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Full AOTR Release 3.0 Changelog

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Posted 19 July 2018 - 11:26 PM

- Added placeholder art for Erebor fortress and walls
- Added in more placeholder art for the Erebor fortress.
- Erebor's fortress powers are coded in.
- Added in more Erebor structure art
- bard's model is in
- Buffed Balrog
- Nerfed Orophin's blademaster bonus a bit
- New Trees
- Rivendell Spellbook initial implementation
- Added Erebor fortress buttons, fixed geometry on Erebor forge
- Implemented initial Gandalf the Grey
- Added in Erebor's hero sheet
- Started Thorin's powers
- Added Gandalf the Grey model
- Button art for Rivendell Added
- Strings for Library Updated
- Practical Application of Fëanorian Smithing Upgrade added to Library
- Erebor Spellbook Sciences set up
- Thorin powers are done
- Balin is in the Erebor hero list
- Bard has all powers excpet Barrel
- Balin Powers Done
- FXs for Balin's powers (Sounds pending)
- Added Erebor Archers and basic unit 2d art
- Added TDH Map props
- Adjusted Rivendell Elf units to 10 per horde
- Added Erebor Wyrm slayer models and 2d art
- Started optimizing textures (again)
- Added some Lorien balance fixes
- Fixed rotation of Rivendell Fortress (Finally)
- New Portrait and button for Halbarad
- Added Ered Luin map from Fudge
- Changed Wyrm Slayer default idle
- Added new trees
- New Elrond Art
- Dwarf Civ Buildings
- Scaled Rivendell Elves up
- Added Wyrm Slayer powers
- Added new mine shaft test
- Added new mine art
- Changed Orcrist power for Thorin includes art changes
- Optimized some more textures
- Bilbos art files have been added
- Added Mineshaft animation hack
- Added finished mineshaft animation
- Added Hall of Warriors remodel - Needs Geometry
- Started Dwarven Spellbook
- Added Civilian Dwarves to mod
- Arkenstone unlocks Dwarven Heavy Armors
- Thorin powers done
- Added Balin and Thorin voices
- Added Laketown units
- Added Dale Barracks
- New Thorin Du bekar Voice
- Elladan and Elrohir added
- Added Dale Swordsmen placeholder
- Added Dale and Laketown banners
- Added Dale archers
- Fixed overlapping hotkeys for Beregond, Boromir, Aragorn, and Mouth of Sauron
- Added Missing hotkeys to Rabbit Stew, Troll Bane, the Witch King's mount, and Denethor's powers
- Gondor Barracks now uses snow states
- Scum from Lugbúrz orcs no longer use wildmen pillage tooltip
- Fixed text saying Gondor Cavalry for Anorien Knights
- Fixed text saying Gondor Archers for Anorien Archers
- Fixed text saying Knights of Dol Amroth instead of Swan Knights
- Builder's button now has uses correct text for Gundabad Gathering
- Fixed Text error in Idrial's Cleanse shadow saying, "all allied units are become immune to fear and terror"
- Fixed Text error in Mollok's Will of Sauron where Mollok is spelled incorrectly
- Fixed bug with Gondor Archery Range bib not having a snow texture
- Wulfgar's leadership now affects Dunlending Outriders and Longbowmen
- Lothlorien Fortress now does reduces hero bost and recruit time
- Fixed bug that caused Crebain to lose their hero selection image
- Added Placeholder Thror's Hoard
- Added Balin's HA
- Fixed default Balin's BBox
- Added Thror Treasure model
- Added MoD and Laketown lore strings
- Added Kyle's Dwalin code
- Added MTL's objects
- Added Ram riders placeholder
- Added Thror and Thrain placeholders
- Added Bilbo and applied Bilbo 2d art
- Dwarven Gandalf is a seperate object and has a limited summon
- Added IH map props
- Added Husbandry test model
- Added updated lorien announcer lines
- Added Crack of Doom power to Mordor
- Eye of Sauron test power is in
- Crack of Doom Weapon updated
- Placeholder Banner for Generic spy power for mordor added, reveals shroud, debuffs enemy units, and detects stealth
- Renamed Haradrim Raider summon to He Is Gathering All Evil To Him
- He Is Gathering All Evil To Him is now required to unlock Kataphrakts, (you have to actually use the power in order to unlock the upgrade from my test)
- Added new FX For Eye stun
- Added D States, snow states, and buildups for Erebor Wall Segments.
- Added D States, snow states, and buildups for Erebor Fortress.
- Added snow states to Erebor Wall Hubs.
- Limited all Summonable Citadel structures to 2.
- Summonable Citadels no longer have Campness Values and CommandCenter traits.
