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Saruman becoming the Ring hero and Gokhar - The Hand of Saruman

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#1 Evo.

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Posted 14 April 2018 - 11:43 AM

Saruman becoming the Ring hero and Gokhar - The Hand of Saruman


Hi, we all know Saruman in the books didn't leave Isengard and never fought with his soldiers, he was always in Orthanc managing and planning, I would like to suggest removing him from the normal heroes slots and making him the ring hero of Isengard.

This way you Capture Saruman's character as a leader and manager of Isengard not a fighter in battles which makes you more faithful to the books as it was stated that not once he rode to battle and it will be a golden chance to boost and expand Age of the Ring’s Lore and introduce a new hero to replace Saruman as a standard hero to lead the armies of Isengard on the front line making your Isengard even more unique.


Gokhar – The Hand of Saruman


A savage but intelligent and loyal Uruk-hai who understood Saruman's vision and will more than any and is willing to sacrifice anything for the white hand, He got his white hand mark on his face by Saruman himself and got empowered by his’s magic, he would be The hand of Saruman, General of war and the leader of the invasion on helms deep, who lost his life to the three hunters.


Design clues:

He is larger than normal Uruk-hais


I drew him to demonstrate how I imagine him


And his sword resembles the tower of Orthanc



Gokhar is always followed by two Uruk Man-Slayers 


-Rank 1: Presence of Gokhar [PASSIVE]
All enemy units nearby lose their leadership and -33% armor, All friendly units nearby are fearless and gets 33% armor.


-Rank 3: Gokhar’s Savagery
Gokhar temporarily gains +75% damage, +75% armor and becomes 20% faster.


-Rank 4: Training of the General
Friendly units in radius gain experience.

(same as Saruman’s ability)

-Rank 7: Master of Siege [PASSIVE]

All siege units around the map gain increased firing rate and damage.


-Rank 10: Slaughter of Men

Gokhar and all nearby Uruk-hai gets +100% Damage and life steal for every hit to enemy units for a short amount of time.

(can not be used while using Gokhar’s Savagery)

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#2 saruman_the_wise



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Posted 14 April 2018 - 01:25 PM

I completely disagree with Saruman being removed from the hero roster, based on your logic then galadriel should also be removed and in both cases I simply just don't agree and find it takes away more than it gives.

#3 Evo.

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Posted 14 April 2018 - 01:43 PM

Galadriel raised Dol Guldor to the ground, further more, I don't want to remove Saruman from Isengard just because he didn't fight, but to make him the ring hero of Isengard  as well, with such a replacement I think its a good trade.

#4 Mathijs


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Posted 14 April 2018 - 09:19 PM

It's not a bad hero concept, but as saruman_the_wise said above, removing Saruman from the core roster is an impossibility. He is too iconic and important.


I recently updated Isengard's faction plan to include a version of Saruman as the Isengard Ring hero. It's likely we'll do this at some point. The player would be able to deliver the Ring to Saruman rather than the Fortress, which would trigger the original Saruman to change into Saruman of Many Colours.

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