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Imperial Knights *FINAL* Voice Script List

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Posted 26 May 2018 - 04:19 PM

Unscripted / Completed (see next messages) / Voiced
Proposed List
Knight Paladin / Errant / Gallant / Crusader / Warden / Castellan / Lancer / Baron / Preceptor
Knight Paladin / Errant / Gallant / Crusader / Warden / Castellan / Lancer / Baron / Preceptor (Extra)
Knight Freeblade
Knight Renegade
Armiger Knight Helverin / Warglaive
Cerastus Knight Acheron / Atrapos / Castigator / Lancer
Cerastus Knight Acheron / Atrapos / Castigator / Lancer (Extra)
Questoris Knight Magaera / Styrix
Dominus Knight Castellan / Valiant
Acastus Knight Porphyrion

Standard Knight
Incorporates these Knight Loadout types: Knight Paladin, Errant, Gallant, Crusader, Warden, Castellan, Lancer, Baron (Commander-like) and Preceptor. High Gothic English accent.
Unit_Complete1: Defensive systems nominal, weapons hot, I am ready for battle.
Unit_Complete2: I have been brought here by order of my house, task me so I may bring it honor.
Unit_Complete3: Neural interface linked and prepared, show me where the heathens lie.
Unit_Complete4: I am prepared to give my life in the name of the house and Emperor.
Unit_Complete5: I am ready to give the enemy a death worthy of their disgusting visage.
Unit_Complete6: Imperial Knight, ready for combat.
Unit_Complete6a: Knight Paladin, ready for combat.
Unit_Complete6b: Knight Errant, ready for anti-armour combat.
Unit_Complete6c: Knight Gallant, ready to get up close and personal.
Unit_Complete6d: Knight Crusader, ready for heavy fire support.
Unit_Complete6e: Knight Warden, ready for anti-bunker combat.
Unit_Complete6f: Knight Castellan, ready for mobile heavy bombardment support.
Unit_Complete6g: Knight Lancer, ready for lightning assault.
Unit_Complete6h: Knight Baron, ready to take command.
Unit_Complete6i: Knight Preceptor, ready for glorious melee.
Unit_Complete7: Reporting to fulfill your wishes, my lord.
Unit_Complete8: In the name of the emperor and house, I have come to smite their enemies!
Unit_Complete9: For the Honor of my House.
Unit_Complete10: Knight, Ready to Crusade.
Selection1: Where shall my lance be pointed?
Selection2: Where I stride the enemies death will follow.
Selection3: Awaiting instructions, my lord.
Selection4: Engines ready, task me so I may bring piercing redemption to the enemy.
Selection5: I await to bring death to the enemy.
Selection6: Awaiting orders.
Selection7: My weapons remain ever ready to bring destruction to the enemy.
Selection8: What is my task, my lord.
Selection9: My suit is my armor, my faith is my shield, my wrath is my sword.
Selection10: Standing on guard.
Selection10a: Paladin standing on guard.
Selection10b: Errant stands prepared.
Selection10c: Gallant.. focus my wrath!
Selection10d: Crusader.. give me a target.
Selection10e: Warden.. fortifications don't stand a chance.
Selection10f: Castellan.. systems primed. Give me bombardment instructions.
Selection10g: Lancer.. send me out, quickly!
Selection10h: Baron leads from the front!
Selection10i: Preceptor, prepared to engage in close quarters.
Selection11: I am the Shield of the Imperium.
Selection12: If you can't stand the heat, step away from the pyre. [pronounced "pie-er"]
Selection13: I will Not let the Rust settle, until the blood of my enemy stains my metal.
Selection14: Oh worry ye of little faith, my crusaders, faith will never bend the knee.
Selection15: In the battlefield, to question is being faithless, to be lead blindly is true faith.
Selection16: I shall up hold the Emperors Will!
Move1: Altering bearing; I am approaching your coordinates.
Move2: Engines engaged, moving towards the objective.
Move3: The ground will quake beneath my steps.
Move4: Affirmative, moving now.
Move5: Coordinates received, repositioning.
Move6: A task of easy demeanor.
Move7: Menial but essential, moving now.
Move8: Will the enemy be over there?
Move9: Engaging engines, moving to the coordinates.
Move10: Our victory is near.
Move11: With expediency!
Move12: I tread the grounds with my fallen brethren and their zeal carry on with each step I take.
Move13: My Machine spirit marches for the Emperor.
Attack1: Weapons engaged! I will eliminate the enemy!
Attack2: They will taste the Emperor's wrath!
Attack3: Hostiles targeted, weapon systems engaged; For the Emperor!
Attack4: They are in my sights, engaging now!
Attack5: None will survive my righteous fury!
Attack6: I shall deliver the Emperor's might upon their wretched heads!
Attack7: Weapons systems nominal, they shall taste my fury!
Attack8: These heathens know nothing of my might! I will show them with their own death!
Attack9: I will deliver the crushing blow upon their head!
Attack10: Witness total annihilation!
Attack10a: Paladin opening up! Main guns hot!
Attack10b: Errant reducing them to slag!
Attack10c: Gallant.. time for a severe beating!
Attack10d: Crusader.. suppressing area with heavy fire!
Attack10e: Warden.. busting time!
Attack10f: Castellan.. here comes the onslaught from afar!
Attack10g: Lancer acknowledges.. commencing target engagement!
Attack10h: Baron requesting order to strike with me on designated coordinates... NOW!
Attack10i: Preceptor.. my hands shall end them!
Attack11: We shall quell this heresy without incident!
Charge1: My smite will bring them to their knees!
Charge2: They will meet a fate most fitting!
Charge3: I see the enemy, for the Emperor!
Charge4: Readying weapons systems, they will taste my fury!
Charge5: They will not escape!
Ability1: They will not escape the Emperor's wrath!
Ability2: I shall rend them with my fury!
Ability3: They will be nothing but cinders!
Ability4: Worry not, for I will be your shield!
Ability5: My unwavering faith protects me, show me your worst.
Ability6: The Emperor protects, shielding engaged.
Ability7: It shall rain fire and death upon the enemies of mankind! Firing missile salvo! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability8: Their sky will shatter beneath my wrath! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability9: The emperor's wrath reigns on high, launching missiles!  [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability10: Taste the tip of my lance! It has taken the lives of foes greater than you! [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability11: Behold, the Emperor's fury is before you!  [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability12: Fall before my unwavering smite, heathens! [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability13: You cannot penetrate my shield! The Emperor protects me! [Ion Shield]
Ability14: Faith is my shield! [Ion Shield]
Ability15: Your attacks are fruitless, crumble before me! [Ion Shield]
Combat1: I haven't had a good battle in months! Do your worst, heathens!
Combat2: My armor is impenetrable, you cannot defeat me!
Combat3: Fall before me!
Combat4: This is just like the simulations!
Combat5: I have been trained for this day, you will not defeat me!
Combat6: Face the Emperor's wrath!
Combat7: Quake before me, heathens!
Combat8: This gets personal!
Combat9: For House and Emperor!
Combat10: [Laughing]
Combat11: [more Laughing]
Combat12: [even more Laughing]
Combat13: [aggressive yell]
Combat14: [another aggressive yell]
Combat15: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage1: My armour has been breached! You dare challenge a noble of the Questor Imperialis!? [pronounced "Ihm-peer-ee-AH-liss"]
Damage2: Defensive shielding compromised, I need reinforcements!
