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Command Point Factors in "The One Ring Unleashed"

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Posted 27 July 2018 - 11:34 AM

In case you guys didn't know, I am working on a mod for the Rise of the Witch-King patch 2.02, and the plan for Command Points is each faction is going to have its own inherent number of command points that cannot be raised or reduced, except by setting the command point factor before gameplay.


However, in this mod, the number of command points will be based on the number of troops in the biggest army fielded by each faction during the War of the Ring. And when it comes to Command Point Factor, it will be the listed number times 1, 2, 4, 8, 100, 1/2, 1/4, and so on. And fractions will be rounded to the nearest thousand. Here are the numbers I have planned for a Command Point Factor of "times one" in my mod. Every number is either provable with Tolkien lore or just my personal best guess.

  1. Gondor = 3,000
  2. Imladris = 2,000
  3. Erebor = 9,000
  4. Isengard = 10,000
  5. Mordor = 75,000
  6. Moria = 15,000
  7. Easterlings = 60,000
  8. Rohan = 6,000
  9. Haradrim = 18,000
  10. Khand = 12,000
  11. Iron Hills = 8,000
  12. Dale = 7,000

So what does everyone think of this plan? And by the way, in this mod, infantry and cavalry platoons will take up 1 command point per soldier.

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Posted 27 July 2018 - 11:51 AM

It will never work because SAGE engine has trouble rendering 3-4000 worth of CP in vanilla game, not even speaking of thousands of units. Its unplayable.

Besides, Gondor's army was MUCH larger than 3000, 3000 is just the tiny amount of reinforcements that came to the city before the battle, I'm sure the garrison was larger than that fielding at least 5000 troops, and it is said that Aragorn takes 4000 more troops from Pelargir in haste to help Gondor. I'm pretty sure the fully rallied gondorian army fielded more than 20,000 troops, considering Rohan which is a smaller kingdom had 10,000 riders (Theoden left 4.000 at home for defense in case battle was lost). Gondor wasn't as hopeless as it appears to be in the movie, it just had a ruler that started to get mad and abandoned reason. 

In return of the king prince Imrahil says the army marching to the black gate had the size of the rear guard army of gondor in its days of glory (7.000 troops initially marched to the black-gate, but around 5000 actually fought, some went to reclaim cair andros and the rangers of ithilien remained to guard the crossroads). So even if Gondor lost a great deal of its power, I can't imagine it having less than 20,000 soldiers in any day... after all South Gondor wasn't such a populated place and Rhovanion doesn't really count as they weren't Gondorians but allies like Rohirrims.

It is worth mentioning the burning of the fleet of Umbar by Thorongil (Aragorn in his early days), that greatly reduced the naval power of Corsairs in the War of the Ring (and it was still overhelming for Gondor, crushing the small fleet of Gondor like nothing).

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