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Dol Guldur Faction Plan [WIP]

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#21 OdoProudfoot

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Posted 11 October 2018 - 04:01 PM


#22 OakenShield224

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Posted 15 December 2018 - 06:24 PM

Durubdyr (meaning “animal ruler”) was an orc with an affinity for the various dark beasts that were attracted to the darkness of Dol Guldur. No other orc in Mirkwood was as skilled at taming the vicious wargs of the forest, or at handling the great spiders in their nests. The Necromancer discovered this talent and placed the creatures under his command, preparing them for the day when they may one day be unleashed on the Free Peoples of Middle Earth.

Appearance: mainly wearing bones, furs and pelts. A few spider webs on him. Maybe a few “trophies” from animals (teeth and claws maybe?). Is scarred. Wields a long weapon (spear) with a whip hanging from his belt.
Alt Appearance: could be a corrupted, scarred Beorning. Similar clothing/weapon aesthetic.


Level 1: The Beastmaster – hero deals extra damage to mounted units, mounted heroes and creatures (warg, trolls, mumakil, drakes, spiders etc.). Passive
Level 3: Warg Pen – summons a small enclosure with 2 wargs that attack nearby enemies. Relatively short cooldown. Enclosures would have low armour. (maybe also add Dark Presence to the enclosure)
Level 5: Vicious Creatures – wargs in the target enclosure will permanently gain reduced crush deceleration and will gain health per strike.
Level 8: Animal Tamer – target cavalry/monsters are unable to trample for a small time OR have much higher crush deceleration
Level 10: Beast Rush – all nearby spiders and spider riders will trample better and will deal increased damage for a time.

#23 YE4M4N

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Posted 20 May 2019 - 12:32 PM

Will Khamul for this faction wear the armour he has in BOTFA?


#24 Mathijs


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Posted 20 May 2019 - 01:22 PM

He will not!

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#25 LittleCritter

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Posted 03 October 2019 - 12:56 PM

My suggestion for Dol Guldur Spellbook:




Maybe you could rename Krimpul as Ungwûk, bc Krimpul just mean ties, while Ungwale means "torture" & ûk "all".


PS: Btw, the Necromancer could summon Adûnaphel, this Nazgûl was summoned to help Khamûl attacking Lórien & Woodland Realm, and after the Pélennor Fields battle with the Witch-King defeat, he came back to Mordor to defend Morannon with the eight remaining Nazgûl.

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#26 TV2019

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Posted 07 December 2019 - 06:51 PM

Is it just me or does Dol Guldur not have a lot  of units? Especially powerful units that aren't affected by the weakening effect thing? I love the units that you have shown and talked about so far, but I feel like there's something missing. Maybe a magical unit? Or something Beastly?  Something that isn't  an undead Orc variation, cause it seems like there are enough of those kind of enemies. I dunno. Maybe it's just on paper that it reads as a bit paltry. Btw, do you plan on giving them walls? Since Dol Guldur is basically a fortress that would make sense, no? Also if you don't, that would mean like that there very few evil factions with walls and that seems a bit unbalanced? 


In any way, thanks for all your work on this and I hope to see  and learn more of the faction in the near future. Keep up the cool stuff! 

#27 LittleCritter

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Posted 06 January 2020 - 01:26 AM

If there's still any place for some other heroe for Dol Guldur, maybe you could add other spider heroes, Drûzhag, the Beastcaller and/or Ashrâk, the Spiderkin, i think both of the goblins could fit for Dol Guldur, although they're a little combo together.



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#28 LelouchAK

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Posted 16 August 2020 - 09:14 AM

Idea for DG building
Dungeons of Dol Guldur
(Building would use model of old 15pp Mordor spell)
Cost 500
Much wider range of dark presence passive, comparable to fortress' one
Passively reduces hero cost by 5%
Passively increases sauron movement speed by 5%
(Not sure which one fits more)
Limited to 4 buildings
building would enhance early game spam and late game army push by various upgrades
300 - There is no peace
-upgrade time: 15s
On the top of the building arrive orcs archers defending structure, range of view of structure is increased
300 - There is no life
- upgrade time: 6s
Dungeons of Dol Guldur gain access to a web of catacombs, those are too narrow for everyone though, can be accessed only by the lowest of the scums and those who are moving in single units
Tunnels can be used only by broken rabble, orcs gaolers, orcs archers, risen death and heroes 
600 - There is no light
-upgrade time:60s(!sic)
Ally units receive leadership bonus comparable to the statue one but on a much wider range, enemy units are slowed down by 5%, this debuff is low but can stack with other debuffs
700 -  There is no rescue
-upgrade time:60s(!sic)
Reduces armor of ALL surrounding units by the same amount it is increased by "There is no light", this means it can be nullified for your units if you get "There is no light" upgrade at the same time. Additionally units in close range of the DG dungeons are quickly replenished (but not healed)
Dol Guldur dungeons are being built by ghosts amazingly fast but it's upgrades take enormous amount of time. This building would be able to gain experience by getting upgrades. On first level (when built) it would be paper like, 1000hp so any unit would be able to quickly ruin it. After getting 2 of 4 upgrades dungeons reach its 2nd level, gaining high hp bonus. Now on 2500hp it would be much tankier but still comparable to high level resource buildings (maybe some black mist to show it is on 2nd level). After getting all of the upgrades building is empowered by Dark Lord, reaches 5500hp and gains a blight in close proximity of the building. This level is extremy hard to get as those upgrades cost a lot and require a lot of precious time, therefore those arent made for an early game and should be considered a lategamie option for DG