Damage3: Armor integrity failing, where are my reinforcements!
Damage4: Under fire!
Damage5: I'm not done yet, filth!
Death1: Now... I join my ancestors. I come at last, my Emperor...
Death2: Fire in the cockpit! [screaming]
Death3: I have done all I can, forgive me my lord..
Death4: Glory to the house, I die with honour in my name..
Death5: Not like this! I am.. nobility!
Death6: I die for the Emperor..
Death7: I join the Primarchs! [pronounced "Prime-arks"]
Death8: Death before dishonor..
Death9: Arrrgghhhh!
Death10: Garrarrgghh!
Death11: [various other death screams and moans]

Standard Knight #2
Incorporates these Knight Loadout types: Knight Paladin, Errant, Gallant, Crusader, Warden, Castellan, Lancer, Baron (Commander-like) and Preceptor . A Daring, brave honorable knight-like voice. High Gothic English accent.
Unit_Complete1: Imperial Knight, thirsty for blood.
Unit_Complete1a: Knight Paladin, thirsty for blood.
Unit_Complete1b: Knight Errant, thirsty for blood.
Unit_Complete1c: Knight Gallant, thirsty for blood.
Unit_Complete1d: Knight Crusader, thirsty for blood.
Unit_Complete1e: Knight Warden, thirsty for blood.
Unit_Complete1f: Knight Castellan, thirsty for blood.
Unit_Complete1g: Knight Lancer, thirsty for blood.
Unit_Complete1h: Knight Baron, thirsty for Command.
Unit_Complete1i: Knight Preceptor, thirsty for blood.
Unit_Complete2: Bring the enemies to me!
Unit_Complete3: Walker of doom, prepared to bring apocalypse.
Unit_Complete4: Questoris Knight, under your command.
Unit_Complete4a: Questoris Knight Paladin, under your command.
Unit_Complete4b: Questoris Knight Errant, under your command.
Unit_Complete4c: Questoris Knight Gallant, under your command.
Unit_Complete4d: Questoris Knight Crusader, under your command.
Unit_Complete4e: Questoris Knight Warden, under your command.
Unit_Complete4f: Questoris Knight Castellan, under your command.
Unit_Complete4g: Questoris Knight Lancer, under your command.
Unit_Complete4h: Questoris Knight Baron, taking command.
Unit_Complete4i: Questoris Knight Preceptor, under your command.
Unit_Complete5: My blade calls for the blood of my enemies.
Unit_Complete6: Imperial Knight, hungry for battle.
Unit_Complete6a: Imperial Knight Paladin, hungry for battle.
Unit_Complete6b: Imperial Knight Errant, hungry for battle.
Unit_Complete6c: Imperial Knight Gallant, hungry for battle.
Unit_Complete6d: Imperial Knight Crusader, hungry for battle.
Unit_Complete6e: Imperial Knight Warden, hungry for battle.
Unit_Complete6f: Imperial Knight Castellan, hungry for battle.
Unit_Complete6g: Imperial Knight Lancer, hungry for battle.
Unit_Complete6h: Imperial Knight Baron, hungry to lead.
Unit_Complete6i: Imperial Knight Preceptor, hungry for battle.
Unit_Complete7: I have heeded your summon.. My lord.. How may I serve.
Unit_Complete8: My wanderings have lead me to this battlefield.
Unit_Complete9: The Venerable machine spirit rises once more.
Selection1: Make this quick..
Selection2: Where are they.. I have blood to shed..
Selection3: Send me to the general direction of the enemy!
Selection4: Direct me to the front lines.
Selection5: Your orders shall be done my lord!
Selection6: I have no patience for waiting, to battle!
Selection7: Direct me to the enemy, and they shall be annihilated
Selection8: I cannot stand idle, not when there are enemies to crush.
Selection9: I await for a worthy opponent.
Selection10: Blood and Steel!
Selection11: Faith is my weapon, I wield with pride.
Selection12: Who shall suffer the iron hand of the Emperor?
Selection13: Ordines tuum?
Selection14: I have been bred to serve, my liege.
Move1: I ride to battle!
Move2: Finally, battle awaits me.
Move3: The Battlefield quakes at my arrival.
Move4: I shall move.
Move5: Marching unto war.
Move6: I shall become the Vanguard.
Move7: So it shall be.
Move8: Forward!
Move9: Time to advance!
Move10: In Iron Glory I Stride.
Move11: Eques Lorica!
Attack1: They cannot hide from me!    
Attack2: They will not survive this!
Attack3: They will Tremble before me!
Attack4: None, can stand before me!
Attack5: Ants! To be trampled under my boots!
Attack6: More enemies to die before me?!
Attack7: I will crush all who oppose me!
Attack8: Crush them!
Attack9: None may stop me!
Attack10: The machine spirit protects, the Emperor purges!
Charge1: Charge!
Charge3: To arms!
Charge4: This will end swiftly.
Charge5: All fall before my might!
Ability1: This shall turn the tide of battle!
Ability2: Behold your End of Days!
Ability3: Enough! Your finality is.. NOW!!
Ability4: By such saving grace shall we come through this our darkest hour.
Ability5: Our infernal strength will never be stayed!
Ability6: Unleashing all missiles! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability7: MISSILE BARRAGE! ANNIHILATE THEM! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability8: Utter Annihilation incoming!. [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability9: Striking with full power! [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability10: They cannot withstand my power. [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability11: I shall crush their defenses. [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability12: With blade in hand, I smite the enemies of the Emperor! [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability13: Long has this shield bared a blows.. it shall continue in service to the God Emperor. [Ion Shield]
Ability14: They shall not break my shield. [Ion Shield]
Ability15: Activating Ion Shield. [Ion Shield]
Ability16: Ion Shield! Unbreakable will. [Ion Shield]
Combat1: Die under my blade!
Combat2: Fool! Dare you challenge me?!?!
Combat3: Thrill of battle!
Combat4: Your death shall bring great honor to me!
Combat5: You shall be cut down!
Combat6: Your destruction awaits!
Combat7: Vanquish the heretic!
Combat8: Eviscerate the foe!
Combat9: [Laughing]
Combat10: [more Laughing]
Combat11: [even more Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell]
Combat13: [another aggressive yell]
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage1: By my honour I shall not fall!
Damage2: They dare strike upon me?
Damage3: I am taking severe damage!
Damage4: There is honor in dying for the Empire!
Damage5: Benedicite Imperator! [pronounced "Ben-nay-dick-i-te Im-per-a-tor"]
Death1: No greater honour.. than to fall in battle.
Death2: Death.. takes it's toll..
Death3: A death, with honor..
Death4: The battlefield claims me..
Death5: I... have been slain... for the Glory of the Imperium..
Death6: Death is a momentary set back..
Death7: Systems... going offline... Everything's going... dark..
Death8: Arrrgghhhh!
Death9: Garrarrgghh!
Death10: [various other death screams and moans]

Freeblade Knight
These are Imperial Knights and their pilots who leave their Knight World behind and travel across the Galaxy. These Knights owe no allegiance to any specific Knightly House and usually travel either alone with a small group of retainers and Sacristans or in small bands of Freeblades. Can be voiced by either male or female. Use British accent.
Unit_Complete1: Thy Pleas of aid have not gone unnoticed! Let me join the fray at your side.
