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Space Wolves Mod 0.75 (Not Wolf Lords)

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#1 fuggles


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 10:11 AM

As we have an influx of new people I shall start a new thread in my little corner of someone else's forum.

This is the latest version of my Space Wolves Reboot, 0.75 I think..? Whatever the last version is with the nerfed Stalker +1 digit hopefully.


Anyway for you new people you need a new version of Night Lords as well if you want to run this in combination:



As there are UCS errors if you use the public versions.


That aside, I think the plan is for Roderick to do some graphical stuff, but then it's pretty much done for my money. Feedback below and let's see how we get on.



#2 Roderick


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Posted 03 January 2018 - 11:11 PM

I'm with the textures and models. This will be my job this month. I presume three weeks to have them and possibly 13th wolves too.

#3 fuggles


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Posted 04 January 2018 - 06:11 AM

Super! Not sure anyone is looking at 13th, or this, from our new influx which is a shame.

#4 Industrial_Strength

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Posted 04 January 2018 - 07:49 AM

I'm looking! I finally got around to joining so I can communicate. Looking forward to joining teams to play test & hopefully also help with various mods. I've been play testing this since 0.74 & NL were left in a public thread. Very enjoyable.

Curious on the changelog of .75 actually as well as the NL updates. Sadly I only have a moment but wanted to say thanks to all involved & that the work is greatly appreciated! Sorry for rambling as I do digress slightly. I will get into change logs & the like as I get the time to try & join some teams.

I will post more & impressions time allowing but wanted to make sure I got a thanks in ASAP.
So thanks!

#5 Gambit


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Posted 04 January 2018 - 11:12 AM

Hello brother Industrial Strength :thumbsupcool:

-In search of Papasmurf...

#6 thudo


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Posted 04 January 2018 - 03:29 PM

I'll get to the 13th when I can.

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#7 Industrial_Strength

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Posted 05 January 2018 - 04:52 AM

Hello brother Industrial Strength :thumbsupcool:

Hello to you as well. Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to a positive exchange of ideas. Super hectic ATM but as soon as I get time I'll have to PM regarding access to forums/builds.

Hopefully soon, I'd PM you now but alas life calls. I'll be sure to post some SW impressions ASAP to keep with the thread though.

Sorry for all the off topic edits. Long story but can't access Internet on a computer ATM just mobile. So posting/dl/etc. from phone & transferring to computer so I still can get my DOW fix.

Was editing to discuss PM with Gambit but got it working so I've removed the edits.

My apologies to others for the off topic/length. I tend to post novels (possibly a part of being Autistic [Asperger's]) which I will apologize in advance for doing but I digress.

Thanks; really appreciate it & the great work everyone here does. Some impressions of SW will be forthcoming. As well as an impression of the current IDH. As some members of that team post in this thread as well; my thanks goes out to you for the great work that has occurred with that race as well.

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