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Red Alert 3 Issue Cant connect with other players that are using origins the ultimalte collection red alert 3

connection issues red alert 3

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#1 turbynator

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Posted 07 November 2017 - 12:42 PM

My friend and i are trying to play Red Alert 3 of the origin ultimate collection with each other but we cant connect. most of the time it says connection timed out 1-2 and thats it, this includes co-op and online matches. we did everything from the troubleshooting post except for the DMZ because it is a protected router(student buildings router). however i can see him on the servers chat with him i can play with others but just not with my friends. i am using windows 10 operating system. í dont know how to fix this if there are any solutions please help. the data of the diagnostic tool is pasted below.


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Using server nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Bound to local port 55794
Bound to local alternate port 55795
Resolving hostname 'nntest.cnc-online.net'...
Resolved server host to be ''
Sending client INIT from port 55794 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server INIT [236699]
Our public address is
Sending client INIT2 [236699] from port 55795 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server INIT2 [236699]
Our alternate public address is
Sending cient START [236699] from port 55795 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server START [236699]
Server extra port is 40000
Sending client PING [236699] from port 55794 to nntest.cnc-online.net:40000

Failed to receive any pings from nntest.cnc-online.net:40000.
It appears your router and/or connection is not capable of NAT negotiation.
==> You will need to use port forwarding and possibly configure a static port.
Press any key to continue . . .

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Posted 07 November 2017 - 03:12 PM

I think your best bet with that kind of set up might be to use a VPN.     That way everything will be tunneled into your computer and you won't have to worry how your modem is set up (provided you can connect to the VPN).

See this post for some options.

Some VPNs:


You should be able to find a free VPN pretty easily using a google search. You may have to try a few.

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