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How to make unit give experience when it is killed?

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#1 numan

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Posted 14 November 2017 - 09:23 PM

For exp rohirrims do not provide experience when they are died. How can I fix it?

#2 Jokuc


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Posted 16 January 2018 - 02:04 PM

I don't know if the files look the same in bfme1, but as for bfme2 you'd go into data\ini\experiencelevels.ini where you will find 

#define GOOD_CAVALRY RohanRohirrim RohanRohirrimHorde RohanRohirrimArcher RohanRohirrimArcherHorde RohanRohirrimArcherHordeWedgeFormation GondorCavalry GondorCavalryBanner GondorKnightHorde

and if you scroll down to GoodHorse you will find...

ExperienceLevel	GoodHorseLevel1
	TargetNames     =	GOOD_CAVALRY	;// defined at top of file
	ExperienceAward        =	EXPERIENCE_AWARD_GOOD_HORSE_1	

(plus more lines which aren't relevant). So what you can do is either add Rohirrim to the top where GOOD_CAVALRY is defined... or if you don't have that, make a new entry for rohanrohirrim and put RohanRohirrim (if that's the name for it in the bfme1 files) in the TargetNames. If we're talking about the Rohirrim you summon from Spellbook powers I'm not sure how it'd work as those don't have any experience levels... but you could try add in RohanRohirrim_Summoned or whatever the unit is called.


When you have done this you can also change the amount of experience they give in gamedata.ini if you wish.

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