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Connection issues, CNC3 Online, and failing tests with your test program

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#1 nafeasonto

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Posted 23 April 2019 - 11:51 PM

So I am getting this:


Using server nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Bound to local port 49897
Bound to local alternate port 49898
Resolving hostname 'nntest.cnc-online.net'...
Resolved server host to be ''
Sending client INIT from port 49897 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server INIT [315844]
Our public address is
Sending client INIT2 [315844] from port 49898 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server INIT2 [315844]
Our alternate public address is
Sending cient START [315844] from port 49898 to nntest.cnc-online.net:30000
Received server START [315844]
Server extra port is 40000
Sending client PING [315844] from port 49897 to nntest.cnc-online.net:40000
Failed to receive any pings from nntest.cnc-online.net:40000.
It appears your router and/or connection is not capable of NAT negotiation.
==> You will need to use port forwarding and possibly configure a static port.
Press any key to continue . . .
Now, I KNOW it's my PFSENSE firewall.  Here is what I did:
1.  Port forwarding doesn't work at all.
2.  When I completely opened up EVERYTHING through the NAT, it works. So I know it's something in NAT settings under the OUtbound rules.
The question is what do I SPECIFICALLY NAT out to? I need the exact IP and PORTS that are needed for NAT, and WHAT PROTOCOL is being used. 
(I am not yelling just emphasizing).

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#2 ToxicShock


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Posted 30 April 2019 - 11:06 AM

Sorry for the delay in getting to this.     I am afraid I don't know much about PFSENSE.    Can you not switch it off completely for a short time to see if that is causing the issue?   I doubt this is anything to do with the outbound rules.
The problem with this game is that it uses quite a wide range of UDP ports for the player to player connection (8088-32000, or something like that).


It might be less work for you to use a VPN.  We have been recommending Windscribe as a free VPN and generally speaking people have had a lot of success with that. You get 10GB per month for free if you provide an email address and that should be enough for your playing needs.

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#3 nafeasonto

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Posted 08 May 2019 - 07:51 PM

When I try to telnet to your testing service, using port 16000, or 40000 telnet can't get through.  When I telnet to 30000 on your testing service it works.  So it is on my side, what would cause a block from my side to not establish this connection?  IT is defintely a NAT rule going outbound, anyone with more experience can help me with this>?

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