Unit_Complete2: This Stalemate will go no longer, my liege. Let me be the blade wielded by you that will destroy the Emperor’s Enemies.
Unit_Complete3: Suffer not the Heretic, the Unclean, the Xeno and the Dishonorable to Live, for my weapons shall tear them down! [pronounced "Zeen-oh"]
Unit_Complete4: The Emperor Wills that I aid you, My Liege. Let me join the fray!
Unit_Complete5: I have left my House to Aid the Imperium in the Battlefield, My Liege. Shall we move forward to it?
Unit_Complete6: The Enemies questions the Imperium’s Might. They will see the folly of their doubts soon.
Unit_Complete7: For as long as I draw breath the guilty will be punished, be they xenos invader, cursed traitor or highborn criminal. [pronounced "Zeen-ohs"]
Selection1: What is the next course of action, My Liege?
Selection2: Let us rest and prepare for the next battle.
Selection3: Tis but a calm before the storm.
Selection4: Preparing for what’s to come, My Liege?
Selection5: The Icon Incognitus means that my past has been discarded, all I want now is to build a new future.
Selection6: My weapons await their foes, My Liege.
Selection7: My Liege?
Selection8: I await further commands, My Liege.
Selection9: Priority Vox Secundus. Please speak, My Liege. [pronounced "Vox See-cun-dus"]
Move1: As you wish, My Liege.
Move2: I shall move over to that position.
Move3: Understood. The Battlefield is over there.
Move4: Follow me to victory.
Move5: I shall move over there.
Move6: Of course, My Liege. Moving to position.
Move7: I understand the command, My Liege.
Move8: I see. Moving to position.
Move9: Moving to better engagement zone.
Attack1: These commoners need to be taught a lesson. Let me be their Teacher!
Attack2: Let every enemy tremble in my sight should he think himself immune!
Attack3: One custom-designed crater coming right up!
Attack4: Here comes some Battlefield Justice!
Attack5: You will not escape the Emperor’s Wrath!
Attack6: Fall before the might of a Freeblade Knight
Attack7: My actions will speak louder than my words!
Attack8: Knight calls. I answer... TERMINALLY
Attack9: Onwards to battle!
Charge1: Glory to the FIGHTERS!!!
Charge2: Be Vanquished back whence you came, scum of this world!
Charge3: Behold... The absolute AND full might of this Walker!
Charge4: Forward! To Victory!
Charge5: Victory is near warriors of the Imperium! Forward!
Ability1: Weapon Systems at full power!
Ability2: Fall before the Imperium’s might!
Ability3: Firing Main weapon!
Ability4: The Imperium Shall not fall for as long as we fight for it!
Ability5: The Emperor will not abandon us!
Ability6: Victory shall be ours Brothers and Sisters of the Imperium!
Ability7: All missiles unleashed! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability8: Feel the Might of the Imperium! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability9: Suffer not with your end! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability10: Fall before my blade! [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability11: Feel the Might of the Emperor! [Shock Lance]
Ability12: This will be your end, Scum! [Shock Lance]
Ability13: Shield Online! [Ion Shield]
Ability14: Ion Shield is Active! [Ion Shield]
Ability15: Activating Ion Shield! [Ion Shield]
Combat1: For the Emperor!
Combat2: Pax Imperator! [pronounced "Packs Em-pur-ah-tor"]
Combat3: You will not escape, commoners!
Combat4: Dishonorable Scums!
Combat5: You shall not escape the Emperor’s Wrath!
Combat6: Fall asunder to my guns, pitiful wretch! My best has yet to come!
Combat7: No Obstacle challenges me... certainly not YOU!!!
Combat8: Witness the one whom claims these lands, heretic filth!
Combat9: [Laughing]
Combat10: [more Laughing]
Combat11: [even more Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell]
Combat13: [another aggressive yell]
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage1: MAJOR DAMAGE!!!
Damage2: ADAMANTIUM PLATING IS STILL HOLDING, BUT I DON’T KNOW FOR HOW LONG!!! [pronounced "Add-ah-man-tee-um"]
Death1: NOOO! [Saying it alongside sounds of Explosions]
Death2: Never forget me, My liege... Please... [Saying it alongside sounds of Explosions]
Death3: My liege, I... [Explosions]
Death4: Walking going down!
Death5: Arrrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrarrgghh!
Death7: [various other death screams and moans]

Questor Traitoris (Renegade Knight)
The Questor Traitoris, also known as Renegade Knights or Daemon Knights, are Imperial Knight combat walkers, their Noble pilots and Knight Houses that have been corrupted to the service of Chaos. Use Generic/North American English but sound vicious and close to madness! Ultimately will be edited to sound partially Daemonic.
Unit_Complete1: My betrayal was just the beginning. Soon: ALL WILL BE CRUSHED!!!
Unit_Complete3: I don’t care who you are, be it acolyte or Favorite of the Undivided. GIVE ME SOMETHING TO KILL!!!
Unit_Complete5: I will DESTROY ALL IN MY WAY! Be it an ally... OR AN ENEMY!!!
Unit_Complete6: I’m only joining you, worm, because we want something in common... OUR ENEMIES’ DEATHS!!!
Unit_Complete7: Your offer is generous, of course you can help me BURN THIS WORLD AND THE NEXT!!!
Selection1: What do you want, WRETCH?!
Selection2: My might cannot be MATCHED!!!
Selection3: Do you hear? They Speak... CHAOS SPEAKS TO ME!!!
Selection4: The Chaos gods speak clearly. I CAN HEAR THEM!!!
Selection5: SANITY?! Hah! Something the loyalist weaklings have and wants to maintain.
Selection6: I am a Knight, honorable and loyal... ONLY FOR CHAOS!!!
Selection7: I serve Chaos! In its GLORIOUS UNDIVIDED FORM!!!
Selection8: All pale. For I’m the STRONGEST of Chaos’ mortal Servants
Selection9: Challenge me mortal... I DARE YOU!!!
Move1: Chaos will consume ALL!
Move2: Chaos is our master!
Move3: They’ll hear their DOOM APPROACHING!!!
Move4: Are you sure? Because I can SEE OUR ENEMIES THE OTHER WAY, DUMB-ASS!!!
Move5: That is the Way to HELL!!!
Move6: Sure... I’ll believe that...
Move7: I hope that I’m going to the battlefield... if you value your life.
Move8: I... go...
Move9: I want BATTLE!!! Not to WALK, Wretch!!!
Attack2: DIE!!! DIE!!! DIE!!!
Attack3: BE STILL WORMS!!!
Attack6: EXCESS FOR ALL!!!
Attack8: Yes... come to me... come to me AND DIE!!!
Attack9: BECOME FETID BODIES, WORTHY OF NURGLE’S PLAGUES!!! [pronounced "Nur-ghoul's"]
Charge5: KILL!!! KILL!!!
Ability1: BLOW TO PIECES!!!
Ability3: BE GONE, WEAKLING!!!
Ability4: SUCH BLISS!!!
Ability5: Ahhh, THAT’S THE STUFF!
Ability6: SUCH EXCESS!!!