- Added Snow States and D States for Erebor Wall Gates
- Added Snow States for various Erebor wall objects
- Added new snow state to Erebor fortress
- Updated Erebor Fortress Snow state
- Added updated Erebor Barrack D states and snow states
- Added New MoD and Laketowner 2D Art
- Added Bard's Honest Bargeman power
- Added Dalish Supremacy 2D art
- Added MoD specific heavy armor button
- Added placeholders for Twirly Whirlys and Send in the Goats
- Added in Fully Armed and Filthy
- Finalized Dwalin's Powers and added his strings
- Added in new worldbuilder stuff
- Preliminary art for Hazards done
- Frostbite done
- Added Mammoth placeholder
- Added Erebor spellbook buttons
- Snow Troll Lair made "WildSnowTrollLair" in neutral structures
- "WildMammoth" in neutral units
- Base objects for Dehydration, Poison, Blizzard and Barrow Fog in neutral structures
- Added improved Mammoth and snow troll stats
- Snow troll lairs give 5 treasure chest (from 4)
- Added Lossoth lair (uses goblin creeps for now)
- Fixed Iron Hills Rocks
- Fixed Iron Hills Bridge
- Added needed dwarven stuff for fudge
- Erebor Forge states are in
- Dwalin has art
- Ered Luin Traders have base code implemented
- Added Erebor Heroic Statue in game
- Scaled Anoriens and Thorin
- Modified Axethrower lines to fit archers
- Added test snow states for rangers
- Added new Burning death fx and death state for all units.
- Added Fili
- FX for Thorin's Powers
- Sounds for Thorin's powers
- Du Bekar! affects Heroes per description
- Sounds for Raven Summon
- Sounds for Horn of Erebor
- Sounds for Muster the Dwarves
- Updated Scales for Dwarf heroes
- Kili model in
- Gandalf the White new power added
- Dwalin's FXs
- Added in Ered Luin Model
- Dwalin power
- Khazad Dum power coded in
- Banner bearer added for Ered Luin
- Art for Khazad Vets added
- Scaled Ered Luin troop
- Mangonel added
- 2d art for Ered Luin
- 2d Art for Mangonel
- Moria Pillar for Moria Power
- Guard Tower WIP
- Insert what Kyle did here
- Fixed Wight summon
- Cleaned up Kili's file and did some of his stuff
- Added Erebor Wall Hub and Tower states
- Attempted Edits to Barrow Fog and other Hazards
- Made specific objects for Jungle Trolls and their lairs
- new Gandalf the White portrait
- "For Gondor" now uses a white tree radius
- Changed all "Nazgul" to "Nazgûl" in lotr.str
- Fix Spelling for Imrahil's charge power
- Removed grass decal from Dol Amroth summon
FIXED - No foly sound for Dol Amroth Footmen
FIXED - No foly sound for Lossarnach Axemen
FIXED - No foly sound for Kingsguard
FIXED - Easterling Swordsmen part of Khamul's power
- added Matt's stuff
- added NJM's stuff
- NJM and Matt maps
- Changed all references of "Mumak" to "Mûmak"
- added heather
- added Glorfindel
- Fixed Barrow Fog
- Added Dorwinion Legions
- Added Jungle Troll Art
- Added custom goat for send in the goats
- Added laketowner voices
- Jungle troll lair fixed
- Added Vault Warden placeholder
- Iron Hills Props
- Laketown, Vault, Dunlending, Wulfgar, Beregond, Wyrmslaver Voices
- Mirkwood Eaves, Cardolan, Nimrodel, Weathertop, Harrowdale, Harad Coast, and Hills of Evendim added
- Matt's Art
- Orc Horn
- Oathbreaker Scare Hazard
- Weapons and FX for Dehydration and Poisonous Fumes
- ACTUALLY added maps from above
- Iron Hills Racks should no longer have same model (Still pink issue)
- Iron Hill Rack fixed
- Vault Wardens now have shield model in front
- Optimized some of the new textures
- Sounds (coded) for Goats, Raven, Khazad Dum power, Durin's Day
- Sounds (not coded) Fully Armed, Grand Forge, Dale Select, Khazad Vets Chant, Balin Powers
- Rivendell Hero Lore strings
- Vault warden formation added
- Coded in grand forge and dale select sounds
- FX: Deep Delving, Fully Armed, Durin's Day
- Fixed Grand Forge sound
- Fully Armed Sound in
- Durin's Day Sunbeam standalone code (good subobjects)
- Andy WoP
- Gandalf the Grey animations for some powers
- FX for Fili
- Harad Coast
- Fixed Jungle Troll having snow troll death
- Stone and Hill Trolls
