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New to BFME2

experience with bfme2 only

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    El Shaddai

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Posted 21 September 2018 - 02:08 AM

So I recently decided to start playing BFME1 vanilla , with the hopes of modding it .
I can extensively mod BFME 2

So some questions
Can BFME1 do the following ?

1. A summon / spawn power like Goblin king skull totem ?
I tested Aragorn’s Oathbreaker spell , you can summon [ITEM] but it is just placed by the cursor , rather than your hero going to it first

2. Creating asset file ?
Can you use the Sy’s asset builder ?And just copy / paste / drop the art and asset file in the -Mod ?

3. Poison weapons ?
Can this be done ? Damage over time ?

I will slowly add/ mod BFME 1 as I did with BFME2
The codes are too different for a direct copy/paste

I am actually liking the simplicity of BFME1 over BFME2
So my goals are simple
1. A power for a hobbit , summon a Camp fire - mostly done
2. Gandalf , summon an invincibility Shield bubble
3. Add Gothmog
4. Add Wildmen
5. Add Haldir

#2 Echo



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Posted 21 September 2018 - 11:09 PM

I must say I hardly have any experience modding BFME 2, but I'll try my best:


1. That's related to the ENUM, like in BFME 2. Use something like SPECIAL_SPAWN_ORCS (not sure if this exists in BFME 2). In the command button, make sure that you don't have NEED_TARGET_POS as an option. In fact, I don't have any option at all for my spell. That creates the object where your hero/object stands. Now you can make it hatch from an egg or from nothing, whatever you desire.


2. (Assuming you use the -mod command-way of modding)

Creating an asset.dat is very easy in BFME 1. I have an art folder that contains both a textures (not compiledtextures) and w3d folder. In the folder that contains my art folder, I have the asset cache builder. Everytime I want to make a new asset.dat, I put my assets in textures or w3d and just run AssetCacheBuilder.exe. That creates a new asset.dat (as well as some error messages, just ignore those) and finally I add my art folder to the .big file. Sounds complicated, it's really not. Get AssetCacheBuilder here. This is how my folder looks like:




3. There's a PoisonedBehavior in BFME 1, though I never got it working. There is also PoisonDuration and PoisonDamageInterval, which is also used in some BFME 2 cinematics, but nowhere in BFME 1. I just use DelayTime in the weapon Nugget to deal DoT.

Modding BFME 1 can be fun, but keep in mind that BFME 1 has more bugs than BFME 2, worse graphics, terrible water animation/reflection and doesn't have a lot of behaviors present in BFME 2. I also mod BFME 1, but considered switching a while ago due to engine limitations. Though I must say they nailed it with the BFME 1 UI, it really grew on me.

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    El Shaddai

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Posted 22 September 2018 - 09:25 PM

Thanks a lot .
I agree with some key points even before stating a grand scale mod.
1. Poor graphics
2. Limitations

So I actually decided the add as much BFME 1 style into my BFME2 mod

I will start a thread in BFME2 forum for my progress

It’s amazing how you take the exact same BFME1 map into BFME2 and it looks soo much crisper

#4 Felipe Roll-st

Felipe Roll-st
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Posted 25 September 2018 - 01:20 PM

I always liked more the bfme1 style, as it's more strategic, bfme2 brings more the creating rushing for economy resources, so I've done a couple of coding work in my mod in which btw Echo has helped me with, what I can tell you for now is, the first one is very possible, it just required to create a child object, with the 2nd one you could follow Meneldil's guide which is available at the3rdage.net I'm sure I saw what you want in that guide tho I've never done it.


3,4 and 5 I have them, I took them from another mod cos I can't model, for haldir you can either use a model that uses faramir's skeleton or use the converted haldir's animations for bfme1, same for wildmen, there's a gothmog model in the vanilla version but it's not bounded to a skeleton so you will better get the model from somewhere else.



    El Shaddai

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Posted 26 October 2018 - 04:17 AM

So as an update to this I will be releasing a very small MOD

It contains

- pike horde ; built by AI and uses toggle formation

- Gandalf - Summons a Shield bubble - mega armour ( invincible ) and healing
- Sam - playable Hero - summons a Camp Fire - mild armour boost and healing and banner respawn
- Frodo - redid the Ring On visuals
- Towers Garisonable
- trebuchet gets counterweights upgrade (replaces Firestones ) - increased range

- peasants use less command points
- Rohirrim Spearmen can combine 2 hordes into 1
- Rohan archers use less command points
- Pippen - gets rock fury (like Legolas arrowstorm)
-Merry - gets fireworks - throws a small firecracker at enemy

All siege units use more command points (25)
All units move faster
Forged blades are not red (mild white or mild blue )
Redid the house colors / units do not show house color / only buildings

Isengard - Wildmen
Rohan - Haldir

What I realized -
Adding textures / buttons etc is not easy with the -mod command in BFME1
It works if I hijack an unused art or button reference , so this will severely limit the coding prospects

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