Ability7: ANYONE IN MY WAY WILL DIE!!! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability8: GIVE ME YOUR BLOOD!!! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability9: WALL.. OF.. DOOM!!! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability10: I SHALL CUT YOU TO PIECES!!! [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability11: KILL, DESTROY, SLAUGHTER!!! [Shock Lance]
Ability12: BE STILL, WRETCH!!! [Shock Lance]
Ability13: TZEENCH’S GIFT WILL PROTECT ME!!! [Ion Shield] [pronounced "Zeen-ch's"]
Ability15: I WILL NOT DIE!!! [Ion Shield]
Combat3: THE GRANDFATHER’S GRAND PUTRESCENCE FALL UPON YOU!!! [pronounced "pew-tress-ence"]
Combat5: SUCH ORGY OF BLOOD AND DEATH!!! WORTHY OF SLAANESH!!! [pronounced "Slaa-nesh"]
Combat9: [maniacal Laughing]
Combat10: [more maniacal Laughing]
Combat11: [even more maniacal Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive evil yell]
Combat13: [another aggressive evil yell]
Combat14: [various other aggressive evil yells]
Death1: TRAITOR!!! When I return, I W... [Explosions]
Death2: I will not be the FUEL FOR Y... [Explosions]
Death3: WOOOOOORRRRMMMMM!!! [Saying it alongside sounds of Explosions]
Death4: Killed by the likes of you?!??! PAATTHHHETHIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Death5: Arrrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrarrgghh!
Death7: [various other death screams and moans]
Armiger Imperial Knight
Incorporates both Armiger Knight Loadout types: Warglaive and Helverin. Pilot's voice should sound surprisingly.. basic, since Armiger pilots are commoners, low/mid Gothic normal people like farmers or your neighbour next door. There are, however, differences in the two different types: Helverin should be spoken more calm and professionally whereas Warglaive would be voiced more with passion, eagerness, and aggression.
Unit_Complete1: Send me to the front lines my lord!
Unit_Complete2: I am ready to take the battle to the enemy!
Unit_Complete3: Awaiting your orders my Lord!
Unit_Complete4: The Emperor commands, and I obey!
Unit_Complete5: For Terra! For Humanity! FOR THE EMPEROR!
Unit_Complete6: I will hunt them down, commander! Send me to the enemy!
Unit_Complete7: The Emperor knew this day would come!
Unit_Complete8: Knight, armed and ready.
Unit_Complete9: What a lovely day! [Helverin]
Unit_Complete9b: Out into the wastes do I tread this day. [Warglaive]
Selection1: Yes, my lord?
Selection2: How may I serve the Imperium today?
Selection3: I have much on my agenda, how can I help?
Selection4: Ready to protect the children of Terra.
Selection5: I will do my family proud.
Selection6: Where are the Emperors enemies? I will take them down!
Selection7: Yes? What is it?
Selection8: Knight Armiger, On Standby. [pronounced "Ar-mig-er"]
Selection9: At your service!
Selection10: Where to...?
Selection11: I am at your disposal.
Selection12: All systems online.
Selection13: I am here to protect my people and serve the Emperor. [Helverin]
Selection13b: Send me to the front lines! They will fear the Armiger! [Warglaive]
Selection14: May the area be cleansed in fire. [Helverin]
Selection14b: Xenos or Heretics, both will fall to my blade. [Warglaive] [pronounced "Zeen-os"]
Move1: Why? What's over there?
Move2: Your order is my... command... Sir.
Move3: Absolutely! Right away!
Move4: I'll get on to it immediately!
Move5: Yes sir! Now, where's that uh... (muffled rummaging)
Move6: I will be there as soon as I can.
Move7: Right away, just after.. uh, yes sir, right away!
Move8: For the glory of the House, and Terra!
Move9: For my life and House, Lord.
Move10: Command, and I shall obey.
Move11: As you will it, my Lord.
Move12: Godspeed, my liege.
Move13: Armiger moving.
Move14: It shall be done.
Move15: On the March!
Move16: I will be there.
Move17: Is that all you would like me to do? Is there anything else? [Helverin] (nice, polite, wanting to help more)
Move17b: If there are enemies over there, I WILL find them! [Warglaive] (wanting to kill as many heretics and xenos as possible)
Attack1: Weapons away!!!
Attack2: If I kill this, maybe I'll get one of those big knights!
Attack3: Die heretic scum! Oh, what did I say?
Attack4: For the Alliance! Oh oops, for the Emperor!
Attack5: The Emperor commands you to die. Please do so in a timely fashion!
Attack6: I'm busy, get out of my way!
Attack7: You dare oppose me? Taste the wrath of the Emperor!
Attack8: For the House! To battle!
Attack9: Armiger Engaged!
Attack10: Our House shall be witnessed!
Attack11: They will learn to fear my house!
Attack12: Consider it gone!
Attack13: Weapons Systems.. Armed and Ready!
Attack14: The only good heretic is a dead heretic!
Attack15: If you could just, you know, not be alive anymore, that would be great. [Helverin]
Attack15b: Just die already! I have important... uh... business to attend to. [Warglaive]
Attack16: All guns blazing! [Helverin]
Attack16b: My blade will pierce even the strongest of armor! [Warglaive]
Charge1: Wait, where are the feet? Am I standing on something? What's going on?
Charge2: Now this is absolutely what I signed on for!
Charge3: Time to meet the Emperor, scum!
Charge4: If it's not too much to ask, I am in a bit of a hurry. [Helverin]
Charge4b: I told you to die, so do it already! [Warglaive]
Ability1: Oooh so that's what that button does!
Ability2: I just need to flip this lever right...?
Ability3: Boom time! Wait, was that the right button?
Ability4: Oh no you don't! Not today sucker!
Ability5: The Emperor protects me and my house!
Ability6: In the name of the Imperium I will not die this day!
Ability7: Target locked, missiles away! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability8: Boom time! Okay that was the right one. [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability9: Huh... looked better in the recruitment video. [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability10: I bet that was a... Shocking experience for you! Emperor forgive me... [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability11: Feel the power of the Emperor directly to your face![Shock Lance]
Ability12: Yes. Yes I like this, I like this a lot. [Shock Lance]
Ability13: I am protected by the Emperor himself, are you? [Ion Shield]
Ability14: My house WILL live on! [Ion Shield] [Helverin]
Ability14b: Stop blowing holes in my Armiger! [Ion Shield] [Warglaive]
Combat1: Uh! uh! uh! Another one bites the dust!
Combat2: Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen!
Combat3: Oh wow that's a lot of blood, oh well!
Combat4: In the name of the Emperor, this Armiger will kill you this day!
Combat5: Begone Heretic!
Combat6: Yeah get some!
Combat7: This is not what I signed on for, but I will do it anyway! [Helverin]
Combat7b: Have you had enough?! Well have some more! [Warglaive]
Combat8: [Laughing]
Combat9: [more Laughing]
Combat10: [even more Laughing]
Combat11: [aggressive yell]
Combat12: [another aggressive yell]
Combat13: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage1: Who's going to pay for these repairs??
Damage2: No no no, the Emperor protects ME!
Damage3: I hope we have some spare parts to plug these holes... THANKS A LOT!
Damage4: Fall back for repairs!
Damage5: Move back to fight another day!
Death1: Tell my family... AAAGH!
Death2: My house has fallen, Emperor forgive me!
Death3: I go to see the Emperor.
Death4: No no no if I'm going down I'm taking you heretics with me!
Death5: Arrrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrarrgghh!
