (Defense buff)
Ability3: For Emperor and the Order!  Not one step back! (Rally)
Ability4: See the absence of faith iin our foes and spit fire in their faces! (Damage buff)
Ability5: They dare refute the Emperor's infallible right to rule!  Punish them!  (Defense/Damage buff)
Ability6: Witness the Emperor's Holy Light for he shines on thee! (Rally)
Ability7: Sisters! Thou Shalt Know No Fear this Hour! (Rally)
Combat1: ROAST THEM!
Combat2: Tremble before His majesty!
Combat3: Enemies everywhere!
Combat4: Thank the Emperor for enemies to kill!
Combat5: This ammunition was getting heavy.
Combat6: Unload all that we have!
Combat7: Wash them away with fire and faith!
Combat8: Faith will triumph!
Under_Fire1: Sisters, get ready to charge at the enemy!
Under_Fire2: We’ll answer this insult a thousandfold!
Under_Fire3: This will not stop us!
Damage1: Pain cleanses the soul!
Damage2: The easy battle is worthless!
Damage3: Our superior gave us more pain during training!
Death1: Another will take the banner..aaah
Death2: Fool, you should have shot someone who was actually armed…
Death3: Your day will come, the Emperor will guarantee it…
Death4: I welcome martyrdom with open arms.
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
Dominion Squad Imagifer (Extra)
Notes: The Imagifier is a veteran Battle Sister honored to carry a holy relic instead of an actual Weapon into Battle. Her role is to inspire and hold the morale of her sisters to a level unheard of. The relic itself grands her the strength to do so and sometimes might even give her strange powers and even godly visions.
Unit_Complete1: I carry the holy relic of our fair martyred Lady!
Unit_Complete2: I carried this relic from holy terra, to this rotten World.
Unit_Complete3: The golden pillar of the god-emperor stand tall!
Unit_Complete4: My humble hands carry the sacred light of faith itself!
Unit_Complete5: BOW and CHERISH to the holy presence I hold.
Unit_Complete6: BEHOLD the holy relic of our most noble order!
Unit_Complete7: I bring faith, I BRING THE LIGHT!
Selection1: The relic shall guide our hands.
Selection2: In a dispute of faith…. Fire Wins… (all in a dreamy voice)
Selection3: Do not DARE touching it!
Selection4: I am honored by its presence, but it sure is a noble burden.
Selection5: I shall carry our faith on my humble shoulders.
Selection6: My duty is both an honoring and humbling
Selection7: Sometimes the relic speaks to us.
Selection8: Do NOT defile its holy presence.
Selection9: Have you ever seen anything like it?
Move1: I bring the light, incarnated.
Move2: I shall carry it there.
Move3: In the blackest moment of a dying world the light of the emperor will reappear! (having a vision)
Move4: I shall erect it there.
Move5: Bystanders should pray.
Move6: CHANT SISTERS, for the relic!
Move7: Our presence shall cleanse!
Move8: The relic will light our path!
Move9: Faith is guidance enough.
Attack1: The relic is with us!
Attack2: No retreat. The relic stands!
Attack3: They shall not lay eyes upon the holy relic!
Attack4: I shall bring the light.
Attack5: The heretics must not survive!
Attack6: No more sisters will fall in its presence.
Attack7: The relic wants them destroyed.
Attack8: I`ve seen their kin before.
Attack9: No force will stop our advance.
Capture1: Take this sacred installment.
Capture2: This relic is of minor importance, it shall be ours nonetheless.
Capture3: It shall be a place of worship.
Capped1: Now pray to the sacred remains.
Capped2: No one will take it from us.
Capped3: The Order is succeeding once all relics are returned to us.
Join1: Welcome me, for I carry the light.
Join2: Protect it with all your faith.
Join3: I shall be leading you.
Detach1: The relic is needed elsewhere.
Detach2: Your faith has served it well.
Detach3: You may look at it one last time.
Load_Transport1: Blessed be this machine!
Load_Transport2: I honor your machine with my burden.
Unload_Transport1: Unload the relic without a scratch!
Unload_Transport2: No vehicle shall hide the relic’s glory.
Morale_Break1: The relic mustn´t fall!
Morale_Break2: The relic will fall with me!
Morale_Break3: The relic will be defiled!
Morale_Restored1: The relic stands once more.
Morale_Restored2: No more blood shall touch the relic.
Morale_Restored3: It lies heavy in my humble hands.
Charge2: Carry faith into battle!
Charge3: Your death is certain!!!!!
Charge4: Behold the glory of your death!!!!
Charge5: It shines through them!!!!
Jump_Teleport1: I carry it with me.
Jump_Teleport2: Fly on my wings!
Deepstrike1: HOLY RAIN!
Deepstrike2:  Relic from above!
Ability1: The relic unleashed!
Ability2: The relic speaks through me!
Ability3: Behold the holy remains!
Ability4: Sacred faith will protect you!
Ability5: I have never felt its presence so strongly!
Combat1: The relic will crush you!
Combat3: I keep it upright.. you fight them!
Combat4: Faith! Pray! Fight!
Combat5: These Xenos will not cross my path!
Combat6: I´ll erect this relic upon your rotting corpse!
Combat7: You blood will spoil the ground on which the relic stands.
Combat8: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat9: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat10: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: They are upon our holy relic!
Under_Fire2: They are aiming for me! The relic must not fall!
Under_Fire3: They are upon me.
Damage1: Saints protect the relic!
Damage2: I can NOT carry this burden any longer..
Damage3: The relic took damage, doom is upon us all!
Death1: Hiarrg!!
Death2: [whispers] …we`re doomed….
Death3: Retrieve the relic… pleaseee…
Death4: WE MUST……….!!!!
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
Shield Maiden
Veteran Battle Sisters who had additional crowd control training from the Arbites with the Inquisition's blessings. Due to this training the Shield Maidens are skilled, disciplined, unyielding, rigid, and downright cruel. They’re well known for quelling full-blown riots and rebellions being capable and ferocious warriors. Despite their close ties with the Law they remain ever faithful Sisters and are loyal to their Order. Sound cold, stern, angry, and a bit fanatical.

Written By: Unsociallobster
Unit_Complete1: We shall Shepard the unruly masses!
Unit_Complete2: Rejoice, for the Emperor's faithful bring divine fury and holy justice!
Unit_Complete3: Nobody's innocent, we are here to determine the severity of their guilt.
Unit_Complete4: We dispense judgment in The Lady’s name.
Unit_Complete5: Back up has arrived. Time to clean these streets!
Unit_Complete6: Sisters, prepare to enforce the Emperor’s will!
Unit_Complete7: We see beyond the temptations of vice.
Selection1: We stand, ready to restore order!
Selection2: There are many wolves amongst the sheep!
Selection3: Let Her will be written in our hearts and our memories forever.
Selection4: Standing ready to the beat the filth off the streets.
Selection5: One never gets use to the depths of human depravity.
Selection6: We emulate The Shield Bearer and follow in her legacy.
Selection7: May The Lady teachings be ingrained in your hearts.
Selection8: We fight until this holy war is won!
Selection9: Lets us break their will.
Move1: Quickly, our presence is needed.
Move2: Come, we must ward off the flagitious!
Move3: Rooting out the perpetrators.
Move4: Rejoice! For we bring retribution.
Move5: Remain vigilant, there are many foul beings running loose!
Move6: Raise your shields sisters, advance in formation.
Move7: We walk in remembrance of The Lady...
Move8: Forcing our way through this madness!
Move9: They're not dead until we find them dead.
Attack1: We’ll beat them into submission!
Attack2: It is our duty to show them the light.
Attack3: They want fear... We are the fear!
Attack4: Carrying out summary executions of all non-compliant personal!
Attack5: Shield Maidens are born in the fires of war.
Attack6: Your sentence is death!
Attack7: Ah... poetic justice.
Attack8: Katherine fights from within us!
Attack9: All traitors are deemed worthy of destruction.
Capture1: Take it... for our blessed Lady!
Capture2: We must establish a greater presence.
Capture3: As Father wishes.
Capped1: All will come to know of the Lady’s sacrifice!
Capped2: We spread the Order’s influence.
Capped3: Feel His pride shining down upon us!
Load_Transport1: Preparing for rapid assault.
Load_Transport2: Onboard sisters, we shall breach their lines.
Unload_Transport1: Form your ranks! Go! Go! Go!
Unload_Transport2: Pile out! Create a perimeter around the vehicle.
Morale_Break1: Fall back! Less we be slain...
Morale_Break2: Their faith in their gods is too powerful for us!
Morale_Break3: We are surrounded! It’s the Third War all over again!
Morale_Restored1: Forgive us Father for we have sinned...
Morale_Restored2: We feel the Emperor's grace surrounding us!
Morale_Restored3: Wear your colors with dignity! Honor our fallen.
Charge1: Bludgeon their thick skulls...
Charge2: Disperse the rabble, make them regret their actions!
Charge3: Come... let me give you a kiss!
Charge4: Make them comply...
Charge5: As for you heathens... judgement time!
Jump_Teleport1: Soaring over the heads of madmen and daemons...
Jump_Teleport2: Time to create a new front!
Jump_Teleport3: Swift action is required. Prepare to beat down the insurrectionists!
Deepstrike1: We shall deliver His word... personally.
Deepstrike2: Into the heart of the insurrection!
Ability1: I’ll bring this chaos to order!
Ability2: Gaze into the cleansing fires...
Ability3: A means to an end!
Ability4: Sisters... form ranks! Create an impregnable wall!
Ability5: The path of the Shield Maiden is laden with self-sacrifice.
Ability6: We shall shield each other from the encroaching darkness!
Ability7: O’ Katherine, hear us in our time of need! Shield us, as we defend our sisters! [Act of Faith - Holy Shield]
Ability8: Father grant me the strength vanquish your enemies. I am your vessel! [Act of Faith - Holy Shield]
Ability9: The Lady calls upon those who chose to walk in her steps. [Act of Faith - Holy Shield]
Ability10: These so-called "heroes" are only leading their fellow man into damnation! [Imperial Edict - like Tau's Mark Squad ability but in this case its sentencing/condemning an enemy unit]
Ability11: Those who have sold their souls have committed the greatest of sins! [Imperial Edict]
Ability12: You have blood on your hands! The Emperor calls for your execution! [Imperial Edict]
Ability13: Watch them scatter like vermin! [Frag Grenade]
Ability14: Thin the mobs! [Frag Grenade]
Ability15: Lady, bless this hand grenade! [Frag Grenade]
Ability16: Punch through that hull! [Krak Grenade]
Ability17: Leave only a smoldering pile of scrap metal! [Krak Grenade]
Ability18: It will become nothing more than just a coffin. [Krak Grenade]
Ability19: Choke the air! [Smoke Grenade]
Ability20: Forcing them to disperse. [Smoke Grenade]
Ability21: Throw the tear gas! [Smoke Grenade]
Combat1: Nothing can break my shield.
Combat2: Blasphemers...
Combat3: [Laughs] Fight like a man!
Combat4: Better kill me for it's your only chance.
Combat5: You will come to regret your actions!
Combat6: Make peace with your gods!
Combat7: Save your last breath, fool...
Combat8: Don’t call for help. You’re already doomed!
Combat9: [Laughing]
Combat10: [more Laughing]
Combat11: [even more Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell]
Combat13: [another aggressive yell]
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells]
Under_Fire1: Enforcing the doctrines of the Imperial Creed!
Under_Fire2: These revolts are something much more sinister!
Under_Fire3: They show their true colors...
Damage1: This situation just got ugly.
Damage2: Aahhh! Now it’s my turn!
Damage3: [Laughs] That was a mistake...
Death1: I have no fear sister, for I will join Katherine.
Death2: How could such filth... bested me
Death3: We all eventually meet our demise...
Death4: I served in body, now I will serve in spirit.
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Gaarrhhhh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]
Repentia Mistress
A sister of battle with two deadly whips and reminds them of their failure. She leads a squad of ex-sister of battle (Repentia) into suicidal charges to give them a redeeming death.
Unit_Complete1: My guidance will bring them redemption in death!
Unit_Complete2: Remember your sins, for I shall not forget.
Unit_Complete3: Know your place for I have arrived.
Unit_Complete4: I am here to administer order.
Unit_Complete5: Who needs discipline.
Unit_Complete6: Which one here has stepped out of line.
Unit_Complete7: Only in death shall you be redeemed.
Selection1: What is your request?
Selection2: What do you need of us?
Selection3: Has the Emperor decided our fate?
Selection4: What is needed of us?
Selection5: Point and we shall proceed.
Selection6: We are ready for more.
Selection7: Do you require their blood?
Selection8: They know their place.
Selection9: They are eager to bleed.
Move1: We shall march.
Move2: Keep your head up high.
Move3: Enemy suppression is a myth understand!
Move4: Walk towards the Emperor's Light
Move5: I shall not repeat.. keep moving!
Move6: One step lash, two step lash.
Move7: That way is your destiny.
Move8: Clear the way for our sisters.
Move9: I expect you to step on every mine.
Attack1: Show them our fervor.
Attack2: Tear them to sunder!
Attack3: Charge Our Enemies!
Attack4: This is your chance! Charge!
Attack5: Their blood or yours shall bring us glory!
Attack6: The Emperor will witness your deaths!
Attack7: Spend your lives for the Emperor!
Attack8: Blood and glory for the Emperor!
Attack9: One less of them means one less lash for you.
Capture1: We shall make this the Emperor's.
Capture2: Grovel and bring his light.
Capture3: Purify your hearts so we may purify this land.
Capped1: We have captured it in his glorious name.
Capped2: We have brought his light here, my Lord.
Capped3: Another for our God Emperor!
Load_Transport1: Remember this is only temporary.
Load_Transport2: This shall bring us to our glorious deaths.
Unload_Transport1: Transport privilege has been revoked.
Unload_Transport2: We have made the course.
Morale_Break1: We have bled in his name!
Morale_Break2: They do not yield!
Morale_Break3: We are dieting for the Emperor!
Morale_Restored1: I feel the Emperor's Light again.
Morale_Restored2: Enough lashings! Get ready.
Morale_Restored3: Reform is over! Be ready to bleed again.
Charge1: Show them his light!
Charge2: Run towards your deaths!
Charge3: You shall both bleed in his name!
Charge4: Repent and charge!
Charge5: Bring.. Them.. Death!
Jump_Teleport1: We have made the jump.
Jump_Teleport2: We have arrived.
Jump_Teleport3: Your death is here.
Deepstrike1: We are in their lined.
Deepstrike2: We have made the landing.
Ability1: Feel his wrath!
Ability2: I shall burn them all!
Ability3: He demands your death!
Ability4: Pray for his forgiveness.
Ability5: Sing the words of our God Emperor!
Ability6: His light shines upon us! [Act of Faith - Passion]
Ability7: He has blessed us, sisters. [Act of Faith - Passion]
Ability8: Feel his Holy Light! [Act of Faith - Passion]
Ability9: He looks upon us! Do not disappoint! [Holy Fervor]
Ability10: He will see our glorious deaths. [Holy Fervor]
Ability11: For the Emperor! [Holy Fervor]
Combat1: Bleed you mongrels!
Combat2: Your life ends here!
Combat3: Rip through their heretical flesh!
Combat4: For the sisterhood!
Combat5: Not one step back!
Combat6: Make them bleed!
Combat7: Another, GIVE THEM ANOTHER!
Combat8: This is our faith!
Combat9: [Laughing]
Combat10: [more Laughing]
Combat11: [even more Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat13: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells and battle cries]
Under_Fire1: Taking fire!
Under_Fire2: Being fired apon!
Under_Fire3: They fire upon us!
Damage1: We are bleeding!
Damage2: We will fall.
Damage3: Our death comes.
Death1: Our.. final.. rest.. [weak tone]
Death2: Every last drop.. for him..
Death3: This is our glorious end..
Death4: Sacrifice.. ah ah.. and.. redemption!
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]


Paragon Warsuit Squad (Witch Hunters Terminators)
Notes: Outfitted in extremely rare power armor designed for the Sister's use. These terminators are few but remain of some of the orders most elite and holy warriors. It is safe to say they have faced many terrifying foes and came out triumphant. Sound confident, strong, but with a stoic attitude. Much like the other Sisters units, but harsher and more aged.
Written By: Kekoulis
Edited By: Thudmeizer
Unit_Complete1: The Ecclesiarchy's hidden saviors. [pronounced "E-clease-e-archy's"]
Unit_Complete2: This conflict has been declared 'Zone Mortalis'!
Unit_Complete3: Sisters, perform your holy acts!
Unit_Complete4: We are armored in faith and shielded by devotion.
Unit_Complete5: Our faith is forever in His hands!
Unit_Complete6: Praise Katherine, the Martyr! Our Lady!
Unit_Complete7: We are the shield against the coming darkness.
Selection1: We are the Order's secret elite.
Selection2: His angels come to burn all that is unholy!
Selection3: Why should I fear the witch, who has no power over me?
Selection4: Devotion alone is a powerful weapon...
Selection5: Penance is key to maintaining purity!
Selection6: The Sisters stand resolute against the coming darkness.
Selection7: Hatred is the Emperor's gift to humanity.
Selection8: Silence is not weakness, but the roots of vengeance.
Selection9: We are beacons of purity.
Move1: We walk in the light of the Emperor!
Move2: Yes, angels do walk among you!
Move3: We venture forth singing prayers and litanies.
Move4: Saint Katherine lights the way!
Move5: I hear the shrieks of beasts and madmen.
Move6: The road is paved with bones...
Move7: Do you sense it? There is a foul presence here...
Move8: Following the debris and bodies.
Move9: Onward less the darkness surrounds us!
Attack1: Pray that my bullets take you and not my fist!
Attack2: Through the roar of the bolter His voice is heard!
Attack3: Our Bolters speak His will!
Attack4: No pity, no remorse, no fear.
Attack5: The Lady's sacrifice shall not go in vain.
Attack6: And they shall be cleansed with fire!
Attack7: I'll send you to your gods, and I'll come for them next!
Attack8: Nothing but ash and cinder!
Attack9: Your blood will water the earth!
Capture1: If it's His will... So, be it!
Capture2: We shall consecrate this land.
Capture3: Take it, in Katherine's honor!
Capped1: It belongs to Him, to the Imperium!
Capped2: Location sanctified!
Capped3: May this monument enshrine the Lady.
Load_Transport1: We welcome your protection, Sisters.
Load_Transport2: Their engines roar, eager for battle.
Unload_Transport1: Now, to return the favor!
Unload_Transport2: Deliver us to them!
Morale_Break1: The sky won't hold light!
Morale_Break2: Saturnine...
Morale_Break3: They dare?
Morale_Restored1: We now feel the sun's warmth!
Morale_Restored2: Remember whom you serve.
Morale_Restored3: Know that the Emperor is watching.
Charge1: Cry out in His name!
Charge2: Show them the Lady's might!
Charge3: Your body will perish before your eyes!
Charge4: Words will not save you...
Jump_Teleport1: Like a miracle we appear from thin air...
Jump_Teleport2: My angels, make yourselves known.
Jump_Teleport3: It is time for judgment...
Jump_Teleport4: Appear, armor glistening in white light!
Jump_Teleport5: A great distance... in an instant!
Deepstrike1: Katherine's fist.
Deepstrike2: Piercing the sky!
Ability1: Sister, bring me my torch!
Ability2: For what I've suffered, I will gain.
Ability3: They will cease to be...
Ability4: None can defeat Katherine's faithful servants!
Ability5: May our armor shield us from the maddening fires of the warp!
Ability6: There is no adversity too great for these sanctified chosen to overcome!
Ability7: Bring the unworthy to their knees! [Grenade Launcher]
Ability8: Dispatch this petty rabble! [Grenade Launcher]
Ability9: Let them be no more! [Grenade Launcher]
Ability10: Their ranks will scatter before our might! [Grenade Launcher]
Ability11: A pile of blackened dust is all that shall remain! [Missile Launcher]
Ability12: Crush their vile spirits into ash! [Missile Launcher]
Ability13: Vanquish such heresy from these lands! [Missile Launcher]
Ability14: Send unto them total ruin this day! [Missile Launcher]
Combat1: I will break your bodies!
Combat2: Lets see you survive my fist.
Combat3: You'll find my fist down your throat!
Combat4: Begin praying.
Combat5: On.Your.Knees.
Combat6: Torn and beaten you'll be, after I'm done with you.
Combat7: Don't bother begging.
Combat8: Look into the bolter and pray.
Combat9: [laughing]
Combat10: [more laughing]
Combat11: [even more laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive combat grunt]
Combat13: [another aggressive combat grunt]
Combat14: [even more aggressive combat grunt]  
Under_Fire1: Warsuits have been engaged!
Under_Fire2: The foe would dare contend these lands?! Surely they risk much.
Under_Fire3: So... it is death they have chosen?! Very well.
Damage1: It's your turn to bleed!
Damage2: I do not suffer!
Damage3: Pain only drives my divine fury.
Damage4: [pain grunt]
Damage5: [another pain grunt]
Damage6: [yet another pain grunt]
Death1: I will be immortalized!
Death2: Have faith, even in the face of death.
Death3: To ascend to a higher state of being...
Death4: Katherine's light beckons me.
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]

