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Starting Units on Mumakil

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#1 Miraak5



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Posted 31 December 2018 - 11:50 PM


i am trying to get horde spawning on a mumakil, so when you create a mumakil you already have one ready horde inside

but my horde/unit don't appear

    Behavior = HordeTransportContain  ModuleTag_12
        ObjectStatusOfContained                = UNSELECTABLE CAN_ATTACK
        ;PassengersTestCollisionHeight        = 80
        Slots                                = 1
        EnterSound                            = GarrisonEnter
        ExitSound                            = GarrisonExit
        DamagePercentToUnits                = 0%
        PassengerFilter                        = ANY +INFANTRY +RohanLegolas ;+CAVALRY
        AllowOwnPlayerInsideOverride        = Yes ; Normally, the Allies check encompasses OwnPlayer.  but we reeeeally only want our own guys.
        AllowAlliesInside                    = No
        AllowEnemiesInside                    = No
        AllowNeutralInside                    = No
        ExitDelay                            = 0
        NumberOfExitPaths                    = 2 ; Defaults to 1.  Set 0 to not use ExitStart/ExitEnd, set higher than 1 to use ExitStart01-nn/ExitEnd01-nn
        ForceOrientationContainer            = No  ; otherwise contained units can't orient themselves towards their targets...
        PassengerBonePrefix                    =    PassengerBone:DockAction      KindOf:HERO
        PassengerBonePrefix                    = PassengerBone:B_BANNER KindOf:BANNER
        PassengerBonePrefix                    = PassengerBone:B_CARGO0 KindOf:INFANTRY
        ShowPips = No
        EjectPassengersOnDeath                = Yes
        FadeFilter    = ALL
        FadePassengerOnEnter = Yes
        EnterFadeTime = 1000
        FadePassengerOnExit = Yes
        ExitFadeTime = 1000

        InitialPayload                        = MordorHaradrimHorde 1

as you can see i added the InitialPayload line

but ingame nothing is visible on the mumakil

i noticed i was not able to put other horde on the mumakil and that the evacuate button was enabled so i suppose my horde is kinda inside but not working
if i press the evacuate button i am able to put an other horde inside but the original horde i evacuated is still invisible and im not able to select them (could have been the invisible model bug but since im not even able to select them i think it's something else)

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#2 Echo



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Posted 06 January 2019 - 05:49 PM

Did you check out BFME 2? I think they put the Haradrim on the Mumakil by default...

Also, one of your projects is called "BFME 1 Patch 1.08". This can be very misleading to new players, considering BFME 1.06 is the version accepted and played by the community. I checked your moddb page and it seems that your mod is not really tweaking BFME's balance, but it's changing quite a lot of stuff. It's not my call, but I really think the word "Patch" is out of place here and you should reconsider it for the sake of new players.


#3 Super Hippo

Super Hippo
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Posted 09 February 2019 - 11:09 PM

Did you manage to do it? Reading this thread made me want to include something like this in my mod, too. Like having the mumakil start with a horde of haradrim on top of it which can not be evacuated and nothing else can be put on top of it...

I get the same problem. The units don't appear (they don't exist, no CP used by them), but need to be evacuated before something else can go on top of the mumakil. No matter if the mumakil is build or simply added with Worldbuilder.



I don't have the BFME2 code. I found this which is only a little bit different: (https://forums.revor...nit-on-mumakil/)


However, in BFME1, there is no "MordorHaradrimArcherHordeOnMumakil" object. I just used the existing "MordorHaradrimHorde" as seen in the first post which doesn't change anything because it is essentially the same code. What is the code for this special unit in BFME2 and can it be used for BFME1? Or what else is different which makes the unit not appearing?

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#4 Super Hippo

Super Hippo
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Posted 10 February 2019 - 02:59 PM

I noticed when using Units instead of a Horde to be the InitialPayload, those units will be placed at the bottom left of the map when a mumakil was created (again, no matter if from worldbuilder or normally with the building) instead of on the mumakil...  :huh:

#5 Miraak5



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Posted 10 February 2019 - 06:59 PM

No didn't managed to, actually i want to keep the evacuate function but also having haradrim on start (mumakil cost more)
i have created my own haradrim archer horde (the bfme2 horde unit dont have anything special by the way) but ye, it's problably a limitation in the hordetransport of bfme1 :(

Edited by Miraak5, 10 February 2019 - 07:01 PM.

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#6 Super Hippo

Super Hippo
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Posted 11 February 2019 - 04:20 PM

Thank you for the reply. Too bad that doesn't work  :sad: 

Yeah, not keeping the evacuate button wouldn't be a big deal. Just changing the commandset. I just don't like other things on top of it.

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