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anyone got any tips for beating foehn a.i's with any of the allied factions?

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#1 arandompersons

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Posted 04 December 2018 - 04:09 PM

urgh. i just can't seem to do anything against em. i keep getting lancer rushed. and even if i survive that, i just get tank rushed.... anyone got any ideas on how i am meant to beat em? cause infantry spamming does me no good. urgh. E.A can't do much against em from my experience... not without charons and gunships. USA can't do much as far as i can see unless they hit T3. and i probs wont bother with pacific front... can't wrap my head around cryo stuffs :L


i know i'm not that grand but some advice would be appreciated.

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#2 Handepsilon


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Posted 04 December 2018 - 07:24 PM

GI IFV for infantry rush maybe? You gotta micro them away from Lancers all the time for it to work. Pillboxes also work well against even Lancers. Still gotta try to find a way to reach T3 tho. That's a must for any factions

I'm recommending you to use GS 4 or 5 btw. Maybe 4 since 5 on SP would be too fast.

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#3 Polaris Starnor

Polaris Starnor
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Posted 05 December 2018 - 04:59 AM

GI IFVs for sure, up the ante to seals once you get that airfield, a cluster of pillboxes should do fine, and toss out some GGIs before the tanks start to roll in, and that should be your T1.
In T2 replace the GIs in the IFVs with seals, get a cluster of rocketeers, they'll be able to provide firepower support in general, along with using jets to break down tanks or snipe infantry where applicable, plus, of course each factions T2 specific vehicle, warhawk for America, Mirage for EA, Zephyrs for PF.

On a side note, PF is less on cryotechnology specifically and more on overall distant strikes, which most of their signature armor columns outranging most forces, having an artillery with one of the highest ranges, and battle tortoises + surpressors that are able to fend off enemies for the Zephyrs and Blizzards to strike.

#4 CrimsonRaider

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Posted 05 December 2018 - 07:06 AM

Send some spies to get vehichle/infantry veterancy, then power down. Then:
- EU: Destroy 2 or 3 windtraps with thors, then prism tanks against production buildings and lancers, mirages against teratorns (maybe rocketeers to guard the land forces), then back up, and finish the rest with thors (or leave them, because without production and conyard, they will give up)
- USA: athenas against power and production, conyard, abrams against units and Tanya against infantry.

- PF: send a couple of tortoises filled with a suppressor, 2 CGIs, and a seal (or CLEG). And then send Norio to help destroying everything. :D He is better against buildings than 3 hailstorms.
I personally don't even use T1 and T2 (exception: warhawk, mirage) vehichles, they are far inferior compared to T3. And useless when you hit T3. Aaaand you don't have to spam them (spamming is garbage, and shows the pure lack of tactical thinking). 3 or 4 of each T3 unit is more than enough.
And defending your base against AI is easy until you reach T3 when you can concentrate on attacking them.

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