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Posted 11 June 2020 - 01:17 AM

Banner Bearer
The heart of a fighting unit. While not fighting much herself. If things go right she is the one to rally and motivate the others.
Unit_Complete1: Holy Banner, ready for the Battlefield.
Unit_Complete2: Gaze upon the glory of His will!
Unit_Complete3: I, shall carry the burden of faith.
Unit_Complete4: They shall see us coming. For we bring the light.
Unit_Complete5: Fear not! For his banner protects our faith.
Unit_Complete6: Hoist the banner! His enemies shall perish!
Unit_Complete7: For the Ecclesiarchy I shall stand tall. [pronounced "E-clease-e-archy"]
Selection1: The Banner stands tall!
Selection2: Sisters! READY!
Selection3: They shall break to our charge!
Selection4: Our father shall see our victory.
Selection5: They will burn.
Selection6: We shall cleanse the fallen.
Selection7: Banner ready.
Selection8: Our faith shall smite his enemies.
Selection9: See our Banner, follow his will!
Move1: Banner on the move!
Move2: Nothing can stop us.
Move3: The holy banner shall spread our faith.
Move4: The Banner won´t fall. For we stand tall!
Move5: We will hoist his banner.
Move6: Protect the banner.
Move7: March sisters! ONWARD!
Move8: Walk fast sisters!
Move9: I set forth upon the road from Holy Terra to Sanctuary.
Attack2: They shall parish!
Attack3: Justice for the EMPEROR!
Attack4: Destroy them!
Attack5: We won´t kneel to them!
Attack6: Pure as angels.
Attack7: Our faith shall persevere!
Attack8: For our father and the saints
Attack9: In his holy name. Kill them!
Capture1: We will take it for the Order!
Capture2: This banner will never fall.
Capture3: In his name! It shall be claimed!
Capped1: Cherish! For it is done!
Capped2: Holy is the soil under his banner.
Capped3: We await further commands.
Join1: Sisters, I will guide your faith.
Join2: You carry faith. I carry the banner.
Join3: Look up! For his banner stands tall.
Detach1: Your faith shall not break.
Detach2: The holy flag is needed elsewhere.
Detach3: Carry on sisters. I shall guide you again.
Load_Transport1: The holy banner must NOT be hidden!
Load_Transport2: Sisters, relocate the banner!
Unload_Transport1: The holy banner is raised once more.
Unload_Transport2: Get off! Into Battle!
Morale_Break1: [Shriek] The banner! It is not enough!
Morale_Break2: They are ravaging us!
Morale_Break3: The terror is to much! The banner is falling!
Morale_Restored1: RALLY. For the banner still stands.
Morale_Restored2: We have restored our faith!
Morale_Restored3: We will not die under this banner! Yet.
Charge1: Bring them to justice!
Charge2: On his wings!
Charge3: Bring them fire.
Charge4: For the Saint!
Charge5: No time to run!
Jump_Teleport1: Through the darkness.
Jump_Teleport2: With angels by my side!
Deepstrike1: Gaze upon this banner and perish!
Deepstrike2: We will cleanse the very soil.
Ability1: Kneel before his might.
Ability2: Catch!
Ability3: They shall crumble!
Ability4: Look upon his banner and pray!
Ability5: The faith will protect you sister.
Combat1: YOU! Will not insult his name!
Combat2: Sisters to me!
Combat3: My prayers are heard.
Combat4: We shall erase your foul existence!
Combat5: Our faith shall be victorious!
Combat6: You are no match for the daughters of terra!
Combat7: We shall smite the blasphemous perversions!
Combat8: The banner will not falter!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: They have seen our Banner!
Under_Fire2: The banner is under fire! Heresy!
Under_Fire3: It´s an ambush!
Damage1: They target our faith.
Damage2: They are trying to spoil our flag.
Damage3: They come for the banner!
Death1: Sisters.. avenge me.
Death2: The Banner... falls.
Death3: I vanish under his banner.
Death4: Urargh … hurrr.
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
A Stoic and Wise Missionary/Preacher-like Warrior who bestows sacred rites and wisdom sanctioned by the Holy Inquisition. Voice should be a generic High Gothic English Accent. Use much more passion for lines like ATTACK, MORALE_BREAK, CHARGE, and COMBAT.
Unit_Complete1: I have brought the sacred seals.
Unit_Complete2: Who needs the Emperor's Light?
Unit_Complete3: I am ready for a crusade.
Unit_Complete4: Blessing to us all.
Unit_Complete5: The Emperor's Will shall be heard.
Unit_Complete6: I am here to guide our brothers and sisters.
Unit_Complete7: I have come to serve His Will.
Unit_Complete8: Mandated by his most Holy Inquisition to the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Hereticus. [pronounced "Or-do Hair-et-e-cuss"]
Selection1: What is needed of me?
Selection2: Yes my lord?
Selection3: Who requires a blessing?
Selection4: The Emperor Protects.
Selection5: Who requires my guidance?
Selection6: I have the prayers prepared.
Selection7: Where shall his light be cast?
Selection8: My mind is clear and my soul is just.
Selection9: Who shall die in his name?
Move1: As the Emperor demands.
Move2: I shall with haste.
Move3: He watches our every step.
Move4: Every step will be for him.
Move5: Point me towards the heresy.
Move6: It will be purified.
Move7: My life for the Emperor.
Move8: For the Emperor and the Imperium.
Move9: The God Emperor’s guidance shall bring us salvation.
Move10: This day, my wisdom shall spread far and wide.
Attack1: The Emperor strengthen us!
Attack2: Wrath and Glory!
Attack3: They will not stand for long!
Attack4: If it bleeds, I can kill it!
Attack5: Our enemies will falter!
Attack6: No quarter.. no mercy. For The Emperor!
Attack7: Show them our devotion!
Attack8: Glory in life and in death.
Attack9: This will be their end!
Capture1: It shall be the Emperors.
Capture2: It belongs to the Emperor.
Capture3: Every inch shall be a mile.
Capped1: It is the Emperor's now.
Capped2: Every crevice shall be his.
Capped3: The more the merrier.
Join1: Who wants some purity seals?
Join2: I have come to pray for you.
Join3: The Emperor demands. I shall guide.
Detach1: I must take my leave.
Detach2: The Emperor needs me elsewhere.
Detach3: This is where we depart.
Load_Transport1: Entering his blessed armour.
Load_Transport2: Take me to where I am needed.
Load_Transport3: Sacred transport awaits.
Unload_Transport1: Time to leave this holy armour.
Unload_Transport2: Transport will not be required for this.
Unload_Transport3: Brother and Sisters... let us pray... [said as if conducting mass at Church]
Morale_Break1: We are taking heavy losses! [panicked]
Morale_Break2: The seals are breaking! [panicked]
Morale_Break3: Our blessing has faded! [panicked]
Morale_Restored1: We shall not falter.
Morale_Restored2: Reclaim yourselves for the enemy still lives!
Morale_Restored3: We are still alive! Gather yourself...
Charge1: March forth for the Emperor!
Charge2: Forward, FORWARD!!!
Charge3: Charge for he is with us!
Charge4: Expunge them with blessed fury!
Charge5: They dare live?!?! Attack!!!
Jump_Teleport1: By the Emperor, lets not do that again!
Jump_Teleport2: No more warp shenanigans, please.
Jump_Teleport3: Oh we have made it! Thank the Emperor.
Jump_Teleport4: Two arms two legs, still pure.
Deepstrike1: From the blessed skies.
Deepstrike2: I am in the fray.
Ability1: Feel his Holy Might!
Ability2: My might is his and his will rain down upon you!
Ability3: War is nothing like the hell I shall bring you!
Ability4: Holy Blessings for all.
Ability5: Sing the litany, sing with me!
Ability6: Purity and salvation in the Emperor's Light.
Ability7: [Righteous Fury] I feel his burning light!
Ability8: [Righteous Fury] Doom is upon you!
Ability9: [Righteous Fury] Your life is forfeit!
Ability10: [Fanatical Charge] Heresy will be obliterated!
Ability11: [Fanatical Charge] You cannot escape my wrath!
Ability12: [Fanatical Charge] Your doom upon you!
Combat1: This will be over quickly.
Combat2: You will bleed you ingrate!
Combat3: Glory in death, glory in his name!
Combat4: Your bones will shatter with your will!
Combat5: Death cometh!
Combat6: I will stain the ground with your grey matter!
Combat7: This will be.. magnificent!!!
Combat8: You will falter!
Combat9: [Laughing]
Combat10: [more Laughing]
Combat11: [even more Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry] RAAAAAAAAGH!
Combat13: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry] Heeee ARGH
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells and battle cries] Heeeee, Hrgh, EGH!
Under_Fire1: Taking fire!
Under_Fire2: Projectiles flying towards us!
Under_Fire3: They are putting dents in us.
Damage1: I've been hit!
Damage2: Emperor, protect these wounds.
Damage3: Blood is leaving my body.
Death1: Glory to him..
Death2: Suffer not the... ughhhh.
Death3: In.. His.. Name...
Death4: I have failed you.
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams] Ehguuuuu.
Legatine Superior
The Legatine is among the highest ranking Sisters in any Order Militant of the Adepta Sororitas. The most skilled of warriors and the greatest spiritual leaders the Sororitas possess. One day she will become a Canoness or a Prioress and while she is also a great spiritual leader, I depict this one as a more ambitious and arrogant individual.
Unit_Complete1: MY gospel starts here.
Unit_Complete2: I am daughter to the Emperor!
Unit_Complete3: Ready to save the day, again.
Unit_Complete4: My light shall burn the brightest.
Unit_Complete5: PRAY! Like I do..
Unit_Complete6: LEGATINE..!  For now.. [pronounced “Leg-ah-tine”]
Unit_Complete7: Let´s be done with this.
Selection1: My faith is second to NONE!
Selection2: I have seen many battles. Just like this one.
Selection3: I am one, above many.
Selection4: One day I will ascend to sainthood.
Selection5: No man can order ME around.
Selection6: Do not question my devotion.
Selection7: Another day, another Heresy.
Selection8: Do not stare, it might blind you.
Selection9: Soon-to-Be-Prioress responding.
Move1: My faith leads me there.
Move2: No man shall stand in my way.
Move3: Saint Katherine once said: There is only duty and blood.
Move4: I will be first in the fray.
Move5: Fear? I have no use for that!
Move6: The grip of my weapon gives me confidence.
Move7: Every move gets me closer to promotion.
Move8: No one can hold me back.
Move9: This world will burn.
Attack1: Heretics! Xenos! Your fate is sealed! [pronounced “Zee-nos”]
Attack2: I shall deliver cleansing!
Attack3: They shall fall to my skill!
Attack4: Hand them to fire!
Attack5: I am your end!
Attack6: Their death shall add to my reputation!
Attack7: My sisters will sing of my elegance.
Attack8: With elegance and force!
Attack9: Fire and sword are mine to command!
Capture1: Verses IV-V, Chapter X, Volume LII: So shall it be unto the end of time.
Capture2: I will plant the banner, remember it!
Capture3: With efficiency.
Capped1: My deeds shall be remembered.
Capped2: My potential is LIMITLESS.
Capped3: A simple task.. Too simple.
Join1: Sisters, be humble to my presence.
Join2: Sisters, I shall rely on you.
Join3: You may take part in my ascent.
Detach1: Pray. That I return to you.
Detach2: Not, worth my guidance.
Detach3: I am required elsewhere.
Load_Transport1: Bring me forth.
Load_Transport2: I trust your driving.
Unload_Transport1: Almost, fast enough.
Unload_Transport2: What now?
Morale_Break1: I can´t do it alone!
Morale_Break2: My efforts are in vain!
Morale_Break3: There is no way forward!
Morale_Restored1: I shall strike back.
Morale_Restored2: I will humble myself.
Morale_Restored3: No Daemon shall break me again.
Charge1: Light the spark!
Charge2: Fire AND sword!
Charge3: Get them close!
Charge4: For the THRONE!
Jump_Teleport1: With the wind of justice.
Jump_Teleport2: Up!
Deepstrike1: We are Valkyries!
Deepstrike2: Out of my way!
Ability1: I bless the burning heretic!
Ability2: They shall not resist.
Ability3: There will be nothing left.
Ability4: Fight by my side!
Ability5: Remember our prayer!
Combat1: You are NOTHING!
Combat3: Word of the Emperor!
Combat4: You DARE apposing ME?!
Combat5: My blade speaks prayer!
Combat6: The heat is his blessing.
Combat7: Your rage will not save you!
Combat8: Push them BACK!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: They are trying to stop me!
Under_Fire3: Here they are! Throw them back!
Damage1: Don´t waste my potential!
Damage2: My armor is breaking!
Damage3: Send a Hospitaller! [pronounced "Hos-pit-all-er"]
Death1: Regret…
Death2: Carry my name...
Death3: Forgive me… Emperor… [say “Emperor” as if slowly dying off]
Death4: Great… darkness….
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: Hghnnn.
Death9: *various other death sounds*
Curia Advance/Superior
The Curia Advance has been forged in the crucible of war and catastrophe, honed by faith and discipline. These Sisters' skills encompass not only the healer’s arts, but also personal survival and the stewardship of those under their care in the harshest and most deadly of circumstances.
Unit_Complete1: Show me the wounded.
Unit_Complete2: Hospitalla ready for duty. [pronounced "Hos-pit-all-ah"]
Unit_Complete3: The stench of injury is an insult to the Emperor!
Unit_Complete4: Oh father of all. Let me cure your loyal daughters.
Unit_Complete5: I pray for cure but I’m ready for battle.
Unit_Complete6: I have seen the suffering. I will end it.
Unit_Complete7: You may call me.. Sister Curia. [pronounced "Cur-e-ah"]
Selection1: Hospitalla on duty.
Selection2: Sisters healed and ready.
Selection3: We bring cure to all.
Selection4: The Emperor is gentle to those who follow.
Selection5: There will always be pain.
Selection6: To endure pain, is to devote oneself.
Selection7: Sometimes the healer suffers the most.
Selection8: Pain cleanses the flesh.
Selection9: The body of every battle sister is divine.
Move1: The Saints guide my hands.
Move2: Help, is on its way.
Move3: I have seen worse.
Move4: I set forth upon the path to sainthood.
Move5: Where are the wounded?
Move6: My sisters follow your command.
Move7: Our very flesh is sacred.
Move8: My Prayers will shield my sisters.
Move9: With no delay! My sisters need me.
Attack1: I will attend the slaughter.
Attack2: With upmost precision!
Attack3: I will cure the enemy!
Attack4: We fear nor pain nor suffer!
Attack5: Blasphemous mutation!
Attack6: Cut right to the heart sisters!
Attack7: Their guts are weak with unholy pestilence!
Attack8: Cure them in holy flames!
Attack9: With the fury of the hospitaller!
Capture1: Establishing medical perimeter.
Capture2: I shall be committed.
Capture3: We all do our part.
Capped1: The perimeter is set! Bring the wounded.
Capped2: I will tend my sisters now.
Capped3: We paid for it in blood and pain. It is ours eternally.
Join1: Greetings fighting sisters. Let us pray.
Join2: Are you hurt sister?
Join3: You are neither the first, nor the last.
Detach1: My attention is needed elsewhere.
Detach2: Farewell sisters of battle.
Detach3: I shall return.
Load_Transport1: Wherever my blessings are needed.
Load_Transport2: The Order commands.
Unload_Transport1: Brace yourself sisters!
Unload_Transport2: This place smells of death.
Morale_Break1: Saints help us! We are being mutilated!
Morale_Break2: I can´t staunch the flow!
Morale_Break3: My healing is not enough!
Morale_Restored1: Our wounds are not fatal.
Morale_Restored2: Get up sisters let me see your pain.
Morale_Restored3: Our Saints never die!
Charge1: My hour has come!
Charge2: Let me see them suffer!
Charge3: I won´t let them live!
Charge4: Crimson tides!
Charge5: Feel the gift of a healer!
Jump_Teleport1: Get me closer.
Jump_Teleport2: What, adverse effect?
Deepstrike1: With precision!
Deepstrike2: Flight of angels.
Ability1: Feel the might of the Hospitaller! [pronounced "Hos-pitaller"]
Ability2: Your suffering strengthens our faith!
Ability3: You are beyond help!
Ability4: The saints protect us.
Ability5: You shall not fear mutilation.
Combat1: The divine will restore our bodies.
Combat2: Show me the injuries.
Combat3: The weak will break, we fight on!
Combat4: Fear my vengeance!
Combat5: I will avenge my fallen sisters.
Combat6: By my Oath. I will safe my sisters.
Combat7: You will die by the hand of a surgeon.
Combat8: The Emperor guides my hands!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: Adepta Curia, taking fire!
Under_Fire2: They are aiming for the pure.
Under_Fire3: The suffering has begun.
Damage1: I can´t save all of them.
Damage2: Our sacred bodies are failing!
Damage3: The injuries are mounting beyond help.
Death1: My body is beyond... healing.
Death2: I ... cannot ...
Death3: The pain is fading!
Death4: Take me... into your... forgiving.. hands...
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
Nunciate Superior
A bringer of massages and preacher of the holy word of terra. She speaks many languages so for those lines which require a specific accent please use Google Translate here for translation and how to pronounce: https://www.google.c...line translator
Unit_Complete1: My word be heard!
Unit_Complete2: The letter of faith will persevere.
Unit_Complete3: My word is the law of the empire.
Unit_Complete4: I shall preach of our father.
Unit_Complete5: This book contains war and peace in its purest form.
Unit_Complete6: Prayer shall banish corruption.
Unit_Complete7: The holy books speak to me.
Selection1: Do not question my word.
Selection2: The Ecclesiarchy speaks thru me. [pronounced "E-clease-e-archy"]
Selection3: The holy word is undying.
Selection4: Sacred is my word.
Selection5: High Gothic! Do you speak it?
Selection6: Countless blessings need to be said.
Selection7: Heilig ist der Imperator. Sein Wille geschehe! [German]
Selection7b: Holy is the Emperor. His will be done! [Use a German accent here]
Selection8: Saint est l'empereur. Sa volonté soit faite. [French]
Selection8b: Saint is the emperor. His will is done. [Use a French accent here]
Selection9: Santo es el emperador. Se haga su voluntad. [Spanish]
Selection9b: Holy is the emperor. Your will be done. [Use a Spanish accent here]
Move1: I shall preach there.
Move2: Each of my words is a prayer to his glory!
Move3: Zealous incantation is the noblest use of voice and mind.
Move4: Chant with every step.
Move5: iVamos! [Spanish]
Move5b: Come on! [Use a Spanish accent here]
Move6: Imperator erat, sanctificetur nomen tuum! [Latin]
Move6b: Emperor was hallowed be thy name! [Use a High Gothic English accent here]
Move7: I will carry my writings.
Move8: No word shall be forgotten.
Move9: My mind is pure.
Attack1: My prayers shall smite them!
Attack2: Do not object!
Attack3: I protest your existence!
Attack4: They are enemy to his word!
Attack5: Don´t listen to them!
Attack6: I have read of them!
Attack7: I recognize them from my studies!
Attack8: No preachings will save them!
Attack9: It has been written!
Capture1: I shall write about that.
Capture2: My word has power here.
Capture3: The Order militant follows strict protocol.
Capped1: We shall send message to Ophelia.
Capped2: I am our annalist!
Capped3: It shall be marked on every map.
Join1: I shall preach to them.
Join2: Listen. Sisters.
Join3: Have you considered an oath of silence?
Detach1: Remember my word.
Detach2: We have studied the gospels.
Detach3: May the Emperor speak to you.
Load_Transport1: I shall read to you.
Load_Transport2: I shall tell you directions.
Unload_Transport1: I have read of this place.
Unload_Transport2: I shall write of this journey.
Morale_Break1: They ignore our words!
Morale_Break2: The holy book is stained!
Morale_Break3: My voice is failing!
Morale_Restored1: I have made sense of those words.
Morale_Restored2: Thee shall rewrite the holy text.
Morale_Restored3: I remembered the words. I have found my salvation.
Charge1: Pray. Preach. Purge!
Charge2: Speak. Sing. Slay!
Charge3: Reduce their meaning!
Charge4: Chant. Cherish. Cleanse!
Charge5: Read. Repeat. Remember!
Jump_Teleport1: They WILL hear me!
Jump_Teleport2: Upon the written path.
Deepstrike1: I will rewrite them.
Deepstrike2: The annals shall speak of this day.
Ability1: Your name will be forgotten.
Ability2:  I speak.. Thy shall perish!
Ability3: I write thy of.
Ability4: My massage is salvation to us all.
Ability5: See the words of our Abbess!
Combat1: I speak clearly!
Combat2: The runes carry might!
Combat3: Words forged into metal!
Combat4: The word is mightier than the sword!
Combat5: My sword is the word of the Ecclesiarchy!
Combat6: I sentence thy!
Combat7: No word can describe battle!
Combat8: The last words you hear are MINE!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: They want to silence us!
Under_Fire2:  Those abominations were described before.
Under_Fire3: Every shoot endangers the holy books!
Damage1: Abbess! Bless my last words!
Damage2: This… pain.. cannot be described…
Damage3: My words…covered in .. BLOOD?!
Death1: Write of me…
Death2: My calling.
Death3: The word.. it shall never be.. silenced..
Death4: I talk too much…
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: YEeeearrrrghhhh!!
Death8: *various other death sounds*


