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Get attribute modifier on attack


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#1 Slava Shadrinov

Slava Shadrinov
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Posted 06 March 2019 - 07:33 PM

Hi all!

Need help with adding attribute modifier while you attack enemies or any other way to add you a leadership while you are in combat if it possible.

#2 Ridder Geel

Ridder Geel

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Posted 11 March 2019 - 10:08 AM

Hm... well possible with the use of two of these modules:

Behavior = AttributeModifierAuraUpdate ModuleTag_TheAttributeModifierAuraUpdate
TriggeredBy = Upgrade_StructureLevel1 Upgrade_RohanFireArrows ;L00BE9600: List of Upgrades //Must have these upgrades
ConflictsWith = Upgrade_TheodenKingsFavor Upgrade_TheodenLeadership ;L00BE9600: List of Upgrades //May not have these upgrades
RequiresAllTriggers = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean //All "TriggeredBy" Upgrades required! (meaning that if only one is present the module is not active)
RequiresAllConflictingTriggers = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean //All "ConflictsWith" Upgrades required! (meaning that if only one is present the module is not 'disabled')
CustomAnimAndDuration = AnimState:USER_3 AnimTime:0 TriggerTime:0 ;L010ED8E0: Animation State - Time - Delay // Animtime:0 = set flag forever
Permanent = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean //For ever... and ever... and ever, even if the upgrades are lost...
BonusName = MyModifier ;SUB_L006D4C30:String (AttributeModifier)
RefreshDelay = 100 ;SUB_L00E6CB10:Unsigned Integer Value
Range = 70 ;SUB_L006D46C0:Float Point Value
TargetEnemy = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean
AllowPowerWhenAttacking = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean
ObjectFilter = ANY +HORDE +HERO ;SUB_L00EDCA00:Object Filter
;AffectsKindOf ;L012112A0 - 'AttributeModifierAuraUpdate... AffectsKindOf is obsolete, please replace with ObjectFilter. -M Lo'
StartsActive = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean
RequiredConditions = MOUNTED ;SUB_L006D3960 L0223AACC : MOUNTED TAINT ELVEN_WOOD
AntiCategory = LEADERSHIP ;L01212430:AttributeModifierCategory
AntiFX = FX_ElvenCloakOn ;SUB_L00E6BD90:FXList 
AffectGood = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean
AffectEvil = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean
RunWhileDead = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean
AllowSelf = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean
AffectContainedOnly = Yes ;SUB_L006D3400:Boolean
MaxActiveRank = 4 ;SUB_L006D4430:Signed Integer Value


This module (should) allow you to grant a modifier whilst attacking (AllowPowerWhenAttacking).

If this is the case, using one modifier that disables the other, you might be able to disable the modifier when not attacking.

But considering the engine and all, I wouldn't be surprised if this doesn't work at all.

Other than this module I currently have not found anything that could allow this (except maybe something with how a weapon works, however that would only work when attacking)

Good luck!

Ridder Geel

#3 Slava Shadrinov

Slava Shadrinov
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Posted 14 March 2019 - 10:30 AM

Until I could get it to work). Maybe I will try again. Thanks for the answer.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: mod

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