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Editing the range of a turret

ini turret range weapon range guard range

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Posted 28 March 2018 - 04:48 PM

Hello there!
I am currently building a survival map for Mental Omega, which also includes a few INI-edits. The first edit is that oil derricks produce more money per 2-3 seconds (already implemented), the other one is a change of the Foehn's Plasmerizer:
- The weapon range should be increased from 21 to 70 (to cover half the map)
- Minimum range should be changed from 5 to 10 (to avoid accidental hits on your own base)
- Sight range is also increased up to 70.
- It should either not be buildable (since one player owns one Plasmerizer right at the beginning), or be way more expensive. 
- Slight nerf the weapon's damage (the shot covers less area and deals less damage)
Right now the sight range and buildability is already implemented. My main problem is the attack range of the turret and the said damage nerf. Concering range I tried the following INIs:
- Range=70
- GuardRange=70
- WeaponRange=70
None of these worked so far. I also haven't found the damage INIs yet. Can you guys please help me out? This would be marvelous!
If you're interested to see a glimpse of my map, here's a video from a guy, who recorded a match in the map-version 1.0:

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