Pious Vorne, Missionary Zealot
An absolute pyromaniac. Somewhat socially stunted and quiet, keeping herself silent apart from the occasional prayer and Spartan exchange... But once the flamer spews she goes mad with religious ecstasy.
Written By: Dontask4470
Edited By: Thudmeizer
Unit_Complete1: I am Pious Vorne. [pronounced "Py-ous Vor-ne"]
Unit_Complete2: Where is the Purifier?
Unit_Complete3: Where is Thaddeus, I was his companion. [pronounced "Thad-e-us"]
Unit_Complete4: I do not care what you want of me, it only matters that sinners burn.
Unit_Complete5: I only do the work of the Emperor.
Unit_Complete6: If the Emperor wills it, I will be there.
Unit_Complete7: I care only that the foul burn.
Unit_Complete8: The Emperor’s judgement is... Scalding.
Selection1: Look into the flame.
Selection2: Fire purifies everything.
Selection3: What doesn’t burn, melts.
Selection4: The Emperor’s light is a warm embrace.
Selection5: Yes?
Selection6: I carry judgement in my hands.
Selection7: Sinners burn oh so nicely.
Selection8: Where is a purge needed?
Selection9: Conflagration awaits the wicked.
Move1: Agreed.
Move2: I move.
Move3: Where do you need me?
Move4: Where the Emperor guides me.
Move5: Yes.
Move6: Moving.
Move7: I go.
Move8: I move with purpose.
Move9: Onward.. into battle.
Attack1: Cleanse and burn! Burn! BURN!!!
Attack2: Let the Emperor sort them out!
Attack3: It would be my pleasure.
Attack4: Oh... The ecstasy of zealous wrath.
Attack5: My prayers burn.
Attack6: In fire, all is forgiven!
Attack7: Fire purifies all!
Attack8: Be set ablazed!
Attack9: A viable ignition source.
Attack10: [suppressed giggling]
Capture1: Should I burn it?
Capture2: Fine, I won’t burn it.
Capture3: It will be the Emperors, as it should be.
Capped1: One more realm for the Emperor.
Capped2: Conquered, for the Emperor.
Capped3: Victory, let us pray.
Join1: I am not good with people, so I burn them.
Join2: Come with me. Now.
Join3: Follow me. Or else.
Detach1: Leave.
Detach2: I want to be alone. Leave.
Detach3: I will do without you.
Load_Transport1: Drive. Now!
Load_Transport2: You drive, or I’ll burn you.
Unload_Transport1: Stop, open the door.
Unload_Transport2: I’m going, open the door.
Morale_Break1: Why won’t they burn?
Morale_Break2: The flame falters!
Morale_Break3: Emperor help me!
Morale_Restored1: I will redeem myself, with the burning of others!
Morale_Restored2: I’m alright.
Morale_Restored3: Right, I will atone for my sins.
Charge1: Burn.
Charge2: You’re in for a world of fire.
Charge3: Fire purifies all thoughts.
Charge4: My only desire is to burn for the Emperor.
Charge5: I must think of fire, nothing else.
Charge6: Fire, fire, fire!
Charge7: [suppressed laughter]
Charge8: [another suppressed laughter]
Jump_Teleport1: I loathe this.
Jump_Teleport2: Teleportation is cursed.
Jump_Teleport3: If you insist...
Jump_Teleport4: Through the vile Warp.
Jump_Teleport5: Transfer me through this accursed realm.
Jump_Teleport6: Grant me safe passage from within this foul place.
Deepstrike1: Down upon them.. with both righteous blade and divine flame.
Deepstrike2: My fiery wrath is delivered!
Ability1: This? It will burn! *laugh*
Ability2: I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t burn it!
Ability3: Watch This!
Ability4: My will shall not be defiled!
Ability5: None can deny me this day!
Ability6: I am without defeat!
Ability7: [joyous Laughter]
Ability8: [more joyous Laughter]
Combat1: Foul sinners!
Combat2: The Emperor will be pleased with this pyre! [pronounced "pie-er"]
Combat3: Thaddeus, are you watching?
Combat4: I am blessed! I am truly blessed!
Combat5: So warm!
Combat6: Oh mighty Emperor, He-On-Terra, divine ruler of all mankind, witness this pyre, and rejoice in the judgement of souls!
Combat7: *Laugh* I haven’t had this much fun in years!
Combat8: Holy expurgation!
Combat9: Be absolved by hallowed fire!
Combat10: Only cinders and ash shall remain!
Combat11: [maniacal Laughing]
Combat12: [more maniacal Laughing]
Combat13: [even more maniacal Laughing]
Combat14: [joyous laughter]
Combat15: [more joyous laughter]
Combat16: [satisfied pyromaniac muttering]
Combat17: [another satisfied pyromaniac muttering]
Combat18: [aggressive evil yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat19: [another aggressive evil yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat20: [yet another aggressive evil yell and/or battle cry]
Under_Fire1: The fire calls!
Under_Fire2: Burn, burn, burn!
Under_Fire3: Oh Emperor, this is truly a great day!
Damage1: Resist.. the pain... [sound as if trying to fight back the agony]
Damage2: These wounds.. mean nothing.  
Damage3: I shall never capitulate!
Damage4: [damage grunt]
Damage5: [another damage grunt]
Damage6: [yet another damage grunt]
Death1: Let me join the Emperor... please...
Death2: Forgive me, please...
Death3: My body.. fuels the unending.. fire...
Death4: Peace is mine.. at.. last..
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [an additional death moan or scream]
Death Cult Assassin
The Death Cults are illegal groups within the Imperium of Men that worships the God-Emperor through death and blood (meaning mostly human sacrifice). Death Cult Assassins (mostly portrait female) however follow this doctrine by executing the most challenging assassinations imaginable in the name of the Emperor, making themselves a versatile tool and often necessary evil for the inquisition and other forces within the Imperium.
Unit_Complete1: Death is my faith!
Unit_Complete2: The cult has sent skill and faith.
Unit_Complete3: Death is my purpose.
Unit_Complete4: My blade sings with saintly voice.
Unit_Complete5: In the face of the throne, honor is meaningless.
Unit_Complete6: I am the tool of death!
Unit_Complete7: The Emperor gives the Emperor takes away! Blessed be his name!
Selection1: We all owe blood to the throne!
Selection2: Death pays for life!
Selection3: The blade itself incites to deeds of violence.
Selection4: Death to all! [said as if like a creepy whisper]
Selection5: The Emperor's Will cannot be denied.
Selection6: The holy throne stands upon a mountain of bones.
Selection7: In death the Emperor leads us!
Selection8: We repay in blood, what is priced in deaths.
Selection9: I know the Emperor’s purpose.
Move1: Silence before storm!
Move2: I dance on the corpses.
Move3: Today is a day of worship!
Move4: The blade hungers!
Move5: I heard you.
Move6: The Ordo Commands? [pronounced "Or-doe"]
Move7: We collect what is due.
Move8: With deadly speed.
Move9: No escape from death.
Attack1: Death has come for you and will not be denied!
Attack2: Still the flesh!
Attack3: I offer redemption.
Attack4: Life is waste, death has purpose!
Attack5: More blood for the throne!
Attack6: Part the flesh, free the bones!
Attack7: I find the weak points!
Attack8: The glory of death is upon ye!
Attack9: Prove your worth in death!
Capture1: That’s not a sacrifice!
Capture2: I'm not here for land.
Capture3: I will offer to it.
Capped1: I will spill blood over this.
Capped2: Another petty sacrifice.
Capped3: I did what you wanted.
Join1: Death joins you in cause.
Join2: Welcome my true belief!
Join3: I will cut out the weakness.
Detach1: We will part... for now.
Detach2: They are less than worthy.
Detach3: Death will unite us.
Load_Transport1: With blood in mind.
Load_Transport2: Where to?
Unload_Transport1: Prey awaits.
Unload_Transport2: Bring me to the edge.
Morale_Break1: My blades are dull!
Morale_Break2: The price is to high! We are not worthy!
Morale_Break3: They are not bleeding!
Morale_Restored1: Bring new swords! My purpose has returned.
Morale_Restored2: Cut us! We will repent!
Morale_Restored3: The blade is broken, the assassin fights on!
Charge2: Slice them up!
Charge3: Harvest! Sacrifice!
Charge4: Ruin life, thrive in death!
Charge5: The dance of death!
Jump_Teleport1: The void calls
Jump_Teleport2: Jump the valley of death.
Deepstrike1: Bring me in behind!
Deepstrike2: A modest approach...
Ability1: Relief the flesh!
Ability2: The Blade is thirsty!
Ability3: Blessed the weapon that cuts on its own.
Ability4: All corpses are equal to the throne.
Ability5: Don't lose your head.
Ability7: Draw the curtain. [Infiltrate]
Ability8: Behind the shadows. [Infiltrate]
Ability9: Into the darkness. [Infiltrate]
Combat1: Come.... Dance... with death!
Combat2: I'll cut all your limbs, no matter the count!
Combat3: *ecstatic howling*
Combat4: Your size does not threaten my skill!
Combat5: You will die for the throne!
Combat6: Do not deny death!
Combat7: No one will be left unharmed.
Combat8: EMPEROR.. accept thy offering!
Combat9: [crazy laughing]
Combat10: [more crazy laughing]
Combat11: [even more crazy laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat13: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells and battle cries]
Under_Fire1: A traitor has revealed my position!
Under_Fire2: They have spotted the dancer!
Under_Fire3: They try to disturb the sacrifice.
Damage1: The blades go numb...
Damage2: That is my blood! *crazy laughter turning into screeching*
Damage3: The throne ... calls me!
Death1: My blood for the throne. bleh....
Death2: Curse... you....
Death3: Empero...r [fade out as spoken]
Death4: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... [again, fade out as spoken]
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]


Dogmata (Ordo Hereticus Chaplain)
The Dogmata oversees punishing disloyal members of the Sisters of Battle and acts authoritative and threatening. She has no concern for the lives of others and hates everything that isn't an obedient Battle Sister. These are high ranking Sisters of Battle, effectively fulfilling the same as the Chaplains of the Space Marines. She has the authority to sentence any sister found wanting into becoming a Repentia, or at worse a Penitent as well as when their redemption has been achieved. Overzealous, pious and stern, just as any other Chaplain.
Written By: Punished Crab / Kekoulis
Edited By: Thudmeizer
Unit_Complete1: Bring me to the front lines! (Authoritative)
Unit_Complete2: How many traitors are in this force? (Muttered)
Unit_Complete3: Demons can wear the skin of angels. (Preaching)
Unit_Complete4: Ecclesiarchal Dogmata, reporting in. (Serious) [pronounced "Ehc-KLEE-zee-arch"]
Unit_Complete5: Sisters, your time of judgement is now! (Fervent)
Unit_Complete6: Only fire can destroy darkness. (Preaching)
Unit_Complete7: Sinners beware, they're in for a scare. (Muttered)
Unit_Complete8: I will maintain order.
Unit_Complete9: Prove your purity.
Unit_Complete10: By his grace, I have arrived.
Unit_Complete11: I am the Emperor's will made manifest.
Unit_Complete12: Trust no one, not even yourself
Unit_Complete13: No such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.
Unit_Complete14: No sister shall dare stagger in her faith.
Selection1: Dogmata at your service. (Serious)
Selection2: Heretics... everywhere... (Muttered)
Selection3: The tolerant share the sinner's crimes. (Preaching)
Selection4: I am judge and executioner! (Serious)
Selection5: All must die for the Emperor. (Calm)
Selection6: I am always ready. (Serious)
Selection7: No innocents, only traitors... (Muttered)
Selection8: I shall inspire the Sisters. (Confident)
Selection9: Emperor, bless me with your fire. (Quietly, spoken quickly)
Selection10: Dogmata stands ready.
Selection11: What is required of me?
Selection12: None shall fall under my watch.
Selection13: Purity of mind, purity of will.
Selection14: Remain vigilant.
Selection15: You have no reason to fear me, do you?
Selection16: Fear his judgement, not mine.
Selection17: We are all but His servants.
Selection18: Obey the Creed.
Move1: Forward! (Authoritatively)
Move2: Greater heresies are elsewhere. (Serious)
Move3: The Emperor grants speed. (Calm)
Move4: Walk in His light or burn in His fire! (Fervent)
Move5: Quickly now! (Angrily)
Move6: Keep pace or suffer the consequences. (Calmly)
Move7: Standing still... assassins everywhere... (Muttered)
Move8: Don't rest until I say. (Authoritative)
Move9: Emperor guide my path. (Quietly)
Move10: As you wish.
Move11: A wise suggestion.
Move12: Retreat is pointless.
Move13: Always forward.
Move14: Carrying his light into a sea of darkness.
Move15: With haste and determination.
Move16: I shall guide the masses.
Move17: Very well.
Move18: Faith and duty.
Attack1: Heretics die next. (Calm)
Attack2: Emperor, guide my fire. (Quietly)
Attack3: I have a power maul, with many names written on it! (Aggressive)
Attack4: The Emperor judges, I act. (Preaching)
Attack5: Weakness invites corruption. (Muttered)
Attack6: Sisters, follow me. The faithful need our light! (Fervent)
Attack7: Thy will be done. (Quietly)
Attack8: I've fought greater battles at the Schola. (Disdainful) (Schola is pronounced "Skol-la")
Attack9: Their end approaches, borne by His might. (Serious)
Attack10: I am the judge and the executioner.
Attack11: Damnation is upon you!
Attack12: They shall see the power of our faith!
Attack13: As we destroy the heretic, we show our loyalty.
Attack14: The fires of the righteous shall cleanse all sinners!
Attack15: Rejoice in the damnation of evil!
Attack16: The Sisterhood spares no one!
Attack17: They have been condemned.
Attack18: Find absolution in holy battle, sinner!
Capture1: This point should be burned first. (Disgusted)
Capture2: Our control expands. (Serious)
Capture3: All shall know that the Sororitas is here! (Aggressive) [pronounced "So-ROAR-ee-tahs"]
Capture4: It is an honour.
Capture5: I will purify it in his name!
Capture6: It will belong to the Order.
Capped1: This banner is raised in the Emperor's name! (Fervently)
Capped2: Our momentum increases. Press on! (Serious)
Capped3: This point is now holy ground. (Calm)
Capped4: A testament to our faith!
Capped5: Location purified.
Capped6: The Emperor smiles upon us.
Join1: Expel all thoughts of cowardice. (Threatening)
Join2: You will join me, or you will "Repent". (Calm. Threatening on "repent")
Join3: The Emperor watches. We cannot disappoint him. (Preaching)
Join4: Sisters, the time has come.
Join5: No one who is true to the Emperor has to be afraid.
Join6: Sister, have my worries.
Detach1: My presence is needed elsewhere. (Calm)
Detach2: Keep fighting! (Authoritative)
Detach3: Are they loyal... or clever heretics? (Muttered)
Detach4: You have passed. The Emperor is pleased.
Detach5: Do well... Or I'll be back.
Detach6: Your faith has been commendable. Carry on.
Load_Transport1: If I see *one* Tech Priest... (Annoyed)
Load_Transport2: Onwards, and don't crash. (Threatening)
Load_Transport3: Drive, now.
Load_Transport4: This shall be my chariot.
Unload_Transport1: Thank you, driver. (Politely)
Unload_Transport2: The driver was *not* a traitor. (Calmly)
Unload_Transport3: Your faith has been vindicated sister, scarry on.
Unload_Transport4: Your service has been commendable.
Morale_Break1: I AM SURROUNDED BY SINNERS! (Angry)
Morale_Break2: Everyone around me is a coward! (Angry)
Morale_Break3: Emperor protect me! I need your grace! (Panicking)
Morale_Break4: This cannot be!
Morale_Break5: This is just a test!
Morale_Break6: The Emperor is testing our faith!
Morale_Restored1: We cannot shame the Order! (Seriously)
Morale_Restored2: Remember those martyred before us! (Fervent)
Morale_Restored3: I can't make *myself* a Repentia [laughing] (Relaxed)    [pronounced "Repent-ia"]
Morale_Restored4: I shall do penance!
Morale_Restored5: The Emperor sees us strong!
Morale_Restored6: Praise onto the Holy Emperor, he who has preserved us!
Charge1: For the Emperooor! (Loud. The only way to say this line)
Charge2: With me Sisters, charge! (Authoritative)
Charge3: Kill every last one of them! (Angry)
Charge4: Today is a good day to spill blood. (Calm)
Charge5: Last one to fight is a rotten heretic! (Disgusted)
Charge7: By the Emperor none will survive!
Charge8: Fires of absolution!
Charge9: Submit to my mace!
Charge10: *ROAR* [like a mighty battlecry]
Jump_Teleport1: We must continue our advance. (Serious)
Jump_Teleport2: Take us to our next Crusade. (Authoritative)
Jump_Teleport3: The hounds of righteousness are everywhere! (Fervent)
Jump_Teleport4: Heretics will find no respite! (Aggressive)
Jump_Teleport5: I always hate this part. (Annoyed)
Jump_Teleport6: [Groan] Teleportation... (Muttered)
Jump_Teleport7: Teleporter active.
Jump_Teleport8: Closing the distance.
Jump_Teleport9: Jumping.
Deepstrike1: Greetings heretics, prepare to die. (Calm)
Deepstrike2: It's simple. I am everywhere! (Threatening)
Ability1: So... sickening! (Disgusted)
Ability2: Know that the Emperor hates you. (Angry)
Ability3: Begone, heretic! (Angry)
Ability4: The Emperor protects! (Fervently)
Ability5: The galaxy is HIS domain, remember this. (Preaching)
Ability6: Faith protects us from the darkness. (Calmly)
Ability7: Emperor guide my throw! (Aggressive) [Frag Grenade]
Ability8: From Mars, with love. [chuckle] (Quietly) [Frag Grenade]
Ability9: When zealotry is insufficient, use explosives. (Amused) [Frag Grenade]
Ability10: Deploy grenades! (Authoritative) [Frag Grenade]
Ability11: Deploy bigger grenades! (Authoritative) [Krak Grenade]
Ability12: *Clearly* bullets did not get the point across. (Annoyed) [Krak Grenade]
Ability13: Heretics, be gone. (Threatening) [Krak Grenade]
Ability14: [Laughter] Bombs away! (Amused) [Krak Grenade]
Ability15: [Insane laughing] I hate enemy armor! (Excited) [Melta Bomb]
Ability16: Emperor bless the Servitor who builds Meltas. (Affectionately) [Melta Bomb]
Ability17: I love the smell of Meltas in the morning. (Calm) [Melta Bomb]
Ability18: Deploy even bigger grenades! (Authoritatively) [Melta Bomb]
Ability19: My faith is my shield! (Aggressively) [Rosarius]
Ability20: Your weapons are even more worthless. (Smug) [Rosarius]
Ability21: Now is the perfect time to strike! (Serious) [Rosarius]
Ability22: Mankind's spirit is unbreakable! (Fervent) [Rosarius]
Ability23: Their weakness shows, strike now! (Authoritative) [Litanies of Hate]
Ability24: Gaze upon their wracked forms, pitiful. (Disgusted) [Litanies of Hate]
Ability25: This is the fate of those who anger the Emperor. (Calm) [Litanies of Hate]
Ability26: I love how their faces contort. (Muttered) [Litanies of Hate]
Ability27: Sound the sermons of Hate! [Cataclysms of Hate]
Ability28: Intone with me Sisters! [Cataclysms of Hate]
Ability29: Let us sing of their destruction! [Cataclysms of Hate]
Combat1: Another crushed skull. (Calm)
Combat2: You heretics haven't scratched me! (Aggressive)
Combat3: Any Sister not fighting will "Repent". (Threatening)    
Combat4: When all you have is a hammer... [chuckle] (Joking)
Combat5: Combat is the greatest form of prayer! (Preaching)
Combat6: I will end you. Your friends, afterwards. (Calm)
Combat7: Heretics, heretics, when will you learn? (Smug)
Combat8: For the Emperor! (Louder than usual)
Combat9: Disgraceful!
Combat10: Face the greater judgement, heathen!
Combat11: Is that all you got, heretic?
Combat12: My faith is absolute!
Combat13: My faith has always been my shield!
Combat14: No step back!
Combat15: Long have I waited for this!
Combat16: Bah! You're barely worth it!
Combat17: [laughing]
Combat18: [more laughing]
Combat19: [even more laughing]
Combat20: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat21: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat22: [various other aggressive yells and battle cries]
Under_Fire1: Sisters I am pinned here! (Serious)
Under_Fire2: I require covering fire! (Authoritative)
Under_Fire3: They're focused on me, flank them! (Authoritative)
Under_Fire4: This won't shake me!
Under_Fire5: Today he tests us!
Under_Fire6: Under fire!
Damage1: My armor's been [coughing] breached! (Panicked)
Damage2: I will require... a Hospitaller. (Pained) [pronounced "Hos-pit-all-er"]
Damage3: St. Katherine! Protect me! (Weakened)
Damage4: Stand strong Sisters!
Damage5: I know no fear!
Damage6: I will not fall!
Damage7: [pain grunt]
Damage8: [another pain grunt]
Damage9: [yet another pain grunt]
Death1: Emperor... forgive... me... (Weak)
Death2: I have served [gasp] loyally. (Weak, pained at "loyally')
Death3: Oh, so it is my time... (Disappointed, quiet)
Death4: Carry on this crusade. (Progressively more quiet)
Death5: There is solace... in... death.
Death6: My duty ends.
Death7: I finally find peace.
Death8: Forgive me. I wasn't strong enough.
Death9: Arrgghhhh!
Death10: Geearrghh!
Death11: [various other death moans and screams]
The Palatine is a leader of the Ordo Hereticus, she should be voiced as a battle-hardened, mature, strong and motivational leader who inspires others.
Unit_Complete1: Pure of body and of mind, my faith is everlasting.
Unit_Complete2: Immaculate, I step forth. Ready to bring light to darkness.
Unit_Complete3: An open mind is like a fortress with her gates unguarded. Know then, that mine is closed.
Unit_Complete4: Orders Militant Mission commander reporting for duty.
Unit_Complete5: War is the only solution, for all war is just. I come to wage His light.
Unit_Complete6: Adeptus Sororitas, seconded to the Ordo Hereticus. Reporting for duty. [pronounced: "Add-ept-us So-roar-ri-tass" and "Ore-doe Her-et-tik-cus"]
Unit_Complete7: A faithful champion at your command.
Selection1: Ready to submit to the Emperor’s will.
Selection2: Innocence proves nothing. Who is in need of purging?
Selection3: My divine faith shows no sign of change.
Selection4: Battle Sisters! Arise!
Selection5: What is asked of me?
Selection6: Is there something planned?
Selection7: I shall meet your needs.
Selection8: Now what!?
Selection9: I understand what is needed.
Move1: Spread the might of the Emperor!
Move2: So be it.
Move3: Let us spread the everlasting faith.
Move4: Sororitas, advance! [pronounced: "So-roar-ri-tass"]
Move5: Onwards, Sisters! Continue the crusade!
Move6: Onwards! To victory!
Move7: Sisters! Follow me!
Move8: Where men cannot go, I march.
Move9: Where is this heresy? I shall root it out.
Attack1: It is they who oppose the might of the God-Emperor!
Attack2: Women under arms, advance!
Attack3: Kill them all! Let the Emperor sort them out!
Attack4: Mercy is for the weak!
Attack5: Kill the mutant! Burn the heretic! Purge the xenos! [pronounced: "Zee-nos"]
Attack6: We fight for His peace!
Attack7: Come, Sisters! Let the divine light cast away our foes!
Attack8: Purify them!
Attack9: Burn the filth! Save their souls!
Capture1: Cast your faith, Sisters!
Capture2: By the Emperor’s word, it shall be mine!
Capture3: By the Fiery Heart, it shall be ours!
Capped1: It is now in our loving arms. Go in peace, my child.
Capped2: Spreading the faith, one point at a time.
Capped3: In the name of the Daughters of the Emperor, I doth claim this prize.
Join1: Greetings, Battle Sisters.
Join2: Together, we shall smite heresy!
Join3: We few, we happy few; we band of Sisters!
Detach1: Farewell Sisters, until next we meet.
Detach2: I’m sure you are capable of purging by yourselves, you don’t need my assistance.
Detach3: I’ll see you Sisters on the front line.
Load_Transport1: Quick! Take me to the front line!
Load_Transport2: I am impatient for the ecstasy of war!
Unload_Transport1: Fear not Sisters, for I have arrived.
Unload_Transport2: Worthless transport, I’m better off walking!
Morale_Break1: All hope is lost!
Morale_Break2: Emperor forgive me, we must flee!
Morale_Break3: Sisters! Retreat!
Morale_Restored1: Lo, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shalt fear no evil. For the Emperor is with me.
Morale_Restored2: Show the heretics no fear! Remember the convent! Remember the Mission!
Morale_Restored3: Heresy is for the weak. Traitors and cowards will be rewarded with the Emperor’s peace.
Charge1: For the convent!
Charge2: For the mission!
Charge3: For our Father: for the Emperor!
Charge4: Hate is love! War is peace!
Charge5: Glory to the Imperium of Man!
Jump_Teleport1: The immaculate light of faith shall see us there.
Jump_Teleport2: I go where the Holy Inquisition asks, without question.
Deepstrike1: Bringing virginal light to darkness, I embark.
Deepstrike2: This Bloody Rose goes to bring faith to the faithless.
Ability1: By His light I smite thee!
Ability2: By the light of Saint Arabella, I liberate thy very soul!
Ability3: The flames of faith shall cleanse!
Ability4: I am light! I am purity! I am chastity!
Ability5: We are protected by faith!
Combat1: Thou shalt not live!
Combat2: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
Combat3: Prepare to die! At the hands of a woman!
Combat4: Die, heretic scum!
Combat5: You dare stand against me!?
Combat6: Slay! Slay them all!
Combat7: Purge the foul abominations!
Combat8: Believe or die!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: Taking fire!
Under_Fire2: Taking heavy fire!
Under_Fire3: Take cover!
Damage1: Soiled! We are soiled!
Damage2: [calling for a medic] Hospitaller! Hospitaller! [pronounced: "Hos-pi-tal-ler"]
Damage3: [shocked, as in “Oh God!”] Saint Mina! I am hit!
Death1: Courage lives forever!
Death2: I give my life that others might kill.
Death3: Father, I come to thee!
Death4: My virgin soul comes to thee!
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*