- Thror's Hoard Sound done
- Added Mineshaft snow states
- Moria pillar now knocks back units
- Balin Power Sounds
- Wyrm Slayer Sound and FX Song of Azaghal done
- Reorganized Thorin's powers: Resentment Level 5/ Driven by Prophecy Level 7/ Du Bekar! Level 10
- Added new Creeps to experience levels
- Buttons for Wyrm Slayers Added
- Charge button for Guardians
- Bilbo's Voice Added
- Sounds and FX for Bilbo's Powers
- FX for Vault Wardens
3/24/2018 pt 2
- Gandalf the Grey FX
- Gandalf Disturber Power done
- Gandalf Cart
- Fixed Gandalf Cart power
- Added soundbite and FX for Cart summon
- Halbarad Powers Done
- Banner of Arwen added
- Elladan Powers Done
- Elrohir Powers Done
- 2d art for above heroes
- Bree-Land Encampment
- Matt's art from the other day
- Did more work on Dain
- Added Hero lore strings
- Fixed Balin's missing recruit text
- Added Iron Hills Warriors
- Added Iron Hills Crossbowmen
- Made Iron Hills Units Unlocked through Arkenstone
- Added 2d Art for Iron Hills units
- Erebor banner
- Iron Hills Banner
- Model for Roac
- Roac Powers Implemented ( Messenger of the King bugged)
- Fixed summoned Iron Hills Warriors for Dain
- Added Radius cursors
- Fixed Messenger of the King
- Iron Hill Husbandry now requires Arkenstone
- Ram Riders now require Arkenstone
- Roac Upgrade notification text no longer missing
- Iron Hill Warriors and Crossbowmen mention arkenstone requirement
- Battle Tower Banners added
- Fixed Wyrm Statue D States
- Added new Workshop states
- Strings for Spellbook powers
- Roac's Leadership and Stealth detection
- Changed Strings for Dale guys
- Wall banners code set up
- Mithril Arrows Leadership button added
- Various Radious Cursors added
- Strings Fixed for various buildings
- Husbandry limited to rank 1
- Strings for fortress upgrades
- Erebor Battering Ram
- Ered Luin Traders Toymakers
- Ered Luin Horde Size
- Ered Luin Stats
- Level 2 requirement removed from Ram Riders
- Merchants power for Traders
- Cram for Traders
- Dwalin's Fear power fixed
- Fixed Dain's Summon
- Set Dain to start at level 3
- Set Thorin to start at level 5
- Fixed Fortress command set
- Fixed Roac's strings
- Added new build ups and states for hall and wallhubs
- Bard string fixed
- Changed costs of Arkenstone and Fortifications to 2000 and 1000
- Button for Moria Summon
- Snow states for Workshop
- Resized Dale Garrison
- Arrows for Garrison
- Added Dwarven Arrow models
- Fixed Men of Dale death
- Dwarven structures now fire arrows instead of throwing axes
- Roac falls to the ground on death
- Removed Dragon Decal from Thror's hoard
- Mithril arrows deal a slightly upgraded pierce damage + slash damage
- Black Arrows deal more damage to monsters and machines, and less to heroes. Still cause terror to monsters for 5 seconds.
- Gave the workshop it's own upgrades
- Added a Decal to indicate the battle tower's leadership range
- Added Battering Ram to level 2 and 3 of the workshop
- Added Arkenstone requirement for Demolisher
- Changed order of upgrades in the Grand Forge and tech upgrade cost
- Battle towers can now get Mithril Arrows
- Pathstalkers fully implemented
- Dain's trample damage fixed
- Orc Horn
- Added new upgrade properties to Fortress Keeps
- New Grass Objects
- New Tree
- Erebor Throne
- Retextured Mountains of Mirkwood Map
- Basic Rohan faction set up - Made a unique FactionRohan, as all FactionTutorial is is a copy of the men faction
- Added Rohan Fortress
- Rohan Fortress Upgrades initially set up
- Unique command set for Rohan Fortress
- Made unique Rohan porter with command set
- Maps with Hazards
High Pass
Tyrn Gorthad - Needs Wandering Wights
Icebay of Forochel - Needs Lossoth still
Redhorn Pass
Mount Doom - Needs Poison Fumes
- Fixed Hill and Stone Troll Art
- New Cave Troll Texture
- Fixed Uruk Scouts melee
- Increased shroud clear for Scouts
- Button for Torches
- Reorganized Nandor powers
- Wulfgar level 3
- Cracks of Doom slow leadership
- Optimized Grey Company
- Roac FX
- Changed Balin's speed from 45 to 50.