#29 DavidCopperfield

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Posted 04 April 2021 - 09:11 PM

Hello from me too. First of all Dol Gundur is a fantastic and unique faction. There are some really nice suggestions regarding buildings and units. I really like LelouchAk's suggestion and I want to propose mine too. I don't know if it's possoble for this suggestion to become reality but plz take it into consideration. My idea is the following: An extra column of spells like that of the campain. It really fits the theme of DG and can also solve the problem of not having unit upgrades for the late game. Bellow I introduce some spells that I thought. I will appreciate any suggestion or addition.


5P: Necranastasis (or Resurrection).

Heals a moderate amount of hitponts.


10P: Summon Tower.

Summons a defensive tower that can stealth near trees. It does not produce shades but has dark presence.

OR: Summon Prison Cell.

Summons a building that can cast spells similar to Rohan's 10p summon.


15P: Recruitments from Mordor.

Summons 2 battlations of fully upgraded Morgul swordsmen and 2 battlations of fully upgraded Morgul pikemen. (To be fair they should be easterlings units according to the lore.) 


25P: Revelation of the Dark Lord.

Enemy units in a wide area lose all leadership and buffs and are slowed by 10%. Friendly units in a wide area gain +50% armor and 50% damage.


Thanks for your time.


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#30 Nerevar42

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Posted 10 June 2021 - 09:03 AM

I once supported the idea of a Dol Guldur Dark Obelisk building, leading to some proper turtling strategies for DG with debuffing enemies instead of buffing allies with heroic statues. I still do. It would be some kind of a bonus aside from ruined towers and barrows that already are greatly efficient concerning this specific aspect. However, this is an additional suggestion, so it is less important than corrective suggestions.


One of the actual problems with Dol Guldur is that Risen Dead, Ravagers and Spiders are really strong, and they outvalue each other aspect of the faction. For example, Harbingers of Shadow or Unburied Wights, that are extremely fun and cool undead units : I don’t see them that much used, which is a shame because I love their designs and effects. For Risen Dead notably, I think that a nerf might be necessary to give more depth to other units. Spiders might also be a little bit too fast, you can never catch them up with pikes unless the DG player stops micro-ing them.


The speelbook has one power that seems underused for me, that is the Spell of Concealment. The Spawn of Carcharoth is so good (and the two other T2s being interesting enough) that the aforementioned power is just never played. The fact that it can stealth allied structures is truly interesting, and has the potential to give birth to very innovative strategies, but I think the positioning of the tree would need a rework to see this power played. The problem might also come from the Gift of the Necromancer tier 4 that is basically insane, but I don’t really know how to fix that one apart from reducing its damage (and maybe increasing its speed to compensate).

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#31 Arius_

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Posted 26 March 2024 - 11:19 AM

I feel that the faction is very dependent on the matchup. To fix this, here are some ideas for changes:



Current issue: Comes in too late as moving Presence, too strong for 2500

Proposed fix:

  • reduce cost to 1500
  • Lv1 Ability: Switch (like mounting) between Shapeless Malice and Standard Form.
    Standard Form now is supporting troops like Arwen
  • Add Lv1 Ability: ‘Grow in Strength’ (Lv up for 800/1000/1200)
  • Buff to overall stats

Effect of the fix: The Necromancer would not be engaged in the front line but support troops or weaken enemies, which would be more accurate to his actions in the canon. The faction would now have a proper albeit weird faction leader.



Current issue: Very strong units that require little skill to use

Proposed fix: Add Damage over time inflected

Effect of the fix: Wraith are not being seen roaming middle earth – true to canon. Also not too big of a nerf if Necromancer changes as proposed.


Black Banners:

Current issue: Faction does not use conventional upgrades - this seems therefore weird as does building orcs and immediately sacrificing them

Proposed fix:

  • Change name to ‘eternal servitude’
  • Change research cost to 1200 and upgrade cost to 250
  • Unit now unlocks the ‘eternal servitude’ of Broken Rabble

Effect of the fix: Orcs can now be properly used in combination with the Wraiths


Tower of Sorcery:
Current issue: Faction is dependent on good matchup factions with strong and upgraded units can delete Dol Guldur in later stages of the game.

Proposed fix: New unit ‘Mind Breaker’

  • Model either some orcish company with torture equipment or an elven spirit like the builder
  • Accessed at Tower of Sorcery Lv3
  • Cost 1500
  • Ability: ‘Corrupt their mind’ target enemy unit: After a small delay, the Mind Breaker vanishes and the target enemy unit gets taken over.
  • Stats and other abilities are secondary

Effect of the fix: The enemy can’t use strong units to progress the game, essentially keeping an endless midgame. In addition, the enemy is encouraged to use a lot of heroes (as they can’t switch sides) which adds to the feeling of a hero company fighting Dol Guldur – which is a nice nod to canon.

I have some other ideas, but as this is getting too long I would be glad to first hear about your opinion on those.


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