Death7: [various other death screams and moans]
Cerastus Imperial Knight
: Incorporates these Cerastus Knight Loadout types: Archeon, Atrapos, Castigator, and Lancer. Lanky Imperial Knight design, known for rarity compared to other Knight patterns, and mostly focused on close-ranged combat. Pilots originate from Knight Worlds, feudal worlds where the upper houses have access to more fancy tech. PLEASE Note also that any lines for Atrapos should sound combat-bloodthirsty since the Machine Spirit is as such. High Gothic English accent.
Unit_Complete1: Our bond still stands strong, we come to serve!
Unit_Complete2: Sacristan! Await my return! Battle is now joined! [pronounced "Sac-ree-stan"]
Unit_Complete3: Questor Imperialis, ave Imperior! [pronounced "Ques-tor Im-pier-e-al-is av-ey Im-pier-e-or"]
Unit_Complete4: Cerastus Imperial Knight, mounted and on the march! [pronounced "Cheer-ass-tuse"]
Unit_Complete5: Throne Mechanicum online, ionization field stable, armaments activated. All systems nominal.
Unit_Complete6: By the oaths of the great houses, we have arrived.
Unit_Complete7a: Archeon Pattern on the march, I thirst for the front line! [Archeon] [pronounced "Ark-e-on"]
Unit_Complete7b: The Atrapos has arrived, and the foe's armaments will shatter. [Atrapos] [pronounced "Ah-trah-pos"] [said with both partial anger and GREAT disgust!]
Unit_Complete7c: Castigator, moving to cull the chaff of the field of war! [Castigator]
Unit_Complete7d: Lancer Pattern, moving to flanking position! [Lancer]
Selection1: Thou calls to me?
Selection2: Cerastus Knight, awaiting orders.
Selection3: The Imperium shall not fall this day.
Selection4: The throne I rest in begs for more experiences.
Selection5: My liege?
Selection6: Out with it. I did not come to parlay pleasantries.
Selection7: Imperial Knight, backbone of the Legio Titanicus. [pronounced "Lee-goh Ti-tan-ah-cuse"]
Selection8: The stories I will speak of my return...
Selection9a: Archeon here. Move us forward. [Archeon]
Selection9b: Atrapos here. Point me to the foe. [Atrapos] [said with both partial anger and GREAT loathing!]
Selection9c: Castigator, ready to march. [Castigator]
Selection9d: Lancer, prepared for the assault. [Lancer]
Move1: Mortal steeds wish they were this fleet.
Move2: They will not be able to slow us.
Move3: Marching to position.
Move4: Aye, commander. Moving to waypoint.
Move5: Seeking enemy forces...
Move6: We shall take great strides to reach there!
Move7: Bring forth the foe, so that I may smite them!
Move8: Forward!
Move9: Ever onward!
Move10a: A bath of Promethium comes for them! [Archeon]
Move10b: I come for you.. daemon and xenos SCUM! [Atrapos] [pronounced "day-mon" and "zee-nos"] [said with both partial anger and GREAT distaste!]
Move10c: Every step crushes them like ants! [Castigator]
Move10d: Deploying with great haste to the front! [Lancer]
Attack1: Make peace with your gods, for the Emperor shall grant you none!
Attack2: The foe will dare not stand before us!
Attack3: I shall smite them with all of my force!
Attack4: Taste my steel, monster!
Attack5: Thou shall not pass...
Attack6: My heraldry shall be the sign of their doom!
Attack7: Bring forth your champions, so I can render them an example!
Attack8: They will not stand against our forward charge!
Attack9a: By fire and by blade, you will fall before me! [Archeon]
Attack9b: With the force of the darkest void, they will fall silent. [Atrapos] [said with both partial anger and GREAT contempt!]
Attack9c: They will be rendered asunder under my feet! [Castigator]
Attack9d: CHAAAAAAAARGE!!! [Lancer]
Charge1: Rrrrrrraaaagh!!!
Charge2: In the Name of the King, thou will not stand!
Charge3: Fall to the Imperium's might!
Charge4: Thou will not hold against me!
Charge5: Fall silent into the abyss!
Charge6: Glory to our Magnificent House!
Ability1: Riposte! [pronounced "Ra-post"]
Ability2: Unleashing full force! FIRE!
Ability3: Engarde, foul spawn of the void! [pronounced "En-guard"]
Ability4: I shall be the bulwark against the taint before us!
Ability5: My shield shall block even the most ferocious blows!
Ability6: Man shall not falter, as long as I stand before the foe!
Ability7: The heavens shall scream with their laments! [Missile/Rocket Barrage]
Ability8: All barrels cooled! OPEN FIRE! [Missile/Rocket Barrage]
Ability9: Knock! Steady! LOOSE! [Missile/Rocket Barrage]
Ability10: Punching through their guard! [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability11: Actuators burn! STRIKE! [Shock Lance]
Ability12: Lance charged! Unleashing! [Shock Lance]
Ability13: Repositioning ion shield! [Ion Shield]
Ability14: Ion shield re-calibrating! [Ion Shield]
Ability15: Tightening the shield wall! [Ion Shield]
Combat1: Begone, wretch! We own this ground now!
Combat2: Perish beneath me, lesser!
Combat3: Blade, Lance, or Fist.. your life is thus forfeit to my Might!
Combat4: Back to the ashes and dust, heretic!
Combat5: Cower before our great heels, and DIE!!!
Combat6: You, knave, are not worth my time!
Combat7: I trained these years for THIS?! HAH!
Combat8: *Infuriated grunting* Enough of you!!!
Combat9: [Laughing]
Combat10: [more Laughing]
Combat11: [even more Laughing]
Combat12: [aggressive yell]
Combat13: [another aggressive yell]
Combat14: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage1: The battle is now joined!
Damage2: Thy foes have come to face me!
Damage3: Thou scratched my heraldry?!? BLASPHEMER!!!
Death1: This servant... gives his life for the Emperor...
Death2: For King and.... Country...
Death3: Knights never grow old... they... fade away...
Death4: Alas... all is lost...
Death5: Arrrgghhhh!
Death6: Garrarrgghh!
Death7: [various other death screams and moans]
Cerastus Imperial Knight (Extra)
: Incorporates these Cerastus Knight Loadout types: Archeon, Atrapos, Castigator, and Lancer. Cerasti knights, they are ancient war relics from the horus heresy, lighter and more agile than their bigger counterparts, they are perfect for faster engagements. Their purpose should be noble but no less grim than their brothers. PLEASE Note also that any lines for Atrapos should sound combat-bloodthirsty since the Machine Spirit is as such. High Gothic English accent.
Unit_Complete1: The protocols of Joining have been finished. My Knight and I are here to serve. (too long, but i love the lore piece right there)
Unit_Complete2: Knight Cerastus at your service. [pronounced "Cheer-ass-tuse"]
Unit_Complete3: Woe to the enemy, glory to Terra! I have arrived.
Unit_Complete4: I will share my wisdom and arms with you.
Unit_Complete5: Oh to walk upon the battlefield again!
Unit_Complete6: Fear and awe, here to serve! [Acheron]
Unit_Complete7: Enemies of the Omnissiah, tremble... [Atrapos] [pronounced "Uhm-nee-sigh-ah"] [said with both partial anger and GREAT disgust!]
Unit_Complete8: Hail fire and Steel in your grasp. [Castigator]
Unit_Complete9: Eager to fight, for the glory of the ancestors! [Lancer]
Selection1: I have walked the battlefields for millennia...
Selection2: Woe betide the enemy!