- Decreased Balin's respawn time to 1000 and reduced his respawn time
- Dain now summons a timed Iron Hill Spearman unit
- Dain's ram riders now have a time limit
- Dain's leadership now effects Iron Hill units
- Fade Death for Wulfgar's summon fixed
- Nimrodel map
- Hazards for Tyrn Gorthad
- Fixes for various maps
- Dunharrow, Erech II, Ettenmoors Hazards
- Fixes for more maps
- Radius Cursors for Lone Tower, Ugluk's Raiders and Isen Warchant
- Edited Dwarven music frequency
- merged matt's art files
- added Dwarven sciences to music scripting
- Added 600% damage scalar to Bard's dragonslayer ability versus Smaug
- Added Orc kindof to all Orc units
- Set level 3 goblin cave upgrade to 1500 from 150
- Decreased Witch King's armor resistance to pierce damage and ranged hero damage 40% and 60% was 25% and 50%
- Decreased Galadriel's hero recharge timers from 25% to 15%
- Increased Cost of Riders of Nimrodel to 600 from 500
- Nimrodel Riders now only deal 75% damage to pikemen
- Mallorn tree waters now 375 from 500
- Increased cost of Lorien Archers to 325 from 300
- Decreased cost of Lorien Wardens to 375 from 400
- Decreased structure heal percentage of Ring of Adamant to 10% from 25%
- Removed Bombard from Faramir's ranger summon
- Added +50% scalar against Siege to Ithilien Ranger sword weapon
- Ranger weapon toggle now level 1
- Allowed Knights of Dol Amroth to be buffed
- Pinnath Gelin Riders can now recieve White City upgrade
- Lurtz Cripple Shot range fixed
- Faded death for summoned Theoden
- Frenzy for Man Slayers increased to Level 4 from 2
- Rangers can attack while contained
- Rangers now gain +50% armor when in sword mode
- Erebor towers now say arrows instead of axes in strings
- Fixed snow objects for Erebor barracks
- Pathstalker's power now ok for multiple select
- Increased Pathstalker health to 500 from 400
- Removed windlance references
- removed blink fx from Haldir's summon to reduce lag
- Imrahil's volume fixed
- Thorin's volume fixed
- imrahil Starts at level 3
- FX for Horn of Erebor
- FX for Fully Armed
- Decal for Wall Banners
- Trader's Merchant FX
- Placeholder units for Last Alliance mission
- Fixed Roac's Summon
- Command Points removed from Dwarf brothers
- Added Gil Galad art
- Horde sizes for Last Alliance guys
Cammy Stuff
- Dain's Voice
- Kili's Powers
- Iron Hills Warriors Formation
- Iron Hills Cbow Knotted Strings
- Irons Hills Cbow stats
- Khazad Dum Vets Power
- Earthquake re added
- Send in the Goats more Goats
- Raven's unique leadership
- Idrial's Fluid strike gains damage as she levels
- Mirkwood Allies fade death
- Increased Damage of Woudning Arrow for Faramir
- Knife Throw for Boromir
- Ugluk's raiders fade death
- Added Iron Hills Demolisher
- Added Dorwinion Patrols
- Last Alliance Elves use Noldor models
- Isildur now has his own powers and commandset
- Isildur's blademaster deals +5000% damage to Sauron
- Elendil now has his own powers and commandset
- Second Age Troops now have their own (placeholder) banners
- Elendil now uses Earnur's voiceset
- Isildur now uses Arveleg's voiceset
- Gil-galad now uses Thranduil's voice
- Edited Command Points for Second Age Troops
- Second Age Troops now have their own commandsets
- Second Age Troops construct code
- Strings for all Second Age Troops
- Scaling for Second Age Troops
- Added 2nd Age Gondor banners and archers
- Isildur model is fixed
- Added various dead unit object models
- Elendil model fixed
- Fixed various bugs with the Last Alliance troops
- Added cloaked Noldor
- Elrond Volley power
- Elendil Healing power
- Added Missing Boromir Throw animation
- Added Dwarrowdelf map in game
- Added Midgewater marshes map in game
- Set up campaign slots for the Hobbit and war of the ring missions respectively
- Noldor Banner carriers implemented
- Added Noldor Spearmen as a unit, still needs implementation into the map.
- New Music for Last Alliance
- Matt's Stuff added
- Implemeneted most Last Alliance 2d art
- Implemented Noldor And Gondor Tents, have not tested them in mission yet
- Applied some more of the 2d art for the la mission in game
- Re added music for Last Alliance
- Re Added Matt's stuff from the 05/03
- Added latest version of the Last Alliance mission
- Added Battlewagon test
- Disabled Rivendell and Rohan for beta testing
- Changed the StaticModelLOD for Boromir
- Did some more work on the battle wagon, not yet finished
- Dale Garrison and Battle Tower no longer have the same shortcut
- Bard and Balin no longer have the same shortcut
- Dwalin and Dain no longer have the same shortcut
- Removed builder's repair structure button, also fixing the mineshafts shortcut bug
- Vault Warden Lore string implemented
- Wyrm Slayers no longer come at rank 10
- Fixed Dwalin's leadership string not having percentages
- Dain's to the king now unlocks at rank 10
- Bard's Debilitating shot now mentions enemy unit rather than enemy hero
- Laketown Watchmen and Barding Longbowmen no longer have the same shortcut
- Fixed Bard's Dragon Slayer string
- Fixed Mithril Arrow Missing Controlbar bug
- Erebor Fortress' Brazier upgrade states that it adds forged blades to all attached towers and fire to catapults
- "Iron Hill Dwarves" in Dain's ulti should probably read "Iron Hills Dwarves"
- Du Bekar string
- Bard's "Dehibilitating Shot" con be used on non heroes also (used on a wild mumakil), which i agree with however it cotradicts its description
- Dwarven walls "Axe Tower"
- Ravens of Erebor do not debuff enemies (description error)
- Strings for Traders and Crossbowmen
- List which unit types get granted experience in Kili's, Bard's and Roac's power string description since they're supposed to be specific.