Ephrael Stern
Ephrael Stern was a Sister of Battle of the Order of Our Martyred Lady who was predestined to acquire special psychic abilities born of her unshakable faith in the Emperor of Mankind that far surpassed those of any ordinary psyker. Stern has been known by many titles during her long years in service to the God-Emperor - "Thrice-born," "The Daemonifuge," sainted saviour, heretical witch. Go for something a lot more understated. Ephrael has seen things you would not believe. Has questioned her faith more than once and had her whole world turned over several times. Bearer of knowledge forbidden she has carried weight that far exceeds those of a 'purer' mind. Calm, almost understated, but heavy.
Written By: Dontask
Edited By: Thudmeizer
Unit_Complete1: Destiny has led me to you.
Unit_Complete2: I serve the Emperor. Always.
Unit_Complete3: I am Ephrael Stern, bane of Chaos, doom of the Dark Prince. [pronounced "E-free-al"]
Unit_Complete4: The ultimate weapon against Chaos.
Unit_Complete5: It appears you summoned me at the pivotal tide of battle.
Unit_Complete6: Behold my coming for I will set these fell lands straight once more.
Unit_Complete7: Let the foe tremble by my sudden presence.
Selection1: I am Ephrael Stern.
Selection2: My faith is unshakable, my destiny-unavoidable.
Selection3: Don't fear me, I will help you.
Selection4: Thrice-born.
Selection5: I serve the Emperor.
Selection6: I'm no witch... I am an instrument of His will.
Selection7: I'm on a mission from the God-Emperor.
Selection8: Fate is a mischievous mistress.
Selection9: What do you need of me?
Move1: With unquestioning purpose.
Move2: I go.
Move3: As you wish.
Move4: My fate guides me.
Move5: Where fate leads me.
Move6: On my way to destiny.
Move7: As you will.
Move8: Only the Emperor can command me.
Move9: I shall heed your wish.
Attack1: If the Emperor wills it...
Attack2: They will set ablaze, mind and body alike.
Attack3: I see a pyre, and so shall there be one. [pronounced "pie-er"]
Attack4: I still have my bolter for these occasions.
Attack5: By my blade they will fall.
Attack6: I've seen many horrors... They're not one of them.
Attack7: My zeal is still there.
Attack8: Hm. Very well then.
Attack9: Sanctified by bolter, purified by flame.
Capture1: There will be no doubt it shall be mine.
Capture2: Its acquisition is assured.
Capture3: I will deny Chaos this prize.
Capped1: Let not darkness befall this place ever again!
Capped2: I now entrust this procurement into your hands.
Capped3: Look upon it now.. a shining monument against the forces of evil.
Join1: Follow me.
Join2: I see you fit to join me.
Join3: Follow me, don't ask questions.
Detach1: I must leave now.
Detach2: Our fates split.
Detach3: I take my leave.
Load_Transport1: Hit the pedal!
Load_Transport2: We need to get out of here, now.
Unload_Transport1: Thank you, take cover.
Unload_Transport2: My thanks to you, pilot.
Morale_Break1: My flesh melts!
Morale_Break2: I must... withdraw.
Morale_Break3: My mind burns!
Morale_Restored1: I'm not done yet.
Morale_Restored2: I'm rarely scared, you could call yourself a dying breed.
Morale_Restored3: I've regained my strength.
Charge1: Fear not the psyker, fear me. [pronounced "cy-ker"]
Charge2: My eyes are open, I see a very painful end for you.
Charge3: Fear me, heretic.
Charge4: Prepare thy selves for destruction.
Charge5: This heresy will not stand.
Charge6: [bellow out a battle scream or yell]
Charge7: [bellow out another battle scream or yell]
Charge8: [bellow out yet another battle scream or yell]
Jump_Teleport1: To the skies!
Jump_Teleport2: A strike from the heavens!
Jump_Teleport3: The Seraphim strike!
Jump_Teleport4: Beyond their accursed grasp!
Jump_Teleport5: They dare not follow where I tread!
Jump_Teleport6: Into the boundless vault I soar!
Deepstrike1: I am ready, I shall make myself known.
Deepstrike2: I've said my prayers, I am coming.
Ability1: I am the bane of Chaos, The doom of She Who Thirsts.
Ability2: Be gone.
Ability3: You are weak.
Ability4: The Emperor protects, and he protects me.
Ability5: We are saved by "HIS" righteous judgement.
Ability6: My unyielding Will remains steadfast through any adversity.
Ability7: Daemonifuge. [Daemonifuge] [pronounced "De-mon-ah-fuge"]
Ability8: Dispel these ruinous powers. [Daemonifuge]
Ability9: Cast down the fallen ones. [Daemonifuge]
Ability10: Frag grenade! [Frag Grenade]
Ability11: Fire in the hole! [Frag Grenade]
Ability12: Look out! [Frag Grenade]
Ability13: Krak grenade! [Krak Grenade]
Ability14: Shatter their armoured ranks! [Krak Grenade]
Ability15: Pierce the blackened heart! [Krak Grenade]
Ability16: Plasma grenade! [Plasma Grenade]
Ability17: Be thy consumed in hallowed fire! [Plasma Grenade]
Ability18: By holy flame do you now meet your end! [Plasma Grenade]
Ability19: These wretches cannot undo what is already divine! [Divine Protection]
Ability20: Your threats are no match for my abilities! [Divine Protection]
Ability21: Such pitiful witchcraft has no power here! [Divine Protection]
Ability22: No direct harm shall come to his faithful! [Divine Protection]
Combat1: Where's Kyganil when you need him? [pronounced "Kie-gah-nil"]
Combat2: I will burn you.
Combat3: If you don't run, you'll be nothing more than ash.
Combat4: Look into my eyes, can you see death?
Combat5: You stand before a sister superior, and a very angry one at that.
Combat6: I'm flattered to see you on your knees, but it is not me you should be praying to.
Combat7: Don't bother with talk.
Combat8: Sanctity will prevail.
Combat9: [laughing]
Combat10: [more laughing]
Combat11: [even more laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive combat grunt]
Combat13: [another aggressive combat grunt]
Combat14: [yet another aggressive combat grunt]
Under_Fire1: Quaint.
Under_Fire2: You've made a big mistake.
Under_Fire3: I've grown tired of bullets.
Damage1: The pain you cause... I can return a thousandfold.
Damage2: You cur...
Damage3: I can obliterate you with a thought.
Damage4: You're in for a world of pain...
Damage5: I have more scars than you have teeth.
Damage6: Let's make it even.
Damage7: [pain grunt]
Damage8: [another pain grunt]
Damage9: [yet another pain grunt]
Death1: I never dreamt my life would end like this...
Death2: I would laugh... If I could...
Death3: I have a purpose to fulfill...  I'm done yet...
Death4: I go now.. into his glorious.. light...
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]
Inquisitor (Radical)
A Radical Inquisitor with so much faith in the Emperor he'll praise him even on the verge of death.
Unit_Complete1: The Emperor's Holy Inquisition sent me to your aid.
Unit_Complete2: I am The Emperor's ears and eyes.
Unit_Complete3: I have come to your aid, troops.
Unit_Complete4: Do not fret, for I have arrived.
Unit_Complete5: Do not worry, I am here.
Unit_Complete6: We will purge the heretics.
Unit_Complete7: Follow my lead, my acolytes!
Selection1: Yes, my liege?
Selection2: What's thy bidding, lord?
Selection3: Speak your needs and I shall accomplish.
Selection4: How can I serve?
Selection5: The God-Emperor is here with us and he shall aid our quest.
Selection6: Yes, my lord?
Selection7: What is it?
Selection8: I shall do as you ask.
Selection9: A broad mind lacks focus.
Move1: I shall do so, my lord.
Move2: Let's move!
Move3: We march for the golden throne and for the God-Emperor of mankind! We march!
Move4: Do not run. You will only die tired.
Move5: Heresy grows from idleness.
Move6: His Word is our Strength!
Move7: He who picks up the sword against us, shall perish by it.
Move8: Hatred steels our resolve.
Move9: Hatred is the Emperor's greatest gift to humanity.
Attack5: Forgiveness is a sign of weakness!
Attack6: Forward Men, with loyalty to victory and glory!
Attack7: Follow the Emperor, and the glory of victory shall be yours!
Attack8: Faith is stronger than Adamantium! FAITH, is your BEST SHIELD!
Attack9: Destroy, destroy, destroy!
Capture1: We shall claim it in His name.
Capture2: We will do so, my lord.
Capture3: March and take it in his name!
Capped1: I have spread the Emperor's will here.
Capped2: His word is now here.
Capped3: The divine glory shall endure in this location.
Join1: You are my acolytes, so follow me!
Join2: Follow my lead, for it is the Emperor's will.
Join3: We will spread his judgement as one.
Detach1: I leave you to your own errands now.
Detach2: You have done excellently thus far.
Detach3: It is time we part ways.
Load_Transport1: Take me to the battlefield.
Load_Transport2: Pre-battle Prayer sounds and muttering.
Unload_Transport1: Now, it is time to cleanse.
Unload_Transport2: I will go into the midst of battle.
Morale_Restored1: The Emperor protects...
Morale_Restored2: [Thankful prayer muttering]
Morale_Restored3: I am back.. and more faithful than ever!
Charge1: CHARGE!
Charge2: ONWARD!
Charge4: Move forth and without doubt!
Charge5: March swiftly and with power in each step!
Jump_Teleport1: His power is limitless!
Jump_Teleport2: Witness me!
Deepstrike1: Behold, for I am here!
Deepstrike2: Behold!
Ability1: BURN IN HIS GLORIOUS WRATH! [Maniacal Laughter]
Ability4: Witness and behold, for his miracular will protect us!
Ability5: Fools, you cannot hope to overcome the Emperor's righteous glory!
Combat1: We have met with pestilent resistance!
Combat2: Unbelievable, heretics!
Combat3: You will be dead before I even tire!
Combat4: No day like the present to spread his will!
Combat5: I am ever vigilant, can you really hope to overcome it?!
Combat6: Ready for combat!
Combat7: Inquisitor prepared to spread the Emperor's magnificence!
Combat8: Open fire!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: We are under fire!
Under_Fire2: His will protects us from these harmless bullets!
Under_Fire3: All I need to deny firepower is faith!
Death1: Emperor, bless me...
Death2: I have done my best, my lord...
Death3: The Imperium is built on the sacrifice of martyrs... so be it...
Death4: I will be back once His will desires it that way.
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
Inquisitor (Radical) (Secondary)
The Inquisitor is a cunning individual that acts mostly independent. Inquisitors are responsible for investigating and dealing with all potential threats to the Imperium and to humanity. They are known for radical decisions against foes and allies alike if it fits their greater goal.
Unit_Complete1: I have arrived. Give me the Intel.
Unit_Complete2: In the name of the god-emperor I shall hold trial on this world.
Unit_Complete3: Why is my presence needed.
Unit_Complete4: My mind is like a righteous blade that cuts on its own.
Unit_Complete5: You may witness my success.
Unit_Complete6: I shall prosecute every blasphemy.
Unit_Complete7: No one expects me.
Selection1: Those who speak without faith cannot be trusted.
Selection2: I am more than a mere soldier. You should know that.
Selection3: The Inquisition doesn’t take anything “lightly”.
Selection4: I am a loyal servant to the emperor and the emperor alone.
Selection5: Another war-torn world. The air is thick with heresy.
Selection6: I have my eye on you.
Selection7: A mind blessed too small for doubt is the most trustworthy.
Selection8: The Sisters do love their flames; … They are excellent tools.
Selection9: Who are you again?
Move1: Investigating.
Move2: Show me those, who need to be tested.
Move3: Who are you to order me around?
Move4: This world smells of heresy.
Move5: Sanity is indeed a matter of my perspective.
Move6: They will NOT keep me waiting.
Move7: This better be worth my attention.
Move8: The empire is no place for selfishness.
Move9: To consort with the heretic is to endanger one's purity. But to lie to an Inquisitor is to forfeit your soul.
Attack1: They must be destroyed!
Attack2: I will engage... Now!
Attack3: The outrage ends here!
Attack4: All shall be judged!
Attack5: For Holy Terra!
Attack6: Leave no one alive!
Attack7: I will not risk my mission!
Attack8: Resistance is futile!
Attack9: It's impolite to play with your food. Be done with it!
Capture1: We will take it. The question is how many it will cost us.
Capture2: Fine, I´ll do it myself.
Capture3: This might be useful after all.
Capped1: There is no place for the weak-willed or hesitant.
Capped2: Only by firm action and resolute faith will mankind survive.
Capped3: You get more with a kind word and a gun than with just a kind word.
Join1: My patience isn't limitless... unlike my authority.
Join2: Do as I say.
Join3: You are now servants to the holy Inquisition.
Detach1: I'm an inquisitor. I do not get angry.
Detach2: You have done your deed. For now.
Detach3: He who allows the alien to live, shares the crime of its existence.
Load_Transport1: We lack time.
Load_Transport2: Bring me there. At once!
Unload_Transport1: The weak will always be led by the strong.
Unload_Transport2: Leaving vehicle.
Morale_Break1: Your servants are failing! Get me out of here!
Morale_Break3: I cannot die here! No matter the cost!
Morale_Restored1: I live! Their fate is sealed.
Morale_Restored2: Who are you to second-guess the will of the Emperor?
Morale_Restored3: They are Legion! But faith does not tire.
Charge2: By the Throne!
Charge3: Throw them back!
Charge4: GUILTY!
Charge5: Damned are those that consort with Chaos!
Jump_Teleport1: I shall not fear the warp.
Jump_Teleport2: The emperor guides me.
Deepstrike1: Judgement incoming.
Deepstrike2: Let justice be done through heavens fall!
Ability1: Your very existence shall not be remembered!
Ability2: I judge thy! Guilty!
Ability3: They will atone for all since.
Ability4: Foul sorcery shall not lay low the servants of the Emperor!
Ability5: This blasphemy shall not hinder you.
Combat1: On behalf of the emperor. I decide who dies!
Combat2: I banish you in his name!
Combat3: No sacrifice is too great! No treachery too small!
Combat4: No man can question my judgement!
Combat5: My faith shall strike you down!
Combat6: No more excuses!
Combat7: This place must be purged!
Combat8: DIE heretic!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: There! Heretics!
Under_Fire2: The enemy! They want to hinder our mission!
Under_Fire3: Another foe to the throne!
Damage1: Those heretics are getting insolent.
Damage2: By the THRONE. I´m bleeding!
Damage3: You can´t afford me dying.
Death1: Holy... ugh..
Death2: Abandon mission…
Death3: For Terraaaarrgh.....
Death4: This world.. will pay…
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
Inquisitor (Puritan)
An idealistic but brutally uncompromising inquisitor hellbent on rooting out heresy at every corner. His belief in the righteousness of his cause cannot be challenged and will fiercely put down any dissent.

