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Mental Omega 1.2 Repackaged

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#1 Fortranm

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Posted 06 July 2018 - 10:34 PM


I repackaged MO1.2 files so that it can be played without the mod launcher on any official YR 1.001 releases, including the one on Origin.

I also made some minimum edits so that it's compatible with Ares. Ares is not required, but it definitely makes the game run a lot smoother on newer operating systems. It works with Ares 1.0, and probably future versions as well.

As a bonus, I made some minimum edits to the first Allied mission so that it can be completed. I haven't tested if the other 6 Allied missions can be completed, but I assume so. (Yes, the Soviet campaign can be completed even in original MO1.2.)

#2 Solais


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Posted 06 July 2018 - 10:55 PM


#3 isaac103


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Posted 07 July 2018 - 03:52 AM

How do you download Ares 1.0 and make it so that it runs with the 1.2 mod (and perhaps the vanilla games)? 


Also, can anyone give a good description of what the game modes are?

#4 BotRot

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Posted 10 July 2018 - 03:03 PM

How do you download Ares 1.0 and make it so that it runs with the 1.2 mod (and perhaps the vanilla games)? 


Also, can anyone give a good description of what the game modes are?

Game modes are the following:

Battle: same as Standard in current version.

Free for All: No alliances.

Unholy Alliance: same in current version.

Megawealth: same as Oil Control.

Judgement: same as No Bases.

Meteor Swarm: same as Mental AI Boost option.

Bloody Games: same as Infantry Only.

Tech Power: almost same as Tech Share.


Not found in version 3.3:

Armor Fist: Vehicles only.

Naval War: Naval units only. Basic vehicles/infantry and ore miners still allowed.

Calm Mind: Mind-controllers unavailable (PsiCorps Trooper, Yuri Elite and Mastermind can't be built.)

Blinded: When ConYard is deployed, buildings and units are cloaked in a large radius. Basic infantry/vehicles gain detector ability.

Meat Grinder: Only Tier 1 stuff. Claims it is good for new YR/MO players.

Own Tempo: Defenses are unavailable.

Foresight: Fog of War is disabled (can see entire map at start). Global psychic sensor ability for all players.

Land Rush: all MCVs of players start in middle of map. They have to move to find a good location for base.

Armageddon: After getting to Tier 3, you can build every superweapon in the game.

Atomic Flash: Nuclear Reactor available after deploying ConYard. Nukes are found in almost all crate, either ready to fire or explodes immediately.

Elite Force: All units are elite in the beginning (uses elite weapons).

Harvested: Advanced 'uber' miners (more health, speed, ore storage)

Ultimate Out: Support superweapons (e.g. Chronosphere) always available even if Superweapons are not checked in options.

Unknown War: Crates are everywhere, containing random stuff.

Tech Owned: All buildings in tech tree available after just deploying ConYard.

Unspecialised: Country-specific abilities disabled, but not country-specific units.

Limit Break: Build limits disabled (e.g. can train more than one Tanya).


Note: Info found in 1.2 website, so can't confirm right now if some of these modes are possibly removed or not.


#5 LordDesolator777

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Posted 17 July 2018 - 09:00 PM

Welp, Allied mission 2 is a bit of a wall. I keep getting swarmed by lasher and gatling tanks before I can properly get going. any suggestions?

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