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Some ideas about new units,powers and buildings

units support powers buildings new stuff mental omega

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#21 Drezalnor



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Posted 11 March 2019 - 04:09 AM

Looking at list of what to add, I'd say the Russian faction don't have a unique infantry unit like the Chinese or Latin Confederation. How about a something like an improved/better version of a Conscript? Something like this:
Red Guard
Has increased range and damage compared to the Conscript with it's AKM rifle. It's HP is slightly better but not much.
Also, I guess this has been thrown around a lot by some community members but I find the Russians not having a heavy T3 tank compared to the Chinese a little out of place? I would suggest giving them the Apocalypse tank back, not the 3.0 version but 2.0 as while it was powerful it could still be overwhelmed easily. Plus the 2.0 version fitted the aesthetic of the real life IS-2 heavy tank from world war 2 with a mammoth tank makeover. If there needs to be a limitation to it for balancing reasons how about requiring the War Factory, Palace and Industrial Plant?
The one in 3.0 could still be the secret stolen tech one but labelled as a Prototype? 
I'm gonna look for other things to suggest but as always these kinds of things can be shot down by the MO team due to balancing, time constraints or development time required for them. Either way I'm loving the game and appreciate mods like this that keep C&C alive!

Subfaction-specific T1 infantry is nothing more than a pointless gimmick.That will never materialise.

As for the Apoc,please no.Russia does not need it all in it's tech tree.

Well from what I wrote I guess I'm suggesting a buff to Russia but I was going in the direction of just adding a new unit.
The RA3 style Tesla Trooper would be cool but what about a Spetsnaz unit? I think in 1.2 it had them but they were pretty much a Seal clone? If for uniqueness it has an assault rifle/grenade launcher similar to the Chinese cyborgs but not as powerful, they can swim and for attacking buildings they call in airstrikes like Boris/Morelez but like they were in OG YR game and not one hit kills and needs to be closer unlike Morelez. Could play around in the lore that Morelez was trained by Spetsnaz that's why their similar somewhat.
Also in matches/skirmish is it possible to have an option for basic superweapons only like Iron Curtain or Chronosphere? If it's not a pain to code?

Really?That is practically the last thing Russia needs now.You know how powerful it feels while playing.This proposed Spetznaz will simply make it broken.

Also,this reminds me of a discussion me and my pals were having a couple of days ago.A few fellas said that EA could be given Special Forces units like the Jegertröppen.The rest of us found the idea to be crazy,cuz EA right now is simply nuts.
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#22 Opus Custom Tank

Opus Custom Tank
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Posted 25 April 2019 - 04:54 PM

- Chameleon Tank -

A cloaked tank with modified oxidize beams. It will be decloaked when move and fire. It will weak enemies armor by the time and hit more damage.

- Northflame -

Basic flame tank but using endothermic flames to slow and freeze enemies. And it will be immune to cryo and flame weapons.

- Cerberus -

A slow anti-structure unit. It will have a good range and area damage. But its beam will not harm infantries just make them slower. Maybe too op.

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#23 Divine


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Posted 25 April 2019 - 06:28 PM

Okay, back on the topic of unique tier 1 infantry, although it would be never a thing, it would definetaly be possible to make unique ones for each subfaction. Here are some ideas for gimmicks, most of which I came up with when I brainstormed a Tiberium-themed mod (that will also never be a real thing). The following are just some gimmicks and unit names I came up with for tier 1 rifleman-equivalents, not fully fledged unit concepts. Tier 1 heavy weapon infantry could mostly get the same gimmicks as their subfaction's rifleman-equivalent, though not in all cases.


Soviet Union: Conscript. Unique ability: molotov coctails. They would work like flash bangs for Riot Troopers, the conscripts would fire their PPSh submachine guns and occasionally throw a molotov. It would do a small AoE against infantry, leave behind some residual fire, and have a small chance to hurt garrisoned enemies. Alternatively: abuse the free infantry mechanic somehow to make them train in pairs, like Red Guards in Generals.


Latin Confederation: Militant. Unique ability: combat drugs. Let's not forget that Latin America is the home of drug cartels. Would the commies really let such "assets" go to waste? Combat drugs would be a deploy-ability. When used, it would give the affected soldier a temporary movement speed and ROF bonus, but after its effects wear off, the soldier would suffer from temporary debuffs to the same stats, and maybe even some HP damage.


China: Red Guard. Unique ability: horde bonus. Each Red Guard unit would have an invisible weapon that would fire every couple seconds, buffing nearby friendly Red Guards ROF. The bonus individually would be very hard to notice, but it could stack up nicely. Alternatively: bayonets. Red Guards could severly wound or even insta-kill non-plate armored enemy infantry that wanders into CQC range, or a deploy function could even make the Red Guard switch between rifle and bayonet attack modes. Red Guards dogpiling on Brutes to stab them would be hillarious.