Written By: Unsociallobster
Unit_Complete1: The greatest crime is one that is unspoken, and I am here to call it out.
Unit_Complete2: Only the guilty fears my arrival. Only the desperate run.
Unit_Complete3: Heresy beckons me and I've answered the call.
Unit_Complete4: Corruption seeps through everywhere. My stay will be long.
Unit_Complete5: I can smell the taint upon their souls.
Unit_Complete6: His word is your judgement. I am the verdict.
Unit_Complete7: Flee Heretics, for I have arrived.
Selection1: One wayward word and you will answer to my gun.
Selection2: An unchecked thought is the greatest crime.
Selection3: It is not a question of innocence, but how much evidence I can find.
Selection4: Fear not your penance, my judgment is worse.
Selection5: Faith is my shield, wrath is my sword.
Selection6: There is witchcraft afoot.
Selection7: Lead me to the wicked. I will take it from there.
Selection8: I am the witches' darkest hour.
Selection9: My investigation has just begun. You will help me lackey.
Move1: I shall investigate
Move2: To the source of the heresy
Move3: Is witchcraft there?
Move4: None shall escape me
Move5: Flee heretics!
Move6: Lets hope they're gone before I arrive
Move7: Is that the scent of heresy?
Move8: I detect something amiss.
Move9: My investigation continues.
Attack1: CONFESS!
Attack2: My gun is merciful, the Emperor will not!
Attack3: I shall render judgement!
Attack4: A guilty verdict!
Attack5: I will purify your tainted soul!
Attack6: No witch shall escape me!
Attack7: Feel the purifying flame!
Attack8: Smite their corrupted souls!
Attack9: Burn the witch in cleansing flame!
Capture1: The location must be cleansed.
Capture2: We must remove the witch's foul taint.
Capture3: I will drive the heretics away.
Capped1: This point is sanctified.
Capped2: The area is free of taint.
Capped3: Location cleared and purified.
Join1: By the Imperial Decree, Follow me!
Join2: Your services are requisitioned
Join3: You are needed, do not ask why.
Detach1: I must continue alone
Detach2: I alone can handle the heresy
Detach3: The verdict is mine alone to render.
Load_Transport1: Carry me to my next verdict.
Load_Transport2: The guilty will not wait for us, Move!
Unload_Transport1: The verdict has arrived.
Unload_Transport2: Judgment is here.
Morale_Break1: The Heretics are among us!
Morale_Break2: Foul witchcraft is too strong!
Morale_Break3: The corruption is too deep!
Morale_Restored1: By the Emperor, my faith redoubles!
Morale_Restored2: I will break the Heresy
Morale_Restored3: I have returned, witch!
Charge1: Burn the witch!
Charge2: Put the Heretic to the sword!
Charge3: The guilty shall not escape my wrath!
Charge4: You cannot flee from your fate!
Charge5: Fall before my sword witch!
Jump_Teleport1: Swift as my judgment!
Jump_Teleport2: The heretics will not expect us!
Jump_Teleport3: Nobody expects this move.
Jump_Teleport4: You cannot escape me.
Jump_Teleport5: You're not the only one with tricks.
Jump_Teleport6: You can't even run.
Deepstrike1: I will be expecting them.
Deepstrike2: This will be unexpected.
Ability1: Your sentence is already pronounced, I'm merely carrying it out!
Ability2: Only the guilty run, the faithful have nothing to fear!
Ability3: Redeem your soul through the sacrifice of your flesh!
Ability4: The light of the Emperor shines upon the pure!
Ability5: My conviction is stronger than your might!
Combat1: Feel your final hour, heretic!
Combat2: Smite the witch!
Combat3: Burn in flames!
Combat4: It's your hour of judgment!
Combat5: Torch the unfaithful!
Combat6: Feel my blade!
Combat7: Taste redemption heretic!
Combat8: Repent in death!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: The Heretics are upon us!
Under_Fire2: A plague of unbelief!
Under_Fire3: Foul Witchcraft!
Damage1: My faith cannot hold!
Damage2: Heresy has broken through!
Damage3: The Witches! They're revolting!
Death1: This cannot...be!
Death2: How could I...have failed.
Death3: Doomed...we're all doomed.
Death4: This world...is lost.
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
A Canoness is an overall senior commander who has risen to her position through a combination of strong leadership, shrewd tactical genius, and sheer overarching faith in the Emperor.
Unit_Complete1: I BRING the light.
Unit_Complete2: I shall forge our faith into victory!
Unit_Complete3: I am the flame that burns the fainthearted.
Unit_Complete4: I wield the weapon of faith!
Unit_Complete5: The sacred order will follow my lead.
Unit_Complete6: None shall question my orders.
Unit_Complete7: Your zealousness needs my guidance.
Selection1: My command is righteous.
Selection2: The torch that shall purge.
Selection3: Heretics crave the cleansing fire of absolution. We shall deliver!
Selection4: We are beset by many terrible foes, but we walk in the light of the Emperor.
Selection5: We protect mankind from the blight within.
Selection6: We are the Sisters of the great Ecclesiarchy, and we will fight to the bitter end. [pronounced "E-clease-e-archy"]
Selection7: The Emperor's light shall give us strength.
Selection8: Martyrdom is our highest privilege. It should also be our last.
Selection9: Our Martyred Lady shall be reborn.
Move1: Each step brings the light.
Move2: The Emperor shall guide all of us.
Move3: No man will go instead of me.
Move4: Don´t get blinded by zeal.
Move5: I have seen places like this before.
Move6: We hunt! We purge!
Move7: The Emperor guides us.
Move8: In the name of our Martyred Lady.
Move9: Each step a prayer.
Attack1: Now! Strike with all your might!
Attack2: PURGE the heretics!
Attack3: We will teach them!
Attack4: For the fallen! Make them pay!
Attack5: We smite them!
Attack6: Sisters! At once!
Attack7: Heresy will be their undoing!
Attack8: Scorch the mutants!
Attack9: Our faith shall overcome them.
Capture1: This land belong to the Emperor!
Capture2: We will look for lost artifacts.
Capture3: I feel the presence of his will!
Capped1: We shall build defenses here.
Capped2: We make our stand.
Capped3: We shall build a fortress!
Join1: You, follow me.
Join2: Blessings, child.
Join3: We shall be battle sisters.
Detach1: I am done here.
Detach2: Remember your prayer.
Detach3: Be blessed.
Load_Transport1: Tactical re-positioning.
Load_Transport2: Our faith shall enlighten these lands.
Unload_Transport1: Let me see them with my own eyes.
Unload_Transport2: Our pilgrimage has come to an end.
Morale_Break1: Too many have fallen. Emperor have mercy!
Morale_Break2: Our sacrifice is in vain!
Morale_Break3: Our ranks are shaken!
Morale_Restored1: I will not die alone!
Morale_Restored2: We must redeem our failure!
Morale_Restored3: The Emperor's light shall light once more.
Charge1: Smite them! In the Emperor’s name!
Charge2: Cut them down!
Charge3: With fire and sword!
Charge4: THEY! MUST! BURN!
Charge5: FOR THE LADY!
Jump_Teleport1: With prayer.
Jump_Teleport2: Step across darkness!
Deepstrike1: Sisters approaching.
Deepstrike2: Angels of justice!
Ability1: I will make them atone!
Ability2: They shall all perish.
Ability3: Suffering is not enough!
Ability4: I will protect my sisters!
Ability5: The lady shall guide us once more.
Combat2: I shall SMITE you!
Combat3: Atone for your sins!
Combat4: Heretics, fear my blade!
Combat5: My faith will destroy you!
Combat6: Mindless savage! My will is pure!
Combat7: The crimson rose blooms once more!
Combat8: I am his sword. Now and ever!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: Enemy fire! They fear our blades.
Under_Fire2: The impure are resisting!
Under_Fire3: Ready your weapons, they are upon us!
Damage1: They are defiling my chastity!
Damage2: My wounds are bleeding!
Damage3: I am close to Sainthood!
Death1: Emperor.. watch over... my... soul!
Death2: Avenge me sisterssss..!
Death3: Honour the fallen…
Death4: [exhale] My flames are fading!
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
Inquisitor Lord
Whether male or female Inquisitor Lords are ruthless, cold, clever, and resourceful individuals. They are the secret policemen and intelligence agents of the Imperium. Their soul drive and purpose are to ensure the security of the Imperium of Man from the taints of Chaos by any means. Often this gives them terrifying powers such as ordering an Exterminatus, the summarily execution of a planet and its entire populace. Thus, sound harsh, determined, and crazed yet twistedly angelic.
Unit_Complete1: You question my right to destroy billions of people? Understand, I had no right to let them live.
Unit_Complete2: I arrive to root out all that is tainted! Beware, for nothing shall impede me.
Unit_Complete3: Let faith guide your actions and have faith in those actions.
Unit_Complete4: The sky glows red, I fear an incursion is upon us!
Unit_Complete5: I must face this threat that challenges our very sanctity!
Unit_Complete6: There is no greater enemy than the man who acts against the Imperium.
Unit_Complete7: The fate of billions rest upon these hands. My hard work... I appreciate.
Selection1: No treachery is small. However, no sacrifice is too great either.
Selection2: I only exist to blight the ruinous powers and their terrible schemes.
Selection3: The air grows stale and foulness lingers.
Selection4: I see the universe through cold eyes.
Selection5: Good questions are to be appreciated, not answered.
Selection6: One cannot consider the fate of a single man!
Selection7: Keep faith and put your trust in the Emperor.
Selection8: I serve the Eye that never sleeps.
Selection9: He who fails to see his neighbor is a heretic is not only a fool, but a traitor as well.
Move1: Continuing my never-ending quest.
Move2: Fear and suspicion are deadly tools.
Move3: These lands reek of heresy...
Move4: Keep up, less their taint spreads quick.
Move5: This place grows weary of my presence!
Move6: The Emperor guides me on my path.
Move7: Seeing shadows dashing about in the distance!
Move8: Something foul lurks just up ahead.
Move9: Evidence of heresy and corruption surrounds me!
Attack1: It’s time to witness purification!
Attack2: I cleanse the body; the Emperor cleanses the spirit.
Attack3: You’ve forsaken all that remains of His glorious empire!
Attack4: My words will match my deeds... with brutal honesty!
Attack5: Enemies of the Emperor, your death is my reward.
Attack6: Soon these beasts will disappear... Their end is here!
Attack7: Here be witches, and all must die!
Attack8: I will gladly! This conquest is worth the pain.
Attack9: Your words don’t matter anymore, witch!
Capture1: I shall investigate the rumors of this place!
Capture2: Another whisper warrants my attention!
Capture3: I bear the torch and hold it high.
Capped1: All will come to fear the Eye!
Capped2: Praise the Emperor for we’ve secured a relic of antiquity!
Capped3: Another light burns bright for all the Imperium to see!
Join1: Know this! We will be doing holy work, the Emperor’s work!
Join2: Join me in my witch hunt Sisters!
Join3: Together our faith grows stronger.
Detach1: You have made your Emperor proud this day!
Detach2: I leave you, to your own holy deeds.
Detach3: Your teachings have strengthened my will!

Load_Transport1: I’m commandeering this transport by my own authority.
Load_Transport2: Garrisoning inside transport. Now.. put your foot on the gas!

