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Bugfixes for missions

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Posted 05 January 2018 - 02:14 PM

Here are the missions I edited to fix certain rather critical bugs, unpack them into your MO directory to use:



Soviets: Dragon Dance

MiGs destroy the Missile Silo properly now (buffed their damage to guarantee it)

Epsilon: Spring


Oil Derricks on player's outpost should generate money properly now (for some reason they don't work if given to player initially, so I made them change house from civilian to player's)

Epsilon: Mental Omega

Victory trigger is enabled now, so you do actually win the mission once all enemy forces are eliminated (for some reason the last event didn't enable it, so it was impossible to win no matter what you did).

I'd like to fix the bug in Allies: Plague as well, but don't know what exactly I should do. The mission gets stuck if you manage to destroy Yuri MCV before it unpacks, and I can either not let the player kill the MCV, or give him his own MCV to finish off the remaining Yuri forces even if "Yuri MCV deployed" event didn't happen. The first solution removes some speedrun possibilities (I could buff it's HP to absurd levels, but it isn't even fair and will look obvious), the second one contradicts the story as the port is supposed to fall, and spies are supposed to die. For now I gave the MCV ToProtect=yes to make AI attack anything that tries to kill it, but it doesn't help at all, on Easy 2 GGI IFVs + Grizzlies and garrisons kill the MCV in seconds. Any better solutions?

Edit: went with the second solution, now your MCV will arrive even if you don't let the Yuri MCV to unpack.

Edited by Damfoos, 06 January 2018 - 10:57 AM.

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