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[Suggestion] Ring-Hero

ring hero suggestion ring gollum

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#1 Drunkkk

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Posted 27 August 2018 - 10:02 PM

Ring-Hero suggestion:


I know it's meant to be realistic/attached to the war of the ring but it's extremely boring to get almost everytime the same ring hero.


Beside the fact, that it is very cool to be able to summon Smaug with Misty Mountains, there also should be other options on summoning the ring hero.



Like for Isengard:


- Saruman probably would've kept the ring if he was able to get it, since he was already corrupted by it's power and always only grinded for more mightiness.


- This isnt meant to be another "Edain-Version-Ring-Hero-alike" but it would fit Isengard way better


- Beside the change of his appearance and spells, there could appear differences in the faction of Isengard



Like for Lothlorien and Gondor:


- The user receives the option, whether to use the ring for stronger mages (e.g. Galadriel/Gandalf) or way stronger buildings and units, since the captivity/owning of the ring empowers and encourage the nation


- Using the ring as a good faction, it doesnt matter which option the user is selecting, should also give negative attributes 

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