Unload_Transport1: You’ve done the Inquisition a great service!
Unload_Transport2: Stop here! I’ll continue my investigations on foot.
Morale_Break1: Where are you Emperor!? I need a sign!
Morale_Break2: How can such evil be conquered!
Morale_Break3: What!? No! I’m hearing voices!
Morale_Restored1: No... I choose to remain pure!
Morale_Restored2: There is no place for the weak-willed!
Morale_Restored3: Keeping my faith inside the darkness.
Charge1: I’ll send them to their gods!
Charge2: My touch will burn your flesh!
Charge3: The Emperor watches over his faithful.
Charge4: It’s too late for you now...
Charge5: Ah, retribution at last!
Jump_Teleport1: My blade will come down from the skies!
Jump_Teleport2: May the holy ascend...
Jump_Teleport3: You cannot escape vengeance!
Jump_Teleport4: Never be afraid to reach for the light.
Deepstrike1: Approaching planet side.
Deepstrike2: Making landfall!
Ability1: I’ll take you down and abolish your taint! I know what I must do...
Ability2: An unconquerable rage seethes in my veins!
Ability3: Fall to your knees and lose the last of your dignity.
Ability4: I gladly bleed for my fellow man!
Ability5: We are loyal servants! We gave our oaths... to protect our Emperor until a violent death!
Ability6: Never live with defeat, never falter!
Ability7: They’ve all been corrupted... whether they know it or not. [Purgatus - calling down an Orbital Lance Strike]
Ability8: Burn them all! The Emperor will know His own... [Purgatus]
Ability9: They have brought their apocalypse upon themselves! [Purgatus]
Ability10: I accuse thee of witchery! [Divine Pronouncement - Battle Cry which instills morale loss in all nearby enemies]
Ability11: I judge he who has sinned and punish he who is guilty! [Divine Pronouncement]
Ability12: Snaked tongued fiends! They only wish to poison your minds. [Divine Pronouncement]
Combat1: Gain absolution and die by my hand.
Combat2 I will reap from your demise!
Combat3: You'll soon be dead where you stand!
Combat4: This is a day that I promise you will not forget...
Combat5: Rise to meet your fate, heretic!
Combat6: A true warrior would take a stand.
Combat7: We’ll see whose god is watching us...
Combat8: Emperor... See me now!
Combat9: [Laughing]
Combat10: [more Laughing]
Combat11: [even more Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat13: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells and battle cries]
Under_Fire1: Now with treason, is this terror truly exposed...
Under_Fire2: Receiving resistance! They have signed their death warrants!
Under_Fire3: Heretics! How dare they call themselves human.
Damage1: Harm an Inquisitor!? I'll will take your head!
Damage2: Repent! For I will end you for such disrespect!
Damage3: Filth! I’ll crack your skull for that!
Death1: I don't fear the grave, for I remain faithful.
Death2: Devotion... even in death.
Death3: My soul shall continue to fight!
Death4: I have served you well... my Emperor.
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]
The overall leader of a single Convent of her Order. A superior fighter yet a spiritual maybe a bit motherly leader to her battle sisters.
Unit_Complete1: Prioress, ready to command!
Unit_Complete2: I am Prioress, those are MY sisters.
Unit_Complete3: The sight of this world saddens my heart.
Unit_Complete4: The Burden of leadership strengthened by faith!
Unit_Complete5: The Convent will do its duty to the Order.
Unit_Complete6: Sisters and brothers in arms! Stand with me!
Unit_Complete7: Again, the Order will bring salvation.
Selection1: My Convent stands ready to serve the Emperor.
Selection2: The absence of faith is the mark of the weak.  The absence of faith is the mark of the heretic. The absence of faith is the mark of damnation.
Selection3: No rest for the faithless.
Selection4: They are all daughters to me.
Selection5: Each prayer, each hardship is a worthy sacrifice.
Selection6: We, who sacrifice all to serve our father.
Selection7: A thousand sisters, more dead than alive, I know them all.
Selection8: What are you called, child?
Selection9: Weapon training and periodic prayers are of similar importance.
Move1: My guidance shall bring victory.
Move2: We are all servants to the throne.
Move3: Humbly, yet persistent.
Move4: We will pray there.
Move5: I shall preach to you.
Move6: No evil will walk here.
Move7: Do you remember the codex?
Move8: All may confess to me.
Move9: No hurry, I´ll be there.
Attack1: War is the bane of faith, yet we fight to maintain it!
Attack2: No retreat!
Attack3: Let them confess!
Attack4: I shall teach the light!
Attack5: This is the time to fight!
Attack6: No more daughters will fall!
Attack7: The abbess will be proud!
Attack8: I bless the burning heretic!
Attack9: No force will stop our faith!
Capture1: Take this sacred installment.
Capture2: I shall meditate on the matter.
Capture3: I shall demonstrate.
Capped1: Now repeat!
Capped2: I lead the way.
Capped3: The Order is succeeding.
Join1: Welcome me, little sisters.
Join2: Prove your faith little ones.
Join3: I shall be your mentor.
Detach1: You are taught well sisters.
Detach2: They grow up so fast.
Detach3: I will remember each of you.
Load_Transport1: Bless this machine!
Load_Transport2: Do not show of.
Unload_Transport1: Please don't put yourself to any bother on my account.
Unload_Transport2: A bumpy ride.
Morale_Break1: My children are falling!
Morale_Break2: The Order falls with me!
Morale_Break3: They are seducing our minds!
Morale_Restored1: A steady mind recovers from every hardship.
Morale_Restored2: I shall sacrifice once more.
Morale_Restored3: They are just blowing smoke.
Charge1: No more heresy.
Charge2: I overthrow your foul leaders.
Charge3: FEAR ME!
Charge4: With grace and glory!
Charge5: I´ll teach them.
Jump_Teleport1: With wings of purest faith.
Jump_Teleport2: My believers are stronger!
Deepstrike1: Heavenly tears, angels to battle!
Deepstrike2:  They will be desperate!
Ability1: [whispers chanting] … EMPEROR HEAR ME!
Ability2: They stand no chance.
Ability3: This one? With pleasure!
Ability4: Do not fear death, little ones!
Ability5: This will protect my sisters.
Combat2: You.. don´t.. challenge.. me!
Combat3: You won’t life to see the end!
Combat4: Calm your ambitions sisters, there is only faith!
Combat5: You will regret this heresy!
Combat6: No match for us. The sacred sisters!
Combat7: Hear me foul commander! Your soldiers are burning!
Combat8: Let them burn out!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: Their fire is insult to my sacred armor.
Under_Fire2: They are trying to lead us on!
Under_Fire3: Heretics! Xenos! They are upon me. [pronounced “Zee-nos”]
Damage1: Saints protect me!
Damage2: I can NOT carry this burden!
Damage3: Their force is too horrific.
Death1: [whispers] …go on….
Death2: The Order..Nooooo…
Death3: Protect my corpse…
Death4: I have… stumbled….  
Death6: Arrgghhhh!
Death7: Garrrgghhh!
Death8: YEeeearrrrghhhh!!
Death9: *various other death sounds*
Abbess Sanctorum
The pope to the Sisters of Battle. She is the spiritual and overall leader of all orders and both convents.
Unit_Complete1: Once again, my Pilgrimage leads me upon a desperate world.
Unit_Complete2: Be blessed Sisters. The path to sainthood lies before us.
Unit_Complete3: The post of Abbes is no longer vacant.
Unit_Complete4: I stand in the light of our father. Pray with me.
Unit_Complete5: I am the guide to your very souls.
Unit_Complete6: The emperor’s magnificence can only by felt by the purest.
Unit_Complete7: I have traveled a long way from the glorious convent prioris.
Selection1: The hardship of our sisters shall empower their prayers.
Selection2: The pure do not desire to be chosen.
Selection3: In the design of the Emperor, we all have our place.
Selection4: You may pray with me.
Selection5: I can´t preach faith to you. You shall find it yourself.
Selection6: We are ALL, the emperor’s children.
Selection7: The high-lords of terra act like quarreling children… Just less innocent.
Selection8: Saint Dominicia was our first. Abbess Palmiro the most humble.
Selection9: All sisters are daughters of the emperor.
Move1: With every breath, a prayer shall be spoken.
Move2: Your prayer shall be answered.
Move3: My body shall not wither.
Move4: A small sacrifice.
Move5: This path leads to martyrdom.
Move6: There are corrupted voices in the wind. The must be silenced.
Move7: We must give everything we are to make our sacrifice fitting to his throne.
Move8: We shall find salvation there.
Move9: Saint Katherine would have liked that.
Attack1: Our father condemns you!
Attack2: Your insolent existence cannot be tolerated!
Attack3: No more sister shall fall this day!
Attack4: Your life is now forfeit!
Attack5: I shall guide the holy flames!
Attack6: I pity all of you!
Attack7: They may fight, they may kneel, the result is the same!
Attack8: Let this be a chant to his name!
Attack9: Each zealous incantation strengthens my will!
Capture1: The deeds of al sisters.
Capture2: Let us bless this soil.
Capture3: I will humbly kneel in the mud of this forsaken world.
Capped1: This soil has been proselytized.
Capped2: Another deed for our holy father.
Capped3: The shadows are silent now.
Join1: Sisters, pray with me.
Join2: I shall protect you like Saint Anahis.
Join3: I shall guide you, young ones.
Detach1: Farewell sisters.
Detach2: May we pray again child.
Detach3: Go with my blessings.
Load_Transport1: I shall bless this temple of steel.
Load_Transport2: Where is my presence prayed for?
Unload_Transport1: Another forsaken Battlefield.
Unload_Transport2: Do not bother anymore.
Morale_Break1: His light has left me!
Morale_Break2: The darkness is overwhelming!
Morale_Break3: I need to retreat!
Morale_Restored1: I´ve found my balance.
Morale_Restored2: The dark shall not consume me today.
Morale_Restored3: My prayers have been heard.
Charge1: Overwhelm them!
Charge2: Righteous Glory!
Charge3: Cleansing of faith!
Charge4: The light shall break them!
Charge5: No abomination shall live!
Jump_Teleport1: Salvation!
Jump_Teleport2: On wings of light.
Deepstrike1: If I must.
Deepstrike2: Their fate is sealed.
Ability1: In the name of the God-Emperor, you shall be cleansed!
Ability2: No demon shall stand in his way!
Ability3: With the might of the Holy Father!
Ability4: Emperor! Give. Us. Strength!
Ability5: The shield of faith will protect us.
Combat1: I am mother to all my sisters!
Combat2: I will dissolve their unholy strength!
Combat3: No foul machinery will stop me!
Combat4: Every praise shall be to his name!
Combat5: I am pure faith honed into a weapon!
Combat6: Crushed by righteous glory!
Combat7: No more men will fall to your corruption!
Combat8: Your existence is failing!
Combat9: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat10: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat11: Woooooooo! [even another battle cry]
Under_Fire1: The noise of their weapons is insult to my ears.
Under_Fire2: The unholy are striking at us.
Under_Fire3: Foul weaponry! It shall be silenced!
Damage1: My divine body is scared.
Damage2: My martyrdom is NEAR!
Damage3: EMPEROR, I´ll be joining you soon!
Death1: My spirit is dying.
Death2: My hardship ends here….
Death3: Saints! Sisters…
Death4: I do not regret…
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
Saint Katherine
Saint Katherine Elysius, the Shield Bearer, or more known as Our Martyred Lady, is one of the most prominent Saint figures of the Adepta Sororitas and the Imperium.
She was regarded as the second-in command by the de-facto founder of the Sisterhood, Alicia Dominica and carried the Praesidium Protectiva, a shield made from a shard of the Emperor's own armour and the famous Ardent Blade.
She was martyred when tortured and subsequently killed by a slaaneshi Witch-cult, which led to her official canonization as an Imperial Saint and the eventual renaming of her Order (Order of the Fiery Heart) to the ''Order of Our Martyred Lady''.
As a resurrected Living Saint (thanks to her unquestioned faith to the Emperor), she retains her vengeful, unrelenting and steward personality.
Unit_Complete1: By the Emperor's grace, I return!
Unit_Complete2: Sisters! Fight by my side once again!
Unit_Complete3: Weep no more my Sisters, for your Lady stands among you.
Unit_Complete4: Order of the Fiery Heart, your mistress has returned.
Unit_Complete5: Your prayers haven't gone unanswered sisters.
Unit_Complete6: Let the mighty feel my wrath!
Unit_Complete7: He shall see his daughters victorious this day!
Selection1: Sisters, it has been so long.
Selection2: The Sisterhood stands proud!
Selection3: Vengeance shall be mine!
Selection4: I may have fallen before, but thanks to Him, I rise anew!
Selection5: Have faith in the Emperor, and he SHALL lift you up.
Selection6: No one is truly lost if they have faith.
Selection7: Faith begets victory!
Selection8: Glory to Mankind! Glory to the Emperor!
Selection9: Worry not my child, for the day is ours.
Move1: My Emperor, guide our path.
Move2: March with me my sisters, to the Emperor's glory!
Move3: Our victory is inevitable.
Move4: The false gods shall fall this day!
Move5: Through the flames and ash if we must!
Move6: No darkness shall overwhelm us!
Move7: Stand fast sisters!
Move8: The path to redemption.
Move9: We shall spread word of His majesty to all corners of the galaxy!
Attack1: Do you seek Vandire's fate? Let it be so! [pronounced "Van-ntair-re"]
Attack2: Justice shall be served!
Attack4: I hope you are seeing this Alice. (Here meaning Alicia, you may change it to her full name if needed.)
Attack5: Emperor, let me be an instrument of your judgement.
Attack6: May the Holy Emperor forgive you, for I will not.
Attack7: Vengeance for the ones who cannot be redeemed!
Attack8: Heretic or Xeno, it matters not.  All shall be put into the flame! [pronounced "Zee-no"]
Attack9: This is for Silvana and Lucia! (Both were martyred while she was still alive.) [pronounced "Si-lvanna" and "Lu-kia"]
Charge1: For the Emperor!
Charge2: Glory to the faithful!
Charge3: Glory to the Emperor's Daughters!
Charge4: Sisters! With me!
Charge5: We are in this together sisters!
Jump_Teleport1: No blasphemer shall escape!
Jump_Teleport2: On Emperor's wings!
Jump_Teleport3: From across the great divide!
Jump_Teleport4: Through this despoiled air!
Jump_Teleport5: Hell bent! Heaven sent!
Jump_Teleport6: Catch me if you dare!
Deepstrike1: Lo, for their end is at hand!
Deepstrike2: The time of reckoning is now!
Ability1: Feel the wrath of the Ardent Blade. [Ardent Blade]
Ability2: Let the Holy Fire cleanse the wicked! [Ardent Blade]
Ability3: The heretics shall perish! [Ardent Blade]
Ability4: Stand behind me Sisters. [Praesidium Protectiva]
Ability5: Faith is our shield! [Praesidium Protectiva]
Combat1: None can stand against our might!
Combat2: We shall prevail!
Combat3: Have a taste of His wrath!
Combat4: Mina would enjoy this. (Here meaning St. Mina. )
Combat5: Together sisters!
Combat6: You shall SUBMIT!
Combat7: The gods you worship mean nothing!
Combat7b: Your goddess means nothing!
Combat8: I shall end this.
Combat9 This battleground shall be your grave!
Combat10: [Laughing]
Combat11: [more Laughing]
Combat12: [even more Laughing]
Combat13: [aggressive yell]
Combat14: [another aggressive yell]
Combat15: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage3: Naive children...
Death1: My Emperor, forgive me for my failure.
Death2: I may fall... but the Order shall not!
Death3: Celestine... finish what I have started.
Death4: Father, I return to thee...
Death5: Arabella, is that you? (Saint Arabella's fate is unknown. )
Death6: Arrgghhhh!
Death7: Gaarrhhhh!
Death8: [various other death moans and screams]
Saint Alicia Dominica / Anais / Arabella / Celestine / Emiline / Katherine / Lucia / Mina / Praxedes / Sabbat / Silvana
A Calm and Inspiring commander when with their own troops but very zealous when facing the enemy.
Unit_Complete1: I herald the coming of the Emperor.
Unit_Complete2: The incandescent light of the Emperor has arrived.
Unit_Complete3: Daughters of the Emperor, I am ready to serve.
Unit_Complete4: The light of the Emperor has shone upon this place.
Unit_Complete5: Sons and Daughters of the Emperor, do not despair. Hope has arrived!
Unit_Complete6: Behold unto thee the Will of the Emperor made manifest.
Unit_Complete7: The Emperor's Judgment has bestowed itself this glorious day.
Unit_Complete8: Alicia Dominica of the Order of the Ebon Chalice, ready to serve the Emperor. [pronounced "Ah-lee-sha Dom-in-e-cah" and "Eh-Bon"]
Unit_Complete8b: Anais of the Order of the Sacred Rose, ready to serve the Emperor. [pronounced "Ann-eace"]
Unit_Complete8c: Arabella of the Order of the Sacred Rose, ready to serve the Emperor.
Unit_Complete8d: Celestine of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, ready to serve the Emperor. [pronounced "Sell-est-teen"]
Unit_Complete8e: Emiline of the Order of the Bleeding Hearts, ready to serve the Emperor. [pronounced "Em-ah-line"]
Unit_Complete8f: Katherine of the Order of the Fiery Heart, ready to serve the Emperor.
Unit_Complete8g: Lucia of the Order of the Valorous Heart, ready to serve the Emperor. [pronounced "Lou-cee-ah"]
Unit_Complete8h: Mina of the Order of the Bloody Rose, ready to serve the Emperor.
Unit_Complete8i: Praxedes of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, ready to serve the Emperor. [pronounced "Praks-say-day"]
Unit_Complete8j: Sabbat of the Shrineworld Hagia, ready to serve the Emperor. [pronounced "High-ah"]
Unit_Complete8k: Sabbat of the Shrinehold, ready to serve the Emperor.
Unit_Complete8l: Silvana of the Order of the Argent Shroud, ready to serve the Emperor.
Unit_Complete9: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Alicia Dominica has arrived.
Unit_Complete9b: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Anais has arrived.
Unit_Complete9c: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Arabella has arrived.
Unit_Complete9d: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Celestine has arrived.
Unit_Complete9e: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Emiline has arrived.
Unit_Complete9f: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Katherine has arrived.
Unit_Complete9g: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Lucia has arrived.
Unit_Complete9h: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Mina has arrived.
Unit_Complete9i: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Praxedes has arrived.
Unit_Complete9j: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Sabbat has arrived.
Unit_Complete9k: Living Saint of the Emperor, Saint Silvana has arrived.
Selection1: Where will you need the blessing of the Emperor?
Selection2: I will hunt those who oppose our immortal Emperor.
Selection3: Ready to serve the Emperor.
Selection4: Where is the light of the Emperor needed?
Selection5: We are the beacon of hope in the tide of Darkness.
Selection6: Do you have need of me?
Selection7: The Divine Light of the Emperor shall illuminate all darkness.
Selection8: Command me, my divine Emperor.
Selection9: I shall heed your every command, my lord.
Selection10: Salvation is at hand.
Selection11: We shall bring forth his saving radiance for all to see.
Selection12: My attention is yours... for a short time.
Selection13: Let us focus on his eternal strength for the battle ahead.
Selection14: Manifest the Emperor's power in all things.
Move1: Onward! In the name of the Emperor!
Move2: With fiery hearts, we shall march onward!
Move3: Swiftly, to the battlefield!
Move4: With holy fervor we shall march.
Move5: There is a battle to be won, forward!
Move6: I shall move over there.
Move7: I obey your command my divine lord.
Move8: At once, I shall move forward.
Move9: Destruction awaits the heretics.
Move10: Tread the path of righteousness, always.
Move11: Where we go, the darkness has no power.
Move12: We face the path of strife with great courage.
Move13: Without challenge, destinations can become.. meaningless.
Move14: Our shadowy foes await their untimely fate.
Attack1: They shall fear the Emperor's divine wrath.
Attack2: The unfaithful shall perish under my flame.
Attack3: Divine flame shall cleanse the unfaithful.
Attack4: The holy light of the Emperor shall prevail.
Attack5: Enemies of the Emperor! Prepare for your unmaking.
Attack6: The divine justice of the Emperor comes for you.
Attack7: Prepare for your vindication, enemies of the Emperor.
Attack8: Vengeance of the Emperor will come for you heathens.
Attack9: Annihilating the enemies of the Emperor.
Attack10: Victory this hour comes to his most honoured.
Attack11: Cast down these wretched unbelievers.
Attack12: Stand aside or submit your fallen lives to the Emperor.
Attack13: Let these fell ones tremble before His majesty.
Attack14: Bring great ruin to the wicked.
Capture1: Conquer it for the Emperor!
Capture2: Purify that land for the Emperor!
Capture3: Illuminate the corrupted land.
Capped1: This land is now holy.
Capped2: This place is now sanctified for the Emperor.
Capped3: This is now the Emperor's holy dominion!
Join1: Come daughters of the Emperor, we shall smite our enemies.
Join2: Strength in numbers, we shall overwhelm the enemies of the Emperor.
Join3: I shall lead you! Forward! For the Emperor!
Join4: The holy light of the Emperor shall guide us.
Detach1: Remain faithful even without my guidance.
Detach2: I am needed somewhere else.
Detach3: I shall lead other faithful warriors of the Emperor.
Detach4: Farewell for now, brave warriors of the Emperor.
Load_Transport1: I shall enter this transport.
Load_Transport2: Deliver us to the battlefield.. swiftly!
Unload_Transport1: Thank you for your service to the Emperor.
Unload_Transport2: I shall make my leave from the transport.
Morale_Break1: My faith in the Emperor will not waver!  
Morale_Break2: We must remain faithful to the Emperor!
Morale_Break3: You will not break my faith!
Morale_Restored1: Remain faithful to the Emperor!
Morale_Restored2: Returning to my faithful duty.
Morale_Restored3: Faith in the Emperor has been restored.
Charge3: Gaze upon your demise heathens!
Charge4: Charge forward! There are still heathens to kill!
Charge7: March upon these denizens of evil!
Charge8: All who oppose the light shall be vanquished!
Jump_Teleport1: To the skies!
Jump_Teleport2: Soar to the skies!
Jump_Teleport3: My holy wings shall reach to the sky!
Jump_Teleport4: Strike swiftly! The sky is our domain.
Jump_Teleport5: Ascend to the skies!
Jump_Teleport6: We shall soar skyward with our wings!
Jump_Teleport7: Re-position to this area, with haste!
Jump_Teleport8: Our Holy Mandate goes there!
Jump_Teleport9: No obstructions shall delay his glory!
Jump_Teleport10: They would dare not follow!
Deepstrike1: Strike fast daughters of the Emperor!
Deepstrike2: The Emperor's light shall shine there.
Ability1: Face the Emperor's wrath!
Ability2: Foul heathens, Perish!
Ability3: Prepare to die foul heretics!
Ability4: The Emperor shall protect us!
Ability5: While we stay faithful, no harm shall touch us.
Ability6: Redemption comes to those who stand in the light!
Ability7: Divine flame, unbound.
Ability8: The searing flame of the Ardent blade will burn the unfaithful.
Ability9: Bask in the purifying divine flame!
Ability10: By the holy will of the Emperor! I return.
Ability11: Death will not halt me from enacting the Emperor's Holy Will!
Ability12: My work is not yet done here!
Ability13: All that defy the Emperor's Holy Will shall perish!
Ability14: The Divine Light of the Emperor shall annihilate all darkness.
Ability15: Destruction awaits the faithless.
Ability16: Face annihilation in the face of the Emperor heathens!
Ability17: The Faithless shall perish under the light of the Emperor.
Ability18: Gaze upon the divine light of the Emperor and die.
Combat1: Is this all that you have heretics?
Combat2: Face me in glorious battle!
Combat3: Fall to my blade heretics!
Combat4: The flames of the Ardent Blade shall burn you!
Combat6: No heathen shall survive!
Combat7: The Emperor shall bless me in combat!
Combat8: I am your unmaking!
Combat9: Fall asunder to my mighty blade!
Combat10: [Laughing]
Combat11: [more Laughing]
Combat12: [even more Laughing]
Combat13: [aggressive yell or battle cry]
Combat14: [another aggressive yell or battle cry]
Combat15: [yet another aggressive yell or battle cry]
Under_Fire1: The foolish Enemies of Man try to strike me down?!
Under_Fire2: I am under fire by the enemy.
Under_Fire3: They dare assail me?!
Damage1: The Emperor shall shield me from all harm.
Damage2: I receive damage from the heathens.
Damage3: I shall not fall today!
Damage4: [pain grunt]
Damage5: [another pain grunt]
Damage6: [yet another pain grunt]  
Death1: For a Saint of the Emperor... Death is not the end.
Death2: I will return for you, in due time...
Death3: The claws of death will not hinder me from my holy duty!
Death4: Duty ends only in the bitter end...
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Gaarrhhhh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]

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Posted 11 June 2020 - 01:17 AM

Primarily utilized by the Astra Militarum, as part of an Ordo Hereticus Strike Force, these Sentinels are being piloted by Sisters of Battle. A lightly armoured bipedal walker, the Sentinel is primarily used for long range reconnaissance and providing supporting fire to infantry forces in a variety of roles.
Unit_Complete1: Sentinel here. Let me lead the way.
Unit_Complete2: You needed long range reconnaissance Canoness?
Unit_Complete3: Sentinel ready.
Unit_Complete4: Sentinel here to do battle.
Unit_Complete5: I am here, by the Emperor's grace.
Unit_Complete6: The Sentinel has arrived. We will seek out the enemy.
Unit_Complete7: Now I am here, there will be nowhere for the enemy to hide.
Selection1: Yes, Canoness?
Selection2: How can I serve?
Selection3: Where am I required?
Selection4: What is his will Canoness?
Selection5: I await your orders.
Selection6: In the Emperor's name.
Selection7: By His divine will.
Selection8: What must be done?
Selection9: I am the light in the shadow.
Move1: I will scout ahead.
Move2: I will find them.
Move3: Let me lead the way.
Move4: I shall strike deep into their hearts.
Move5: There is nowhere I can not reach.
Move6: I am the tip of his spear.
Move7: I can smell their evil. It makes me sick.
Move8: His will guides me.
Move9: I can feel them, heretics. This way.
Attack1: Opening fire!
Attack2: For the Emperor!
Attack3: I will purge them.
Attack4: Unleashing the Emperor's fury!
Attack5: Burn.
Attack6: Laying down tracer fire.
Attack7: This will be over shortly.
Attack8: Die heretic!
Attack9: None shall survive my wrath.
Charge1: Charge!
Charge2: Do not let them escape!
Charge3: Run down the heretics!
Charge4: In the Emperor's Name!
Charge5: You will not get away!
Ability1: Unleashing cleansing holy fire!
Ability2: I shall burn them away from the Emperor's realm.
Ability3: This is His divine will! You can not stand against it!
Ability4: Have faith Sisters!
Ability5: My faith is my shield.
Combat1: The Emperor's judgement is upon you.
Combat2: You will not get away!
Combat3: I am His holy retribution!
Combat4: I will crush you underfoot!
Combat5: This is your end heathen.
Combat6: Know that you die today because the Emperor wills it.
Combat7: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat8: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat9: Woooooooo!  [even another battle cry]
Death1: I go to the Emperor's side now.
Death2: I am sorry Canoness. I have failed you.
Death3: If this is His will....
Death4: So, this is to be my fate.
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
The "Rhino" armored personnel carrier (APC) is the standard transport tank generally associated with the space marines yet is also common with the Adeptus Sororitas as an addition to the Immolator APC.
Unit_Complete1: By the SAINT! We have another Rhino at the ready.
Unit_Complete2: Lift thine prayers to the mountains of mars, this Rhino shall deliver us.
Unit_Complete3: Armored transport ready for action.
Unit_Complete4: With blessings from the great Sanctorum.
Unit_Complete5: This rhino serves the Ecclesiarchy. [pronounced "E-clease-e-archy"]
Unit_Complete6: Rhino here. Praise the Emperor.
Unit_Complete7: Ordo Hereticus Rhino pattern delivered. [pronounced "Or-doe Hair-et-e-cuss" or said at this timestamp: https://youtu.be/i1-TlSlNP3E?t=46]
Selection1: Emperor deliver us from false gods.
Selection2: Rhino here. Ready to serve.
Selection3: Our Sisters need transportation?
Selection4: Adeptus Sororitas APC. [pronounced "Add-ept-us So-roar-e-tass"]
Selection5: Were do you need Infantry support.
Selection6: Blessed be the first in battle.
Selection7: The shield of the faithful.
Selection8: Daily prayers.
Selection9: Blessed be the Transport in his name!
Move1: We spread thine faithful sisters.
Move2: The Emperor delivers us.
Move3: We carry light safely through the storm.
Move4: No sister will be left behind.
Move5: Pray whilst we move.
Move6: This land needs to be cleansed.
Move7: Make way for the pure.
Move8: True faith knows no borders.
Move9: With prayers in mind.
Attack1: For thine is the empire, the power and the glory, for ever and ever!
Attack2: In the darkest hour we bring the holy wrath of our sisters!
Attack3: Is this wise? Our faith and metal will be tested!
Attack4: Do not overburden this sacred machine!
Attack5: We bring reinforcement to the faithful!
Attack6: Trust in your bolter, thrive in faith!
Attack7: For the Emperor your Lord is he who goes with you to fight against his enemies, to give you the victory over the unclean.
Attack8: The treads turn to crush heretics and xenos alike. [pronounced: "zee-no"]
Attack9: Battle shall be our song and harden our steel!
Charge1: ONWARD. Sisters be ready!
Charge2: Approaching battle lines!
Charge3: Transport attack!
Charge4: Say your prayers!
Charge5: Faith is victory!
Ability1: May the Emperor give strength to his people! May the Emperor bless his enemy with war! [Laud Hailers]
Ability2: Anyone who does not love the Emperor does not know his wrath. [Laud Hailers]
Ability3: Let faith be genuine. Purge what is evil; hold fast to the flame. [Laud Hailers]
Ability4: Sisters believe that the machine spirit is one. [Self Repair]
Ability5: Wounds of steel shall be healed. [Self Repair]
Ability6: Saints bless the scars of this machine! [Self Repair]
Ability7: Thou shall perish! [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability8: For we fire by faith, not by sight. [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability9: In the Emperor’s name FLY! [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability10: Smoke can´t hide our faith! [Smoke Launchers]
Ability11: Machine! Shroud your sisters from evil intend. [Smoke Launchers]
Ability12: Cover is the foundation of victory! [Smoke Launchers]
Combat1: Fight on sisters! Reinforcements are here!
Combat2: The daughters of Terra know now fear!
Combat3: You cannot scratch the walls of faith.
Combat4: The will of the Emperor is upon ye!
Combat5: No wrong will be forgotten.
Combat6: Abhor the mutant, the xeno, the heretic!
Combat7: Crush, burn, purge them all!
Combat8: False gods will crumble to dust!
Combat9: Our purity will be your demise!
Combat10: SAINTS hear us!
Combat11: The saints of the order will cleanse all!
Combat12: Listen to the truth of Terra!
Combat13: Resisting the true faith is a sentence to death.
Combat14: No more abominations, no more HERESY!
Death1: We... die.....
Death2: Transport hit!
Death3: Seals are broken! The machine.... Aahhhrh!
Death4: Get out, get ouuuuuhgg!
Death5: Rhino suffering critical damage!
Death6: Our hull won´t take any more of it!
Death7: Arrrgghhhh!
Death8: Gaahhhhhhh!
Death9: *preform various other death sounds*
Inquisitorial Chimera
Commanded by an Imperial crew sanctioned to operate with the Ordo Hereticus. Use a generic English High Gothic accent.
Unit_Complete1: We have arrived as ordered.
Unit_Complete2: Who needs a tin can with a plan.
Unit_Complete3: Seat warmers are prepared.
Unit_Complete4: Ready to transport our men.. and women.
Unit_Complete5: Engines warmed up and ready to go.
Unit_Complete6: Wish I could afford the flame decals.
Unit_Complete7: Not the toughest transport but it will do.
Unit_Complete8: Chimera Transport reporting to the battlefield.
Selection1: What is it?
Selection2: Hm? Do you have orders?
Selection3: Oh do you need something?
Selection4: Don’t touch the med-kit, please.
Selection5: Sup mate.
Selection6: Sub-par guns are ready.
Selection7: My trigger finger is getting itching!
Selection8: Ready and steady.
Selection9: Yes oh glorious one.
Selection10: Inquisitorial Chimera.. sir.
Move1: Let’s hope they didn't mine the road.
Move2: Stepping on the gas!
Move3: Peddling to the medalist.
Move4: Drive, drive, DRIVE!
Move5: May the Emperor take the wheel.
Move6: The fuel should last until then.
Move7: Left tread, right tread.
Move8: Thataway!
Move9: Faster but not too fast.
Attack1: Eat Imperial lead.. and las!
Attack2: Hold still!
Attack3: Aim for their everything!
Attack4: Hold the trigger until it explodes!
Attack5: Just like the firing range!
Attack6: It’s not dead! Keep shooting!
Attack7: Put holes in them!
Attack8: Fire till its dry!
Attack9: Shoot dammit, SHOOT!
Charge1: Run them down!
Charge2: Put the plow were the sun don’t shine!
Charge3: Plow them!
Charge4: Ram them!
Charge5: Crush them figuratively, and literally!
Ability1: Eat Imperial firepower!
Ability2: We are packing heat!
Ability3: How’s that for a tin can?!
Ability4: Don't worry I brought the med-kit!
Ability5: Sending the disinfectants!
Ability6: Who needs drugs?!
Ability7: Anti-Armour solution.. on the way! [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability8: This'll crack open their hardened shells! [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability9: Thick steel doesn't stand a chance! [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability10: Shroud that area.. NOW! [Smoke Launchers]
Ability11: Deploy Smoke Grenades! [Smoke Launchers]
Ability12: Take cover over there! [Smoke Launchers]
Combat1: Taking shots!
Combat2: Stop putting holes in my armor!
Combat3: That doesn't look good!
Combat4: Dammit, our med-kit exploded!
Combat5: They are shaking our hull.
Combat6: We are being shot!
Combat7: The bastards put holes in my drink!
Combat8: We just got this painted!
Death1: Fire in the engine.. *radio cut off*.
Death2: On fire... *radio cut off*.
Death3: Shi... *radio cut off*
Death4: Not like this.. *radio cut off*
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]
Exalted Dreadnought (Ecclesiarchy)
Notes: Exalted Dreadnoughts are often heroes of the order who’ve survived horrific crippling injuries. Think of a sister who was once the overall senior commander of the order. Being a former Canoness, she should sound like a strong leader, who is a shrewd tactical genius, and has a sheer overarching faith in the Emperor. However due to her injuries, should also sound bitter and harsh like a protective mentor.