USA: GI. Unique ability: dig in. No need for explaination, this is already in vanilla.


European Alliance: Rifleman. Unique ability: grim determination. European soldiers fight to the last drop of their blood for their homelands. Each Rifleman that dies gives a small, temporary boost to the resilience of nearby friendly Riflemen.


Pacific Coalition: I can't come up with anything sort of a decent name for this one. it can't be too edgy or cool, because it's still just tier 1 cannon fodder.  Unique ability: Cryogenic grenades. They would work similarly to the molotov coctails of Conscripts, except that Cryo Grenades would release a small Cryo cloud instead of fire.


PsiCorps: Initiate. Unique ability: would be affected by a new support power: Promote to Kinetic Adjutant. Support power would be available once the Epsilon Barracks is built. It would work similarly to the Nanofiber Sync: covering a small area and costing some money, it would convert friendly Initiates into KA's. Kinetic Adjutants would have a different weapon than Ititiates: they would generate small telekinetic shockwaves that would do slight damage to enemy infantry and buildings, and none to vehicles, but would rock said vehicles a little bit. Many Kinetic Adjutants working together could flip over enemy vehicles, destroying them instantly, the larger the vehicle, the harder it would be. 


Epsilon HQ: Reaver. Unique ability: bloodlust. Reavers would get a small and temporary but stacking ROF and movement speed bonus either from killing enemy infantry (if possible to implement) or from their nearby comrades dying.


Scorpion Cell: Insurgent. Unique ability: immunity to toxin clouds, and their weapon (some sort of automatic weapon) would fire poisonous bullets that would do damage over time to enemy infantry besides the normal damage.


Last Bastion: Vindicator. Unique ability: dig in. Literally. A Vindicator's power suit would have a ground-breaking apparatus and life support systems that would allow it to sink into the ground almost instantly. In this state, the Vindicator could not attack or move, its sight radius would be reduced to its own cell, but would be very hard to kill, and maybe even get stealthed.


Haihead: Knightframe. Unique ability: what it has now, dog immunity, AoE weapon, but also EMP and magnetism vulnerability.


Wings of Coronia: Assailant. Unique ability: gets speed boost from Spinblades, also, horrible puns (YOU GET IT? As-SAIL-ant HAHA).

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#24 Opus Custom Tank

Opus Custom Tank
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Posted 25 April 2019 - 09:06 PM

Some ideas for Foehn:

- Making Clairvoyants like T1 dogs, no stun gun. Transformation and speed boost is same. No detector. No infiltration.

- Delator: A new T3 infantry for infiltration. Can be disgused. Speed boost when near Spinblades. No transformation.

- For Jackal Racer, making it a T2 unit and give its one slot back. Of course will be buffed.

- Intuiter: A new T1 hover robot unit. Can detect disguesed and cloaked units. Have a sonic beam emitter. Speed boost from Spinblades. Actually Sweeper's voxel might be best for this.

- Give Teratorn a inf slot to make it more useful.

I know Foehn is very unique faction but "infiltration" must be a sneaky thing not a kitchen robot spam and Foehn really need a detector unit for T1.

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#25 arandompersons

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Posted 26 April 2019 - 03:40 AM

well... heres a few... ideas i guess...


Euro Alliance: Chasm Tower



Well... Steins-Tech is at it again with these new tall... ominous.... towers..... and thanks to the exceeding performance of the charon tank, it only seemed appropriate to create an actual "chrono" based defense structure. but due to production limitations, these towers were rebuilt out of prism towers, with some adjustments. the defense itself is an artillery base defense with no minimum range that can completely remove of any matter from existance. but it generally takes awhile to recharge and fire again... their power drain is moderate but nothing extreme, they boast moderate durability and are quite compact in size, in comparison to the grand cannon...







RoF= something slow....

Design= something like a prism tower.... no co-linking between towers sadly.


Size= a single tile. (1x1) Or 2x2 if it looks cooler as a bigger structure.

Weapon= same as charon tank, can't affect buildings or air units.


Prerequisite=uh, forgot what its called. allies T4 building.... thingy... other than the ore purifier... + Shield Command

Damage=N/A, works like charon tank, enemy removed/insta killed instead of indirect damage.


i got a few more if anyone wants to hear em. just ask. but i hope someone likes this idea, none-the-less

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#26 teztez

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Posted 26 May 2019 - 01:34 PM

Eureca gets two types of attack.one for vehicles and one for infantry.deploying her changes her attack style.her green wave is lethal to vehicles and red wave is lethal to infantry.  

#27 Zharakov

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Posted 03 June 2019 - 06:50 AM

Eureca gets two types of attack.one for vehicles and one for infantry.deploying her changes her attack style.her green wave is lethal to vehicles and red wave is lethal to infantry.

That's actually not a bad idea

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