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[Bug] Misty Mountains Bug 3.1

[bug] misty mountains spellbook

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#1 sgtryan88

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Posted 01 August 2018 - 05:35 PM

Faction: Misty Mountains


Spell: Untamed Allegiance


1 - When you cast it on Jungle troll lairs, snow troll lairs, hill trolls lairs and stone trolls lairs (all trolls made by AOTR team) the new trolls change to vanilla cave troll. The new units hired from cave are the correct unit.

2- Impossible to cast it on warg lairs, whitewolf lairs, umbar/corsair lairs


3- Can be casted on Wyrm Lair (Player one), but it doesn't speed up production of wyrms and bats.


Obs: The Lossoth Dwelling lairs, fire wyrm lairs (creep one) and wight lairs allegiance is working properly.

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