- Dain using vanilla voices for capturing buildings
- Grand forge while being built has an elf builder model
- Boromirs Knife throw also uses faramirs wounding arrow voice
- Mangonels capped at 6 now
- Fili and Kili revive cost and time adjusted
- Increased Dwalin's revive cost
- Dain's default stance string fixed
- Roac's summoned Iron Hill Warriors no longer have a charge ability in the commandset
- Roac's speed leadership now effects monsters, heroes, builders, and machines/siege engines 
- Phalanx Guard for the Barracks doesn't have a salute sound anymore
- Added Patrols to Erebor Buildings
- Dwarven Mineshafts now have 2500 health (from 2000) and now a 20 second buildtime (from 15)
- Fixed Map descriptions for Cerin Amroth and Nimrodel
- Added destruction states for Erebor wall towers and wall banners
- Added a Maximum cap of 6 to Gondor Trebuchets, Mordor Catapults, Moria Troll Slings, Isengard Balista, and Erebor Mangonels
- Implemented the fixed commandpoint change, Commandpoint modifiers in the skirmish menu do not affect the base modifier as yet.
- Khazad Veteran Power complete
- Button for Knotted Strings
- Bilbo arrival quote
- made Dwarven Archers range to axethrower's range
- Added new Dwarven capture flag model
- Added Erebor Builder 2d art
- Added Fortress Catapult 2d art
- Added Fortress tower states
- Added Demolisher 2d art
- Removed Increased Cp by % from structure descriptions
- Noted a siege's maximum cap in their build tooltip
- Vault Wardens now get a leadership next to Mineshaft
- Guardians gain Dwarven Tenacity, minor splash damage on base weapon at rank 2
- Slightly tweaked unit health and armor values, and adjusted some horde sizes on dwarven units
- Siege of Baradur to The Last Alliance
- Move Iron Hill units to Husbandry
- Command Point Multipliers in MP menu now work
- Remove new Hero Hordes from Buff recipient list
- Knights of Dol Amroth are not exempt from recieving buffs now
- Primary fixes for the Erebor map gate
- Added new Dwarrowdelf map file
- Added Fixed Dale Bridge
- Merged Matt's Art
- Added Erebor Map
- Added updated Capture flag
- Iron Hill formation button added
- Fortress Catapult states implemented
- Erebor Basic Unit combo hordes are done
- Changed Pathstalker pierce armor from 70% damage taken to 50% damage taken
- FX for Kili
- Sounds for Kili Powers
- Sounds for Dain's powers
- Sounds for Roac's powers
- Voices for Dain's Powers
- Fixed String for Dain's To the King!
- Made Roac's Iron Hills guys swordsmen again
- Fixed idles for Iron Hills swordsdwarfs
- Increased volume of Balin
- Bard's Voice added
FIXED - husbandry and siege works can recruit a demolisher
FIXED - Laketown and Dale banner carriers have not selection decal
FIXED - No selection decal for mangonel
- Added Valheru's palantir apt and geometry fixes for widescreen videos
- Removed Valheru's apt stuff
- Added Redoubt model (did not change strings)
- Added Grim Hammers complete with intimidate and combo hordes
- Fixed Iron Hills spearmen lua
- Added Iron Hill warrior and archer combo hordes
- Added Iron Hill patrols for Redoubt
- Added all Dwarven hordes to Muster the Dwarves
- Fixed crash
- Fixed Grim Hammer LUA
- Fixed Gandalf the grey being able to respawn
- Adjusted MM hero revive cost and times
- Fixed Grim Hammer animation
- Added Iron Hills units sounds
- Added Goat sounds
- Added lighter building buttons
- Cerin Amroth Horde size increased from 10 to 12, combo horde adjusted
- Dain is now unlocked with the Arkenstone
- Erebor's Fortress Horn of the Gate has been recoded, it now works similar to Boromir's horn
- New Flying units cannot pick up the ring
- Arrow Projectiles for Erebor implemented
- Added Boromir's knife throw button
- Reduced Grim Hammer health to 220 from 250
- Reduced Grim Hammer Damage from 50 normal/30 Siege to 40 normal/15 siege
- Reduced Erebor Warrior health to 240 from 250
- Increased Blackroot Vale Archer range to 320 from 300
- Reduced Dwalin damage to 275 from 300
- Increased Anorien Archer damage to 70 from 60
- Increased upgraded Anorien Archer damage from 60 normal /15 flame to 75 normal /20 flame
- Reduced Barding Longbowman mithril slash damage to 30 from 40
- Slightly Increased Ithilien Ranger rate of fire
- Increased Ithilien Ranger sword damage to 85 from 60
- Reduced Fili health to 2000 from 3600
- Reduced Kili health to 1500 from 3600
- Reduced Iron Hills Crossbow health to 250 from 275
- Increased Iron Hills Crossbow cost to 600 from 450
- Increased Iron Hills Warrior cost to 600 from 300
- Increased Wyrm Slayers cost to 2200 from 1200
- Increased Iron Hills cost to 700 from 600
- Reduced damage of Pathstalker to 150% from 200%
- Adjuects String to fit ^
- Increased horde size of Pathstalkers by 2
- Hymn of Durin grants Veterans fear resistance
- Fixed Lorien Archer's armorset
- FLuid Strike description now tells its damage increases per level
- New FX for Lorien Horn
- New FX for Mists of Lothlorien
- New FX for Cast Down Its Walls
- Changed string for Cast Down to reflect its new FX
- Fixed Pathstalkers gaining forged blades from tech purchase
- Added Fellowship Hero placeholders
- Radagast Summon Familiar now has custom object/strings
- Fixed Raven Banners being identified as Wall Hubs
- Dwarven Vigilance removed from the builder's commandset, vision bonus is still active however.