Selection3: Direct me to the foe!
Selection4: Will of Iron.
Selection5: Glory to Terra, damnation to the enemy.
Selection6: Enemies of the Omnissiah be purged.
Selection7: Need something scorched? [Acheron]
Selection8: My machine spirit is restless, i need a target. [Atrapos]
Selection9: Seas of foes will not sway my will. [Castigator]
Selection10: Direct me to the charge! [Lancer]
Move1: Command acknowledged, course set.
Move2: Servomotors powering up.
Move3: Approaching target.
Move4: Omnissiah's will.
Move5: Movement orders confirmed.
Move6: I will burn a path. [Acheron]
Move7: My will is strong. [Atrapos] (pained)
Move8: Powering up. [Castigator]
Move9: As thou wish it! [Lancer]
Attack1: Glory, to the ancestors!
Attack2: Disengaging safeties.
Attack3: Moving into combat.
Attack4: Targeting solution plotted.
Attack5: Weapons locked.
Attack6: All shall be set ablaze. [Acheron]
Attack7: Blood will flow. [Atrapos] [said with both partial anger and GREAT disgust!]
Attack8: Bolt Cannon firing up [Castigator]
Attack9: YAAAH! For glory and honour! [Lancer]
Attack10: A chance to prove our righteous title!
Charge1: Call for blood!
Charge2: Purge the wicked!
Charge3: Honour and glory!
Charge4: Fire and blood!
Charge5: Combat imminent, weapons ready!
Charge7: They come in noise... they'll go in silence. [Atrapos]
Charge8: This day will be filled with blood! [Castigator]
Charge9: A chance for glory! [Lancer]
Charge10: In their ignorance they believe themselves worthy of this challenge!
Ability1: Shatter before me!
Ability2: Weapon safeties off!
Ability3: Suffer in your ignorance!
Ability4: No shield greater than faith!
Ability5: No sorrow shall befall you.
Ability6: I am the shield protecting since time in-memorial.
Ability7: Target lock! Releasing ordnance! [Missile/Rocket Barrage]
Ability8: Targeting solution calculated! Firing! [Missile/Rocket Barrage]
Ability9: Scorched earth! [Missile/Rocket Barrage] [Acheron]
Ability10: GLORY TO OUR HOUSEHOLD! [Shock Lance] [Lancer]
Ability11: Feel my blade as i plunge it into your tainted heart! [Shock Lance] [Castigator]
Ability12: Your tainted will shall not withstand my faith! [Shock Lance]
Ability13: No shield greater than faith! [Ion Shield]
Ability14: Blessed auto-cimulacra engaged! [Ion Shield] [pronounced "auto-see-moo-lack-rah"]
Ability15: This holy relic shall not fall. [Ion Shield]
Combat2: From Terra's ancient defender to my humble self, NONE SHALL RELINQUISH OUR OATH!
Combat5: BURN, BURN, BURN! [Acheron]
Combat6: Feel despair as I rain hail fire on your pitiful souls! [Castigator]
Combat7: Command I am...hahahAHAHAHAHAHAAAA I. AM. APOCALYPSE! [Atrapos] (Pilot cannot control his suit's machine-spirit and the madness takes over)
Combat8: You will not stand in front of Terra's heroes, songs will be sung in our name! [Lancer]
Combat9: I will cut bloody swathes across this wretched land.
Combat10: No taint will ever touch this land again!
Combat11: [Laughing]
Combat12: [more Laughing]
Combat13: [even more Laughing]
Combat14: [aggressive yell]
Combat15: [another aggressive yell]
Combat16: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage1: Gch! Taking overwhelming fire!
Damage2: Combat damage sustained, need reinforcements!
Damage3: This knight is not cannon fodder! Relieve me at once!
Damage4: They will overcome us!
Damage5: We cannot fail our ancestors!
Damage6: We feel the heat... [Acheron]
Damage8: They....overwhelm me? [Castigator]
Damage9: No! My glory....I cannot fail them... [Lancer]
Damage10: Argh! Our systems are compromised!
Death1: Terra... is too far away...
Death2: Systems failur.....
Death3: I die with my machine-spirit, i die with sword in hand, i die without regrets.
Death5: The day you think our oath ends with us is the day you have sealed your fate.
Death6: Ancestors will be done, if it is through my death then so be it.
Death7: Visions of doom and throes of death, on my path shall not be left, for my will still stands true, and in my brother's does so too. (like a Japanese poem of death)
Death8: Arrrgghhhh!
Death9: Garrarrgghh!
Death10: [various other death screams and moans]

Questoris Knight
Incorporates these Questoris Knight Loadout types: Magaera and Styrix. The Imperial Knight is an ancient war machine piloted by knight-pilots from a medieval world, whose heraldry dates back to the first colonists that arrived from Terra. It is important to note how revered these machines are and how battle hardened are their pilots; they should be stoic and towering above other mortals and display all the virtues of a knight. As a VA imagine Camelot but remember that his purpose is grim, as is his attitude. Note also that any lines for Styrix should sound combat-bloodthirsty since the Machine Spirit is as such.
Unit_Complete1: My Oath leads me here. I am ready for war.
Unit_Complete2: Like the knights of ages past, I lend thee my aid!
Unit_Complete3: Knight at the ready.
Unit_Complete4: By the values ancient, I am here!
Unit_Complete5: We heed the call, as we have done so many times before.
Unit_Complete6: From the abyss of time, I come forth to serve again! [Magaera]
Unit_Complete7: I am called, yeeess... [Styrix]
Unit_Complete8: My ion shield is ready, where shall I face it?
Unit_Complete9: Imperial Knight Questoris at your service. [pronounced "Kwee-stor-is"]
Unit_Complete10: My armour and honour, I pledge thee to you.
Unit_Complete11: Questoris Magaera on the battlefield. [pronounced "Kwee-stor-is Mah-ger-ah"]
Unit_Complete11b: Questoris Styrix on the battlefield. [pronounced "Kwee-stor-is Steer-ix"]
Selection1: As He wills it, so shall it be.
Selection2: The Knight listens...
Selection3: What is my query?
Selection4: I am at your service.
Selection5: Prove worthy of my service.
Selection6: Call, and we will answer.
Selection7: My armour is ready, give the call.
Selection8: Which castle shall fall today? [Magaera]
Selection9: Where? Where! Tell me WHERE? [Styrix]
Selection10: Knight here, what is the order?
Selection11: Glory to the ancestors!
Selection12: Glory to Terra!
Selection13: I have felled foes unimaginable, which foe falls today? [Magaera]
Selection14: I have been caged far too long... SET. ME. LOOSE. [Styrix]
Selection15: Will of Iron.
Move1: The hour has come, I march.
Move2: Servomotors engaged.
Move3: So be it.
Move4: Course set.
Move5: Our path is clear.
Move6: I see, moving.
Move7: Thy will moves us.
Move8: The eternal march... [Magaera]
Move9: [grunting noises of maddened rage and anticipation] [Styrix]
Move10: Bearing set, approaching.
Move11: Very well.
Move12: Grim is our purpose.
Move13: His will be done.
Move14: Yes... Commander.
Attack1: They will not survive.
Attack2: Behold the might of honour!
Attack3: Our Oath is eternal!
Attack4: It shall be so.
Attack5: Prepare yourself, heathen.
Attack6: Oh how they will rue this day.
Attack7: Understood,it will be quick.