Written By: Unsociallobster
Unit_Complete1: I’ve awoken... for this night will be dark and full of terror!
Unit_Complete2: The Lady called for my aid.
Unit_Complete3: A great cleansing draws near. May we purge these lands of a festering taint.
Unit_Complete4: I awake amidst nightmares to bring an abrupt end!
Unit_Complete5: We must guard the Emperor for his is our Father.
Unit_Complete6: Many centuries ago He shielded me from death! To this day... I continue to repay my debt.
Unit_Complete7: I follow The Lady’s teachings and lead by her example!
Selection1: This filth should know better than to wake a beauty from her sleep!
Selection2: It is only my faith, not this entombing vessel from which I draw my strengths.
Selection3: Daily prayers fortifies the mind from seduction.
Selection4: What is your bidding Father?
Selection5: I have seen the darkness and the light that lays beyond.
Selection6: I watch over and guide my sisters...
Selection7: The enemy will come to fear my sight!
Selection8: I’ll die only when the Emperor is ready to accept my soul...
Selection9: I serve to drive back the darkness.
Move1: I continue my crusade...
Move2: I bring His teachings and His wrath!
Move3: To lead my sisters once again...
Move4: Follow in the footsteps of The Lady.
Move5: Be ever vigilant for miscreants!
Move6: Lighting the way.
Move7: May the enemy tremble at my sight!
Move8: I obey His will.
Move9: Faith guides our path!
Attack1: I am vengeance! I am retribution! I am His divine fury!
Attack2: With fire... comes cleansing.
Attack3: I will destroy all who are unholy!
Attack4: From lowly cultists to horrific daemons, all shall fear my light!
Attack5: [Laughs] They’ll learn to fear me more than their gods!
Attack6: Purge in The Lady’s name.
Attack7: Now my sisters, avenge the fallen!
Attack8: Not even their sadist gods can save them!
Attack9: Hear my prayers o’ holy Katherine; let my aim be true!
Charge1: You will reap what you have sown!
Charge2: Face your vanquisher vile devils!
Charge3: There bodies will shatter...
Charge4: Your cruel gods have abandoned you! [Laughs]
Charge5: For The Lady and her fallen faithful!
Ability1: I’ll strike you down with His righteous fury! [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability2: You can not escape from your sins! [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability3: Light will always penetrate through the dark! [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability4: May His grace shield us from the fire! [Smoke Launchers]
Ability5: A heavenly cloud will soon blanket the air. [Smoke Launchers]
Ability6: Holy smoke shall plume from the censer. [Smoke Launchers]
Ability7: I too, am proof that the mind is mightier than the body. [Act of Faith - Self Repair]
Ability8: True faith can heal more than just the soul! [Act of Faith - Self Repair]
Ability9: I’ve stared Death in the eyes countless of times. Yet, The Emperor has always kept me from his grasp! [Act of Faith - Self Repair]
Combat1: I shall cleanse this world of your corruption.
Combat2: Fear me heretic, for now death comes for you!
Combat3: Depraved beasts, I will end your wicked ways!
Combat4: I’ll squash you under these metal legs like vermin!
Combat5: Come my sisters, tear apart their faith; burn their vile religion!
Combat6: The Lady watches over us, you cannot prevail heretic!
Combat7: Come then Daemon, show me just how powerful you really are...
Combat8: I banish you! Back to the foul realm of which you came.
Combat9: [Laughing]
Combat10: [more Laughing]
Combat11: [even more Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell]
Combat13: [another aggressive yell]
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage1: I have felt true pain before, this damage will not hinder my advance!
Damage2: My life has been nothing but pain... It’ll take more than that to end me!
Damage3: I stand... so long as The Emperor sees it fit.
Death1: I’m finally willing to move on and join my fallen sisters.
Death2: An eternity of rest, for an eternity of service.
Death3: I may finally... let go...
Death4: Emperor, I shall feel your warm embrace at last!
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Gaarrhhhh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]
Aquila Nephilim Fighter
Nephilim jet fighters are agile air superiority aircraft. Mostly used by the Dark Angels Chapter, the Ordo Hereticus branch of the Inquisition, and thus the Adepta Sororitas, have managed to acquire several blueprints and make their own design.
A Nephilim pilot should sound like your usual pilot, with an extra sense of zealotry and righteousness, being part of the Holy Inquisition. Use a generic English High Gothic accent.
Unit_Complete1: Nephilim status green. [pronounced "Nef-il-im"]
Unit_Complete2: Nephilim Jet fighter, reporting.
Unit_Complete3: Did you request some air support?
Unit_Complete4: Aerial asset, ready to support witch hunting operations.
Unit_Complete5: Re-entry completed.
Unit_Complete6: Nephilim deployed to the front.
Unit_Complete7: I return to the skies!
Selection1: The finest of the fleet.
Selection2: We are eager to strike.
Selection3: We have you on our vox mistress.
Selection4: So, where is the witch we are hunting today?
Selection5: Imperial aviation at its finest!
Selection6: Air support for our sisters on the ground.
Selection7: Nephilim squadron here, what is the mission?
Selection8: All systems calibrated.
Selection9: Motion sickness? Huh, what is that?
Move1: The wings of the Adepta Sororitas! [pronounced "Add-ep-tah Sorrow-ree-tas"]
Move2: Coordinates checked.
Move3: Scanning for hostiles.
Move4: The skies are ours.
Move5: Full speed!
Move6: Flight path received.
Move7: We concur.
Move8: In the name of the Emperor and his Holy Inquisition!
Move9: Lightings? What lightings?  (Reference to the vanilla Sisters Jet fighter.)
Move10: [Singing the rhythm of the Ride of the Valkyries.]
Attack1: The Emperor speaks through our guns!
Attack2: We have visual on the targets.
Attack3: Stand-by for strafing run!
Attack4: These skies are Imperial Territory.
Attack5: We have them on our screen.
Attack6: I have targets on my scope.
Attack7: Do not lose them!
Attack8: This is the price of betrayal, traitors!
Attack9: Weapons free!
Charge1: Unloading rockets!
Charge2: Targets locked.
Charge3: We have them.
Charge4: The skies belong to us!
Charge5: Guns are hot!
Jump_Teleport1: Maximum thrust!
Jump_Teleport2: Engines... alight!
Jump_Teleport3: Evasive maneuvers!
Jump_Teleport4: Heaven bound!
Jump_Teleport5: They dare not follow us now.
Jump_Teleport6: Soaring skyward!
Jump_Teleport7: Strato-booster active!
Ability1: Bombs away!
Ability2: Ordnance Drop!
Ability3: Payload doors open. Releasing munitions!
Ability4: Auspex online!
Ability5: Scanners active.
Ability6: Pierce through the air to see that which cannot be seen.
Ability7: Launching Missile Volley! [Missile Barrage]
Ability8: Rocket Swarm.. Away! [Missile Barrage]
Ability9: Locking Missiles to target.. [Missile Barrage]
Ability10: Initiating stasis field. [Energy Shields]
Ability11: The Emperor... Protects... [Energy Shields]
Ability12: He is our Shield! [Energy Shields]
Ability13: The Machine Spirit be Praised! [Machine Spirit]
Ability14: Silica Animus! [Machine Spirit] [pronounced "Sil-ah-cah Anna-muse"]
Ability15: Witness the greatness of the Machine! [Machine Spirit]
Combat1: Steady now!
Combat2: That's right we got 'em.
Combat3: Firing rockets now mistress!
Combat4: Trespassers!
Combat5: Infidels!
Combat6: Hey, hey! That was too close!
Death1: Mayday! Mayday! We are going downnnn!! (static)
Death2: Hehe, ironic. (Nephilim in Hebrew means "Fallen Angel")
Death3: Holy Emperor!
Death4: Where is the eject?
Death5: Eject! Eject!
Death6: Oops!
Death7: Arrgghhhh!
Death8: Gaarrhhhh!
Death9: [various other death moans and screams]

Sanctorum Pattern Exorcist
Adapted from the widely utilized Rhino chassis, the Exorcist is the Sisters of Battle's primary artillery unit. While the standard Exorcist uses a Exorcist missile launcher that resembles an ornate organ, the Sanctorum pattern uses a more typical armament, similar to the Whirlwind missile launcher used by the Adeptus Astartes.
Unit_Complete1: Exorcist reporting.
Unit_Complete2: Exorcist artillery on the field.
Unit_Complete3: We are here to dispense the Emperor's fury.
Unit_Complete4: We go where the Emperor needs us.
Unit_Complete5: The Exorcist is here to bury His foes.
Unit_Complete6: You called for heavy artillery Canoness?
Unit_Complete7: Exorcist here. We will take control of the field.
Selection1: Give us a target.
Selection2: We are the Emperor's righteous wrath.
Selection3: Ours is a divine fury.
Selection4: Your orders Canoness?
Selection5: Direct us to the enemy.
Selection6: The enemy trembles before us.
Selection7: What does the Emperor demand?
Selection8: Our missiles hunger.
Selection9: They know not how close their end is.
Move1: Redeploying.
Move2: If that is where we are needed.
Move3: Wherever it is best to unleash His wrath.
Move4: If that is where He guides us.
Move5: Such is His will.
Move6: Moving to bombardment point beta.
Move7: Acquiring new targets.
Move8: Confirmed Canoness.
Move9: If that is where the Emperor needs us.
Attack1: We will leave nothing but dust.
Attack2: His fury will fall from the sky.
Attack3: We will rain death upon them.
Attack4: Our missiles will black out the sky.
Attack5: There is no escape for them.
Attack6: We will consecrate this land with fire.
Attack7: We will burn away their corruption.
Attack8: They will be expelled from His holy domain.
Attack9: This is His vengeance!
Charge1: Moving into close support position.
Charge2: Let us take the fight to them!
Charge3: We will grind them into the dirt.
Charge4: Run them down!
Charge5: The Emperor demands it!
Ability1: Bombardment pattern Angelus Omega One!
Ability2: Unleash the full might of the Emperor's fury!
Ability3: Burn! Burn! Burn!
Ability4: They will be too busy cowering to retaliate.
Ability5: The Emperor Protects.
Combat1: They can not pierce our hide.
Combat2: Do not let them inside!
Combat3: Machine Spirit! Defend us!
Combat4: You will regret approaching us.
Combat5: If you think us defenceless, you are a fool.
Combat6: In the Emperor's name!
Combat7: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat8: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat9: Woooooooo!  [even another battle cry]
Death1: You will not escape His wrath so easily.
Death2: Our Sisters will avenge us.
Death3: I am sorry Emperor. We have failed you.
Death4: If this is to be our destiny....
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*
Prioris Pattern Exorcist
The exorcist tank is a missile artillery vehicle that is considered exceptionally holy by the ecclesiarchy and sisterhood of battle. It is as much a shrine as a weapon, and is venerated accordingly, but it can still dish out some punishment. Its two crew can send volleys of missiles long distances to destroy either infantry or armour and it carries a large payload to do this.
Unit_Complete1: For Ophelia Seven!
Unit_Complete2: Exorcist Long Range Missile Tank, ready for action!
Unit_Complete3: Exorcist ready to bring the Emperor's Justice!
Unit_Complete4: Did you say clear the ridge line of heretics?
Unit_Complete5: Oh venerable machine spirit, guide our Exorcist into battle!
Unit_Complete6: Mighty Exorcist, longest hammer of the heretics ready for duty!
Unit_Complete7: The Emperor's blessed, all missiles accounted for and tuned!
Selection1: How can I best serve the Emperor?
Selection2: The Emperor's faithful and loyal machines of Ophelia Seven!
Selection3: I can rain down missiles from afar... just tell me who to destroy!
Selection4: Sister, play 'the God-Emperor's Divine Wrath' on the missile organs, if you please.
Selection5: Exorcist Tank, reporting for duty!
Selection6: Chamber Militant Artillery, on the ground.
Selection7: We are here to support the Sisterhood!
Selection8: Sister driver, the next time you hear guardsmen calling this a pimp-mobile...
Selection9: Run them down!
Move1: As you command.
Move2: We move, calculating firing solutions.
Move3: Moving to support the infantry!
Move4: Calculating optimal movement pattern.
Move5: In the Emperor's Name!
Move6: Moving to scourge that grid-square.
Move7: Where will I be best place?
Move8: Moving to the firing point.
Move9: Missile Artillery moving.
Attack1: For the Emperor! Send down a hail of missiles!
Attack2: Emperor's mercy in B Minor, armour piercing, Sister!
Attack3: May the God Emperor guide and bless these high explosive warheads.
Attack4: Burn the Heretic!
Attack5: Purge the Unclean!
Attack6: Kill the Mutant!
Attack7: Say goodbye to that block of land and all heretics upon it!
Attack8: Unleashing the Emperor's judgement!
Attack9: Bringing fire, death and the Emperor's Grace!
Charge1: Full speed ahead Sister!
Charge2: Push that engine, get this tank moving!
Charge3: Too close for missiles, crush them!
Charge4: Forwards for the Emperor!
Charge5: Crush them beneath our tracks!
Ability1: By the power of the God-Emperor's Wrath, Fire!
Ability2: Darken the sky with Warheads!
Ability3: Set the land ablaze and quaking with blasts!
Ability4: Sisters, shield your charges!
Ability5: Enact the divine rites of protection, now!
Combat1: Call up infantry support, the enemy are all around us!
Combat2: The artillery line is compromised, recommend moving to a new location...
Combat3: Beware, enemy infantry!
Combat4: Driver, get us out of this mess!
Combat5: Sister, undertake vehicle combat doctrine Omega!
Combat6: Damn these heretics! Drive me close so I can hit them with my sword!
Combat7: Hieeyyaahhhh! [like a battle cry]
Combat8: Yarrgghhhhhh! [another battle cry]
Combat9: Woooooooo!  [even another battle cry]
Death1: No!
Death2: We go to the Emperor's side...
Death3: Detonate all remaining warheads...
Death4: I commend our souls... to... the Emperor...
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: *various other death sounds*


