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[C&C KW] Poor Connection


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#1 moshie

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Posted 08 December 2018 - 08:26 PM



I am able to login to the server however, I notice I have a red (poor) connection (ping) to the server is there anything I can do to make the connection more stable?


I have disabled port forwarding and the DMZ on my router.


However I think it's a good idea to at least try port forwarding is there a list of ports I can attempt to open for this server?


The game is running from Origin and I am on windows 10.


Nothing in the CNCOnline_Log.txt that would really indicate a poor connection.


I ran the utility suggested in the "How to report issues" thread. Results below..


Using server nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Bound to local port 65253
Bound to local alternate port 65254
Resolving hostname 'nntest.cnc-online.net'...
Resolved server host to be ''
Sending client INIT from port 65253 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server INIT [840015]
Our public address is
Sending client INIT2 [840015] from port 65254 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server INIT2 [840015]
Our alternate public address is
Sending cient START [840015] from port 65254 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server PING(1) [840015]
Received server START [840015]
Server extra port is 40000
Sending client PING [840015] from port 65253 to nntest.cnc-online.net:40000
Received server PING(2) [840015]
Received server PING(3) [840015]
Received 3 pings from nntest.cnc-online.net:40000.
NAT negotiation works with your router and connection.
==> You do not have to use port forwarding.
I hope this is enough information.
Please let me know if you require any further information! :)

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Posted 09 December 2018 - 09:22 AM

The Player to Player connection in KW can use this whole range of ports UDP: 8088-65535. That is a large range so we normally recommend using a DMZ. However, it sounds more like you have a quality of service issue than something being blocked. You should try using a wired connection to your modem rather than Wifi and keep any mains electrical cabling away from the connection from the street to your modem, if you can.

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#3 moshie

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Posted 09 December 2018 - 12:16 PM

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!


Unfortunately due to where my router and PC are located I have had to opt for a power to lan device.


just for now to see if it made any sort of a difference I opened that range of ports.


I'll get back to you if it improves my connection.

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