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Grand Plan for "The One Ring Unleashed"

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Posted 22 July 2018 - 01:20 AM

Hello, The3rdAge.


So I have a mod going for the Rise of the Witch-King patch 2.02 called "The One Ring Unleashed". Basically, it is supposed to be this grand modernizer of the game. In the sense that...

  • All unit and hero models will be made of accordingly retextured and remodeled bits of Create-A-Hero people
  • New building models will be made out of parts from buildings you know from Maps

Also... there will only be eight factions. I will convert this into that as follows:

  1. Men --> Gondor
  2. Elves --> Imladris
  3. Dwarves --> Erebor
  4. Isengard [no rename]
  5. Mordor [no rename]
  6. Goblins --> Moria
  7. Angmar --> Easterlings
  8. Arnor --> Rohan

And in case anyone is wondering where all the Variags of Khand, Corsairs of Umbar, Mumakil, and Haradrim will be... they will be in Mordor.


And yes all eight factions (Gondor, Imladris, Erebor, IsengardMordor, Moria, Easterlings, and Rohan) will be playable. Any questions? Thanks in advance! By the way, these factions are colored in what will be their "Profile Stats" colors".

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