- Roac's upgrades are now cancellable
- Kili now has an arrow in his model
- Implemented various lore strings
- Sentinels of Cerin Amroth can now hide in trees
- Boromir Knife throw
- Various bug fixes implemented
- Fixed Wyrm Slayer string
- Sound for Gothmog Master of Siege
- Sound for Mordor Wraiths
- FX for Bard's Dragonslayer
- Added Evendim Bridge
- New Beregond Lines
- Urshak secondary select sound
- Muzgash secondary select sound
- New Sound for "They are Coming" (Spellbook)
- Portrait for Sam's pot
- Portrait for Gandalf's cart
- New Vault Warden leadership FX
- Increased Bard's Dragonslayer scalar towards Smaug to 1000% from 600%
- Bard projectile now Dale arrow
- Voice files for Kili
- Voice files for Barding Swords
- Formation lines for Laketowners, vault wardens, iron hills dwarves
- Merged matts files
- Gondor Blacksmith now creates resources, is affected by resource modifiers and unlocks levels through resource gain
- Lorien Storehouse now creates resources, is affected by resource modifiers and unlocks levels through resource gain
- Erebor Forge now creates resources, is affected by resource modifiers and unlocks levels through resource gain
- Mordor Armory now creates resources, is affected by resource modifiers and unlocks levels through resource gain
- Isengard Armory now creates resources, is affected by resource modifiers and unlocks levels through resource gain
- MM Tresure Trove now creates resources, is affected by resource modifiers and unlocks levels through resource gain
- Gondor statue now reduces cost of heroes
- Erebor statue now reduces cost of heroes
- Lorien statue now reduces cost of heroes and basic infantry
- Gondor well now reduces cost of infantry
- Erebor well now reduces cost of infantry
- Gondor Farm now reduces cost of cavalry
- Erebor Mineshaft now reduces cost of personal upgrades
- Mordor Armory now reduces cost of personal upgrades
- Isengard Armory now reduces cost of personal upgrades
- Gondor Forge now reduces cost of personal upgrades
- Mordor Slaughter House now reduces cost of monsters
- Mallorn Tree now gives archer units a range bonus of 15%
- Isengard Furnace now reduces cost of uruk units
- Lumbermills now reduces cost of structures
- Elven Statue now also reduces the cost of heroes (along side Lorien archers and infantry)
- All Lumbermills now make 8 per tick from 12
- Lumbermills now affect resource modifiers, building more reduces resource output for terrain based gatherers
- Smaller Erebor Forge implemented
- Lothlorien portrait replacements
- Mineshaft normal maps
- Finalized resource bonuses each with independent strings/bonus names e.t.c.
- Fixed String file
- Added new Faramir
- Fixed Fortress normal maps
- Build ups for Erebor forge
- FX for Mithril arrows
- FX for knotted strings
- Removed patrols from lumbermills and new resource buildings
- More FX for Orcrist
- Fixed LVault Warden leadership FX
- Mithril FX added to Bardings
- Fixed Bard's exp grant
- Mammoths and Mumaks drop money
- Fixed Buildplots for Gondor, Mordor, Isengard, Lothlorien, and Erebor
- Battering Rams are now a bit weaker to slash, specialist, pierce, cavalry, and siege.
