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Some Mordor Suggestions

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Posted 23 July 2018 - 01:38 PM

Hello, AotR team!


Today, I wanted to give some ideas for some stuff for the Mordor faction. So here are my suggestions for Mordor.


  1. Easterling War Wagons. In the Fellowship of the Ring book, in the end, the Easterlings are mentioned as "Chariots of Chieftains and Great Laden Wains". I think this would be good for an Easterling Temple leveled to 3 after using the "Gathering All Evil To Him" spellbook power because it would capture one of the trademarks of Easterling warfare according to Tolkien lore. It could perhaps look and work like a Horse-drawn Easterling version of the Iron Hills war wagon.
  2. Morgul Orc archers & pikemen. In the Return of the King movie, almost all of the Mordor Orc troops were the upright, jagged armored guys we know as the Morgul Orcs. Therefore, I am suggesting maybe make Morgul Orc archers and pikemen available at the Mordor Fortress after purchasing Morgul Sorcery, in addition to the Morgul Orc fencers that are already in AotR.
  3. Black Uruk-hai instead of Little orcs? Here, I mean to suggest replacing the Orc Warriors, Archers, and Pikemen in the Orc Barracks with Black Uruk versions of them, and the Black Uruk unit that is already there can perhaps be upgraded to be like the Black Guard of Barad-Dur seen in the Games Workshop range of Mordor miniatures. My reasoning here is because, across the Lord of the Rings book trilogy, Mordor Uruk-hai (known in the books and in this mod as Black Uruks) make up 100% the soldier orcs of Mordor, while the little orcs are only in Mordor's armies as sappers and as other kinds of workers.
  4. Shagrat and an Easterling human general. Black Uruk-hai need their leader, too. So maybe Shagrat can be a hero in the Fortress in addition to Gothmog being a Fortress hero for Morgul orcs. Meanwhile, the Easterlings appear to have no Mordor Fortress hero. We have Khamul in the Dol Guldur spell and we have the ability to create custom Easterling captains but we have no Mordor Faction Hero that happens to be a living human being among the Easterlings. Why not take the Easterling Warpriest idea from Games Workshop's range and characterize it into a Mordor faction hero that happens to be a deadly Necromancer who is to Easterlings and Variags as Gothmog is to Morgul Orcs?


That's all I got for suggestions for now. Thanks for reading! And feel free to use some of, all of, one of or even none of these.



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