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How do I change the command point cap without debug crash?

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#1 InRayder

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Posted 17 June 2018 - 02:59 PM

So I've been trying to raise the command point cap for a while now, by editing either the INI.big file, the _patch106.big file or both.


Whenever I try to change them, and start up the game, there's a debug thingy crash (just like when you don't have the options.ini file)


If anyone is interested in the steps I took :


1. (The following is both in INI and _patch106 cases) I copied the file, and put it out of the game folder, because it wouldn't let me save when I tried to modify the file inside.


2. I renamed the file so it's exactly the same as the other one, and then changed the command points section


  GoodCommandPointsMP2 = 800         ; 2 players
  EvilCommandPointsMP2 = 1600
  GoodCommandPointsMP3 = 600             ; 3 players
  EvilCommandPointsMP3 = 1200
  GoodCommandPointsMP4 = 600             ; 4 players
  EvilCommandPointsMP4 = 1200
  GoodCommandPointsMP56 = 400         ; 5-6 players
  EvilCommandPointsMP56 = 800
  GoodCommandPointsMP78 = 320         ; 7-8 players
  EvilCommandPointsMP78 = 640

(Something like this, note that I did NOT change anything besides the numbers on the left after the "=")


3. Then I placed the original file in a different folder on my computer, to keep it intact, then proceeded to cut and paste the modified file into the game folder.


4. I then try to start up the game, and there's a debug break coming apparently from game.dat (Location is (00dcc8e3 game.dat+0x9cc8e3, Debug:PostStaticInit+0x141983) Version : Release)


So that's about it, hoping someone will help me out!

#2 ICT



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Posted 26 June 2018 - 04:02 PM

Remove any modifications you did from the game directory.


Add the modified .ini into a new .big archive with the same folder structure and filename as it was in the .big archive you copied it out from.


Then save the new .big file in the game's directory as _zzmod.big

Start the game.

That should work.

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