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[Misty Mountains] Cave troll's "Goblin throw" auto-castable

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Posted 25 July 2018 - 11:58 PM



when I was playing Misty Mountains faction the other day I wished the "Goblin throw" ability of Cave troll was possible to set to auto-cast. When the troll is used in a group of Goblins along with some hero, switching to the troll and clicking on the ability requires micro that could be avoided if the ability was auto-castable.


From what I observed you don't need to "target" where the troll should throw the goblin/orc you just click on the ability, troll finds some victim, picks it up and once there are enemies in range the troll auto-throws the goblin as the first action. I also noticed that the ability has no cooldown currently (or very short; about 1 second) which would not combine well with auto-casting so I was thinking if the ability got some cooldown (not sure...20 seconds?) and was made auto-castable then the troll could be used in a horde in melee mode and every now and then it would pick up some poor bastard around and throw it at nearby enemies, causing fear in them.


Would it be possible to make the ability auto-castable?





I realized that only the Cave troll of Misty Mountains faction has the "throw" ability, Mordor has "eat orc" which is different. I edited the post name accordingly.

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