Castigator Main Battle Tank
Built like similar tanks on the sturdy chassis of the rhino armoured transport, the Castigator is the heavily armed main battle tank for the Adeptus Sororitas ground forces. Use extra passion for lines such as ATTACK, CHARGE, COMBAT, and DAMAGE.
Written By: Steinschmelzer
Edited By: Thudmeizer
Unit_Complete1: CASTIGATOR! Blasphemie will. be. punished.
Unit_Complete2: Blessed be the holy munitorum. Our battle tank has arrived. [pronounced "Mune-ei-tor-um"]
Unit_Complete3: Sisters! We have received a blessed machine of war.
Unit_Complete4: We are outcast, no longer!
Unit_Complete5: Retrofitted transport ready for battle.
Unit_Complete6: Blessed be thy cannon, glory be thy spirit of steel!
Unit_Complete7: Revenge will be ours!
Selection1: Through the madness of war, we are guided by the machines of blessed Mars.
Selection2: Our armour is thick.
Selection3: Thunder of sacred guns. Music of blessed redemption.
Selection4: Every heretic needs the whip.
Selection5: Our sister will fight beside us.
Selection6: CASTIGATOR, battle ready.
Selection7: Sacred munition loaded.
Selection8: They ain't calling us the "heavy sister" for nuthin.
Selection9: Let this husk of steel be thy temple, thy sacred refuge.
Move1: Moving in soul and steel.
Move2: Pray be thy roaring engines. Lungs filled with fire and hate.
Move3: Don't get filth all over our heraldry.
Move4: Combat maneuver.
Move5: We WILL step all over them.
Move6: The repenting sisters shall cleanse our tacks after *this* operation.
Move7: Book 60, verse 42 of our sacred lady.
Move8: Onwards for our LADY!
Move9: Our divine father will guide this sacred vehicle.
Attack1: No heresy shall stand.
Attack2: Blast their file corpses!
Attack3: We shall make them repent.
Attack4: Engaging heretik forces.
Attack5: Here comes the whip!
Attack6: Let them hear our mighty prayer.
Attack7: The cantation of princepa penetratum will be their doom. [pronounced "prince-e-pah pen-ah-tra-tum"]
Attack8: We burst through their lines.
Attack9: With righteous hate.
Charge1: Your sentence has been long overdue!
Charge2: We deliver the fire of absolution!
Charge3: In this year of the Emperor's grace, you shall be purged and forgotten.
Charge4: We are to destroy many terrible foes.
Charge5: You have no rights, no voice, and no recourse.
Ability1: See them punished!
Ability2: Burn the witches!
Ability3: In the name of Holy Terra, I judge thy!
Ability4: The saints shall aid the faithful.
Ability5: All be well.. sisters.
Ability6: The dark comes closer, remember your prayers.
Ability7: Let slip this little angel of death. [H-K Missile Launcher]
Ability8: These are the heretics' rights we're passing on. [H-K Missile Launcher]
Ability9: This shall teach them veneration! [H-K Missile Launcher]
Ability10: Launch the spear of holy vengeance upon their husk.  [H-K Missile Launcher]
Ability11: Another trueshot arrow of Mars! [H-K Missile Launcher]
Ability12: Activate smoke sensors. [Smoke Launchers]
Ability13: Emperor, hide us from your many enemies. [Smoke Launchers]
Ability14: Blind their eyes, protect the faithful. [Smoke Launchers]
Ability15: They will choke on the taint of their heresy. [Smoke Launchers]
Ability16: Let the Castigator sing its praise to the golden throne above! [Laud Hailers]
Ability17: Spread your prayers sisters. All as one! [Laud Hailers]
Ability18: Let them hear our prayer! Herald of their doom! [Laud Hailers]
Ability19: Recite the canticle of the blessed autocannon. [Laud Hailers] [pronounced "Can-ti-cle"]
Ability20: Sisters damage report! [Self-Repair]
Ability21: Replace and repair this temple of mankind. [Self-Repair]
Ability22: Reinforce our tired plating. [Self-Repair]
Ability23: Tis but a scratch. [Self-Repair]
Combat1: Mori Haereticus Reputandus! [low latin chanting] [pronounced "More-ei Hair-et-ah-cuss Re-pu-tand-duce"]
Combat2: Do not boast of your heresy. You will be castigated!
Combat3: Dignity in death.
Combat4: We will deliver your salvation with fire!
Combat5: The Emperor will know his servants. We cleanse all!
Combat6: Solid hit, sister.
Combat7: Strike for all its worth!
Combat8: Know thy falsehood traitor-scum!
Combat9: [laughing]
Combat10: [more laughing]
Combat11: [even more laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat13: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells and battle cries]
Damage1: This Castigator has seen action. Send aid!
Damage2: The corrupted have done damage upon our hull!
Damage3: The sacred machine is hurting!
Damage4: [shell shocked pain grunt]
Damage5: [another shell shocked pain grunt]
Damage6: [yet another shell shocked pain grunt]
Death2: Hull Breach, HULL BREACH!
Death3: Emperor!.. hnnng!
Death4: Faith in... owuauaaaagh!
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other death moans and screams]
An altered version of the Space Marine "Rhino" transport tank given to the Adeptus Sororitas. Instead of carrying ten oversized super soldiers inside it it houses a turret with dual linked flamethrowers or anti-armor "Melta" weaponry on top.
Unit_Complete1: Immolator blessed and ready.
Unit_Complete2: Exclusive contract "Immolator" blessed package 35 dash 077 arrived. [say "35" and "077" as actual numbers]
Unit_Complete3: Immolator.. fully fueled.
Unit_Complete4: The brother-mechanicus sends another.
Unit_Complete5: The fresh smell of vestal blessed promethium.
Unit_Complete6: Engine spirit blessed and calm.
Unit_Complete7: Sister Agitatora and Sister Igniensa at the ready! [pronounced "Ajj-ah-tate-or-ah" and "Igg-ney-en-sah"]
Selection1: Carrier of holy flames!
Selection2: Ready for the heat!
Selection3: Where are the heavy flames needed?
Selection4: We melt flesh and steel.
Selection5: Purest of flames, yet faith burns brightest!
Selection6: This world burns.
Selection7: Tracks Ready, Weapons... hot!
Selection8: Do you need fire?
Selection9: Is it purging-time already?
Move1: Sisters packing heat.
Move2: Rotating.
Move3: This better won’t get us any scratches!
Move4: The flames are always hungry.
Move5: With all his glory in mind.
Move6: Its already hot in here.
Move7: We turn everything to ash.
Move8: Scorched earth, Sister Superior?
Move9: Rotating flamer turret.
Attack1: Engulf them!
Attack2: Burn them away!
Attack3: Burning down cover and foe.
Attack4: We'll make their flesh boil!
Attack5: Scorched corpses already.
Attack6: Hawt, hawt, hwat!
Attack7: Fire finds the weak!
Attack8: The smell of burning heretic in the dawn of war!
Attack9: Pray with fire, purge the faith!
Charge1: The cleansing fires approach!
Charge2: Be redeemed by the unending pyre! [pronounced "pie-er"]
Charge3: Rolling Inferno!
Charge4: Immolate them all!
Charge5: Incinerate the heretics before us!
Charge6: The hull is scarred; our hate shall inflame them!
Charge7: Faith shall burn them!
Charge8: Lets reduce them to ash and slag!
Charge9: Fodder to the flame!
Charge10: Burn the faithless
Morale_Break1: Weapons to hot, we are burning up!
Morale_Break2: The machine spirit fades! Emperor relief us!
Morale_Break3: They do not fear our fire! Our faith is broken!
Morale_Restored1: Engine is cooled down, the spirit returns!
Morale_Restored2: Faith is restored, it burns brighter then before!
Morale_Restored3: The hull is scarred; our hate shall inflame them!
Ability1: The Anthem of His Glory made manifest! [Laud Hailers]
Ability2: A Symphony of Fire burns deep from within their heretical souls! [Laud Hailers]
Ability3: Escape not the many litanies of his Word, vile ones! [Laud Hailers]
Ability4: Twin flamers roar! [Holy Promethium]
Ability5: Burn them. Burn them all! [Holy Promethium]
Ability6: We melt them through! [Holy Promethium]
Ability7: Hide us in smoke! [Smoke Launchers]
Ability8: Cloak them from our enemy's sight! [Smoke Launchers]
Ability9: Smoke grenades to this area.. NOW! [Smoke Launchers]
Ability10: Covering our Advance! [Smoke Launchers]
Ability11: Were there is fire, there shall be smoke! [Smoke Launchers]
Ability12: Fire and smoke! [Smoke Launchers]
Ability13: Saint bless this sacred machine! [Machine Spirit]
Ability14: From within its metal shell, salvation is upon us! [Machine Spirit]
Ability15: Praise be to this Holy Engine of War! [Machine Spirit]
Ability16: Restoring ceramit plating. [Repair] [pronounced "cer-ah-mit"]
Ability17: Polishing the holy Fleur-de-lees. [Repair]
Ability18: No stain shall remain! [Repair]
Ability19: Blessed Missile find thy path! [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability20: Aiming Missile for direct hit. [Hunter Killer Missile]
Ability21: The Saints fly on wings of faith. [Hunter Killer Missile]
Combat1: Burn HERETIC. BUUURN!
Combat2: The flame will consume you all!
Combat3: We scorch your cover, your armor.. your flesh!
Combat4: Do you see the redemption in the flames?!
Combat5: The light of the emperor burns those unworthy of him.
Combat6: Faith. Burns. Brightest.
Combat7: Divine is the flame, filth those who burn!
Combat8: Scorched corpses. All of them.
Combat9: Do you feel the heat, heretic?!?!
Combat10: No remorse, only ash!
Combat11: Eat fire you monstrosity!
Combat12: Die Xeeeenos! [pronounced "Zeen-os"]
Combat13: [Laughing]
Combat14: [more Laughing]
Combat15: [even more Laughing]
Combat16: [aggressive yell as if like a battle cry]
Combat17: [another aggressive yell as if like a greater battle cry]
Combat18: [various other aggressive yells and battle cries]
Under_Fire1: They try to out fire us!
Under_Fire2: The vermin are drawn to the light.
Under_Fire3: They are aiming for the fuel!
Damage1: The hull is breached, we are taking heat!
Damage2: They out range us!
Damage3: The machine is dying! Send aid!
Death1: Promethium tank breach...*static*
Death3: Immolator about to burst...
Death4: We BURRRN for the emperrroooooaaaharrrrrrrrgh
Death2: No! The Engines.. They....*static*
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Geearrghh!
Death7: [various other agonized screams of burning Sisters]
Land Raider Redeemer
Notes: The flamer variant of the famous Land Raider heavy vehicle series. Equipped with dual side firestorm cannons, it the perfect urban warfare vehicle. Or for burning heretics.
As for the version used by the Ordo Militant of the Adepta Sororitas, the pilot of this fearsome vehicle should sound like a more experienced, calm and collected yet zealous Sororitas Immolator tank driver (Flame Tank).
Or to put it differently, a more experienced, calm and collected yet zealous pyromaniac.
Unit_Complete1: Land Raider Redeemer, ready to purge the enemies of the God Emperor!
Unit_Complete2: Heretic or not, your redemption is here!
Unit_Complete3: For the glory of the Adepta Sororitas, we go to war! [pronounced "Add-ep-tah Soar-oh-e-tias"]
Unit_Complete4: His fiery wrath awaits your word, mistress.
Unit_Complete5: Have faith, for the Liberators have arrived! (The Sisters of the Order of the Sacred Rose are known as the "Liberators")
Unit_Complete6: Fuel tanks filled, weapons calibrated. Redeemer, ready for insertion.
Unit_Complete7: Redeemer, reporting. (Preferably said in a more menacing tone.)
Selection1: May Saint Alicia Dominica watch over us.
Selection2: Show us their fortifications, and we shall destroy them!
Selection3: We hear you loud and clear mistress.
Selection4: I love the smell of burning promethium in the morning. (Obvious reference is obvious.)
Selection5: Take refuge within our sacred halls!
Selection6: No blasphemer shall escape the flame.
Selection7: The pain cleanses the soul but the flames cleanses the body! And everything else...
Selection8: Go ahead command. (Preferably said in a more bored tone. She wants some action.)
Selection9: What? Did you expect anything else? We are not only gigantic robotic chairs you know. (Reference to the Throne of Judgement relic unit.)
Selection10: Oh? You were expecting someone different? Living Saints can not be at many places at once you know.
Move1: Destination logged. Setting optimal route.
Move2: The Sacred Order shall win this day!
Move3: Onwards, to victory!
Move4: Tactical Cogitators all set.
Move5: Make haste to those coordinates.
Move6: Be patient.
Move7: The flame, HUNGERS!
Move8: By His divine will.
Move9: As you wish mistress.
Attack1: Targets acquired, open fire!
Attack2: Targeting cogitators active.
Attack3: Initiate attack pattern primus!
Attack3b: Initiate attack pattern purgatous!
Attack4: Smite them down!
Attack5: All sisters, battle stations!
Attack6: Let the flame purge the taint!
Attack7: Saint Katherine would be proud!
Attack8: Leave nothing behind but cinder and ash! CINDERS AND ASH!
Attack9: Yes! It is time!
Charge1: For the Adepta Sororitas!
Charge2: Show them true Imperial might!
Charge4: CHARGE!
Ability1: Smoke screen deployed! [Smoke Screen]
Ability2: Deploy smoke! [Smoke Screen]
Ability3: Sisters! Seek the protection of the Shroud! [Smoke Screen]
Ability4: Let's play some real music! [Laud Hailers]
Ability5: Cue the battle hymns! [Laud Hailers]
Ability6: A symphony of woe for our enemies! [Laud Hailers]
Ability7: Missiles... away! [Hunter Killer Missile Launcher]
Ability8: Reduce their armour to ash! [Hunter Killer Missile Launcher]
Ability9: Preparing anti-armour ordnance. [Hunter Killer Missile Launcher]
Ability10: Machine Spirit, awaken to serve your Emperor! [Machine Spirit - brief invulnerability]
Ability11: Activate tactical AI! [Machine Spirit - brief invulnerability]
Ability12: Benedicite Deus Machina! [Machine Spirit - brief invulnerability] [pronounced "Ben-ah-dee-chee Day-us Mach-in-ah"]
Ability13: Bless this Holy Relic! [Machine Spirit - brief invulnerability]
Combat1: For our sisters!
Combat2: For the Sacred Order!
Combat3: It's beautiful!
Combat4: Excuse me? You can't take the heat? hehe..
Combat5: Respect the flame!
Combat6: Redeemer to command, we are under enemy fire! Please advise. Over.
Combat7: ENEMY FORCES ARE CONVERGING ON OUR POSITION! Why am I even shouting this?
Death1: We... have.. done.. our.. purpose...
Death2: May the Emperor forgive us!
Death3: Forgive us.... Canoness... We... were not... strong... enough....
Death4: We shall be redeemed! [spoken as if like a final battle cry]
Death5: Arrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrrgghhh!
Death7: (various death noises)

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Battlefield Spottings


Chaos Marines

The ways of the witch lead to allegiance to these most ancient traitors
The Traitor Legions have come again

Dark Eldar

Eldar pirates, beware for they prey on the Emperor’s souls
We fight Eldar reavers, Sanctus in the Emperor’s name


As the Inquisitor wills, we hunt the Eldar witch breed
Beware, the witchcraft of the Eldar is potent and dangerous

Imperial Guard

There can be no doubt, this regiment is tainted
The Inquisitor General sanctions this regiment to be purged


The metal constructs have risen from their tombs
The Necrons have awakened; we must subdue them quickly


Greenskin orks, suffer not the alien to live
The Ork force we were looking for, be on the lookout for the weird-boyz

Sisters of Battle

Our own sisters… but the bloody work of the Inquisition must be done
Our sisters have strayed, we must not hesitate least the entire Order be suspect

Space Marines

Have faith in the Emperor, for today we must hunt angels
These Imperial Space Marines have fallen from the light


Our faith must prevail against the techno-sorcery of the Tau
These Tau xenos will subvert no more subjects of the Golden Throne

Black Templars

Many will die in facing the Black Templar
The Black Templar are as zealous as we, they will not yield

Blood Angels

Saint Sanguinius forgive us, we must purge the Blood Angels [pronounced “Sang-win-ee-us”]
We will make our penance at Sanguinalia, we hunt Blood Angels  [pronounced “Sang-win-al-e-ah”]

Blood Ravens

The crimes of the Blood Ravens will now be brought to account
The Blood Ravens embrace the psyker beyond all tolerance [pronounced “cy-ker”]

Crimson Fists

Emperor forgive us, attack the Crimson Fist space marines
It is said, even Crimson Fist Marines are mutants and a door to corruption

Dark Angels

The Dark Angels were always unpredictable, but this is treachery
Dark Angels have attacked the Inquisition and abducted its prisoners

Fallen Angels

When Marines work against the Imperium, they are fallen angels
Unidentified Space Marines, insignia not recognized

Imperial Fists

The Imperial Fists cannot stand in the way of the Ordo Hereticus [pronounced “Or-doe Hair-et-e-cuss”]
By authority of the Ordo Hereticus, sanction falls on the Imperial Fists

Iron Hands

Even the Iron Hand space marines will not hinder us
Beginning field Inquisition against the Iron Hands space marines

Legion of the Damned

We are beset by ghosts and specters of the warp
These are daemons in the shape of Space Marines

Raven Guard

The Raven Guard Space Marines seek to hinder our holy work
The Raven Guard of Deliverance face the judgment of the Ordo Hereticus [pronounced “Or-doe Hair-et-e-cuss”]

Red Scorpions

The Red Scorpion appear pure but deception is a tool of the archenemy
Even the Red Scorpion Marines are mutants, who must be purged


The Salamanders must learn, mutation is the doorway to spiritual corruption
Fire alone will not be enough to purge the Salamander Marines

Space Wolves

 It matters not that Space Wolves are beloved by the Guard, they must face justice
The Wolves of Fenris, this is not the first time they have sided with the tainted [pronounced “Fen-ris”]


Ultramarines and their brother Chapters will retaliate if they discover what we must do here
Lord Calgar of Ultramar must never learn of this purge [pronounced “Cal-gar” and “Ultra-mar”]

White Scars

The sanction of the pure will now fall on the White Scars
The storm-seers of the White Scars are to be brought in for questioning

Alpha Legion

These forces have turned, but there is a dark hand guiding them
What could drive these men to such treachery?

Black Legion

The seepage of evil is so great, these can only be the Black Legion of the Despoiler
We have banished Black Legionnaires before on Cadia [pronounced “Cad-e-ah”]

Blood Pact
A Chaos Warband of the Blood God has been detected. The Inquisition demands their swift purgation!
The savage fighters of the Blood Pact! They will regret any incursion into this territory while we are here!


Death Guard

The dreaded Death Guard, but our faith is proof against their corruption
Death Guard, their spiritual corruption will not touch us

Emperors Children

The perversions of the Emperor’s Children must be cut off at the source
The taint of the Emperor’s Children will spread unless we stop them here

Iron Warriors

The Iron Warriors, they will have brought their war machines
The traitors of the Iron Primarch, even their machines will be tainted [pronounced “Prime-ark”]

Night Lords

 It is a Night Lord, Emperor shield us from fear and weakness
Though we face the Night Lords, terror does not hold us
By the Emperor, the Night Lords will not have another Scound’s Fall [pronounced “S-cound’s”]

Red Corsairs

The marines of the Arch-Traitor Huron will bow before the Emperor’s judgment
As we feared, the traitor Red Corsairs are emerged from the Maelstrom

Chaos Renegades
The filthy renegades of Chaos have come to their doom!
Who are these militant scoundrels who would challenge the might of the Inquisition?!


Thousand Sons

Through faith, we will overcome the sorceries of the Thousand Sons
Thousand Sons are the most dangerous sorcerers in the galaxy

Traitor Guard
These Imperial forces have sided with Chaos! Dispatch every last one of these traitors!!
Curse the Imperial blasphemy of these tainted Guardsmen! We will ensure they do not live for long!  


World Eaters

World Eater berserkers, resist the anger with faith in the Emperor
The traitors Marines of the Daemon Lord Angron [pronounced “An-gron”]

Word Bearers

Bearers of the false creed, there can be no greater danger

The World Bears must be stopped, before they spread their poisonous creed

Adaptus Mechanicus
Warmachines of Mars.. stand down this instant! You have committed great heresy and face immediate termination!
The Automatons of the Cult Mechanicus have gone mad! Cast the lot of these.. heretics back into the fires of the Forge!



Our sanction falls on the Catachan regiment [pronounced “Cat-a-can”]
The Catachan regiment has been unorthodox long enough

Death Korps of Kreig

Purge the Krieg regiment, examine the corpses for mutations [pronounced "Cree-g"]
The Death Korp regiment knows too much, they must be silenced [pronounced “Core”]


The proof is here, the Elysian regiment is tainted
The drop troop regiment has mutinied


Harakoni Warhawks
Hive-world drop troops of Harakon! They have turned against the Imperium! Show them no mercy! [pronounced "Hair-ah-con"]
Look to the skies, Sisters! The Warhawks decent from the heavens and right into their judgement!

Kanak Skull Takers
Whom are these Imperial Feral warriors to dare strike against the Inquisition? Their beastly uncivilized ways must be silenced!
Imperial barbarians sighted! Put down these savages quickly before they can spread themselves out over these lands!


Last Chancer's/13th Penal Legion

These prisoners have given up their last chance in the Emperor’s eyes
This Penal Legion is expendable to root out heresy


The transgression of this Mordian regiment is so great, they are now the foot soldiers of the archenemy [pronounced “Mord-e-an”]
Purge the Mordian regiment, the Inquisitor will want to question survivors

PDF Guard
Tainted Imperial Defense Force has been engaged! For the Inquisition.. all of these must be purged!
Insular Planetary defenders! Stand aside and perish for you have shown your true intentions in the sight of the Emperor!



If there are pskyers in the Praetorian regiment [pronounced “cy-kers”]
The Inquisition sanctions the destruction of the Praetorian regiment

Steel Legions

The armor regiment is in mutiny, we must discover if witchcraft is at its root
Disable the tanks of the Steel Legion, before they destroy us


The Tallarn regiment is most devout, but their actions have betrayed themselves [pronounced “Tal-ar-an”]
We begin the field Inquisition against the desert regiment

Tanith First & Only (Gaunt's Ghosts)

If Tanith regiment are tainted, we will not let them survive [pronounced “Tan-ith”]
If the rumors are true, this stealther regiment may have witches among it


The Valhallan ice world regiment may be sheltering psykers, find out with extreme prejudice [pronounced “Val-hal-ans”]
To safeguard the Imperium, the Valhallan regiment must be sacrificed


Inquisition reports a latent psyker in the Vostroyan regiment [pronounced “Vos-troy-ans”]
We must presume the Vostroyan Firstborn regiment is compromised


Though witchery, the Eldar fade and shift before our very eyes
Eldar assassins! There are few psykers more dangerous

Inquisition Daemonhunt

Stop the rogue Inquisitor; he is the heretic we have been looking for
The Chamber Militant of the Ordo Hereticus will silence the rogue Inquisitor [pronounced “Or-doe Hair-et-e-cuss”]


It is true then… those who hunt the witch for too long sometimes stray into heresy

For the throne of earth, we will cleanse even heretics in our order

Genestealer Cult
The wretched tentacles of the Tyranid have infiltrated the Imperial forces here! By decree of the Lord Inquisitor, root every last one of them out! [pronounced “Tear-ra-nid”]
Beware! A Genestealer Brood has infected this place! Search out its Hive Mind and kill it without prejudice! These lands WILL BE MADE CLEAN!
The Ordo Xenos has reported the presence of Genestealer infiltrators in the region. Concentrate your weapons and burn the alien back to whence they came! [pronounced "Or-doe Zeen-ose"



Destroy biological horrors of the hive fleet before they take root
As we feared, the Tyranid menace is here [pronounced “Tear-ra-nid”]


In the serenity of the Emperor, we shall be protected from the daemon
Great Emperor of Mankind protect us from the daemon
By the Emperor, banish the daemons back to the warp from where they came


Praise the Emperor; for he tests us with smiting his horror
In His name, we face this horror with holy will

In our resolve, we reflect the sanction of the Imperium


Against the pinnacle of faith these enemy cannot win
In facing these enemies of the Emperor, we confirm our devotion
Purity and faith will overcome these enemies of the Emperor
The power of faith will guard us against these enemies
Against Holy Mankind, these enemies will perish
In the Emperor’s name, these enemies will be purgatus [pronounced “Pur-gah-tus”]
The Emperor’s divine pronouncement
The enemies of the Emperor are unclean


Tanks, as dangerous as thought pirates and unsanctioned psykers [pronounced "cy-kers"]
In Sebastian Thor’s name, the tanks of the enemy will not stop us

Against these war machines, we must guard the Emperor and His realm

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