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[Generals Zh] online issue

connection to other players

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#1 arash.rhm

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Posted 23 June 2018 - 02:47 PM

hi. my error is: you can not connect to other player(s) in online when i want to join the game. i dont really know the version. i think its normal 1.04. i use win 7. this is my cnc log:

Using server nntest.cnc-online.net:30000

Bound to local port 51651
Bound to local alternate port 51652
Resolving hostname 'nntest.cnc-online.net'...
Resolved server host to be ''
Sending client INIT from port 51651 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server INIT [552787]
Our public address is
Sending client INIT2 [552787] from port 51652 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server INIT2 [552787]
Our alternate public address is
Sending cient START [552787] from port 51652 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server START [552787]
Server extra port is 40000
Sending client PING [552787] from port 51651 to nntest.cnc-online.net:40000
Received server PING(2) [552787]
Received server PING(3) [552787]
Received server PING(4) [552787]
Received 3 pings from nntest.cnc-online.net:40000.
NAT negotiation works with your router and connection.
==> You do not have to use port forwarding.
Press any key to continue . . .
thank you for helping

#2 ToxicShock


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Posted 23 June 2018 - 04:35 PM

Have you tried any of the solutions in Common Issues & Solutions?
However, many people in your area have problems like this.   I think it's a quality of service issue.   They get round the issue by using a VPN.     You could google for a free VPN.     Here are some you could try:


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