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CnC Reloaded won't launch on Windows 10

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#1 Khorney

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Posted 05 April 2018 - 09:19 PM



I've been trying to get this running on a Windows 10 machine - Installing yuris revenge is fine, that all goes on okay and runs fine. As soon as I install C&C reloaded over the top of it, it stops working. Can not launch either from RA2MD.exe (as a test) or Ares.bat (syringe launches okay, but gamemd.exe process hangs in both instances). CMD windows appears, but not error messages.


any ideas? I've tried every combination of compatibility settings (as I say, vanilla YR will run fine) and excluding windows defender but no luck still. Here's the syringe log:

[09:35:23] Syringe
[09:35:23] ===============

[09:35:23] WinMain: lpCmdLine = ""gamemd.exe" -WIN"
[09:35:23] WinMain: Trying to load executable file "gamemd.exe"...

[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::RetrieveInfo: Retrieving info from the executable file...
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::RetrieveInfo: Executable information successfully retrieved.
[09:35:23] 	exe = gamemd.exe
[09:35:23] 	pImLoadLibrary = 0x007E1220
[09:35:23] 	pImGetProcAddress = 0x007E1250
[09:35:23] 	pcEntryPoint = 0x007CD80F
[09:35:23] 	dwExeSize = 0x00497FE0
[09:35:23] 	dwExeCRC = 0x1C6B3142
[09:35:23] 	dwTimestamp = 0x3BDF544E

[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::RetrieveInfo: Opening gamemd.exe to determine imports.
[09:35:23] WinMain: SyringeDebugger::FindDLLs();

[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::FindDLLs: Recognized DLL: "Ares.dll"
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::Handshake: Calling "Ares.dll" ...
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::Handshake: Answers "Found Yuri's Revenge 1.001 (modified). Applying Ares 0.3." (0)
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::FindDLLs: Done (869 hooks added).

[09:35:23] WinMain: SyringeDebugger::Run(" -WIN");

[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::Run: Running process to debug. cmd = "gamemd.exe  -WIN"
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::Run: Allocating 0x1000 bytes ...
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::Run: pAlloc = 0x001C0000
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::Run: Filling allocated space with zero...
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::Run: Setting addresses...
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::Run: Writing DLL loader & caller code...
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::Run: pcLoadLibrary = 0x001C0001
[09:35:23] SyringeDebugger::Run: Entering debug loop...

#2 Khorney

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Posted 08 April 2018 - 02:33 PM

I resolved this by downloading the CNCnet client and installing that over the top of my YR directory *after* CNCreloaded was activated. obviously this break CNCnet but Yuri now loads completely with ares and I just use hamachi etc... for multiplayer, good stuff. here's the steps:


1. install RA2 - YR

2. install/activate CnCreloaded

3. Install cncnet into RA2 directory

4. run and update cncnet to get the game patched up

5. run CnCreloaded as normal using either launcher or ares.bat (must disable cncnet compatibility in CnCreloaded)


hope this helps some people in the future

#3 FS-21


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Posted 12 April 2018 - 06:19 AM



[09:35:23] WinMain: lpCmdLine = ""gamemd.exe" -WIN"


the -WIN argument means windowed mode.

If you are running the launcher check the options and disable de windowed mode because you needs to set the screen to 16 bit mode (at least on Win7, I don't know in Win10)

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