- Beregond's Sacrifice Power
- New FX for Beregond's powers
- Summond Sound for Bard's barrel
- Adjusted volume of Gandalf's cart sound
-Castellan of Dol Guldur (Stats based on beserker weapon and troll armor)
- Added changes to Castellans
- String Fixes
- Voices for the Castellans
- Fixed Amon hen description
- Fixed Riddle Maker targeting friendly units (i hope)
- Sacrifice now unlocks at rank 8 for Beregond
- Echoed Beregond lines added
- Exit formation lines for Vault Wardens and Iron Hills warriors
- Reduced pitch change of Beregond
- Salute line for Grim hammers
- Fixed Udun map added
- more flat Targul quarry added - bridge is currently buggered
- Latest last alliance mission added
- Removed 115 unneeded upgrades from the upgrade.ini
- Added Sentinels of the Silver Tree (Based off Noldor stats)
- Expanded Celeborn's Lord of the Galadhrim power to new plan
- Increased cost of Celeborn to 3000 from 2500
- Added Fudge's updated maps
- Added Forged Blades for Iron Hills
- Added fixt Numenor camp
- Added new animations for Castellan
- Increased pike damage to Castellan to 200% from 100%
- Decreased pierce damage to Castellan to 10% from 50%
- fixed nandor command set
- Added in Khamul voices
- Ered Luin Voices
- ACTUALLY got formation lines working for Vaults and Hills
- Fixed various bugs
- Roac now attackable
- Minas Tirith, Helms Deep, Minas Morgul, Erebor, Isengard, and Carn Dum are playable now
- Fixed Sauron's conflagration to actually look good
- Added Thorin and Galadriel to Sauron's exempt list
- Gil-Galad now burns :'(
- Gil-Galad's "His Lance Was Keen" power added
- Fixed broken howdah
- Added latest version of the Last Alliance mission
- Lore added to the LA heroes' leaderships
- Added NJM's latest maps
- Thorin's walls for halls and balls
- Fixed Various bugs
- Various String Fixes
- New FX for Mirkwood Summon
- New generic good summon FX
- new sound for Denethor's summon
- new FX for Azog's Headhunter
- new FX for Great Goblin's song
- new FX for Dain's Reckless Assault
- new FX for Dol Amroth Summon
- FX for summoning Silver Trees
- Nerfed the fuck out of the Mordor Wight's damage
- Industry for Isen now effects armories
- Slaves of Nurn effects only slaughterhouses
- Ravens now listed as a buff instead of debuff
- scaled variags and haradrim
- fixed lifetime of Mordor wight horde
- Fixed Kili's bugged arrow shots
- Ai builds on fords of Carnen
- Pathstalkers capture buildings
- Commandsets for Thorin Halls Fort
- Minas Tirith/Dol Guldur/Helms Deep/and Isengard no longer have command point caps at 1000
- Redoubt shows up in Ironfoots Halls
- Ironfoot Halls no longer starts with Arkenstone
- Ironfoots Halls and Cerin Amroth can no longer build walls/wall expansions
- Pinnath Gelin voices added
- Dwarven Archer voices added
- Cerin Amroth voices added
- Gondor Archers have specific lines when attacking trolls and mumakil
- Mouth of Sauron has specific lines when attacking thorin or aragorn
- Added updated Ered Luin Highlands
- Added updated Forodwaith
- Added upgrades to Erebor Gate
- Fixed Snow textures on Dwarven wall things
- Added updated maps for Icebay of Forochel, Thorin's Halls, Targul Quarry, and Ered Luin Highlands
- Added Lossoth creeps
FIXED - Ered Luin Traders level too slow imo
FIXED - decrease standard battlewagon decelleration
FIXED - give Bilbo's Gandalf summon a very high cooldown
FIXED - Boost Roac's health
- Added new Gandalf model (dismounted only for now)
FIXED - Look at the levels of Bard's lines
FIXED - Fix Great Gobbo's song
FIXED - Mark Horn of the Gate to say that it stuns, not flee in terror
FIXED - Khazad Dum and durin's banner buttons are mismatched
FIXED - Dale Garrison upgrade to lvl 3 says it allows the research of fire arrows
FIXED - Forochel Map, bottom centre start,  there's a lossoth lair that spawns right next to your fortress
FIXED - Increase the disadvantages of Fog more
- adjusted audio levels of Bard, Wulfgar, Dunlendings, Erebor archers, Beregond
- Increased damage dealt by Fume to 40 from 20
- Increased damage dealt by Scorching heat to 35 from 10
- Increased damagew dealt by Frostbite to 20 from 10
- Fixed Mammoth and Mumak death
FIXED - Proper death lines for when a hero dies
- Thorin has custom death EVA
- Maps added Honk's Valley, updated Erebor, Silvertine Lodes, updated Bindolbole Wood
- Merged matt's art
FIXED - Battering rams can't get into a mine
FIXED - Bilbo's power still effects allied units
FIXED - Combo hordes cant go into mines
FIXED - Buff blademaster for Sam
FIXED - Dunland Bow bombard animations
FIXED - Bardings dont have an animation for Black Arrows
- Renamed Earthquake to Cave-in
- Added updated maps Ered Luin Highlands, Harrowdale, Ironfoots halls, Tharbad, Targul Quarry
- Fixed FoW on Icebay
