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The latest of 2017 Black Library fluff about "lost" XIII Space Wolves Company

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 02:29 PM

There were early sales of the book "Ahses of Prospero" , on the last Weekender.


So, what witness said:

But if you're waiting for Ashes of Prospero to give you some hints, you're mistaken. I was lucky enough to have a friend of mine at the black library weekender and he brought me back Ashes of Prospero.

I read it and there are quite a few new things for the Space Wolves fluffwise but we can expect also some changes for the codex and maybe for the Imperium at large.

I'm going to spoil the content of the book, so, if you don't want to, do not read my message.

This book follows the events described in Inferno and the audio book "The Thirteenth Wolf"

This book takes place after the Crusade Indomitus. The Space Wolves are hard pressed to answer to all the calls of help and assistance that they received. Logan asks Njal to do some divinations in the hope to find Leman Russ. Njal doesn't find anything but he's drawn to Prospero.

Logan decides to send a little force of Space Wolves to Prospero under Njal's command. After some skirmishes on Prospero against the cultists of Magnus and then in the network of portals, the SW of Njal find the survivors of the XIII Great Company trapped in the network of portals. In the meantime, Njal discovers the reason why Magnus has returned to Prospero : he plans to use the network of portals to rid the daemons of the necessity of a warp rift to appear in the real world. he would have an infinite army and also more powerful.

After some exchange of greetings, reconnaissance of their brothers and negociations, the survivors of the XIIIth, follow the SW of Njal out of the network.
There are 200 survivors with their 30k arsenal : Stormbird, thunderhawk, spartans, predators... with their Wolf lord Bulveye at the head.

Njal orders its cruiser to bombard Prospero. And the book ends like this.

So for me,we have a lot of things fluff wise :

- The SW will be the only chapter to have real marines 30k with them.
- They will have a strange mix of SW 40k, SW 30k and Primaris.
- Who is going to lead the chapter : Logan or Bulveye?
- there are some clashs in the book when the marines 30k discover the Horus heresy, and the way of their brethren of 40k compared to the Imperial truth of 30k.

I think that we'll have a summer campaign opposing the SW against the TS for the control of these portals. Even if it's, or because maybe, a revenge for the events of Curse of the Wulfen and Wrath of Magnus.

It's the perfect occasion to bring back Leman Russ after the rediscovery of his 13th Company which we know, he has a particular bond with them.

And for us, players, we will be perfectly free to use our 40k and 30k models in our future army. Just imagine access to Cataphractiis, tartaros, Stormbirds, Spartans...

So, what do you think of all this?

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Posted 07 December 2017 - 02:38 PM

Another man spoiler


The 13th is trapped in the network of portals. But Magnus did release a lot of wulfens in the events of Curse of the Wulfen. So we know where are the unaccounted of the 13th. Bulveye exits from the portals because Njal tells him that he will be reunitad with his brothers from the 13th. But he hasn't tell him yet that they were transformed in wulfens


The SW30k look oddly at the SW 40k. They are surprised because they are a bit religious with their armor. There is also a rivalry between the two forces. There is one in particular between Arjac and Vigga Deathblow, the first champion of Russ.


But the SW30k are also in shock when they learn of the treachery of Horus, the death of the Emperor and when they realise that they have been manipulated to destroy the TS.


TS sorcerer involved is Izzakar Orr.


But in the book, the Stormbird of Bulveye is described. Its name is "Clawrend". There are also two thunderhawks, one spartan and there are tanks larger than the usual that the SW40k don't recognize. At a time, they even speak of a Mastodon. So it's not impossible that there is one in. and of course some dreadnoughts and Terminators


For the survivors, they have been trapped for something like 2 weeks or one month in the network of portals.


The TS sorcerer which has send a shard of its psyche into Njal is Issakar Orr. He is horrifed of what has become of the TS Legion. When the SW first arrive in front of the first portal on Prospero, they are confronted by a force of 200 TS 30k who want to exit.


The SW of Njal are completely outnumbered. But when the TS set foot in the real world, tey become dust.


At the end, the sorcerer and the SW make peace because they realised that they've been tricked. Issakar Orr closes the last portal to give time to the SW to evacuate the planet because magnus is behind them. He then returns in the portals, resolved to fight against his primarch and what he has become. I believe that we'll see this sorcerer in a next book or the future campaign.


The Primaris with the SW geneseed have joined the chapter. But Logan is careful with them because he doesn't know if they're stronger or weaker against the Curse of the Wulfen.


The wulfens who have been freed from the network of portals. It was certainly made by Magnus who wanted to put the SW under investigation by the Grey Knights and the Inquisition.


Yes, Iskaar is resurrected and hunting in the network of portals to find other of his brethren unaffected by the Cancelling. he is resolved to oppose his Primarch by any mean.



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Posted 10 December 2017 - 04:57 PM

Cool man but should this not be in the actual 13th Company thread as we're quite far along with that project now. <:)

Btw, not sure we're adding any more vehicles as the charm and uniqueness of the 13th has for a decade+ been about infantry+sergeants+commanders + limited #s as most were lost in the Warp in search of the TS. Now their adding more stuff to them where it was not needed? :glare: Anyway, this is NEW FLUFF additions they just felt like adding but does not reflect the hell and wear/tear being inside the Immaterium for 10K years: I seriously doubt much of them would survive within that chaos let along heavier vehicles hence why the older/existing fluff/dex/backstory makes more "rational" sense and, frankly, is cooler as now we're just piling on more bloat/bling where it was not required.


Still, glad they are at least thinking about them and perhaps adding a little here and there.

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