Attack8: They have no idea what follows. [Magaera]
Attack9: Haha... HAHAHAHA [Styrix]
Attack10: Once more unto the fray.
Attack11: They are already dead. [Magaera]
Attack12: Find me a new target, this will be over too quickly! [Styrix]
Charge1: Humanity shall not fall while the knights still stand!
Charge2: Come heathens, humble yourself before the might of the Emperor!
Charge3: I.. AM.. AN IMPERIAL KNIGHT! [say with shear conviction and honour]
Charge4: They forfeit their lives...pitiful creatures. [Magaera]
Charge5: Lambs... LAMBS! LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER! [Styrix]
Charge6: Engaging targets.
Charge7: They come, we answer.
Charge8: Weapons.. loose..
Charge9: You never had a chance. [Magaera]
Charge10: This choice was never yours to make... [Magaera]
Charge11: More gifts for me! [Styrix]
Ability1: Oblivion to the Unworthy!
Ability2: Taste bitter Annihilation!
Ability3: Resist not your fate, vile transgressor!
Ability4: We protect all under our charge!
Ability5: None shall fall!
Ability6: Be made assured in this most dire of hours!
Ability7: Doom is yours! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability8: Now... prepare for your doom! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability9: Justice comes. [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability10: Be Vanquished back to whence you came! [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability11: Strike Down This Most Foul Beast! [Shock Lance]
Ability12: By Blade or Gauntlet.. YOU.. SHALL.. DIE! [Shock Lance]
Ability13: Protective Field Enabled. [Ion Shield]
Ability14: Initiating Defensive Screen. [Ion Shield]
Ability15: Dare you strike against my bulwark, heretic?! [Ion Shield]
Ability16: My Honour Is My Shield! [Ion Shield]
Combat1: You think you have a chance? Fool!
Combat2: For the Order, for the Imperium, FOR THE EMPEROR!
Combat3: AD IMPERATOR! [pronounced "Em-purr-ah-tor"]
Combat4: I will not fall to such pitiful creatures!
Combat5: Your resolve is lacking, heathen!
Combat6: With sword and shield!
Combat7: Come, meet your doom. [Magaera]
Combat8: Come! COME DIE AT MY HANDS! [Styrix]
Combat9: Glorious melee!
Combat10: Fight for your worth opponent!
Combat11: Just like the days of old!
Combat12: Like children playing with fire. [Magaera]
Combat13: More *HAHAHAH*... Send Me More! [Styrix]
Combat14: [aggressive yell]
Combat15: [another aggressive yell]
Combat16: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage1: Integrity falling!
Damage2: Overwhelming fire! I cant focus the shield fast enough!
Damage3: They dare desecrate this sacred armour?!?
Damage4: I am overwhelmed! Send aid!
Damage5: What kind of commander are you? Reinforce me!
Damage6: The tide turns!
Damage7: I cannot regenerate fast enough! [Magaera]
Damage8: Gch! COME HERE! [Styrix]
Death1: Let our courage echo throughout the ages!
Death2: Our sacrifice will be sung for many years to come!
Death3: No! I cannot fail... my oath... Emperor forgive me...
Death4: I... am beaten... but i will never bow.
Death5: Ancestors... I hope I was.. worthy...
Death6: Do not let my sacrifice be in vain...
Death7: I die on this day... Remember my sacrifice...
Death8: Arrrgghhhh!
Death9: Garrarrgghh!
Death10: [various other death screams and moans]
Dominus Knight
Incorporates these Dominus Knight Loadout types: Castellan and Valiant. Basically bigger stronger and bulkier than the standard knight. He should sound heavier than a knight but not lethargic, the weight of his words matching the awesome presence he has on the battlefield. High Gothic English accent.
Unit_Complete1: Imperial Dominus class knight at the ready. [pronounced "Dom-e-nus"]
Unit_Complete2: I.. am here, they.. will die.
Unit_Complete3: Your plead for aid has been answered. The knight is here.
Unit_Complete4: I am called forth, to protect our sovereign's lands.
Unit_Complete5: All systems have been readied, point me to battle.
Unit_Complete6: Dominus Valiant knight ready to serve. [Valiant]
Unit_Complete6b: Dominus Castellan knight reporting for duty. [Castellan] [pronounced "Cass-tell-an"]
Unit_Complete7: My service is in blood and shatter stone, where shall i begin? [Valiant]
Unit_Complete7b: That i answer your call shows the honour of your command, i greet you. [Castellan]
Unit_Complete8: The challenge is here, who dares face it?
Selection1: I am living honour... further it!
Selection2: Will of Iron.
Selection3: I mourn our losses...but i will make the enemy pay a thousandfold!
Selection4: Command me, and these guns will sing the mightiest!
Selection5: Say it, and i will make it happen.
Selection6: Show mercy to our enemies, for i shall show none.
Selection7: Honour and blood.
Selection8: Point us into the loudest fights, our guns will silence them shortly. [Valiant]
Selection8b: Shields armour or otherwise will fall notwithstanding. [Castellan]
Move1: My quest continues...
Move2: Sound the horn, we march!
Move3: Coordinates set.
Move4: Ah, i can see what you mean, diverting.
Move5: The hour approaches.
Move6: I move with purpose.
Move7: Servomotors engaged.
Move8: A step closer, closer to the enemies doom. [Valiant]
Move8b: Approaching designated location. [Castellan]
Attack1: Acknowledged, doom approaches.
Attack2: This will be over soon.
Attack3: Hour of the Emperor!
Attack4: They will learn to fear us.
Attack5: Weapons powering up.
Attack6: Glory to the Emperor!
Attack7: We bring death and destruction to all who oppose us.
Attack8: Shield set. weapons armed. they fall, soon. [Valiant]
Attack8b: As thou wish it my lord, providing fire solution. [Castellan]
Charge1: This challenge will be too much for them...
Charge2: Targets. Engaging.
Charge3: Haha... pitiful.
Charge4: Like an ant quarreling with a boot, smash... [Valiant]
Charge4b: Enemy contact in my vicinity, engaging! [Castellan]
Ability1: I. AM. APOCALYPSE!
Ability2: Doom impending!
Ability3: Fire. (sound incredibly emotionless)
Ability4: You cannot hope to defeat us.
Ability5: I did not live this long to die by your hand, heathen!
Ability6: Doom approaches! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability7: For the Emperor! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability8: Will of the Emperor! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability9: Let our honour shatter their resolve! [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability10: Death by my hand. [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability11: Deploying tactical solution. [Shock Lance - Generic Melee Ability Attack]
Ability12: I am the bulwark of my people! [Ion Shield]
Ability13: Ion shield redirecting. [Ion Shield]
Ability14: My shield will scatter their answers... [Valiant] [Ion Shield]
Ability14b: Redirecting shield array to point of fire. [Castellan] [Ion Shield]
Combat1: Hear how the lion roars!
Combat2: Thunder and fire!
Combat3: AD IMPERATOR! [pronounced "AD Em-purr-ah-tor"]
Combat5: Strength of iron!
Combat6: Perish dull creature!
Combat7: I will plow through you worm! [Valiant]
Combat7b: You are unmatched heathen, do not delude yourself! [Castellan] (something Salzpyre from vermintide would say if you can remember the style)
Combat8: [Laughing]
Combat9: [more Laughing]
Combat10: [even more Laughing]
Combat11: [aggressive yell]
Combat12: [another aggressive yell]
Combat13: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage1: Multiple hull breaches, assist me!
