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Universe "Infinitas" New Canon Headquarters

just a hq for my universe 2.0

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Posted 08 August 2018 - 06:54 PM

Universe "Infinitas" New Canon Headquarters



Hello again friends. Long time no seeing. I was there in this May, but for now i have another updates.

Moddb site sometimes is unavailable because of strange connection bugs, so i decided to make posts from my studios there too. I think Revora is the also good site and forum with a lot of amazing people.


As you heard, i finished the 1st big story about the "Universe 2596" cycle.


It was a thread there in this may. It was a long thread....

For now "Pandemiah" story is absolutely finished. Also i released even 2 separate afterwords, which everyone can download from my studios.


If you`re visiting this page in your first time, i must explain that i`m author of my full fantasy/sci-fi hybrid universe and its have 3 fully periods.

I. Hyperborean Period (18000 BC)

II. Athlantys Period (9000 BC)

III. New Age Period "Universe 2596" (XXVI AD)


I am man, who is thinking that our Earth history is not so simple. I prefer to read works of famous scientist Elena Blavatskaya. She was a russian woman, very wise and person with a big knowledge. She was first, who started to say about ancient arch-civilizations, states before the Age of Ice. I completely agree with her position about humans origin, and yeah, i am thinking, that human civilization is very ancient.


I made many works about the Hyperborean Period and its time. I didn`t make any one story about the Athlantys period, but made some hints about it in my later works. And i made for now not only one story about the New Age period (Universe 2596).


For now the list is this.

1. Pandemiah

2. For His Name

3. Pandemiah II. Project BKV

4. Revenge of the Tyrants


Also i have some short stories, prologues and afterwords about this period.


In the age of XXVI century world is quite different. Organisation of pacificators with mysterious name "Father Order" controlles the galaxy and holds the peace between hundred races. Humans are part of the inter-galactic society and having connections with other species. 

But there is also a threat for all life forms. This threat have different names and forms. Many races couldn`t understand the truly name of this terrible threat. And only now... in the New Age.... the main name of this evil is famous and terrible. This name is... Abrahsax.


Our main group in Moddb is there


But very oftern Moddb site is haven`t connection, and i simply can`t visit it. So i decided to make office of this group there too.


Thank you very much anyway.

If you want to discuss my universe - lets go now.

If you want to see stories - just send me there PM or write there too.


Regards Alexander K. Krokhmal

"Legends of the Moon Landscape" ©


Alexander Konstantinovich Krokhmal

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Posted 09 August 2018 - 12:04 AM

Welcome back! Those are some interesting premises, I look forwards to seeing some of your work! 

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