- Midge Cloud Hazard
- Blood FX template made
- Mammoths and Mumakil no longer do damage to structures
- Added most of the new Dwarven CAH
- Optimized some textures
- Du Bekar now causes units to crush enemies
- Du Bekar made a bit more glorious
- Thorin's resentment FX finally done
- Easterling Swordsmen use BFME1 Voices
- Death Lines for Balin, Thorin, and Bilbo
- Additional attack lines for Thorin and Bilbo
- New Creeps can be untamed allegianced
- CAH updates
- Sauron's repeating sounds fixed
- Gothmog voice added to Release the prisoners
- Gundabad Horn sound added for campaign
- Mordor Barracks ambient sound
- Grim Hammers now only deal bonus damage to spam units
- Mordor Uruks have new EVA
- Industry FX for armory
- Erebor map missing strings fixed
- Dwalin voice set made
- Erebor Gate upgrade ini added
- Erebor from testing lounge added
- Optimized and finalized Dwarven CAH stuff
- Fixed Dwarf patrols running animations
- Iron Hill units can click to combine while in formation now
- Disabled AI ship building
- Noldor and Gondor tents have 2d art now
- Buffed Castellan
- Thorin's Hall gates now have an armorset (had a non existing one before)
- Created Azanulbizar specific thorin, balin, dwalin, and dain
- Moved Thror and Thrain into campaign folder
- Created first 4 spellbook powers for campaigns
- Implemented young dwalin's model
- Implemented 2d art for young thorin, dwalin, balin, thror, and thrain
- Gave Thrain Wisdom of the Ravens
- Gave Thorin new oakenshield button
- new music and sound for azunilbizar
- young dain thorin and balin added
- fixed some strings for azunil heroes
- added powers for Thrain and Thror
- changed level for counselor to 3 for Balin
- Made forges only slightly stronger than regular resource structures
- Young Thorin unlocks du bekar at 5
- Removed reckless assault from Young Dain
- Fixed Young Dain strings
- Added Erebor's Spellbook AI
- Edited Mordor's Spellbook AI to accomodate new powers
- Bardings can combo horde with units of the same type
- Added new object for young Azog
- Added proper erebor forge buildup
- Added updated Thorin's Halls map and Midgewater
FIXED - Gandalf the Grey's WOP should just stun
FIXED - Remove isengard sappers from buff list 
FIXED - Erebor Mangonel needs to do more damage to other siege
FIXED - Erebor Mangonel getting knocked back by troll sling shot
FIXED - Horns of the gate button needs to be moved to correspond with the upgrade pirce e.g raven banners  first as they're only 500
FIXED - Honk's Valley needs a "*" in it's name
FIXED - buildings don't suffer from cold but wall trebuchets do
FIXED - castellans might need some kockback resistance considering they have no falling animation
FIXED - Guardian - Phalanx horde have intimidation button in commandset
FIXED - volume needs slight increase for archers
FIXED - Balance white tree sentinels
FIXED - Look at animation code for Sauron's LOTR power
FIXED - Dain's respawn line
FIXED - Some new maps do not have an * next to their name i.e. Erebor and Lamedon
- Added Matt's updated files 
- Added Create a hero map update
- Fixed Fall of Angmar campaign string
- Nazgul combined leadership
- Added Matt's files
- Added Ethring
- Loads of bugfixes and optimizations
- Added new model for bard
- New descripions for some maps
- Voices for Amroth Knights and Fili
- removed a Gondor specific track from Lothlorien's music
- Ever so slightly increased the volume of Dwarven arhcers
- Added Gandalf's mounted state
- Added Corsair creep
- Added placeholder snow troll 2d art
- added jungle troll 2d art
- AI tweaks, AI now goes into phase 3 at faster pace (to allow the construction of the whole base)
- Gandalf the Grey WOP FX
- Added latest versions of Azunilbizar and Last Alliance
- Latest version of Erebor map
- Good mt doom 2 gone
- adjusted priorities in base files for all factions
- moved AI phase one back to 3 minutes from 2 minutes
- Upped Grond's health to 9500 from 8500
- Upped Grond's damage to 2500 from 2000
- Buffed Balrogs
- Capped Ents to 8
- Iron Hill Ram riders banner carriers now function properly
FIXED - snow troll portrait
FIXED - Lossoth don't provide any xp
FIXED - Ram Riders do not replenish with a banner carrier
FIXED - Cap required for ents
FIXED - Erebor Heroic statue says reduces cost of heroes and infantry, should just say heroes
FIXED - Amroths Knights, volume needs decreasing slightly
FIXED - Erebor map, those single units of dorwinian soldiers have the gondor soldier portrait
- Added fixed azanulbizar mission
- Added updated swanfleet map
- Added Arkenstone upgrade sound
- Edited Cerin Amroth and Ethring
- Adjusted Amroth Knight voices
- Fixed some string errors
- Lowered Beregond's volume slightly


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