Damage2: The tide turns!
Damage3: I am overwhelmed! Send aid! [Castellan]
Damage4: Send aid! They will overpower me!
Damage5: Their fire is too accurate!
Damage6: Taking damage!
Death1: Systems failu-...
Death2: I die here, my will undone.
Death3: They proved worthy of the challenge, applaud them!
Death4: They fell the giant... but they will not fell the Imperium!
Death5: How could they sully my honour!?
Death6: Avenge me my lord! Do not let the filth live! [Valiant]
Death6b: I will not know peace until this filth is driven to the ground! See to it my lord! [Castellan]
Death7: Arrrgghhhh!
Death8: Garrarrgghh!
Death9: [various other death screams and moans]
Acastus Knight Porphyrion
Forget the other knights, this one is an Acastus. An Acastus knight is a symbol to the Omnissiah, second in veneration only by the mighty titans, this technological marvel is a relic from a past age, an age where the Adeptus Mechanicus had power and technological mastery of unimaginable scale. Such is its rarity that very few may ever even behold its power. The knights that control these icons are incredibly experienced, ruthless and powerful enough to be able to sustain control of such power, power too much for simple pilots to hold alone. His voice is collected but powerful and his dedication to the Omnissiah undeniable. High Gothic English accent.
Unit_Complete1: Born of glory from a distant past, Acastus knight is here to serve. [pronounced "Ah-cas-tus"]
Unit_Complete2: Humanity's champion is here!
Unit_Complete3: Omnissiah be praised. By his will, I appear. [pronounced "Uhm-nee-sigh-ah"]
Unit_Complete4: I emerge from my slumber to grant you victory.
Unit_Complete5: Throne mechanicum in firm, cogitators active, I awaken. [pronounced "mek-can-e-cum"]
Unit_Complete6: Simulacrum of the Omnissiah! [pronounced "See-moo-lay-croom"]
Unit_Complete7: Devastation from afar imminent.
Unit_Complete8: Witness the searing might of the Imperium.
Unit_Complete9: Porphyrion, ready. [pronounced "Por-fire-on"]
Unit_Complete10: The hand of the Machine spirit, is yours to command.
Unit_Complete11: The will of the Emperor lives within us.
Unit_Complete12: The fiery spirit of the machine awaits your command.
Unit_Complete13: They all will burn.
Selection1: Be grateful the Omnissiah graced you with my presence.
Selection2: Knight Acastus.(this line should dominate over everything else)
Selection3: Kneel before my maker, then I shall listen.
Selection4: Commander! I eagerly await your display of tactics.
Selection5: Remember who you address.
Selection6: You seek my council?
Selection7: Faith.. And.. Duty.
Selection8: Your pain and suffering, I am here to end.
Selection9: Eons past I fought for humanity, now it needs me more than ever.
Selection10: Burn the alien, Burn the mutant, Burn the heretic.
Selection11: We ARE, the Emperors will. [said Rather matter-of-factly]
Selection12: Yes?
Selection13: What can we do for the Imperium?
Selection14: Flames ready.
Selection15: Awaiting your command, to burn.
Move1: Movement systems engaged.
Move2: Cold is my step, ablaze is my gaze.
Move3: A thousand times I have marched, a thousand more will come.
Move4: Terra be praised.
Move5: Count your moves, the enemy is always watching.
Move6: Remember to provide security.
Move7: Specify a place of superiority.
Move8: A fine pick.
Move9: I will oblige. Commander.
Move10: Porphyrion on the move.
Move11: Make way for the fires of the Imperium.
Move12: The Adeptus Mechanicus sends us forward.
Move13: The Machine Spirit, obeys.
Move14: We go.
Move15: On our way.
Attack1: My task is grim, my purpose glorious.
Attack2: They cannot hide from an Acastus!
Attack3: There is always another fool...
Attack4: I leave mercy to you, I hold no thought for that word.
Attack5: Bid farewell to all you hold dear, for you face me.
Attack6: My wrath shall be swift and brutal.
Attack7: Terra, your son goes to war.
Attack8: From this moment, this one does not exist.
Attack9: Very well.. a knight needs a good warmup.
Attack10: The enemies of the Imperium will learn to fear the fires of the Mechanicus.
Attack11: Weapons, free.
Attack12: Burn, burn, BURN!
Attack13: The enemies of the Imperium, to ashes!
Attack14: We will send them to the abyss!
Attack15: The Mechanicum will burn them!
Charge1: Fatal mistake.
Charge2: Worms crawl to me.
Charge3: My ancestors memory alone will humble you.
Charge4: Mortals challenge me... Take this filth away from me commander.
Charge5: They dare challenge Omnissiah's champion?!
Charge6: The flame approaches!
Charge7: The firestorm burns ever faster!
Charge8: Flame, on.
Ability1: Pale before my might!
Ability2: You see before you an Acastus knight!
Ability3: You will be humbled!
Ability4: Insolence holds no sway over us!
Ability5: I shall help the faithful.
Ability6: Your faith saves you! No blasphemy will touch you!
Ability7: The will of the Emperor flows through us.
Ability8: The Machine Spirit will make it so.
Ability9: Lay a hand on the Imperium and doom will follow. [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability10: My hate flows through these weapons. [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability11: Hellfire and brimstone shall rain aplenty! [Missile / Rocket Barrage]
Ability12: OMNISSIAH'S WRATH DRIVES ME! [Shock Lance]
Ability14: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! (if it helps, league of legends' Sion's ulti cry, thats what I thought when I wrote it.) [Shock Lance]
Ability15: I shall withstand their fury. [Ion Shield]
Ability16: I can hold back apocalypse itself! [Ion Shield]
Ability17: Their will breaks before my shield! [Ion Shield]
Combat1: YOUUUUUUU WILL NOT OFFEND THE OMNISSIAH! (say with maddened fury)
Combat3: Commander, delegate some close combat troops to me!
Combat4: Do not mistake my lack of melee weapons for weakness fool.
Combat5: Combat! GLORIOUS COMBAT!
Combat6: Bask in the glistening magnificence of the Omnissiah!
Combat7: Careful commander, melee is not my specialization.
Combat8: Relish this moment! For you die by my hand!
Combat9: As the Emperor commands, you burn.
Combat10: Fear the flames of the Imperium.
Combat11: [Laughing]
Combat12: [more Laughing]
Combat13: [even more Laughing]
Combat14: [aggressive yell]
Combat15: [another aggressive yell]
Combat16: [various other aggressive yells]
Damage1: Do not dare let these blasphemers desecrate me!
Damage2: This is desecration.. THIS IS VILE DESECRATION!
Damage3: I. WILL. NOT. DIE. HERE.
Damage4: The fires grow colder.
Damage5: Rekindle the cinders!
Damage6: Spiritum Mechanica calls us.
Death1: You! You are not worthy of victory! You... are a- ...blasphemer...
Death2: Commander, my end will be your downfall should you not act now!
Death3: Fools! Do you know what you've done? Omnissiah's wrath will be brutal.
Death4: I can see the glistening halls of Terra again...
Death5: Ashes, to ashes.
Death6: I return, to the Mechanicum.
Death7: The embers, fade.
Death8: Arrrgghhhh!
Death9: Garrarrgghh!
Death10: [various other death screams and moans]

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